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Feb. 8th, 2011 01:20 am
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So here's something I wonder: why do your nipples stick out when you're cold? I mean, don't "other" things shrink CLOSER to the body when cold? Why do these parts stick all out there, headlighting?!

I went to the February social for the Minot Enlisted Spouses Club tonight. We went as a family for dinner to J.R. Rockers, and then Philip brought the boys home. He came back to pick me up at 8pm when it was over. This month's program was "Speed Friendship." If you've ever heard of "speed dating," it was based on the same principles. It was a good time, and I met even more folks than I met at the December party and social, plus I got to know some quirky things, too!

Philip had yesterday off, and today begins leave for him. He's on leave through the 17th, and then the 18-20th are his scheduled "off" days anyway, so he's basically home all the way until the 21st. I think I'm going to teach him how to decorate cookies so he can help me this month!
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Do you know what is super-sad applesauce? No? I'll tell you.

I took the boys into town, near pretty foliage, and snapped fall portraits of them... ONE MONTH AGO. I still haven't processed the pictures!

This is badness because I keep wishing that they would be done, print themselves, and hop into cute little envelopes with the boys' fall school pictures. Heck, if they've gone to all that trouble, they might as well address and mail themselves, too. *wink*

In other news, I was swallowing a horse-sized pill this morning, and for some bizarre reason, I put it on my tongue cross-ways. Can you picture that? You know, the STUPID way. (I'm going to blame it on my freshly-woken-up, sleepy state.) And of course, I gagged on it, beginning from the very millisecond of a moment when it hit the back of my throat. It felt like a bridge, honestly; the pill was larger than my throat wide. I would gag, then recover for a half-second, wherein my reflex would try to swallow too quickly for me to grab the thing and reposition it.

A nightmarish twelve minutes, I assure you. (Okay, maybe 12 seconds. Perhaps 1.2, possibly.)

Finally, the pill grew spikes and clawed down my esophagus. At least, I'm pretty sure that's how it went down, for I was horrifically trying to bring it UP at the same time. And, oh. Oh my, my throat hurt so badly for years hours afterward.

Even now, the pills are plotting my demise tomorrow.

Note the creepy, long shadow.

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Isn't it funny how you see a person in a movie, and you've never heard of them before... but then in quick order, you see them in something else? Last night, while Philip headed to the gym, I watched a "girl movie" I've had for years but never seen: Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Lawrence. I'm sure I originally snagged it for my boy Joe Fiennes (*points to icon*), but it was really a neat, cute movie! Monica Potter was adorable and sweet, but the man I'd never seen before was Ray Winstone.

And then today I noticed him in Sweeney Todd. Coincidence!

I remember having that feeling when I was younger, learning vocabulary words and such. It always seemed that, as soon as I learned a new, unheard-of-to-me word, then I heard the word in regularity after. Education results in recognition - neat!
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Aww, thank you, friends! I received V-gifts of Frank's lunchbox from [livejournal.com profile] prosodic, [livejournal.com profile] blognmomma, and [livejournal.com profile] 1grl_revolution yesterday - a cute surprise. Karyn even told me that the gift was for me for my lunches with "The Jack Pack." Love it!

I just have the most wonderful friends. *warm fuzzies*

Oh, but you know what is not warm or fuzzy? Muscle twitches. Nope, not at all. In bed this morning, about an hour before my alarm was to go off and as I was rolling over, I felt my middle toe twitch on my right foot. It wasn't the whole toe, though - just the tippy little end of it. And it didn't really jerk to twitch. No, it kinda *wiggled* just the end of it in a serpentine pattern. (I hear Lightning McQueen in my head right now.)

Let me tell you, it was the MOST DISTURBING twitch ever. It didn't feel like a muscle spasm. It felt like I had a freaking WORM touch the end of my toe! Trying to go back to sleep for that last hour was nearly impossible after that. *shudder*


Apr. 17th, 2010 12:30 am
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I'm having a lollipop right now, and it's tremendous. Honestly, when was the last time you ate a lollipop? For me, it had been much too long! This one is a cherry-flavored Tootsie Roll Pop®, and it is heaven. :-)
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I sneeze stupidly. Really, I hate the way my sneezes sound.

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To burn a DVD? Soooooooo slow.
To copy a DVD? Lightning fast.

I don't get it.
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I am sitting here, but my water bottle is not. I feel a bit like I've lost a body part or something.


Aug. 30th, 2007 02:33 pm
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My hands smell like balloons. This is incredibly weird, especially since I just spent the last half hour or so ripping up lettuces for salads, and I've not touched anything latex in a good while.
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My mind is going a million miles a minute lately, and what am I doing? Trying my hardest to get through the backlog of Parenting and Reader's Digest magazines collected in a basket atop my toilet. Why? Because I don't want Philip to know that I never read anything while he was gone.


A-yup. That's the stupidity of my being. And were he to find out, would he even care about such a silly thing?

Heck no.

But it's bugging me that he *might* think it, and therefore each of my potty breaks is now turning into a "30-minute-let's-recreate-the-bulls-eye-on-my-butt-with-a-bright-red-ring" event. However, I *am* making progress. In the last three days, I've read through and now tossed two Digests and two Parentings. Only one and seven more to go, respectively.

If you need me, you'll find me on the throne.
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(Yeah, it had to be said. Just as it does most every year. *grin*)

Tomorrow, in addition to being a certain little girl's 2nd birthday, as well as Cinco de Mayo, is also Free Comic Book Day! Don't forget, people (no worries here, my kids having been counting down to this for WEEKS now).
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Good: Daily emails from Philip - sometimes a couple each day.
Sad: Philip's been gone for one month today.

Good: Jack's pinkeye seems to be much better.
Bad: A.J.'s got it now.

Good: Exciting HP news released today.
Bad: Still having to wait 114 days until the book is in my hands.

Good: I have everything I need to make tonight's dinner (gravy patties n' fixin's)
Bad: I want chicken tacos instead.

Good: I've finished two more bookmarks.
Bad: I don't have the appropriate cotton to start the project I *really* want to.
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After a yummy dinner last night of southwestern chicken, broccoli with cheese, butter beans, corn-on-the-cob and pineapple juice, I felt completely satisfied. At 11:30pm, I started to have mad munchies, but I made myself go to bed so that I wouldn't start eating anything else.

I was SO HUNGRY when I woke up this morning, though. I could hardly eat my Crispix fast enough!

In other news, my (relatively) new Hanes® StayDry™ socks are just as wet as all the other socks when I pull them out of the washer to transfer them to the dryer. I really don't see what the big deal is. But they fit nice and tight all day long, instead of getting looser as the day wears on, so I think they would better be named StayTight™ socks. ;-)
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You know what I love about string cheese? I never have to touch it. I just peel back the wrapper and take a bite. And then I pull the rest of the cheese out of the wrapper with my mouth, and I eat off nibbles--

... nevermind. I realize that there really isn't a proper way for me to eloquently describe how I eat string cheese. So, yeah. I like string cheese because I never have to touch it as I eat it.

/weirdness for the day


Jan. 24th, 2007 04:25 pm
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  • Jack is getting so tall. He's only about 2/3 of a head beneath A.J. in height now, and that's shocking. He is wearing what A.J. was wearing in 1st grade, which puts him a year ahead in clothes as well (even considering that Jack was going to be in kindergarten this year but is instead in his last year of preschool). I just look at him, and I am amazed at how much he's changing right now.

  • A.J., on the other hand, is flying through losing his teeth. I've got so many little teeth saved up in my room!

  • I received an issue of TV Guide today, addressed to me. That's über-weird, as I don't recall ever subscribing to it...

  • WellsFargo's online website is finally behaving! It is nice to be able to actually see my banking information once again, after the site being so slow for over two months.

  • I've been very happy with my hair lately. It's not especially beautiful, and I only take the time to curl it about once a month or so... but it's been behaving well. I'm happy with the sleek way it looks most every morning and night (during the middle of the day, it's in a ponytail while I work). I'm not fighting tangles, and it just feels very soft all the time. I'm happy, and that's not something I've usually found myself thinking when it comes to my hair.

  • But speaking of hair, hetterrific Heather was kind enough to pluck a few gray ones for me on Sunday afternoon. She's a pal like that. :-)

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Girly time last night was hard, but it was needed. I think we all know exactly how much we mean to one another, and nothing feels quite so good as knowing that we're not holding back. I really have the best friends.

In addition to girly time, I got to spend several hours rocking, walking, swaying and generally playing with the cutest baby boy I know - Douglas! He gave us some monstrously huge smiles last night, and wanted to talk so much during dinner and playtime. I didn't eat when we all went to La Mesa (I just wasn't hungry, if you can imagine that), so I offered to entertain Douglas while everyone else ate their meals. We had a game going on - we tried to sneak drools while his mom and dad weren't looking, and we succeeded a few times! ;-)

I can't wait to see the new buglet this summer. 26.5 weeks is a loooong time from now!

I've got this mini-adventure rolling around in my brain, and I might take the boys out with me this afternoon for it. The adventure itself is for me, but I would let the boys pick a place for a quick dinner for a reward. Hmmm.

I have to have them fed early tonight anyway. We're heading to a Parents at Home get-together this evening from 5:30-7:30, and the kids will be playing while the parents enjoy "sweet and savory" appetizers and a white elephant gift exchange. It should be a fun time.

Philip made BLTs for lunch, and I'd snuggled in the bed to play with Baby under the comforters, so he brought one back to me, fixed up just the way I like them. I swear, sandwiches taste so much better when they're made by someone else. However, now the house smells of bacon, and it's too cold to open the windows and air it out.

I'm in the mood for a drive. A fast drive with the music blaring. Too bad I don't really drive much.

I think I'll go toss a load of laundry in the washer. I'll thank myself later, I'm sure.
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I just became ridiculously hot while eating a bowl of oatmeal with raisins. Like, get up, leave the room, go put my hair up because I'm so hot.

How strange.
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I'm not sure I've posted enough today. *thinks*

Philip did the closing inspection on our old house this morning while I was at the doctor's office. We're officially out of that house, and now the entire "Larson Loop" is completely vacated. It's kinda sad to think about, actually. This new house is so much nicer, but I will miss our tree. It held Philip's ribbon for ten months, and it also has the sweet carving he made me this past summer. *sniffles*

I need to do dishes from the misadventure that was dinner tonight, as well as the Chinese take-out that saved the day. I need someone to drag me to the kitchen, I think.

Our main TV died today. This really affects my life an astonishingly small amount, but the testosterone-fueled beings in the house act as if a body part has been cut off. Well, we think it died, or that it is dying. It might be just the picture tube, but those things usually cost as much as a new TV by themselves. We've had this television since Philip and I got married, so I guess it was time for it to give out. It will be a few months before we can replace it, so I think Philip will bring the smaller TV out of our bedroom for use in the living room in the meantime.

I think there's pictures I need to be putting up, but I keep hoping that they'll post themselves...


Nov. 16th, 2006 10:42 pm
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LJ is being a bit slow for me at the moment.

I need to post pictures. Halloween pictures, moving pictures and more. I'm so behind.

I bought a new trashcan today. Woooooo!


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