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Cookies. Well, my cookies have gotten some mega-attention in the past week. I made these "Magic Mike" cookies just for fun, and now they have traveled everywhere. Serious biz - EVERYWHERE.

First, the 'Magic Mike' Facebook fanpage posted the cookies. That page has over half a million followers, so the craziness that ensued was unreal. By the time 24 hours had passed, over 13,000 fans had "liked" the post & 2,000 people had "shared" the photo. (Thank goodness it was watermarked!) That same night, the AMC Theatres fanpage (with an audience of over 3.5 million fans!) also posted my cookies, and that resulted in another almost 12,000 "likes" and over 2,000 "shares." Wow!

And THEN, Channing Tatum Unwrapped's fanpage promoted the cookies, too! I was really impressed that someone took the time to turn all of the photos into a collage to promote them - sweet. :-)

Additionally, both 'BakeBakeBake' and Livejournal featured the cookies on their own FB fanpages. Since last Friday, I've had requests up the wazoo, and my email has exploded! And not just requests for more Magic Mike cookies - half of the requests are for other stuff from people who found me through MM. It's insanity!

Lastly, and most exciting, I was contacted by the social media rep for CHANNING TATUM, and she has asked me to make a gift set of cookies for both him & his producing partner, Steven Soderbergh.


With all of the cookies featured in the MM set, she also has me adding extra name cookies for the celebs that he will be in contact with next week, as well as all of the members of the MM press team. She even wants a special "Team Tatum" cookie, haha! I'm beginning his cookies tomorrow, and I hope to have a picture of Chan with a cookie by next week. ;-)

UNREAL, folks. Simply UNREAL.
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LiveJournal is running at 1/100th the speed that it was even just 45 minutes ago. I'm sure this actually has everything to do with the announcement of Heath Ledger's death. We're all wanting to get the word out, and we're all absolutely shocked at the news.

So young. So beautiful. So much life left ahead for him and his young daughter.

So very, very sad.

I've been surprised to see about a dozen people on my flist now post the news using the same link I supplied earlier. I'll bet we're all refreshing that link often, too.


Jan. 22nd, 2008 04:01 pm
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Heath Ledger is dead.



May. 19th, 2007 03:00 pm
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Yesterday while I was working, hetterrific Heather picked up and took the boys to see the third Shrek movie. I had no interest in going myself, and the boys were DYING to go (as was Heather, to be completely honest, but she wanted a viable "excuse" to see it *wink*). They had a good time, and the boys came home with Shrek toys from a lunch Heather treated them to at McDonald's before the movie. And the toys talk, too.

Mom is overjoyed at this, let me tell you.

They were all still at the theater when I got off work, so I came home to change clothes and wait for them. Chris followed me home from Runza and fixed the XBox 360 for us. (It had been "broken" - according to A.J. - for about a month, and I'd been asking Ryan to stop by and see if he could fix it sometime, but we never seemed to hit upon a time that was good for both of us.) After pulling out the entertainment center and inspecting all the cords and stuff behind the TV and whatnot, Chris decided to test the system using a different outlet. And as he was plugging the XBox in, I had a flash of (late) brilliance: the switch on the wall that controls the bottom half of the power outlets (where the XBox was plugged into)? Yeah, it was down. *facepalm* So I guess one of the boys managed to flip the switch to the OFF position while grabbing a remote from the hanging remote basket at some time, and the XBox hadn't worked since. Once I flipped the switch back to ON, everything was hunky-dory.

You may wonder why I hadn't tried to troubleshoot any of that myself in the last month, but the answer is simple: I never, ever want to be held responsible for goofing up, messing around with and/or otherwise breaking Philip's $400+ game system, so I've sworn to never, ever touch the thing. I don't even know how to turn it on - Philip taught A.J. directly instead. Therefore, when A.J. said it was broken and that he'd tried everything he knew, I had to take him at his word. And, actually, he was right, kinda. He *had* tried everything he knew, notwithstanding the power switch that would never have crossed his mind and is located across the room from the TV and XBox anyway.

Shortly after Chris left, Heather called to tell me the movie was out. She'd asked me previously to take pictures for her when she had her hair cut, and I was happy to do it. So I met her and the boys up at Great Clips, and I photographed the important occasion for her. She'd been growing her hair for well over two years in order to donate it, and she was going with a short 'do for the rest of her pregnancy. Her hair is SO beautiful, and it was SO long! I took a ton of pictures, and then I burned her a disc of them. She'll update with them in her own journal soon, I'm sure.

When I came home with the boys from that, I had missed a phone call from starrchld Annie. They now have a place, and they were able to begin moving in yesterday. I called her back and chatted for a little while, and I have been given permission to give out her address. If you would like to have it, please email me, and I will send you the info (rather than posting her new address publicly here). It was good to talk to her again, and I'm glad that they are finally able to begin the process of settling in. She feels like some of her stresses from the move can finally start to ebb, and that's a great thing.

Right after getting off the phone with her, I got a call from Kory. He needed someone to work for him, and I didn't mind going in for a couple of hours. I was washing my uniform by then, so I had to wear other stuff, but Ryan didn't mind. I was also the only girl in the crew last night, and we had a good time. The boys entertained themselves with Playdoh and their GameBoys at empty tables while I worked, and then Ryan allowed them free dinners before we left.

We came home around 7:30pm, and I did some more laundry. Jack played outside for about an hour, and then I decided to run out to Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics. I barely made it to JoAnn's before they closed, but I was able to get the things I needed. We came back home, and then just vegged for a bit before going to bed. Philip's mom had called while we were out, so I returned her call and we talked geneaology for a bit. It turns out that Philip is related to the Afflecks - this is funny because I have ALWAYS sworn that Jack has Ben Affleck's dimpled chin! (Nevermind that I could look at Bennie all day long - *swoon*!)

I organized my office some last night while my neighbor sat on my floor and chatted a bit. I've been teaching her to tat for the past two months or so, and she's basically got it now. She needs more confidence in her ring technique, but she could probably move away and still keep up the skill at this point, if necessary.

And though I didn't tat anything yesterday, I've now completed five of the six bookmarks I set out to make as gifts for the boys' teachers. A.J. gave Ms. Janovec hers on Thursday, his last day of school, and I'm still finishing up the set of bookmarks for Jack's five preschool teachers. I'm sure one of his teachers won't care at all - she might even just throw it away - and though I'd like to save myself the time making one for her, I'm sure the rumor mill will run wild if I give something to everyone but her. But I'm pleased with the progress in them, anyway. I modified one pattern a bit, so each of the bookmarks is unique in one way or another. I'm also LOVING the variegated pink thread I'm currently using. That's a shock to me, too, since I typically don't like pink much.

And that was my day in quite a large nutshell. ;-)
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I've never watched Dancing With the Stars before, but I'm excited to begin watching it tonight. Apolo will be on, and I can't wait!
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On this very special day - the birthday of Elvis Aaron Presley - I received something wonderful in the mail: a Christmas postcard from [ profile] lotsofjoy! Yay!

Go forth and celebrate! Love me tender, and don't step on my blue suede shoes!
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I just finished watching the memorial online. God, I feel like my heart has been ripped from my body. I didn't need anyone to tell me what a wonderful man Steve-O was - I knew it already. But that was absolutely the hardest thing I've watched ever.

Peace to all who love and loved Steve. I'm crying with you.


Endless visions fill my head – this man – as large as life
And instantly my heart mourns for his angels and his wife
Because the way I see Steve Irwin – just put everything aside
It comes back to his family – it comes back to his pride

His animals inclusive – Crikey – light the place with love!
Shine his star with everything he fought to rise above
The crazy-man of Khaki from the day he left the pouch
Living out his dream and in that classic ‘Stevo’ crouch

Exploding forth with character and redefining cheek
It’s one thing to be honoured as a champion unique
It’s one thing to have microphones and spotlight cameras shoved
It’s another to be taken in and genuinely loved

But that was where he had it right – I guess he always knew
From his fathers’ modest reptile park and then Australia Zoo
We cringed at times and shook our heads – but true to nature's call
There was something very Irwin in the make up of us all

Yes the more I care to think of it – the more he had it right
If you’re going to make a difference – make it big and make it bright!
Yes - he was a lunatic! Yes - he went head first!
But he made the world feel happy with his energetic burst

A world so large and loyal that it’s hard to comprehend
I doubt we truly count the warmth until life meets an end
To count it now I say a prayer with words of inspiration
May the spotlight shine forever on his dream for conservation

…My daughter broke the news to me – my six year old in tears
It was like she’d just turned old enough to show her honest fears
I tried to make some sense of it but whilst her Dad was trying
His little girl explained it best…she said “The crocodiles are crying”

Their best mate’s up in heaven now – the crocs up there are smiling!
And as sure as flowers, poems and cards and memories are piling
As sure as we’ll continue with the trademarks of his spiel
Of all the tributes worthy – he was rough…but he was real

As sure as ‘Crikey!’ fills the sky
I think we’ll miss ya Steve…goodbye

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I had dinner guests over during the first airing of his memorial, so I was unable to watch it at that time. And I messed up my time zones when it re-aired later, and as I was sitting down to watch it, I realized it had ended the hour before.

I'm so sad that I missed it. :-(

G'day mate.

Sep. 4th, 2006 12:18 am
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How unbelievably sad. Steve Irwin - the "Crocodile Hunter" - has died. :-(

In a freak accident. And he was only 44. And he has two little kids. And according to some reports, his wife Terri may not even know just yet. I'm so sad.

We all loved Steve Irwin. For a brief moment last year, A.J. debated dressing up as him for Halloween (he later decided on a paleontologist). For about two years, we watched nothing but the 'Animal Planet' channel on TV, and we lived and breathed for "Crocodile Hunter." We even have videotape of A.J. impersonating him at just three years old. He'd run around the house and scream, "Dane-ja, dane-ja, DANE-JA!" ('Danger' in an Aussie accent, in case you were unsure.) And when he played in the tub, he was always warning us about "the sna-ikes in the wuu-ta!"

So sad. :-(


Aug. 16th, 2006 11:57 pm
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Today is the day Elvis died. (Yes, he really did die.) Well, it's the day + 29 years. At least, I'm pretty sure it was August 16, 1977. I could be wrong, though - I wasn't yet alive.

Big day.

Aug. 19th, 2005 02:08 am
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First and foremost...


To my darling, dearest sister spishy Erica - the happiest of days
and the greatest of bashes tonight!

More celebrations for today include:
  • my sister-in-law Shel's birthday

  • hetterrific Heather and Shane's anniversary

  • hetterrific Catherine and B's anniversary (or so Heather tells me - oh, and I used 'B' because C usually does as well, though I do know his real name... heehee)

I've also always thought of today as a day with many celebrity birthdays. (Of course, that might've had something to do with my older sis always reminding me of that. *wink*) Nevertheless, here are a few famous birthdays from today as well:
  • Bill Clinton

  • John Stamos

  • Matthew Perry

  • Lee Ann Womack

  • Orville Wright

  • Gene Roddenberry

  • Kyra Sedgwick

  • Lil' Romeo

  • Gerald McRaney

  • Tipper Gore

  • Adam Arkin

  • Peter Gallagher

So... confetti all around! *tosses handfuls in the air*
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Awww, look! My Bennie loves Harry Potter, too!

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Paul Winchell has died.

Mr. Winchell provided the voice of Tigger for almost 40 years. According to the credits of some of our Pooh movies, he also voiced a few other characters recently - even Pooh himself. I'm kinda sad.


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