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As most of you know from the constant media coverages, Minot is currently in a record-smashing flood situation. We live on base - Minot AFB - and let me stress this first: we are okay. We are fine. We are not flooding, and we have not lost anything. Our only precaution right now comes from a valley-wide water system "Boil Alert." As such, I boiled and sanitized several containers of drinking/cooking/hand-washing water yesterday, and I will simply boil more if needed later. It's nothing to fuss about, especially considering that we have friends that have lost EVERYTHING in the city.

We cannot access the city at all right now (roads are either closed or washed out), but we are self-sufficient on the air base. We had gotten in the habit of venturing into the city for movies, eats, and fun things to do, as well as other shopping, and we may go a bit stir-crazy after a while on just the base, but we are still fine. The kids have their rec center, as well as a library, an arcade, and tons of parks. We still have television and video games. We have PLENTY of food because I had just completed and shopped for a 22-day meal plan, but our commissary is also running and restocking at normal rates, though the delivery trucks are taking alternate routes to our base.

There just aren't words devastating enough to describe what I feel in the midst of the massive flooding situation. Instead, I will share pictures - the ones that tell entire stories with each glance. I do hope you'll give Minot - our town - a moment's glance and look through them.

Minot Flood 2011 - lost toybox.
A lost toy box floating through a flooded residential area.

Not one of the following photos is my own, as Minot has pleaded with folks NOT to try to get to town just to take pictures. Workers are trying desperately to build dikes, and every car that insists on being on the road slows dirt drivers from where they need to be. I'm happy to heed their words and stay home in a time like this.

A story of the Minot Flood, as told through pictures. )

The city will NOT give up the fight, but we do need your help. Even all of the images I shared above are over two days old now, and the crest of the river has only just happened. Things are so much worse than imaginable. (You can see still images from yesterday's Black Hawk tour of the city HERE, for example.) However, several agencies and groups are doing their best to support the city - to "lift up Minot," and I beg you for your help if you can give.

T-Shirts sold to raise funds for Minot.
T-shirts sold to raise funds.

You can donate directly to either Minot Red Cross or Money For Minot (a group started by our neighbors on the far side of the state in Fargo, ND).

If you'd rather contribute via your cell phone, you can make a $10 donation to the Salvation Army’s flood relief efforts by texting “MINOT” to 80888 and replying “yes” to the confirmation text. A one-time donation of $10 will be added to your phone bill.

Lastly, please PRAY for the city of Minot. Even yesterday afternoon (while in the throes of fighting the flood), we experienced severe thunderstorms with hail and a few small tornadoes. Even one more drop of water is too much. All prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated, and I thank you for remembering what has now become "our town."

(Please feel free to link back to this post if you'd like to share the fundraising efforts. I'm hoping my words spread far to help this city I love!)
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Isn't hail just the craziest thing? We're in the 60's all week, and I think we're finally due for some of those "April showers," but yesterday's short little storm brought more hail than actual rain. The little pea-sized hail just comes out of practically nowhere, and it covers the lawn like a new snowfall. I'm always amazed at how long those teeny hailstones take to melt - especially at warm temperatures!

Hail on my just-emerging salvias.

I dug around in my flowerbeds almost two weeks ago to find the teeniest, tiniest little pokings of green from my salvias and my hostas. Within a day or two, we got snow again, so they didn't progress much in the next week. These past few days, though, they are emerging forth as pretty green bunches, and I can't wait for them to become full again. If they're anything like my salvia in Nebraska, they'll be huge this summer since it's their second season.
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~ posted just for [ profile] takarakanashi, who assures me she never gets tired of my cookie posts

These little BIG guys are so adorable it kills me! XD

Red Dragon cookies.

These dragons tell a tale of woe, I'm afraid. You see, I made a host of these dragon friends as favors for Jack's end-of-season soccer pizza party tonight.

But we live in Minot, North Dakota, and we're currently getting dumped with 12-18" of snow in a crazy Spring blizzard. (And we were just one day away from having all the snow completely melted!) Kids were let out of school at noon, and by that time the party was already canceled.

But, of course, I'd made the cookies yesterday to give them time to fully dry. *sigh*

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We babysat Miss Emma today for about five hours. She was a doll the whole time. She was awake and playful, and she never fussed or whimpered. I was absolutely gobsmacked at how very PERFECT she behaved for us! It almost felt like stealing to take money when Adam and Tanya tried to pay us: we left the cash behind on their counter. They noticed, however, and ran it over to Jack anyway. *wink*

I began a roast this afternoon, and we had it for dinner tonight. I fixed the leftovers up for stew in a few more nights, too. I will only have to pop it on the stove, and add dumplings to it as it simmers. I'm thinking that will be perfect for Tuesday night's soccer practice schedule.

I finished up one set of cookies this afternoon, and I'll take pictures tomorrow. I'm working on three sets tonight, and one is 75% done right now, but I need to let the last step "set" a bit before I can proceed to the next one. I love when ideas turn out so cute!

It was so crazy-warm today, and I had A.J. shovel a few loads of snow from the yard onto the driveway for fast melting. We did that last spring, and it helped us to be rid of the snow several days before everyone else on our block. It was warm yesterday also, and it should stay this way for the next four days as well. I imagine there will be considerably less snow by the end of this warm spell!
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w00t! Today was great, and tomorrow is forecast to be even better. Our high today should've been 11° or so, but instead, we were hanging out at 16° when I checked this afternoon. Even now, we're currently 14°.

Even better than THAT, however, is that we're in the mid-30's tomorrow! And for the next day! And upper 20's the day after that! What a great weekend!

I was so thankful for the 5-6 days of 30-40° weather we had last week, even if it did dip back into the negatives again over the weekend. I mean, it's winter, after all. Once the snow comes, I expect it to be there nonstop until spring. However, that huge warm-up caused all the roads/sidewalks to be not just clear, not just wet, but down to DRY PAVEMENT. That is a huge plus in my book. I love a fresh start!

I received a great box in the mail today. Philip surprised me with a set of lights I'd found after the season and been drooling over: Williams-Sonoma Cookie Cutter Lights. I found the item one night, and intended to order it the next day (they were on clearance). However, the next day, they were sold out and gone!. He contacted his sister-in-law to see if they had them in her local store in Greensboro, and then she found a set on eBay later. He created a new account and bought them for me! They will be perfect on my kitchen Christmas tree next year!

I've got about 48 hours' worth of baking in front of me. Four cookie requests, plus a cheesecake. I've got to get to the kitchen!
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Today has been the laziest of days. My shoulders/neck/upper back area is quite tense, and I'm sure I didn't help things along by standing at the counter for a while earlier. I was seeding two pomegranates, as well as sectioning four grapefruits and eleven oranges. Still, I'm glad the fruits are done. I love to eat any of these in the mornings, but I'm too groggy at the time to get into such labor-intensive foods. Now, I'll just need to open the container and dig in!

I haven't made cookies in several days. It feels... weird.

Dinner last night with friends was amazing. We sat at the restaurant gabbing for almost three hours - and that was with all of our kids! I can't believe they weren't running for the doors, but I think they were perfectly content to gab on their own with each other, too. It was just a great, perfect opportunity for all involved.

We're having a winter storm right now, and I would bet that we've already had 8" of snowfall since 4pm or so this afternoon. It should continue until tomorrow morning, but then we're supposed to have 50mph winds, too. My neighbor's mom is coming in tomorrow to spend New Year's with them, and I hope that her plane can still arrive safely tomorrow night.

I still have my Christmas decorations up, and while I do want them down for cleaning, I don't want to go back to just regular home decor yet. It's much too early for Valentine's Day (despite what the stores/shopping centers would have me believe already), and I just love my holiday things. Still, I would love to be able to shut my window for computer time during the day, too...
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Once again, it is just gorgeous out today, and we're going to head into town and get some things knocked off our list because of it. The weather is supposed to be all snow-and-doom-and BLIZZARD for the next few days afterward, so today is probably my one chance to get the car washed for the next couple months or so.

(Yes, it will get dirty again from the snow, but the point is that it still has to be cleared off SOME in-between all the months of snowy weather. Plus, I have a white coat, and I have to be very careful getting in/out of the car.)

We're going to head to Hobby Lobby and see the sales, and then the boys are dying to get to Walmart and spend their Christmas cash which is hot in their pockets. We'll also swing by Hallmark and grab some thank-you notes for all of us. Let me tell you, there are lots of holiday thank-yous to be written for the many blessings this past weekend!

We might get to meet up with my friends Jan and Dawn, as well as their kids, for dinner at Ground Round, too. We all live on base, but we'll all be doing the errand thing in town, and we're all planning on dinner while we're down there. Philip and I went there once for a lunch date, but the boys have never been. It should be fun!
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It's such a wonderful, warm day out today! It's about 37° right now, and consider that is almost 70° warmer than we were last week - wow! The boys are out playing in the snow with friends, and Philip is carving away a bit more snow at the end of the driveway, to make it easier to manage pulling in. You have to take advantage of the warmer days to clear extra snow as much as you can!

We just finished up the leftovers from Christmas Day dinner with our friends, Jennifer and Dennis and their family. We had Jennifer and her kids (they're actually 20 and 17!) over for Thanksgiving, and they returned the favor for Christmas since Dennis had returned home. We met another couple - Clint and Alicia - and they were so charming as well. I think we all had a great time, and we laughed for hours on end. As we said our goodbyes at the end of the night, the guys had ranked three wins on Wii Pictionary over the girls... even though we had tougher/better drawings! Oh, and that Wii tablet is really difficult to work with compared to a pencil and paper! So yeah, we'll blame our losses on the equipment. *wink*

I made my first lasagna as my contribution to the Christmas feast, and it turned out wonderful. I didn't take a picture for "food porn" purposes, as I thought it would be rude to show up with a casserole with a piece missing! I also made a new cheesecake for dessert - Peppermint Chip Cheesecake - and I didn't take a photo of it either, for the same reasons. I guess I'll have to make both again sometime so that I can document them in pictures. Such is the life of a food blogger!

I worked a bit last night on cookie pictures, getting up several from the last month or so. I uploaded over 40 cookies just from December, and I still have two Christmas sets left to do! I'm so desperate behind in journaling them, though. So many cookies seem to never see the light of the internet! Currently, I can't work on pictures during the day because the desktop monitor faces the large window in the office. Normally, I would just shut the window and proceed, but the large family Christmas tree is in that window, and shutting the blinds is not an option. I've not decided yet whether I'll take my decorations down this week or wait until after New Year's... but for now, I can't see my screen well enough during the day for pictures.

I need to run a few things to the post office for now, so I'm off!


Sep. 30th, 2010 01:57 pm
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I had my annual girly appointment today (my yearly violation). It went well, and the new doctor was extremely attentive. We talked over several things, and she also surprised me by giving me the referral to urology straight away (I have an appointment with my regular doctor next week to discuss my bladder, as well as other issues). She told me that there was no point waiting the extra week just to get the referral going (which involves a wait process anyway), and I easily agreed. This appointment was the first among the many I scheduled two days ago. One down, eleven to go!

I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon working on some sketchings for [ profile] syven. I'm not really good at drawing, but I've got the mainframe of some ideas I'm mulling over. I took my clipboard and worked on the drawings some more while waiting in the doctor's office and referral office, too.

It's Thursday today, but it really feels more like Tuesday to me. I just can't believe that the week is over tomorrow! The weather has been so sunny and warm, and I feel like I was constantly scrambling to catch up this week. Jack has a soccer game tonight, and then I'm making a spicy pasta dish tonight for dinner. I made it once before, having found the recipe in my Taste of Home magazine, and it's really yummy. The cream cheese lends an unexpected soft flavor to the sauce, and I'm excited to make it again.

The weather should be absolutely gorgeous all weekend. Philip is off, and I'm sure the boys will all be outside for a large part of it. I've got two cookies orders to ship off on Monday morning. I hope to bake tomorrow and have the decorating done by Saturday morning so I can play, too. We have no plans otherwise, so it should be relaxing and easy. :-)
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What have I done today? Hmm, just a little of this and that, I guess.

I went for a walk with my neighbor and her sweet Emma-baby. We walked a wide loop, and it was so warm. We've been warm since late last week, but we hit 80° again today. It's supposed to slowly go down, being in the 70's or so the rest of the week, and we haven't and won't have rain for a good ten days or so. It's kinda strange to be so warm right now, since all the leaves and such changed in the past two weeks for fall. I'm just glad I hadn't put away our shorts and such yet.

A.J. got his comic book he's been waiting on for a few weeks. It was the last of the things he ordered with his birthday money and gift card from Amazon, and it was a pre-order and wasn't shipped until last week. He jams to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack on a regular basis through his laptop or iPod, and he loves it.

I worked on a few pictures from our visit to the pumpkin patch last week. I've just not been sitting at the computer a whole lot lately, so the pictures are slow-going.

I called around and made TWELVE doctor appointments this afternoon. The boys have three each (physical, eye, dental), but the remaining six appointments are for me (including a dental). I'm not at all excited about some of the issues because I'm afraid I'm facing another bladder surgery in the near future. *sigh* On the positive side, the different offices really worked to get me in quickly, and all of my appointments are within two weeks, starting this Thursday. That's some fast scheduling!

I've been having lunch each week with "The Jack Pack" at school, but tomorrow I'll be changing things up a bit. I offered to his teacher to volunteer if needed, and she's asked me to begin coming in. I chose Wednesday morning for ease in my own schedule: I'll take Jack to school, stay through the morning, have lunch with him, and then come back home. I'm sure there might be times where I'll finish a project for a bit after lunch, too. I'm excited to go, as I'll learn all his classmates' names much more quickly than I have been during lunchtime.

Jack delivered the special soccer ball cookies from the rained-out game to his teammates at their last practice tonight (the rest of the season is comprised of games only). There were more kids in attendance for a practice ever, so that's a good thing. When they returned home, there were only four extra cookies.

I think that's it. I'm kinda tired tonight, so I'm going to turn in early, I think. ZZZzzzzzz...
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Heather (and the kids) arrive tomorrow afternoon. I just glanced at the weather forecast, and we're looking to be between 79° - 83° the entire five days she will be here.

On a whim, I looked up her home zip(!), and I found that she will be missing out on temps of 101° - 103° while she's visiting.

I'm sure she'll be SO. SAD. Ha! In fact, I hope she remembered to bring light jackets for the body shock! :-)
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I just marinaded my first brisket, and here's hoping it tastes fabulous on Wednesday night. I made a bunch of yeast rolls last night, and I can't wait to have little shredded brisket sandwiches. *fingers crossed*

Also in the kitchen today, I made chocolate chip cookies and the first banana pudding of the year. The boys and I had small bowls of the pudding after dinner tonight, and I also made up two pretty dishes of pudding for my two favorite neighbors. I hope they enjoyed it, too.

In addition, I thought it was super-adorable that both of the afore-mentioned neighbors joined a group on Facebook called, "I ♥ My Neighbor." It's especially heartwarming because I know that both of them only know me on this street. When I saw that, I became all warm & fuzzy inside, and plenty smiley on the outside. :-D

I had a good time at the National Scrapbook Day event on Saturday. I completed nine pages in about 7.5 hours, and that's probably a record for me. (I usually average about 1 page every two hours or so.) Also in that time, I spent half an hour eating lunch and at least a good hour sorting through photos. I'm trying to get an album completed of my own childhood, and it's tough to sort through my baby and toddler photos... I can't remember that time, you know? My parents are coming to visit this summer, and I'm hoping that my mom can look through the album with me. If she's willing to journal some stuff in it, that's great. If not, I plan on taking notes while she "talks" through it. I'm excited to have the finished project!

Jack had an early soccer game Saturday morning, and then the guys dropped me off for scrapbooking while they had a "Dude's Day Out" together. They visited the Dakota Territory Air Museum, then headed to lunch at McDonald's (the one with a large play area), and then they headed to the mall to catch a matinee showing of Iron Man 2. Sometime during their day, they bopped over to the specialty kitchen store, and Philip surprised me with the Beater Blade for my KitchenAid that I've been dreaming about. (I used for the first time in today's cookies, and it worked beautifully!) Then they picked me up at 6pm, and we came home for a dinner of BBQ Chicken Pizza. It was a great day, and I fell into bed by 11pm and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. ZZZzzzzzz...

I mailed several boxes off today, and I'll be mailing one more tomorrow. After that, I'm ready to stay away from the post office for a while - it's so expensive! Meanwhile, I've been waiting on a special something to arrive in *my* mailbox for over a week, and I'm getting antsy...

Jack's soccer practice tonight was really warm. It's been mid-70's and sunny here for the past three days, and it's not set to change anytime soon. In fact, it's supposed to be mid-80's by the end of the week. I'm so glad I got all my flowerbeds planted last week, or I'd be totally burned when trying to do it this week. After the planting, I put it 36 bags of mulch, and it took a good while!

Alrightee, I'm off to do the dishes that just don't ever seem to do themselves. After a day of baking, I've got an entire sink full - eeep!
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The Refrigerator Rolls are doing the second rise, and I'm very pleased with them so far. The recipe was to make 50 2.5" rolls, and I used the very closest round cutter I had (I figured the shamrocks would be much too difficult for rolls!), and I cut 49. I figure I must have done several things correctly to be at nearly the same point as the author.

(Please forgive me, I still consider myself to be a newbie when it comes to making breads from scratch. Beyond my cinnamon rolls, which I only began making about a year and a half ago, I don't make yeast breads from scratch, really. I'm hoping to change that, though, as I get better at doing it.)

** insert the National Anthem over the base's loud speakers **

Which reminds me, this is the first base we've lived on that plays the anthem base-wide at 5:00pm instead of 4:30. I wonder why that is? I've always thought 5:00 was the "correct" time (it's when we took our flags down when we had a large outside flag), but the anthem played a half hour earlier.

It's sad, really, that I don't even know if we have a flag insert on this house. What with it being so cold and snowy since the moment we arrived, I'd not even thought to look! Today, my neighbor brought a piece of my mail to the door, and while we were chatting, a large squirrel scuttled out of a massive hole in my would-be flowerbed. I'd not known the hole was there, as it's only *just* become unearthed from the snow! I do fear that this yard (and all those on this street, sadly) is not good-looking under this snow. We'll have to really work to turn it around again. For once, I was hoping not to have to resurrect a yard from the dead - hehe!

Jack's been jogging around the house for the past two days now. The new Pokemon games that he and A.J. bought on Sunday came with little Pokemon pedometers. The more steps they accrue on their "Poke-walkers," the more experience points they can add to their games. It's a clever marketing ploy, I must admit, for the game-makers to also get the kids to exercise. So Jack runs laps around the house - he did it last night for a full hour, and I finally made him stop. Today, as soon as he arrived home from school, he finished his homework sheet, then changed into a t-shirt and went jogging around the block for half an hour or so. That's dedication!
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The snow is lightly falling and has been for a few hours. It's soft, and pretty. I have lit every candle in the house (18!), and the lighting is warm and cozy. Jack's still sledding outside with friends, A.J. is practicing his clarinet in his room, and Philip is napping. I'm grooving to the Glee soundtrack while I tidy the office (yeah, it's been playing for days straight!). We have an easy dinner planned tonight, and then Philip and I will knock out some movies later.

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I'm eating a leftover Heavenly Strawberry Tart, and it is oh-so-good. Yum!

We had a snow day here today. The first we've seen since moving to Minot AFB, and the accumulation isn't even bad. We had 50mph+ winds this morning though, and you couldn't see a thing with the last two days' worth of snow blowing around everywhere.

Philip got up with the boys and made sure they were ready for the bus. I'd been concerned because A.J., in particular, had a heckuva lot to carry. Monday = band class, so he had his clarinet. He was wearing all his snowgear, including snowboots, so his regular shoes were in his backpack. He also had a few textbooks and binders in there from his homework last Friday. In addition to that, he had three gallon-sized bags containing health items for the school's 'Haiti Aid' drive. (Each kit contained the following: a full-sized bottle of shampoo, a full-sized bar of soap, a washcloth, a comb, a toothbrush, and a full-sized tube of toothpaste. A.J. had two entire kits, plus an extra bag with four more toothbrushes and three extra washcloths.) A.J. got it all together, and then he and Jack were out the door. Philip then came back to bed.

And within probably two minutes, the doorbell rang. (I have no idea why, since the door was unlocked.) It was Jack, and he told Philip there was no one there (meaning the bus stop). Philip was confused, as the roads here were cleared well, and it wasn't spectacularly cold or anything - 13° or so. For a moment, he thought maybe the boys had somehow just missed the bus, but he brought them back inside. He found an update station online, reflecting that their school had a delayed start... but it was stranger than we'd ever had before. It wasn't a two-hour delay like we are familiar with. No, instead school would start at 10:15 (normally at 9:00), and would end at 4:15 (usually 3:15). So the boys took off all their snowgear and got comfy for the next hour to wait.

And then the phone rang at 9:45-ish. It was the alert system for the school, letting us know that school had indeed been canceled. On the news today, it showed that most of the schools in the area had canceled much earlier, but the three base schools (two elementary and one middle school) had held out longer because the road conditions on base were perfectly fine. The entire student body could easily have made it to school, but 75% of the teachers live out in town and couldn't make it in.

So, snow day! They enjoyed a day of laziness and videogames on a weekday. They were thrilled. :-)

I've worked my elbow to death, editing pictures from our vacation this summer. There were other things I'd intended to do this weekend, but I'm ready to get them out and be done with them. My elbow really starts to ache, and when I've laid down to sleep the past two nights, it has just THROBBED.

Jack went out to get the mail late this afternoon, and when he came back inside, he begged to go play. There were a few neighborhood kids out, so he suited up in his gear, and he was off. He played for the next 45 minutes or so, and then he came to the door to get his sled. It was dark by the time he did this, so I made him come inside instead. When he did, I saw that his eyelashes were completely frosted over! He looked like an old man with really bushy eyebrows and lashes! I tried to get a pic, but it just melted SO. FAST. He thought it was pretty funny, though.

We had an easier night for dinner than I'd originally planned. I looked at making a new dinner, but the fridge was just chock-full of leftovers from the past few days, and I decided we'd use those up instead. Now we have room for more, and that's a good thing. I'm making Chicken Gumbo in two days, and I need lots of room for that.

We've been having a lot of "Game Nights" around here lately. Two Fridays ago, I introduced all the guys to Milles Bornes, a game I loved playing with my family when I was growing up. Philip and Jack won as a team in that one. (How is that possible? A.J. and I should have had the advantage with me having played the game before!) Last Tuesday, we played Sorry: Madagascar Edition. A.J. won that one, though it was close - he won by one move over me. This past Friday night, we played Uno, and it lasted forever. I can't remember who won that one... hmmm. Then Saturday night, we all stayed up very late, and we played both traditional Dominoes, and then we introduced the boys to Skip-Bo. I won at Dominoes, but Philip won at Skip-Bo. A.J. wasn't far behind, though!

The boys have really enjoyed learning new games, and it's great for me and Philip that they can finally play "real" games. I'm still hoping/waiting for the day when I can get Philip to agree to teaching them "Rats" with me - it's my favorite card game ever. Philip doesn't care for it though, so he's resisting!

I'm back to pictures for a bit now before bed. 'Night!
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We hit 43° yesterday, and it was HEAT!WAVE! Seriously, though, imagine that we were NINETY degrees warmer than last week's -47°, ya know?

I'm baking Peanut Butter Star Cookies right now (chocolate stars from Brach's®), and I've a little bit of time between batches. Just a little bit though, as these are cookies you have to babysit: bake for 8 minutes, take out, push the chocolate star in, bake again for 2 minutes, take out, cool for 2 minutes, transfer to wire rack. Lather, rinse, repeat. Oh, but I looooooooove these cookies, so they're worth the trouble!

I'm going to pack up a bunch of goodies today, as well as tons of other small packages that I need to send out. I was afraid I'd lose track when I went to purchase padded envelopes and boxes, so I made myself a large list. Even so, as we were driving, I realized I'd left my Grandpa and Jack's old teacher off the list - oops!

Philip's at a training thing-a-majig at the base hospital right now. I'm going to continue baking and packing for now, and then I'll take my shower this afternoon sometime. We're headed up to the boys' school at 3pm for a special event. :-)
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Wheee, it's 13° today! We actually have a high of about 18°, but it's currently not quite that warm. It's fun just being a positive temp again. I'm also surprised that we're warming up about a day before the rest of the country, but I'll take it.

Tomorrow will be even better - almost 30°! w00t!
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It's currently -19° with a windchill of -33°. Last night was Philip's first night to work since we've been here (he's been in base training for two weeks, not counting all the holiday breaks), and they were outside running an exercise. The windchill hit -47°, and even after he came in and warmed up a bit, I felt him slide into the bed with his chilly skin! Tonight should be more of the same.

I think I'm going to bake tonight. I didn't get to do so during the holidays, and I'm really needing this. I usually bake a new goodie every single day during December, but I didn't have any of my stuff to do so. (The movers packed us on Nov. 30th, and then our stuff didn't arrive until the 23rd. Then it wasn't all unpacked, giving me room to do anything, until the 30th or so.)

But who makes tons of goodies in January? Where will I send/gift all this stuff? I'm not exactly sure. I'm thinking it might be a good way to meet some of our new neighbors, and maybe I'll mail a care package or two...

Speaking of neighbors, Jack was so excited that two of the boys' friends from Nebraska live right on their bus route. Before arriving here, we already knew that four of their friends were headed to this base at the exact same time. Three of them attend the boys' school, but one little girl actually lives in the town of Minot. We'll have to find a way to get Leah around for a playdate sometime, though.

I've got everything backed up now, and I'm ready to take the plunge. I've opted for the "clean install" of Windows 7 instead of the "upgrade," so I pray that I've got everything I'm going to need! I'll do that tonight while baking, I think.
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It's funny how very quickly the body begins to acclimate. I'm amazed by this every time we've moved - from West Virginia to Alaska to Nebraska, and now to North Dakota.

And, it's kinda fun to look back and say - very affectionately, of course! - that Nebraskans are being real wimps right now. :-)

We only left there a month ago tomorrow, but the differences in what is expected here versus the expectations there are incredible.


- it's been snowing for three solid days here now, but nothing has been closed, cancelled, or shut down
- they cancelled school ahead of time last night due to forecasted snow of 4-6" (it wasn't snowing yet)

- the forecasted high temperature today here was
- the forecasted high temp for Bellevue for today was 18°

- our current temperature is -5°, with a windchill of -26°
- their current temperature is 13°, with a windchill of -5°

- the forecasted high temperature for us tomorrow is -10° (not counting a windchill), and the kids will still be headed to school with no problems
- they have already cancelled school for tomorrow, with a projected high of

We've had more snow, more blowing snow, and much, much colder temps. We've not had a 'snow day' here in Minot AFB yet, and I imagine it will be much like when we lived in Anchorage, Alaska - they probably won't. If they do cancel school, you can bet it will be actually necessary. As is, the kids here are still expected to have outdoor recess in school unless the temp is below -5° - they just go to school prepared with their serious winter gear ready. For my own two boys, they are loving it!

Boxy snow.

Jan. 4th, 2010 09:39 am
navygreen: (Snowflake)
I'm waiting on the moving company to come today and pick up all our boxes and packing material. I can't wait to have all the space back in the garage!

It's lightly snowing now - large, beautifully crystalline flakes that are so, so fluffy - but I think I'm going to head out there anyway. There's less than a 1/4" of new accumulation on the driveway and sidewalks, but I'm going to try to move the huge mounds of snow along the side of the house to... somewhere else? (I'm not sure where, but it just feels ominous where they are at right now. I mean, it's packed up as tall as me, and we've only just begun the winter season. If it's not moved, where will we put the new snow?)

It's 5° right now, but the wind is blowing less than 5mph at the moment. I don't think we've had winds that low since we arrived in North Dakota. Add in that we should stay in the above 0° today, and it's all the better to take advantage of it!

Edited to add: Whee! Philip just came home for the day (already, and it's not even 10am!), so now we're going out together. We should be able to knock out a lot of this! :-)


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