Lotsa TV.

Feb. 23rd, 2010 02:01 pm
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Since the first night of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, I feel like I've been glued to my TV. I've watched the events all day long, and then we all cuddle around for the primetime footage each evening. It's awesome to hear the boys cheering on their favorites to win too, I should add. *grin*

After they've gone to bed, we've been watching movies. Well, at least, *I* have been. Philip and I watched The Informant! a few nights ago, but in the last two days that he's been at work, I've watched seven additional movies myself. I was trying to knock out several of the girly flicks or documentaries that I know he's got no interest in seeing. I've watched all of these in the past two nights:

- A Very British Sex Scandal (BBC documentary)
- My Blueberry Nights (Jude Law and Norah Jones)
- St. Trinian's (Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, and a million girls)
- Shanghai Kiss (Hayden Panettiere)
- The Queen (Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen)
- Swing Vote (Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper, Kelsey Grammer + TONS more)
- In the Company of Men (Aaron Eckhart)

I would recommend nearly all of these, but I wouldn't rec In the Company of Men to ANYONE. What a horrible, disgusting movie. I love Aaron Eckhart, but his character was so despicable that it was actually upsetting at the cruel 'surprise' ending. Spare yourself. Also, St. Trinian's is definitely not fare for everyone - it's modern British humor, and not everyone enjoys that, but I liked it okay.

The whole time I was watching The Queen, I kept thinking to myself, "Dang, that 'Tony Blair' guy looks *so* familiar... what else is he from?" I just couldn't place him, but for as long as I struggled, the more I watched his acting. He was phenomenal in his role (as was Helen Mirren, but I think I always love her!), and I was entranced. Somewhere in the last 15 minutes, it hit me - Aro, from New Moon! I love when I figure that out on my own without resorting to IMDB, as it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Once I did place him, however, then I understood why so many reviews had said that it was almost a crime he was chosen for a character with such little 'screen time' as in New Moon. He really was wonderful.

Speaking of British humor, over Philip's last break, I got him to watch the entire series of Coupling. I had watched Season One a few years back, and I had gotten into a few episodes of Season Two. However, we watched the entire thing, and he really enjoyed it as well. There were times when we were both laughing so hard, and I was sure I was going to pee on the couch! It was so much fun. However, I must say that I did NOT like the ending of the final episode. To me, it felt very "Mabel-esque" from Mad About You (another show I loved back in the day). :-/

Since I've been bumming in front of the TV for hours and hours (and hours!) on end, I've accomplished nearly an entire piece of tatting. I no longer have a blocking board, however, so I'm going to have to look for something similar before I can finish that step. (My last 'blocking board' was the cardboard insert inside a ream of fabric - nice and sturdy.) Still, I'm excited to get this piece into the mail, but I won't post pictures until that time.
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The Olympics are good for my return to tatting. :-)
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Alrightee, it's about ten minutes to showtime. Dinner should be ready in another 2-3 minutes, and then the boys and I are going to watch the Opening Ceremonies together. I'm excited!

Since I plan to be parked in front of the TV for the next several nights, I need to get some tatting projects in order...
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I am so in love with this new song. Truly.

Today was a happy day. My friend Liz called me just after 1pm. Her husband had taken the kids to the zoo, and she was up for chatting. Chatting turned into a discussion of tatting, and then the discussion turned into an excursion to get more supplies for my vacation tatting projects.

We stopped by Runza to get a reimbursement check I was due, and then to the bank, and then we set out for our impromptu afternoon. We lunched late at Qdoba (a first for both of us) and enjoyed the best burritos either of us had ever had, and then we shared a brownie. Next, we drove to Mangelson's, where we both stocked up on nifty thread colors we can't usually find. Leaving, she spotted a Bernina sewing store in the same plaza, so we popped in for her to pick up a few more bobbins and needles. Then we headed down to Hobby Lobby for more shuttles and even more thread for me (I was looking for a very specific teeny thread). I also found a tatting book, and I bought it straight-away. (In my experience, tatting finds are so very rare that I've learned not to walk away from them for a "next time.") Liz found a new basket must-have for her thread collection, and then we called it quits - we put locks on our wallets!

We returned home just after 6pm, too. Who knew that a phonecall would turn into all of that?! I began one project within half an hour of walking in the door, and Philip and I quasi-watched a TV show while I worked on it. (I was propped up on the pillows, and he was propped up on me.)

I have a VERY long, very tedious, very difficult tatting project "idea" milling about in my head. I sketched out some pieces of it last night, and I showed it to Liz. Of course, she's my tatting cheerleader and somehow thinks that I can do just about anything, despite my efforts to explain to her my very basic skills. So... we'll see if that "idea" ends up turning into a real project, or if it'll just stay in my head for years to come - eep!
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Retail therapy FTW! (That's "For the win," by the way. *grin*)

I never shop simply for the sake of shopping. But that's basically what I just did. In fact, I placed THREE separate orders on the same site (because I wanted to ship to three separate places, and the site couldn't handle that in one order).

Fabulous! I can't wait to get my goodies.

Also, Chris worked for me today at Runza. I didn't have to walk all over in my sore state. I officially ♥ him. I'll have to post more about that in a girly post later. (Guys, you'd be so grossed out - trust me.)

Back to my tatting for now. I've got to get these bookmarks finished for the boys' teachers - only three days left of school!
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I finished a bookmark this evening. It's sad, really, as this is my first real finished piece of tatting since October or so. I began another pair of booties last week, but I only worked one morning on them, so only the sole of one shoe is complete. For a long, long while there, I just couldn't tat anymore. It feels nice to come back to it.

Philip and I watched Dan in Real Life tonight. It was a good, good movie. We've been watching a lot of movies lately, including the following: The Bucket List, Michael Clayton, Awake, Juno, and Enchanted (the latter two were both seen in the theatre, too). We've got several planned to watch as well: Happy Endings, We Own the Night, Run Fat Boy Run, Margot at the Wedding, The Heartbreak Kid, and Atonement. It feels good to be catching up, so to speak, on all the flicks out there.

I played the drums last night for a good while with Chris and Philip. We played online, and Chris was at his house with his RockBand as well. I averaged in the 80th percentile for most songs (on Easy), but there was one song that absolutely SUCKED. Philip selected the song too quickly, and I was stuck on Medium. I failed out twice, being saved and brought back in by my band members (either Philip or Chris), Philip failed out once, and Chris failed at least twice. Finally, the game just booed us out of the song. It was awful. I had 59% on that one, with only a 36-note streak. We ended on a good note, though: for "Say It Ain't So," I received 98% with a 220-note streak.

Easy, of course. ;-)

I made a blanket for Ryan yesterday, and I finished it up this evening (before I tatted). I chose Husker fabric for one side, and solid black for the other. His birthday is on Thursday, but he took the day off, so I wanted to give him his gift tomorrow. Philip bought him a little car, and I whipped up a special batch of chocolate chip cookies tonight per Ryan's request. I hope we're able to make him smile tomorrow.

I looked at products online for a friend's Tastefully Simple party. I think I've got my order planned out. I've not had their goodies in several years now.


This post is made of *yawn*, I think. Good night. :-)
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It's been a while since I completed a piece, but this is the most recent one: It was a gift for [livejournal.com profile] ilenenita.

Spinning Rubies.

And one more, for size comparison. )

I hear she loves it. ;-) That makes me happy.
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I've been thinking a lot lately. Probably moreso than is good for my little mind, but it's hard to turn it off sometimes, too.

In unrelated news, I'm now married to "an older man." Philip turned 28 on Tuesday, and for eight blissful weeks, I can taunt him with being so much older than me. He's still just as sexy, though - maybe even more than he was ten years ago. :-)

I worry about my tatted gifts sometimes. I don't mail them in the safest of ways - usually tucking them into an envelope with a small note of some sort. Occasionally I use a padded envelope if the piece is a larger one, but not often. But I really worry about them after I mail them because I'm so afraid that someone will think I've mailed cash or something (the pieces are very light, but they put a certain bit of... I don't know, soft-ish bulk in the shape of the envelope). And so I worry from the moment the piece leaves me until I hear from the recipient that it has arrived intact.

Big worries, small worries - that's me. As JCPenney says, "It's all inside."
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I finished a few more things recently. I've got two more going right now, and I hope to finish up one of them tonight. Of course, it seems as though the tatting posts never stop. ;-)

'Freedom,' the Eagle.
(I made this for Philip for his birthday yesterday.)

Five more. )
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'Treasured Things' Cross.
(Entire cross pictured here.)

That went out in the mail a few days ago. Hopefully the recipient finds it in the mailbox soon!

I've been kicking tail back on that 'Pay It Forward' meme. Kicking tail and taking names! Err, rather... making a list of the names and then kicking tail on their gifts. It's been so much fun! :-)

Not. On.

Sep. 7th, 2007 03:58 pm
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Not. On.

I just paper cut my primary tatting finger while opening the mail (which was a package containing a new tatting book, as the Gods of Irony poured out laughter upon me). I now have it all bandaged up, and I'm hoping the Neosporin works wonders in the next few hours.

Philip is coming home tomorrow, and I'm excited beyond belief! Even though all that excitement is very much happy, my stomach still ties up in jittery knots.

How can I tat away my knots (HO-HO, *KNEE SLAP*) of stress if my tatting finger is cut?!

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Well, not really. But I finished a bookmark last night that has quickly become "My New Favorite" (subject to change at all times, of course, as it has over the past many months). This one is very small, but the pattern was more detailed - it was a one-shuttle pattern, but I constantly worked inside everything I had just stitched, meaning there are no loose ends anywhere. And when I finished this piece, I sewed the ends of thread into it - the first time I've done that (usually I tie knots and use Fray-Chek®). I'm so pleased with the way it turned out!

'Waves of Burgundy' bookmark.

Two more pictures. )


Sep. 3rd, 2007 06:33 pm
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I received an email coupon 15% off from Handy Hands Tatting over the weekend, and I really debated over purchasing anything. I picked up my paycheck just a bit ago from Runza, and I decided to go for it. I'm a newsletter subscriber of the website, having bought thread there before, so I was able to use my free shipping coupon in my order as well.

The goodness breaks down like this:

Tat's Where I Stopped (Nancy Tracy) - $17.95
Tatting with Anne Orr - $4.95
Tatting With Visual Patterns (Konior)* - $19.95

After my 15% off coupon and free shipping, my total was only $36.42! I can't wait for it to get here - that's 168 new patterns coming my way!

* - Yes, that is exactly the book I was drooling over before. Now it shall be mine!

In addition, here's the little guy I finished yesterday. I blocked him this morning, and I took pictures this afternoon. He's so cute!

Zazz the Serpent.

Right thissssssssss way! )
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I just finished tatting something utterly adorable for a very lovely person. I can't wait to block it and take pictures!

The boys and I headed out for groceries this afternoon, complete with the sniffles. Though I'm certain A.J. is suffering from Jack's cold, I'm on the fence about myself. I ran out of my prescription allergy medication on Thursday, and I was unable to pick up my refill on Friday due to a "family/Wing down day" at the base pharmacy. Of course, the pharmacy is also closed Saturday-Monday, so I will be in dire straits before I can get the goods on Tuesday morning. My eyeballs are itching so fiercely that I'm tempted to claw them out with the pointy ends of my tatting shuttles.

I took Monday off from Runza because the boys are out of school for the holiday, but I made up for it in hours yesterday. It seems the store was slammed Friday night, and Ryan called me that evening to ask if I could report in on Saturday morning to help with prep work. I did, and once the boys and I arrived (they were armed with games and books to occupy themselves), Lacey asked me if I could stay through lunchtime to cover someone who had called in. I didn't have my uniform, so I worked in jean shorts and sandals! The time passed quickly though, and the boys were content to play. I'm happy for that, and now I won't see a dent in my paycheck next time either. :-)

I watched a pathetic movie last night: Kissing Jessica Stein. It wasn't the material that was so awful - it was the acting. Nothing seemed sincere, the cast didn't seem matched to their characters, etc. It was all I could do not to turn it off in frustration with just eighteen minutes left. I stuck it out, though, and that's an hour and a half of my life I can never get back. Thank goodness I have tatting to show for it. ;-)
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Yes, I like to "name" all of my projects once they are completed. It is cute (I think), and it helps me to remember each one better. And I want to remember each item I make, as most are a gift for someone special!

So, yes - the doily now has a name. And her name is "DONE!"

*throws confetti*

Actually, she has another name. And she is for someone special. But I will share pics of her now. :-)

Mandala Doily in Royal Blue.
(You can see a larger file of the image, with more detail, here.)

Shots purely for a bit of fun and size comparison. )
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It's time for more porn - tatting porn, that is! :-)

I've been working diligently on my "To Tat For" list, and I'm making steady progress. I've got lots of things scratched off, but I keep adding more names and projects to the bottom of the list! For now, though, it's time to stop and post a few pictures.

Jack's new friend.

Ever since I made the first seahorse for [livejournal.com profile] beanpop, the boys had been after me to make ones for them as well. I finally penciled them into my list, and they helped me to separate the skein for Jack's project last week (both of the boys picked colors only in embroidery floss, you see - not in true "tatting threads"). I took two shuttles wound with the floss to my friend Ann's house on Sunday for her son's birthday, and I started, stitched and completed them while there. (I blocked the piece after I got home that night.) And I must say this: Jack picked a fabulous floss to work with, as the final piece turned out stunning!

More pics and more projects. )

And now, that's enough procrastinating. I really must get back to my doily. *sigh*
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Remind me never to tat a doily again. It's crazy tedious.


Aug. 28th, 2007 03:35 pm
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My heart is hurting a little bit today. I suppose I'm just immature - that's what is said, anyway.

I mailed out several gifts this afternoon. I hope they are appreciated. I'm working on more right now, and I also need to mail out the Colonial Lady and her framing stuff to Philip's mom (but I need to find a larger box for it first). So far, the tatting flies out of here just as quickly as I can make it.

I want to give the car a good vacuuming and washing before Philip comes home and sees it for the first time. I'm trying to figure out when would be the best time to do that, however, that wouldn't risk it getting any dirt on it between when I do it and when he sees it.
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Sooooo tired.

I'd really like to shave my legs, but I don't think I'm going to make it too much longer tonight. How sad is that? It's only just after 8:30pm!

I stayed up late the past two nights, and I'm dog-tired tonight because of it. In my defense, I planned to go to bed early last night, but I had unexpected company - six people that needed a bed/pallet/floor to sleep on, and I was up really late because of it. But I'm glad I could help out.

And I wanted a nap this afternoon so badly, but Jack asked ever-so-sweetly if I would help him build his new LEGO pirate ship (The Black Pearl), and since I spent all yesterday afternoon cleaning out and decluttering his room to make a space for said ship, it made sense to actually open the box today. That took almost two hours, but now he has two gigantic pirate ships, as well as the Isla Cruces playset on his train table. And then he and A.J. played quietly for an hour or so in his room while I tossed in some laundry and tatted a bit.

Speaking of tatting (and aren't I always?), I've been busting my tail completing pieces. I finished my mom's birthday present, plus my sister's, and I just finished up my sister-in-law's piece tonight during swim lessons. I need to take pictures of all of them. I finally wrote out a "to tat for" list, as the increasing number of requested projects was beginning to spin in my little brain. I split one skein or floss two nights ago (none of you showed up to help, by the way), and that took me very close to two hours. I've got two more skeins to split, and then I'll be using those three split skeins to make six certain projects.

And I'm dying to make another pair of baby booties. Seriously, now that the booties are completed, given away, loved and worn by the baby, I just want to make oodles and oodles more of them! Some people have baby fever or baby lust. I have baby bootie fever.

I've been folding Moravian stars in my "free" time after dinner and such at night, and I even took the strips of paper with me to swim lessons last week one night. I suppose it's clear that I can't just SIT there at swim lessons, isn't it? I really can't. I must be doing *something* all the time.

Me = Spazzy.

I'm going grocery shopping in the morning tomorrow after I drop the boys off at school. I had originally planned to go today, but there wasn't quite enough time after my guests left this morning. We had everything we needed for dinner tonight anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. Besides, when I go tomorrow, I'll be well-rested.

Mmmmmmm. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
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Okay. The first person to get over here and help me split some skeins of embroidery thread goes to the top of my "to tat for" list. It takes me forever to do them by myself, and I get all tangled up in the process.

Ready, set... GO!


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