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These little BIG guys are so adorable it kills me! XD

Red Dragon cookies.

These dragons tell a tale of woe, I'm afraid. You see, I made a host of these dragon friends as favors for Jack's end-of-season soccer pizza party tonight.

But we live in Minot, North Dakota, and we're currently getting dumped with 12-18" of snow in a crazy Spring blizzard. (And we were just one day away from having all the snow completely melted!) Kids were let out of school at noon, and by that time the party was already canceled.

But, of course, I'd made the cookies yesterday to give them time to fully dry. *sigh*

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Today has been the laziest of days. My shoulders/neck/upper back area is quite tense, and I'm sure I didn't help things along by standing at the counter for a while earlier. I was seeding two pomegranates, as well as sectioning four grapefruits and eleven oranges. Still, I'm glad the fruits are done. I love to eat any of these in the mornings, but I'm too groggy at the time to get into such labor-intensive foods. Now, I'll just need to open the container and dig in!

I haven't made cookies in several days. It feels... weird.

Dinner last night with friends was amazing. We sat at the restaurant gabbing for almost three hours - and that was with all of our kids! I can't believe they weren't running for the doors, but I think they were perfectly content to gab on their own with each other, too. It was just a great, perfect opportunity for all involved.

We're having a winter storm right now, and I would bet that we've already had 8" of snowfall since 4pm or so this afternoon. It should continue until tomorrow morning, but then we're supposed to have 50mph winds, too. My neighbor's mom is coming in tomorrow to spend New Year's with them, and I hope that her plane can still arrive safely tomorrow night.

I still have my Christmas decorations up, and while I do want them down for cleaning, I don't want to go back to just regular home decor yet. It's much too early for Valentine's Day (despite what the stores/shopping centers would have me believe already), and I just love my holiday things. Still, I would love to be able to shut my window for computer time during the day, too...
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The Refrigerator Rolls are doing the second rise, and I'm very pleased with them so far. The recipe was to make 50 2.5" rolls, and I used the very closest round cutter I had (I figured the shamrocks would be much too difficult for rolls!), and I cut 49. I figure I must have done several things correctly to be at nearly the same point as the author.

(Please forgive me, I still consider myself to be a newbie when it comes to making breads from scratch. Beyond my cinnamon rolls, which I only began making about a year and a half ago, I don't make yeast breads from scratch, really. I'm hoping to change that, though, as I get better at doing it.)

** insert the National Anthem over the base's loud speakers **

Which reminds me, this is the first base we've lived on that plays the anthem base-wide at 5:00pm instead of 4:30. I wonder why that is? I've always thought 5:00 was the "correct" time (it's when we took our flags down when we had a large outside flag), but the anthem played a half hour earlier.

It's sad, really, that I don't even know if we have a flag insert on this house. What with it being so cold and snowy since the moment we arrived, I'd not even thought to look! Today, my neighbor brought a piece of my mail to the door, and while we were chatting, a large squirrel scuttled out of a massive hole in my would-be flowerbed. I'd not known the hole was there, as it's only *just* become unearthed from the snow! I do fear that this yard (and all those on this street, sadly) is not good-looking under this snow. We'll have to really work to turn it around again. For once, I was hoping not to have to resurrect a yard from the dead - hehe!

Jack's been jogging around the house for the past two days now. The new Pokemon games that he and A.J. bought on Sunday came with little Pokemon pedometers. The more steps they accrue on their "Poke-walkers," the more experience points they can add to their games. It's a clever marketing ploy, I must admit, for the game-makers to also get the kids to exercise. So Jack runs laps around the house - he did it last night for a full hour, and I finally made him stop. Today, as soon as he arrived home from school, he finished his homework sheet, then changed into a t-shirt and went jogging around the block for half an hour or so. That's dedication!
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The snow is lightly falling and has been for a few hours. It's soft, and pretty. I have lit every candle in the house (18!), and the lighting is warm and cozy. Jack's still sledding outside with friends, A.J. is practicing his clarinet in his room, and Philip is napping. I'm grooving to the Glee soundtrack while I tidy the office (yeah, it's been playing for days straight!). We have an easy dinner planned tonight, and then Philip and I will knock out some movies later.

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I'm eating a leftover Heavenly Strawberry Tart, and it is oh-so-good. Yum!

We had a snow day here today. The first we've seen since moving to Minot AFB, and the accumulation isn't even bad. We had 50mph+ winds this morning though, and you couldn't see a thing with the last two days' worth of snow blowing around everywhere.

Philip got up with the boys and made sure they were ready for the bus. I'd been concerned because A.J., in particular, had a heckuva lot to carry. Monday = band class, so he had his clarinet. He was wearing all his snowgear, including snowboots, so his regular shoes were in his backpack. He also had a few textbooks and binders in there from his homework last Friday. In addition to that, he had three gallon-sized bags containing health items for the school's 'Haiti Aid' drive. (Each kit contained the following: a full-sized bottle of shampoo, a full-sized bar of soap, a washcloth, a comb, a toothbrush, and a full-sized tube of toothpaste. A.J. had two entire kits, plus an extra bag with four more toothbrushes and three extra washcloths.) A.J. got it all together, and then he and Jack were out the door. Philip then came back to bed.

And within probably two minutes, the doorbell rang. (I have no idea why, since the door was unlocked.) It was Jack, and he told Philip there was no one there (meaning the bus stop). Philip was confused, as the roads here were cleared well, and it wasn't spectacularly cold or anything - 13° or so. For a moment, he thought maybe the boys had somehow just missed the bus, but he brought them back inside. He found an update station online, reflecting that their school had a delayed start... but it was stranger than we'd ever had before. It wasn't a two-hour delay like we are familiar with. No, instead school would start at 10:15 (normally at 9:00), and would end at 4:15 (usually 3:15). So the boys took off all their snowgear and got comfy for the next hour to wait.

And then the phone rang at 9:45-ish. It was the alert system for the school, letting us know that school had indeed been canceled. On the news today, it showed that most of the schools in the area had canceled much earlier, but the three base schools (two elementary and one middle school) had held out longer because the road conditions on base were perfectly fine. The entire student body could easily have made it to school, but 75% of the teachers live out in town and couldn't make it in.

So, snow day! They enjoyed a day of laziness and videogames on a weekday. They were thrilled. :-)

I've worked my elbow to death, editing pictures from our vacation this summer. There were other things I'd intended to do this weekend, but I'm ready to get them out and be done with them. My elbow really starts to ache, and when I've laid down to sleep the past two nights, it has just THROBBED.

Jack went out to get the mail late this afternoon, and when he came back inside, he begged to go play. There were a few neighborhood kids out, so he suited up in his gear, and he was off. He played for the next 45 minutes or so, and then he came to the door to get his sled. It was dark by the time he did this, so I made him come inside instead. When he did, I saw that his eyelashes were completely frosted over! He looked like an old man with really bushy eyebrows and lashes! I tried to get a pic, but it just melted SO. FAST. He thought it was pretty funny, though.

We had an easier night for dinner than I'd originally planned. I looked at making a new dinner, but the fridge was just chock-full of leftovers from the past few days, and I decided we'd use those up instead. Now we have room for more, and that's a good thing. I'm making Chicken Gumbo in two days, and I need lots of room for that.

We've been having a lot of "Game Nights" around here lately. Two Fridays ago, I introduced all the guys to Milles Bornes, a game I loved playing with my family when I was growing up. Philip and Jack won as a team in that one. (How is that possible? A.J. and I should have had the advantage with me having played the game before!) Last Tuesday, we played Sorry: Madagascar Edition. A.J. won that one, though it was close - he won by one move over me. This past Friday night, we played Uno, and it lasted forever. I can't remember who won that one... hmmm. Then Saturday night, we all stayed up very late, and we played both traditional Dominoes, and then we introduced the boys to Skip-Bo. I won at Dominoes, but Philip won at Skip-Bo. A.J. wasn't far behind, though!

The boys have really enjoyed learning new games, and it's great for me and Philip that they can finally play "real" games. I'm still hoping/waiting for the day when I can get Philip to agree to teaching them "Rats" with me - it's my favorite card game ever. Philip doesn't care for it though, so he's resisting!

I'm back to pictures for a bit now before bed. 'Night!

Boxy snow.

Jan. 4th, 2010 09:39 am
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I'm waiting on the moving company to come today and pick up all our boxes and packing material. I can't wait to have all the space back in the garage!

It's lightly snowing now - large, beautifully crystalline flakes that are so, so fluffy - but I think I'm going to head out there anyway. There's less than a 1/4" of new accumulation on the driveway and sidewalks, but I'm going to try to move the huge mounds of snow along the side of the house to... somewhere else? (I'm not sure where, but it just feels ominous where they are at right now. I mean, it's packed up as tall as me, and we've only just begun the winter season. If it's not moved, where will we put the new snow?)

It's 5° right now, but the wind is blowing less than 5mph at the moment. I don't think we've had winds that low since we arrived in North Dakota. Add in that we should stay in the above 0° today, and it's all the better to take advantage of it!

Edited to add: Whee! Philip just came home for the day (already, and it's not even 10am!), so now we're going out together. We should be able to knock out a lot of this! :-)
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Well, the local news last night said that we received right at 30 inches in that Christmas blizzard - wow! I guess now we understand our drifts a little bit more. *wink*

Here's some pics from after all the shoveling was finished. Well, another 1/2" or so had drifted over on the driveway, but you get the idea.

The aftermath. )

We got the garage and storage room squared away yesterday. As it turns out, the storage room inside the garage is even much bigger than we'd thought it looked. We were able to put the pieces of the shed into the back, and then all of our regular shed items in front of them - and there's still room to spare! It looks soooo nice in there now. Also, today was Trash Day - yay! All we have left is to wait for the box/material pick-up from the moving company, and then we'll be golden.

Philip went back to work this morning. He's still finishing up training for this base, and then he's home in the evenings. I'm making a mental list of things to pick up tomorrow while we're out (gonna be seeing our 'reward' movie!), and I also want to find a quilt shop somewhere. Philip's looking for a small engines repair shop, as the starter is out on our snowblower, too.

Alrightee, I'm having some lunch and then getting back to work. Toodles!
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So. Much. Unpacking.

It feels like it will never end! Realistically, however, it will be done late tomorrow or Tuesday - I can't tell just yet. I am so very much looking forward to calling the moving company and asking them to come back and pick up all their boxes and packing material! (I'll have space in my garage again - whee!)

My dining room is just gorgeous and huge. I still cannot get over all the space in there. That, to me, is the most drastic difference between our old house and this one. I love the fact that it's not situated off the main garage entrance into the house, and it's not near a television of any sorts. It's awesome, truly.

The plan tomorrow is for Philip and I to move/unpack all the stuff in the garage. See, the movers unloaded all our shed and garage items directly into the garage, so we've got to unpack everything and get it moved into its proper place in the storage room in the back. Philip already took apart our shed, and we'll put the pieces in our "renovation space." (When they renovated this house, they built on an extra room along the basement wall, and they entered through there, bringing all their equipment with them. Once they finished, they closed off the room and left a large access flap. We can easily open it via the flap, and it's an 8x10' space, at least.) While we're doing that, the boys will be playing hard in the snow. Once we're done, we'll have all our space back in the garage, and we'll move all the boxes and packing material to the breezeway until pick-up. Trash Day is also on Tuesday, and it'll be great to have all that gone, too. (Gosh, but moving creates a lot of excess trash!)

Depending on how long we're out in the garage tomorrow, we'll work on the office afterwards. It's the only room left, and that's because I considered it the lowest priority of all the rooms. I mean, *I* love this room, and I practically live in it sometimes... but everything I really need (computer, bills, filing cabinet, etc.), I can already reach, and we brought with us ahead of time. What needs to be unpacked are the bookshelves and lots of Philip's military memorabilia and knick-knacks. He heads back to work on Tuesday, and I can finish this room by myself, if needed.

As a reward once ALL of the unpacking is done, we plan to go see Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. The boys are dying to see it, and I think it looks pretty cute, too. I thought the first one was good, and I'm sure this one will be about the same. The boys are also anxious to spend some of their Christmas cash at the mall, too. *wink*

Speaking of movies, we all went to see New Moon last Friday. It was the boys' first time seeing it, Philip' second time, and my seventh time. I probably won't see it again in the theatre, but it was just as good this time again. A quick rundown of the showings I've been to:

1st - with Marissa as my 'date' to Amy's midnight premiere party (11/20)
2nd - with Marissa again on Sunday afternoon (11/22)
3rd - with Liz on Sunday night (11/22)
4th - with Philip the following Tuesday (11/24)
5th - with Cheyenne on Thanksgiving night (11/26)
6th - with Aimée on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/28)
7th - with the family (12/21)

We also recently saw The Princess and the Frog (on opening day!), and we all loved it. I cried a little near the end, but it was wonderful to see the old-style animation again. And - I was so surprised when the first song began! I'd almost forgotten how the older Disney movies always had original songs - how sad is that?! I thought the characters were very charming, and I really hope the movie does well enough that Disney will do another one in this style again soon.

We saw Disney's A Christmas Carol in 3D, too. I found it to be much darker than I'd imagined, but the effects were amazing. Honestly, though, there were parts of it that unsettled even me, and I don't think I'd let younger children see it yet (though the Disney Channel promotes it constantly). We were late to the game on this one, having been planning on seeing it ever since we rode the official movie train back in August (what a neat experience, too!). After seeing the movie, we bought my favorite as a young girl: Mickey's Christmas Carol. I didn't have the movie growing up, but I had a record of it, and I played that over and over all year long. I still have most of it memorized. :-)

I'm hoping to have mail tomorrow, but I'm not terribly optimistic. There was, of course, no mail yesterday in the face of this major blizzard, and then today was Sunday. Philip and I did watch some lady trudge through all the snow with her key, falling down in the deep drifts and then crawling on her knees atop them to get to the box, only to open it and find it empty, of course. We learned long ago (in both Alaska and Nebraska, actually) that even though the post office's motto is, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds," that isn't always the case. We've had numerous times with no mail delivery due to inclement weather, and on a day where no travel is advised, I'm surprised that anyone would think there would be mail.

Perhaps she didn't check her box on Christmas Eve, then? *nods* We'll go with that. :-)
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Snowed in, for sure.

On Christmas Eve day, the snow started falling. And blowing. And falling and blowing some more. By 4:30pm, we knew that a Christmas Eve church service wasn't possible. By 11pm, travel warnings were issued everywhere.

Christmas Day the snow fell nonstop - from midnight to midnight. It didn't stop snowing until yesterday around noon, and thankfully, the winds let up a bit then too. The accumulation wasn't nearly as crazy as the DRIFTS. Philip shoveled twice during the snowstorm, but by the time we woke yesterday morning, you couldn't tell he'd done a thing!

The TV channels turned to static in the morning, along with a message alerting us that the road conditions were RED. No travel was allowed on base at all, and everything was closed. Fine by us, as we didn't need to be anywhere, either!

He shoveled for hours and hours yesterday. We had much higher drifts than our next-door neighbor, and when he was done with his own house, he helped Philip for another hour-and-a-half, at least. I still can't much see out of my windows, but I expect that's just how it's gonna be for a while. ;-)

The pictures. )

Last night, Philip and I glanced out the dining room window just before I was going to start dinner. A beautiful dog was leaping through the snow, looking lost. Philip went to the front door and called, and the dog ran right to him. The dog had no collar, and Philip pulled him into the mud room for warmth. He had snow on his little nose, but he was just gorgeous. Philip and the boys sat in the mud room for over half an hour and loved on the dog. Finally, the police arrived to take him back to the squadron to read for a microchip, and they let him go.

And pictures of the doggie. )
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Jack is sledding again. :-)

The past three days, there's been a LOT of sledding going on. Both of the boys have been out in it the last two days, but Jack hadn't had enough yet, and is out there with friends right now. When Jack is finally done today and comes in, I'll start the third load of snowgear in the laundry in as many days. Crazy, but so much fun!

Speaking of sledding, I'll have bunches of pics later on, too. Heather brought Catherine over for some snow play yesterday, and there are SO many, many cute ones!
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Philip and I had a meeting scheduled for this afternoon, but it was canceled earlier this morning. Due to that, I was able to alter my afternoon plans.

Yesterday, I spent about four hours in A.J.'s room, decluttering, organizing, sorting and cleaning. FOUR HOURS. He was with me the entire time, and to be honest, it really didn't seem like that long. We culled two bags of toys out of his room to give away, sorted his bookshelves to pass along younger titles to Jack, sorted his closet and clothes and passed on outgrown items to Jack as well, and filled TWO trash bags with junk, broken pieces, old school papers, and other miscellaneous stuff to throw away. We reorganized his book-and-toy shelves, his games, his dresser, and his nightstand. His nightstand is currently the proud home of his motorized K'Nex ferris wheel (a video of him), and it looks great. I dusted the room, and Philip remade his bed (pulled all bedding/sheets off, pulled the bed from the wall, found a few missing small items, etc).

It looks AMAZING in there!

My plan this afternoon was to snag old toys from Jack's bedroom (he and I did his closet and clothing items before, over the holiday break). However, the winter storm caused us all to "cozy up" our plans. A.J. spent some time finishing homework, and he was doing that, Jack read three large books to me in his bedroom. We stopped for a break, and I made hot cocoa for all (the boys ate large marshmallows for snack - instead of wanting tiny ones *in* their cups!). Now both of them are in Jack's room, putting together an Indiana Jones LEGO set that Jack purchased with his holiday gift cards. Since they're having such fun, I've cleaned the kitchen, started a load of dishes through the wash cycle, and lit a few candles.

To make things even better, I just got an email from the PTA saying that the 'Fog Night Skating Party' is canceled tonight because of the snowy weather. Yay - we don't have to go back out! Oooh, and we have plenty of leftover fried chicken and schtuffs for dinner, too!

Cozy - that's the name of the game. I think I'm going to go light some more candles, though... to make it even better!
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Can I just say how badly I wish this new cold front would NOT come? Minnesota, you're more than welcome to keep your snow - I don't want it, and especially not for Easter weekend. It's so ridiculous, too. The forecast is for a high of 40° on Sunday with a chance of snow, but it should be sunny with a high of 60° the very next day, Monday.

Wouldn't it make so much more sense to just skip Sunday's weather and go straight to Monday's? We've hunted Easter eggs in the snow before (when we lived in Alaska), and it's just not as much fun.

Plus, our new Easter outfits are not suited for snow. *sigh*
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It's snowing pretty well, and I really hope that Philip comes home from work safely in an hour.


Edited to add: I texted him with my worry, and he just called to say that, yes, he would drive carefully. He's also headed home in a few minutes now, as they're letting him go early because the store is not busy (go figure - it's snowing!). I'm glad he'll be home an hour sooner. :-)
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We went to church very early this morning. The weather was cold and blustery, and it was gray and spitting snow (not really sticking nor amounting to anything), but we still attended early as planned. We were set to attend the 9:30am service, but on Thursday, both boys had received letters of invitation to a special family project scheduled during today's services. As we had to be home by 11am for Philip to work at Runza, we didn't have time for the project after our service, so we'd planned to go before.

And we were the very first ones there this morning! We arrived at 8:40am, and we quickly settled on making an advent candle wreath as our family project (there were three activities from which to choose). We talked and laughed as we pushed pencils into tiny squares of green tissue paper together, and we all picked a candle and base to add as well. After many minutes, we all stuck the wooden red berries in between the green papers, too.

It's a beautiful wreath. :-)

After our project was completed, Ms. Nicole (the Children's Director) came up to us and exclaimed happily, "Oh, you guys are early! Oh, and you are the ONLY ones so far to actually make your project as a FAMILY! That's so encouraging to see! We had over 50 families last night at our Saturday service, but each person made their own. Look at how beautiful your wreath is, and you made it together!"

We were bewildered. After all, the invitation had said "family project." I suppose it never occurred to us to do anything other than pick one project and do it together. *blush* But we felt good, and we'd had a nice time working together. I'd steal squares from Philip's stack of tissue, Jack would then steal from my bunch of squares, and then he'd separate the tissue for both he and A.J. to use. We all did an equal share in making our wreath, and it now sits proudly in the middle of our dining room table.

We had a light breakfast of grapes, mini doughnuts, sweet breads and muffins (provided by the church) before heading up to our service. There was no Sunday School this morning, and so the boys sat with us in the pew. The service was wonderful, and it was a peaceful, fresh-feeling start to this glorious Advent season. We ended with communion, too.

We came home, changed clothes, and Philip left for work. I heated up some lunch for myself and the boys, and then I set to baking. Today was Lacey's last day at Runza, and as a friend, I wanted to make something to let her know how much I've appreciated working with her. Philip bought the ingredients for the gift last night, and I set to work making a 'Milk Chocolate Bar Cake.' It was rich and delicious-looking (I didn't sample any), and it had TEN full-size Hershey's® candy bars in it! It was a triple-layer cake, and I finished frosting it only a few minutes before Philip returned home from work a couple hours later.

He changed clothes, and then we all headed to Runza with the cake for Lacey. We stopped at Hallmark® on the way, and I tucked in and bought her a card as well. When we arrived at the store, Lacey seemed so touched. She read the card, and we hugged for a good while. Then Philip served up very tall pieces of cake to Lacey, the boys (they split a piece - it was so big!), and the other employees there. Everyone who ate some cake said it was very good, very rich. Lacey grabbed a milk from the cooler to wash hers down, even. I'm happy it was so well-received, as I think it was my very first attempt at making a layer cake.

We chatted for a few more minutes with her, and then it was time to really say goodbye. I hugged her again, and I wished her the best of luck in her new job. She's a sweet gal, and I'll miss her.

Afterwards, we headed to the BX to pick up a video game Philip wanted, and we picked up some stocking stuffers along the way. The boys helped me to pick out goodies for the kitties' stockings, too. Then we had a snack at the BX, stopped at the commissary to pick up some orange juice and soda for Philip, and came home.

Jack and I spent an hour or so making a project for his kindergarten class, and he is very proud of it. He even used lots of glitter glue! (I really hope the big splotches dry overnight - yikes!) Then the boys had their baths, and I helped them to make a special dessert tonight with the two leftover Hershey® bars we had - S'mores! We watched the marshmallows "blow up" in the microwave, then quickly smashed a graham cracker on top while they were still hot, and the chocolate was perfectly melty and gooey in seconds. Jack even had chocolate smeared ALL over his face. :-)

I have so many things for which to be thankful.

Now it's bedtime for the boys, and I'm getting pretty tired myself. A much earlier Sunday morning routine yields a much earlier Sunday night routine, methinks. ;-)
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It was snowing this morning when I took both boys to school. Absolutely crazy, and so WRONG. It's April, for crying out loud.

Jack had a fun playdate at Caleb's house this afternoon while I was at work. He's got playdates scheduled for these two weeks while his regular caregiver is away on vacation. It's nice that folks are willing to help us out like this, too.

I need to call someone about the lawn. I intended to do that yesterday afternoon, but it was raining all day long (a nice, soft rain, but still - all day long), and it drained me of my motivation. And then the snow today. Who knows what the ground/grass is really going to be like after all this?

I had a very vivid, strange-but-good dream about [ profile] posthaste and her baby Soph today. I was repeating the dream to myself while I took a shower this morning so that I wouldn't forget the details. I'll have to tell Jess about it - hopefully she'll get a kick out of my REMs. ;-)

I'm hungry. Oh, and it's time to go pick up A.J. from school soon. Afterwards, I'm taking both boys to the base clinic to update their immunizations. Jack is already in tears of the prospect of new shots, but it's an evil that must be done. :-/
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Even though I said I wouldn't, I've been out to shovel the piddly little snows (about 1.5") that fell last night twice. Well, technically, I re-shoveled yesterday afternoon, but that was from stupid drifts that keep occurring on my back deck. And then this morning I did the new, smaller amount of snow on the driveway and walkway, and I finished up the back deck this afternoon.

I think I'm due for a nice long soak in my swimming pool tub. It's a big tub, and I'm hoping it will soothe away some of the stresses of this past week. Let's hope I don't fall asleep while I'm in there!


Mar. 3rd, 2007 07:44 pm
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Last week when it snowed, I foolishly thought it might be the last one of the season. As such, I told the boys they'd better suit up and enjoy it - and they did. The following picture is from Feb. 25th:

Sledders. )

They've both gotten real good at grabbing their all their snow gear quickly and putting it on. "Play jeans," two pairs of socks, snow boots, snow bib overalls, gloves/mittens, hats and heavy jackets - it's down to a science in this house. On this particular day, though, I was amused to see that both boys had grabbed their knit hats from Grammy at Christmastime. A special orange Wheaties® one for Jack (of course), and a nifty Green Bay Packers one for A.J. (his favorite team).

And so I had to take a picture of them. :-)

And speaking of snow, we've had a time in it today. I drove Jack to a birthday party out on 90th Street, and the subdivision out there looked as if it had hardly been plowed. It was a mess, and the van high-centered for a brief moment, even. I did NOT want to go back and get him two hours later, but I couldn't very well leave him there until spring either. ;-)

After we got back home, the boys played outside in the snow for a few hours until sunset. They asked the neighbor girls out to play, and I gave them all a juice break after about an hour. They had a great time and got all hot and sweaty, while the sleeves of their snowsuits were busy becoming solid ice - really!

I took pictures of this too. :-) Oh, but I haven't even downloaded them from the camera yet.

Once they shed their snow gear, I piled them into the van and we set off to Wal*Mart to get bags. Sandwich bags, gallon bags, small trash bags - you name it, we needed it. We also picked up more printer paper, more tape and more milk. Not a very fun trip, but it was all stuff that we needed. We stopped in for haircuts afterwards, only to find the place was already closed - boo!

On the way home, we watched the last ten minutes or so of the lunar eclipse. Once in the door, we Google'd more information about the lunar eclipse, as the boys had lots of questions that I wasn't sure how best to answer. We had just finished "smartening" ourselves up when Philip called, and we all talked to him on the speakerphone for about three minutes. The boys asked him if he'd seen the total eclipse, knowing that he was in Asia and had the best viewing possibilities. He had, and that was neat to hear about. Then he had to go very abruptly, so we said goodbyes.

And now it's time for dinner. We're having a really labor-intensive meal here: fish sticks, corn-on-the-cob, green beans and Jell-o. Hey, it's what they picked for their "fun" meal tonight, and I'm not complaining!
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Or snowed in, I guess.

We'd been out of milk all day, and I finally braved the roads with the boys this evening to run and get some. I'd called a few places beforehand, as I didn't want to get all the way somewhere and find them closed, their milk trapped inside behind locked doors.

So we got in the car. And we backed out of the clear driveway and onto the street, and we set off. A-aaa-annndd wwwwwww-we sttt-taaaarr-tted bu-ummmmmpp-ppping arrrr-rrround ssoommme-th-thinggg likkkke tth-thiiiss.

The icy roads were quite bumpy, in case you couldn't tell. ;-) The boys were talking to one another, and I felt a bit guilty, but I explained to them that I needed them to be very quiet - that the roads were icy, and it was dark and that made me nervous, so I needed lots of quiet so that I could concentrate on the roads.

And they didn't utter another peep, either one of them. Once we pulled into the convenience store, we all hopped out and headed in together to get the milk. I bought a gallon of regular milk, and we each picked up small containers of flavored milks as a treat (chocolate for both me and A.J. and strawberry for Jack). Then we trooped back to the car and loaded up again.

I drove a different route home so that I wouldn't have to contend with the ice-covered hill entering Lockbourne Drive. We took it very slow - never getting above 20mph - and we made it easily back home with the new route. As we pulled into the garage again and I shut off the car, A.J. wiped his brow and said, "Whew! I'm so glad we made it back home. Those bumps were really scary!"

And we all laughed about it as we came inside to eat. We talked over 'Grandma's Chicken and Vegetable Rice Bake,' and we enjoyed our milks.

I feel accomplished. :-)


Mar. 1st, 2007 06:04 pm
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Well, three hours and twenty minutes later, the driveway, walkway and back deck are shoveled. The swing is cleared off, and the trash area is clear. I even cleaned the snow off the trash cans on the curb (pickup day was supposed to be today, so they were already out there).

It feels nice that it is done. All my men neighbors finally started coming out when I was in my last 45 minutes or so of shoveling. Not only that, but their not doing nearly as nice a job as I did, leaving that bottom 1/2" or so of snow (whereas I shoveled and scraped all the way to the pavement). I was happy to come inside and see my lovely drive all clear, and I'm not at all jealous of the folks who are still out there or have yet to even start clearing their houses.

I ache in so many places now, though. I've already taken my ibuprofen, but I'm surely going to be very sore tonight and tomorrow. I'm also having asthma attacks from the cold winds and then coming back inside. I'm taking a warm shower in a few minutes, and I hope that helps some.

Schools are already closed for tomorrow, so the boys are excited. Now that it's beginning to get dark, there's not time to really play in the snow. Tomorrow will be the best day for them to really play, and there's certainly plenty of white stuff to do so!

I must say, though, that Philip has impeccable timing in leaving. Seems like this happens every time he leaves - I get stuck with the big snows. What a jerk. (I kid, I kid.)

Maybe not?

Mar. 1st, 2007 09:13 am
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Ryan called a few minutes ago, just as I was going to put in my contacts. I was getting ready to go outside and start shoveling - not because the snow is stopping any at all - but because I was afraid that, at this rate, there would be too much snow by the time I got back from work at 2pm for me to easily make it into the garage again. And since I have no clue how to use the snowblower, I figured it would take me about an hour to shovel everything instead.

But Runza is not opening until noon today. And if things keep up the way they are right now, it's very likely they will close the store for the entire day.

*crosses fingers*

You can barely see outside, for the snow is swirling in all directions. That's why I was going to put my contacts in, too; I know there's no way I'd be able to keep my glasses clean to any degree. There is snow blown up on every window and door, making it hard to see out of the house right now, but when I opened the door to check, snow quickly rushed inside as well. It's really a much better plan for me to just stay inside until the snowfall is done, and then shovel it all at one time.

Of course, school was cancelled bright and early this morning, so we didn't have to worry about that, either. It was a good thing.

Edited to add: w00t! Runza is closed for the day!


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