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The boys all arrived home around 1:30am last night. They took MSgt. Jones home first, and then Philip drove his truck with the boys back to our house. He left it in the driveway for Jones to retrieve this morning when sober. :-)

The boys bathed immediately, and we tucked them into bed right at 2am. Philip and I chatted until about 3am while lounging on the couches, and then we headed up to bed at 3am. We all slept in like crazy. Jack woke up at 11:20, and when he turned the TV on in the living room, A.J. heard it and woke up. We woke up at 12:20 when Heather called. Everyone was very well rested, and it's been a low-key day.

I took the boys to get haircuts while Philip did some paperwork at the squadron for his upcoming training. After haircuts, we stopped at the library to return the last of the books and get a new stash. A.J. read seven smaller books while there, and Jack finished up nine short ones. I didn't get any reading done myself, as I was constantly finding interesting reads for them, and then returning them to the shelves in the proper place once they finished the books! They both checked out a hefty stack of new books, as well as each picked another wrapped "treasure" book (concealed in paper to be a surprise until they've left the building). Jack devoured one of his Magic Tree House books the moment we were home, and I also affixed a couple reading tattoos the librarian gave him to his cheeks. Then they went out to play, and they've been out ever since.

Dinner (Chicken Stuffing Bake, spinach, and fresh corn-on-the-cob) will be ready in about 5 minutes, and I've just mixed up two batches of cookie dough. I'll bake the cookies tonight for the next two orders, and then I'll begin decorating them tomorrow. I will have 1/2 batch of dough leftover, so I think I'll pop it in the freezer in case anyone else needs some quick cookies in the next week.

Philip and I are really enjoying Jason Lee's new crime drama, Memphis Beat, as well as the police series Rookie Blue. The former comes on tonight (the third episode), and I'm excited to tuck in and watch it with him. :-)
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We're becoming so lazy here in summer vacation. Honestly, "lazy" doesn't even cover it. We're averaging bedtimes around midnight-1am, and then getting up in the neighborhood of 10-11am. Lunch is usually around 3-4pm, and then dinner is pushed as well. We've eaten around 10pm the past four nights!

I woke up this morning at 9am, and I absolutely couldn't go back to sleep despite the super-quiet household. I got up, got dressed, started some laundry, and began a list of online to-do's. I got several things squared away, my desk cleaned up, and then finally the boys woke around 11am.

I spent at least TWO HOURS trying to relocate a recipe for blondies I've been wanting to try, and with no success. I remember being astonished that the recipe called for one whole pound of brown sugar, and I picked it up when I was shopping last week. In my uber-frustration, I finally succumbed to the next baking craving on my list: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars. They were very gooey and very yummy, even if not my first choice.

Jack had a friend in and out most of the afternoon. We really enjoy having Riley over - he's exactly Jack's age, and they are just two peas, you know? He's so very polite, too. He only lives four houses away, so they are constantly either in one of our houses or out on the block on scooters.

A.J. puttered around on his laptop for a while. He's been discovering the world of Weird Al Yankovic through videos on Youtube, and he's constantly giggling over the lyrics of one of the tunes. In turn, I've played several of the original songs that Weird Al parodied, and of course - A.J. likes the parodies better. *wink*

Unrelated to any of the above, I've been meaning to mention that, in a fit of boredom one night Philip was at work, I watched the first episode of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. It ended on a cliffhanger (oh noes! Buffy's trapped under a vampire in a coffin! How will she get to the other seven seasons?!), so I watched the second episode the next afternoon. Philip watched it with me, and once it was over, he flipped to select the third episode (Netflix, instant queue), but I stopped him. The acting is just so, so poor I couldn't imagine watching another second. I'm sure [ profile] wendywoowho is gasping, and I know [ profile] devi_pavarti may never speak to me again...
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The Corned Beef and Cabbage verdict:

Me - eh, not so much
A.J. - edible, but loved the brisket

I don't think I did anything wrong, I just wasn't really in the mood for it after smelling it cook all day long. Since I'd never made it before, I didn't know how that might affect me. In addition, I haven't had a good appetite all week either, and that might have been part of it.

The rolls and the mint chocolate cheesecake were phenomenal. Even the cheesecake, though, I only ate three bites of and put the rest of the slice in the fridge for later. My tummy's just not quite right. I do have pics, but they'll be posted some other time.

I fell asleep while A.J. was in the shower tonight, and then again the second Jack was done with his bath and had given me a kiss goodnight. I napped for almost two hours on the couch before I woke up. Then I was all, "ACK! I have to do the dishes and start that load of laundry!" *zing!*

Now it's time for a chapter or two of my book (The Last Song) and bed for reals.
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This morning's early post is brought to you by Jack's bloody nose. Twenty minutes before the alarm was set to ring, a human body with a face made of bloodied toilet paper stood next to my bed, gently shaking my arm.

"Mom, my nose started bleeding, and it woke me up. It's on my bed, too."

Up and at 'em, folks. I got him downstairs to the loveseat (he can lay with his head perfectly back, yet not strain the heck out of his neck), and the kitchen timer set for five minutes. I gave him a fresh tissue, and he was good to go when the timer beeped. Then he scrubbed the blood (less than quarter-sized) on his sheet with a couple antibacterial wipes and blotted it with a paper towel to dry while I fed the kitties and cleaned their litter. You can't even see now where there was blood (other than it being wet).

Poor guy, though. He gets these random nosebleeds like Philip does. A.J. doesn't get nosebleeds, and I've never had one in my entire life - even after blunt trauma and the like. They both get them more in the winter, and Philip's are usually in the morning. He often has them start in bed, too. Jack's are usually some other time of day, once he's already fully awake. I feel bad for them. :-(


Feb. 4th, 2010 07:01 am
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Aaaaaand, I'm awake.

A couple nights ago, once "Boy Bedtime" was complete, Philip and I snuggled in to watch the latest episode of CSI: Miami on the DVR, followed by a movie. We chose Year One, and it was predictable Jack Black/Michael Cera humor. We chuckled and had a good time. After a couple weeks of insane bedtimes, I was struggling to see the very, very end of it though, so I headed on to bed afterwards (around 12:30am or so). Philip came to bed around 3am.

The next night, we were going to watch a movie again, but I just couldn't - I was so tired. I fell into bed by 11pm. Yesterday, I was awake by 7:15, and I laid there for a bit before finally getting out of bed at 7:45am. Jack woke up within 5 minutes, and then he and A.J. were both "up at at 'em" a full 20 minutes before we'd normally have woken them for school. They watched a bit of cartoons after breakfast then, before donning all their snowgear for school.

Last night, I fell asleep during the opening credits of Zombieland at 10pm exactly. Within minutes, I decided to head to bed, and Philip then finished the movie himself. Today, I woke up by 5:45.

Philip works midnight shifts, so he leaves at 4pm, and he gets home in the mornings between 6:30-7am. He usually takes an hour or so to unwind and snack before coming to bed. These last few weeks, I've stayed up later and later, and several times I've still been awake when he arrives home. This week, it seems to have caught up with me. On his days off, he keeps more of a "swing-shift" routine, going to bed usually in the neighborhood of 2-3am, so that he can still function with the rest of us during the daytime. He's had the last three days off, he works tonight, and then - as luck would have it - he has the next three days off, too. :-)

Speaking of time off, he has 64 days of tax-free, combat-zone leave left to use up by September 30th of this year. In the eight months left from February-September, that works out to be eight days/month. On Friday, we'll sit down and look at our calendars, planning for big chunks of time he will put in for to use it up. In addition to that, he has 57 days of regular leave (he always has huge amounts of leave built-up, as Offutt was always so critically-manned that he could hardly ever get time off to use his leave). In other words, he could essentially take the next FOUR MONTHS off, not going back to work until June. He won't, of course, but that's how much leave time he has built-up right now.

From the moment I was awake, I was salivating over the idea of a banana and a glass of milk. I have this now in front of me, and it is yummy. I think I'm going to whip up some blueberry muffins in a few minutes to have fresh and warm for the boys' breakfasts in an hour or so. I'm sure I'll be ready for a nap later on today, too. *wink*

So sleepy.

Jan. 15th, 2010 10:23 pm
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This girl is tired.

Philip and I stayed up last night until 4:30am. Now, he needs to be on that schedule, as he went back to work tonight. Myself? I shouldn't be doing that, but I always end up staying up too late with him.

I mean, I'm a night owl, yes. I always have been. But for me, that means a bedtime between 1-2am, usually. I am DRAGGING right now because of it, so I suspect I will fall to bed with a book as soon as the boys are finished bathing.

Tomorrow, we are delivering all sorts of goodies to our neighbors. I've got "care packages" all over the kitchen, and it makes actually cooking in there feel very cramped. I made Chicken Fried Rice, egg rolls, and crab rangoon tonight for dinner. I'd been planning to have that meal on a night when Philip was gone, as he doesn't really care for Chinese food. We had fresh pineapple for dessert.

My puzzles are framed and ready for pick-up in town. I'm thinking that I might just brave the drive myself with the GPS during the morning while Philip is sleeping. I'm dying to get them up on the walls now that they're finished, but on his work days, he really doesn't have enough time to do much. We'll see. I also still really need to find a quilt shop...

I reinstalled iTunes last night, and then I spent several hours putting music back onto the computer. We have over 55gb in our iTunes collection, and I had backed it all up on the T-cube before upgrading the OS. I put As-Ms back on last night, and I had planned to finish the second half of the alphabet tonight, but it will wait until I'm not quite so tired now.

I got my gorgeous scarf in the mail today from [ profile] daphyn! It is so light and so fun and so bright! She only began making it last Friday, and I already have it in my hands - crazy! She also included a note and a sweet little book - A Taste of Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul. And OMG, but she must use the most glorious detergent and/or fabric softener EVER, because the entire package smells like bits of beautiful heaven. Really!

I went over to my neighbor's house tonight to let the maintenance crews come in and turn off their water. They're on vacation, and we're their "Quarters Watch." They only moved in one week before we did, and they are in the unit on the far side of us - the one not connected to our own. We are in an A-style unit, and theirs is a B-style. I just was floored to see how very different our houses are. Other than sharing a wall together, there is absolutely nothing the same between A- and B-units. It was just too radical to try and picture what rooms are adjacent to our walls in certain places.

Today was payday, and I didn't even remember it until this afternoon while talking to Marissa. Lovely! We've got a reimbursement check coming to us from Runza too, as well as our W-2s. The military will likely put out their W-2s late next week, and then I can finish up our taxes. I love having that done, and I enjoy seeing that nice chunk of refund, too.

Alrightee, the dinner dishes are calling me, and I can hear my bed even more loudly. 'Night!
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Philip woke early this morning, and he ran to the Shoppette to get a copy of the base newspaper**.

**Side tangent: the base paper is an awesome one here. It reminds me of the hey-days of the great paper at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. It's chock-full of stories, happenings on base, etc. It even has a TV guide in it for the upcoming week!


He got a copy of the paper, and he also picked up some grape and apple juice for breakfast. We looked at the church directory, and we decided on a Lutheran church (Missouri Synod). Services started at 11am, and so I went back to snoozeville while the boys ate breakfast and Philip showered. Once he was out, we all got ready for church.

We left in plenty of time, and thank goodness for that! Philip had thought it would be about six minutes away, but it ended up being closer to sixteen. He dropped me and the boys off at the door, and we walked in at 11 on the nose. I noticed a guest book to sign, but as soon as I picked up the pen, the organ began playing. I told the boys we'd sign it afterwards, and I ushered them inside... down to the first few rows. You know, folks always joke that Baptists sit in the back, but let me tell you - those Lutherans had left 3-4 rows empty at the front of each of the three sections, too! We sat in the third row, and Philip joined us a moment later.

The church was much larger than we'd imagined, and they were presenting their childrens' program today. It was cute, and the congregation sang along here and there. Jack got a kick out of using a hymnal again (we usually attended the Contemporary service in Nebraska), and I enjoyed singing the alto harmonies of several of my favorite Christmas hymns. The church was extensively and beautifully decorated, and I couldn't help commenting on it. A very nice couple then introduced themselves, and we chatted with them for over an HOUR after the service...

... but that was because today was Jesus's birthday party, too! The fellowship hall of the church had been decorated with balloon centerpieces on every table, and each child received a birthday goodie bag. The younger children received red plastic mugs, and the older children received white stone mugs. They were filled with cocoa, candy, and stickers, and everyone munched on cupcakes, frosted brownies, and ice cream. The couple we had been talking with in the sanctuary introduced us to many, many folks (there is no way I can remember all those names correctly!), and one of the youth directors joked with A.J. for a while. He was grinning from ear-to-ear, and then she introduced him to a handful of other sixth graders, too.

It was a wonderful experience, and now we'll have to decide whether we want to try a few more churches, or go ahead and commit to this warm, welcoming congregation. Even if we don't end up joining this church, I feel very blessed that God has led us to what will be a wonderful congregation to share our Christmas Eve together.

After leaving the church around 1pm, we grabbed a bite for lunch. We stopped at Barnes&Noble for a quick return, and then we headed home. With a full tummy and in the warm car, I was dozing before we reached the base again. Once home, Philip set up the air mattress for me, and I was down for a nap (around 3:30 or so).

I didn't wake until 6:30! Baby kitty had joined me for sleeps, and I think we both needed it. We had easy dinners tonight, and then after the boys went to bed, I began the wrap-fest of Christmas presents. I had intended to do it tomorrow, but I got a jump on it instead tonight. I'll run some errands tomorrow instead because I ended up finishing all the wrapping in one go - yay!

And now, it's 2am, and I'm back to bed. Here's hoping we hear from our moving company about our household goods tomorrow... *fingers crossed*
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I am so ridiculously tired. Totally going to bed right now, and not even planning on turning on the TV or reading a book or anything.

I'll be snoring in two minutes, I'm sure.

Also, [ profile] lesliepear? I'll be dreaming of how thoughtful you always are. :-)
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Jack just fell asleep in the tub. Sound asleep, deep breathing and all. He was OUT. I called Philip in to see, and then we tried to rouse him. He would NOT wake up, and when he finally stirred, he turned to his left to "snuggle" into his covers (as he would in bed), only to then get a mouth and nose full of water!



Oct. 11th, 2008 01:02 pm
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All I really want to do right now is take a nap.

Alas. :-/
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I'm tired. And I can find no place to sneak in a nap today.
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It's not even midnight, but I'm headed to bed. Well, I will be as soon as I move Jack out of my spot. I washed all his bedding today before I left for work, but Philip didn't think to push the loads through the laundry while I was gone, so his comforter wasn't yet dry when we got home from swimming - he's sleeping in my bed right now instead.

I washed all of our bedding yesterday, and I'll do all of A.J.'s tomorrow. I did a large decluttering of Jack's room yesterday as well (it wasn't my intention, but it just sorta... happened... after I moved on from cleaning out the bath toys!), so I'll be focusing on A.J.'s in the same fashion tomorrow. All of this will be later in the day on my new "day off" though, as we'll be getting an early start in the morning.

A.J. has a 7:55am doctor's appointment. Not because anything is wrong, no. He just has to have a physical and a physician's summary done before he can head off to summer camp in July. This early appointment was the only time they could squeeze him in before the camp deadline, and I needed to have time to have the forms then notarized and mailed back to the camp as well. I think we might grab breakfast after the doctor's appointment because we'll all be hungry by then, too. ;-)

For now, it's soooo time to sleep. I've worked hard today, logged a LOT of hours in the sun, plus a couple playing hard in the pool, and I'm zonked. ZZZZzzzzzzzz...
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I went into the bedroom last night around 9pm. Philip was watching wrestling in our room, and I crawled beneath the covers with him. I tried to watch for a while, but eventually, the mindnumbing reality that is wrestling won over me. I turned to my side, away from the TV, set my alarm for the morning, and took off my glasses.

It was 9:43pm. I was asleep within moments, and I don't remember another thing at all until my alarm went off at 7:00am.


Apr. 2nd, 2008 05:52 am
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Due to an early morning tumble-in-the-sheets (before 4am!), I was wide awake and unable to go back to sleep because my stomach was growling in hungry distress. I've fed it cereal now, but at this point, my alarm is going off in an hour, and I might as well stay awake.

Thankfully, Philip and I headed to bed by 10:30pm last night, and we were both asleep within seconds of hitting the pillows. Still, I figure a nap will be in my future this afternoon.
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Last night, about 9:15-ish, we learned there would be no school today. Why? Because the temperature is to be so low - with windchill advisory - and it is unsafe for kids that wait for buses. Hey, that works for me, as we were already finagling a way for Philip to go to work at 5am, then come home and take the boys at 8, then go back to work (so I wouldn't have to drive at all).

Extreme cold kicks my asthma into high gear. Wind makes it bad too, even when the temps aren't so frigid. But the forecast was calling for -25°, and it didn't sound lung-friendly at ALL.

Philip wanted to watch Rush Hour 3 together, and he put it in. My coughing had gotten so bad that not a full minute passed without a new attack, and after thirty minutes, I finally had to leave the room. I told him to finish it without me, and I shut myself in the humid bathroom and sucked down one more cough drop. :-(

Speaking of, I only have two cough drops left. That worries me. We also have only about 1" of milk left in the gallon... which would have been fine if it were just me home today (the only milk I planned on needing was a splash in my oatmeal), but now that the boys are home with me all day, I don't know how we'll manage. They love their milk.

I'm really going to miss Philip today. He has been wonderful this weekend and these past two days, taking care of my needs before I even fully anticipated them. He's brought me soup from all over, he's picked up my meds, bought more tissues, and he even surprised me with more Cadbury bunnies. (Like sweet tea, chocolate feels sooooo soothing on my throat.) He's taken the boys with him anytime he's run errands, and when we're all at home, he's kept both of them quiet so I could rest. He's done a couple loads of laundry, fed the kitties, and he even cleaned the litter for me ("well, I know how the litter dust makes your asthma act up, so...")

I'm gonna miss him. :-(

I'm also going to spend the day wearing my mask, I'm sure. I wore it for a large chunk of yesterday, and the house will feel even drier today. The humidistat is set as "wet" as it can be, and I don't like boiling pots of water on the stove (it leaves a ring in my cookware). So I just walk around in my pseudo-Vader mask, breathing in the sweet relief that comes from looking utterly stupid.

I was lamenting last night that I really, really didn't want to miss church tonight - especially the Lenten service. And the dinner at church was to be Sloppy Joes - a favorite. But I'm thinking that we won't actually miss church now, as the church follows the Bellevue Public Schools: when the schools shut down, the church is closed as well. I suppose that's a silver lining, right?

This entry is rambly and all over the place. Chalk that up to a middle-of-the-night coughing/sweating fit that tore me from my bed. :-/
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I give up on sleeping. I went to bed at 12:45, but I was back up again for almost an hour at 5am. It's not even 8am yet, and I'm just hacking, coughing, snotting, and wheezing, and there's no way the Sleep Fairy is coming near me. Not only that, but I'm burning up one minute, then freezing cold twenty minutes later, and because I can't find a happy medium, I can't stay still long enough to fall asleep anyway.


So... good morning. :-)


Feb. 17th, 2008 12:13 am
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Remember when I was hardly posting anymore? Yeah, I bet you all miss that now. *wink*

I feel like death, but I'm either so miserably hot or so freakin' cold that I can't go to sleep. I laid down last night at 6:15am, and I was up at 8:30 in time to shower and get Jack to soccer. I thought I'd take a nap or something later today, but then I never did. I've been wondering why sleep isn't coming, and I just figured it out.

The tea.

Here I've been basically caffeine-free for months and months, and now I've had 1.25 gallons of caffeinated tea in about 24 hours. No wonder I can't settle down!


I'm headed to bed now, and I'm going to toss and turn until sleep finally finds me. I hope it's a decent sleep, but I'm sure I'll be up every other hour, either freezing or burning up. *sigh*
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My friend [ profile] hp5freak wrote this entry in the wee hours of the morning, and I found it HILARIOUS. I stumbled onto it at 5:30am, and I nearly peed my pants in mirth. :-) She has graciously allowed me to repost it here:

To my darling Insomnia,

Dearest one, I know it's been AGES since we've been together. Was it really last summer since I saw you? How we spent so much time together with Thoughts as we lay together in my bed....or sat on the couch...or worked at the computer.

Beloved, I miss you too, sometimes. Especially when I have TONS to do. You are one of those, along with Caffeine, who stay with me all night as I scramble to get things done. You have never cared when I've inched closer to Insanity or that I've spent time with Delusional. You've only ever been jealous of Naps....and even Naps stays away when you are here.

Baby, I cherish the times when you come unexpectedly in my time of need, but I love you more when you leave.

You see, I have another love. His name is Sleep. And I know in my heart of hearts the two of you will never get along...and it's tearing me up inside. Even more so because you've always been there with were one of my first loves...

Sweetheart... I think we've drifted apart. As I get older, I look not forward to not missing a thing. But rather missing what I can so that I can be with Alert during the day, and maybe meet up with Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails (do you remember them? Our childhood friends?)

Honeybunch, you know that I will always love you...but I think we would be better off as friends now. Friends who visit occasionally and have raucous slumber parties a couple times a year. They do say Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Please, Darling, let me go. I know we will see each again....some time.

And I can say this because I love you and you love me....please leave now. I'm sure there is someone out there, better suited to your needs. I will always love you, my heart, but we both need to move on.



Me *ded*

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I refresh my page often at this time of the morning, but there are still very few new entries popping up. I suppose most folks have something better to do at this hour - sleep.

Back to bed with myself for a few more hours before it's time to wake the boys for school.
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My stomach is trying to eat itself, so I'm up at this unnatural hour having an apple to pacify it back to sleep. I didn't really eat a dinner last night, so it's no wonder. Still, I wish I'd just gotten up two hours ago when I first started waking up, rather than tossing and turning and being miserably hungry. I'd fall asleep for a few minutes, only to be awakened by a particularly loud rumble or growl from my tummy, and I finally decided enough was enough.

I'm just trying to eat this Honey Crisp very quietly now. I hadn't realized how loud apples could be when the house is silent!


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