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My scrapbook room looks incredible, and I'm loving it. Tomorrow will be CLEAN! Day, and I'm planning on using the upholstery attachment on my floor rug when I vacuum the hardwood floors. I can't wait!

I helped Jan for hours with her pictures. We had a great time, chatting it up. She had some juicy stories to tell me (concerning a whole host of folks I don't even know, but it was still fun to follow along), and then we ended the evening watching some cop cars a few doors down on my street - ooooh! She and her son Payton arrived a little before 1pm, and they left at almost 9pm (with a break in there for him to head to baseball practice, then come back).

Philip had a lot of studying to do down in Missouri, and he was bummed about missing tonight's episode of Memphis Beat. It was a good one, too. I had recorded it, and then I started it up as the boys were eating dessert (s'mores) at the bar. I guess they got sucked into the storyline from listening for the first ten minutes, and then they were snuggled tight to me watching the rest of the episode. I told them on a commercial break, "You guys don't have to watch this boring police crime show with me, you know. You can watch something else if you want in the playroom," but they both quickly assured me that they wanted to see how it ended. Funny guys!

I also watched the pilot episode of Covert Affairs tonight. It had originally caught my eye starring Piper Perabo (I absolutely adore Coyote Ugly!), and the show didn't disappoint. It had very clever twists, and I love her blind, male sidekick. Also, I caught a neat surprise: several glimpses of the sweet hunk from Center Stage (Maureen's boyfriend). I'm excited to see more from this show.

I finally turned my wall calendar over. I'd been hesitating, as June was a second "Jacob month" this year. I figured I'd better switch it, seeing as it's almost the middle of the month.

Tomorrow night, Heather and the Zippers will be in a hotel room in El Paso, sleeping near to the airport to prepare for coming to see us. We are all SO EXCITED! Someone was asking me last week if I was worried about Minot disappointing them... and I didn't even blink. For one, I'm not - we're really enjoying the Minot area. It's very cozy, and we've not found ourselves in wont of anything (other than Chick-Fil-A, which we didn't have in Alaska or Nebraska, either). For two, again, I'm not - Heather's not coming to see our town: she's coming to see US! And we want to see THEM, more than we care about showing them around. I really just can't even explain the kind of feel-good fuzzies I get when I think about seeing her again. She just... lifts me up just by being near, you know? Or just by hearing her voice on the phone. She's that kind of friend, and I've missed her so terribly. I can't wait to give her a hug - almost ten months has been far too long a wait!
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Someone please come put away all my scrapbook stuff. Please?

My friend Jan is coming over tomorrow, and we're going to scan in her wedding pictures and see if I can work some "magic" on them. Her pictures are all very dark, and she's wanting to spiff them up before scrapbooking. Her son Payton is the same age as Jack, and they played on the same indoor soccer team, so they'll be having a playdate while we work. Normally, I'd leave scrapbooking stuff out for a fellow scrapper, but I know I won't be finishing anything else before company arrives on Thursday.

Speaking of which, Heather and the kids arrive on Thursday! I've got Wednesday planned to clean and organize everything properly for her little ones, and I hope we can have some relaxing, great "catch up" time. Then, my parents will be arriving on Monday sometime, and Heather leaves on Tuesday morning. Then the boys and I leave with my parents on Thursday, and we won't be back until August 10th.

So my scrapbook stuff needs to be put away, or else little kitties will dig through things in the three weeks while I'm gone. And although kitties love to be "helpers," when it comes to scrapbooking, they're really not that great at it. *wink*
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I just marinaded my first brisket, and here's hoping it tastes fabulous on Wednesday night. I made a bunch of yeast rolls last night, and I can't wait to have little shredded brisket sandwiches. *fingers crossed*

Also in the kitchen today, I made chocolate chip cookies and the first banana pudding of the year. The boys and I had small bowls of the pudding after dinner tonight, and I also made up two pretty dishes of pudding for my two favorite neighbors. I hope they enjoyed it, too.

In addition, I thought it was super-adorable that both of the afore-mentioned neighbors joined a group on Facebook called, "I ♥ My Neighbor." It's especially heartwarming because I know that both of them only know me on this street. When I saw that, I became all warm & fuzzy inside, and plenty smiley on the outside. :-D

I had a good time at the National Scrapbook Day event on Saturday. I completed nine pages in about 7.5 hours, and that's probably a record for me. (I usually average about 1 page every two hours or so.) Also in that time, I spent half an hour eating lunch and at least a good hour sorting through photos. I'm trying to get an album completed of my own childhood, and it's tough to sort through my baby and toddler photos... I can't remember that time, you know? My parents are coming to visit this summer, and I'm hoping that my mom can look through the album with me. If she's willing to journal some stuff in it, that's great. If not, I plan on taking notes while she "talks" through it. I'm excited to have the finished project!

Jack had an early soccer game Saturday morning, and then the guys dropped me off for scrapbooking while they had a "Dude's Day Out" together. They visited the Dakota Territory Air Museum, then headed to lunch at McDonald's (the one with a large play area), and then they headed to the mall to catch a matinee showing of Iron Man 2. Sometime during their day, they bopped over to the specialty kitchen store, and Philip surprised me with the Beater Blade for my KitchenAid that I've been dreaming about. (I used for the first time in today's cookies, and it worked beautifully!) Then they picked me up at 6pm, and we came home for a dinner of BBQ Chicken Pizza. It was a great day, and I fell into bed by 11pm and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. ZZZzzzzzz...

I mailed several boxes off today, and I'll be mailing one more tomorrow. After that, I'm ready to stay away from the post office for a while - it's so expensive! Meanwhile, I've been waiting on a special something to arrive in *my* mailbox for over a week, and I'm getting antsy...

Jack's soccer practice tonight was really warm. It's been mid-70's and sunny here for the past three days, and it's not set to change anytime soon. In fact, it's supposed to be mid-80's by the end of the week. I'm so glad I got all my flowerbeds planted last week, or I'd be totally burned when trying to do it this week. After the planting, I put it 36 bags of mulch, and it took a good while!

Alrightee, I'm off to do the dishes that just don't ever seem to do themselves. After a day of baking, I've got an entire sink full - eeep!


May. 10th, 2010 09:43 pm
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A few weeks ago, Philip and I attended a surprise 40th birthday dinner at the restaurant/bar here on base for his flight chief, MSgt. Jones. It was a good time of military guys ribbing each other back-and-forth, and we were seated directly across from Jones and his wife (who'd thrown the bash together). Jennifer was very nice, and we chatted easily. Towards the end of the evening, I mentioned scrapbooking and asked if she knew anyone that enjoyed doing it. She answered that she did, and that she would send me all the info for an upcoming event.

She did, and I was elated to hear from her. So I bit the bullet and signed up for a National Scrapbook Day event in town with her consultant. I'm so ready for a girly chat-and-scrap day, and it should be so much fun. I've also planned out several different things for Philip and the boys to do, and they'll be in town the entire day, too. Now, we're all counting the days until Saturday! :-)

I've just got to get my stuff together and figure out what album/project I'm going to be working on. It sounds easy to say out loud, but it's a great deal more in reality - I've not scrapbooked since we moved here!
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The weather is just insanely beautiful, it really is. Cruising down the highway, blasting some Panic! with my windows wide open this afternoon.

Ahhhhhhhh. :-)

I've been trying to improve my posture. I'm at the desk for hours, and I've been slumping too much in my comfy recliner chair (it's truly as large as a recliner, and it has all the same padding and supports - it is wonderful). When I get up to walk away, my lower back aches, and I feel like a granny.

To combat this habit, we went to Office Max this weekend, and we tried out every single computer chair they had. I finally chose the hardest, most uncomfy selection, and it is now in my office for my seating displeasure. The great big chair is now in the living room for when I'm scrapbooking. :-)


Jan. 25th, 2009 06:02 pm
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I'm thinking seriously of attending a weekend scrapbooking retreat.

This is "serious biz," as I've not really scrapbooked since we've lived in this house (that's over two years now). I don't even know where to BEGIN to find all the things that I would need for the projects I would want to take/work on... because I can't even remember what I was last working on!

*bites lip*
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Though I wasn't scheduled for today, I had agreed to work for Kris this afternoon for a few hours so she could make it to her gymnastics meet. Of course, I had to call in early this morning and let Brett know that it wasn't going to happen due to Jack's being sick again.

So I have a sick child who is now napping away in his room, but it's a GLORIOUS day out today. A.J. asked to go outside a while ago, and he played happily on the swingset all by his lonesome for the better part of an hour. He pumped that swing so hard it looked like he'd fly away! I wish I could take him somewhere and do something fun, but I can't leave Jack.

He's going to help me finish baking the other two batches of cookies in a bit. I don't know what we'll do after that. He's such a reader, and his favorite thing right now is to curl up in a Star Wars book and just read away in his room in the quiet, so I imagine he'll do some of that today as well. And whenever the neighbor kids all start coming out, he'll probably head back outdoors for a few hours.

What should I do with myself in the meantime? I need some projects. There's always scrapbooking, and I might do some, but I'm not completely "feeling" it, either. I'm kinda feeling like beginning my reread of all six Harry Potter books. Or maybe watching the movies. But then again, it feels like I should save that stuff for rainy days later on. Hrmmm...
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Because starrchld Annie had alerted me to the weather forecast for today last night, I decided that I needed to get to the commissary as soon as possible this morning, just in case. A.J. was awake, but Jack and Philip were still soundly asleep, so he was my volunteer "helper" for shopping. We bundled up in our heavy jackets, and we drove off to the commissary. Even as we backed out of the garage, tiny little flakes were beginning to fall and stick to the driveway.

But we soldiered on. The commissary wasn't too busy - only about 1/3 of the parking lot was full, in fact. We had a great list (and by great, I mean "long"), and we muscled our way through it, buying tons of "not on the list" items as we went (which A.J. enjoyed then writing onto the list at the end). By the time we were done, we had two shopping carts full, and I was flabbergasted to hear the total was only $188.34! Woohoo for fantastic deals and nitpicky shopping with coupons, right?

I tipped my bagger $7, and then I asked him to stay in the alcove while I brought the van around. (I felt bad having him trudge out in the heavy falling snow if he didn't need to.) A.J. and I got to the van, and I pulled out the snow brush for him to use. Though I'd worn my heavy jacket, I'd forgotten that I'd zipped off the hood last year, and my head was quite wet with snow. A.J. was wearing his brand-new winter coat with hood, so I sat in the heating-up car while he cleaned off all the windows for me. (See? One more reason why it's good to bring a "helper" shopping!)

When we returned home, Jack was awake (as expected). The boys stood in the house, and I handed them each bag from the garage. When I was finally done unloading the car, I took off my wet shoes and left them in the garage as well. It took some work to put all this food away, but we are WELL-stocked now. (We really weren't too bad off before I went shopping, to be honest.) However, even in the midst of all this food, nothing sounds good except for sub sandwiches from Subway, thanks to a cursory glance at my flist a few minutes ago (thanks a lot, [ profile] ascendinginto!).

I've got a sparkling clean house (which I've worked hard on for the past two days, I should add). I've got lots of finger foods, fruit, some cheese and drinks for tonight, if anyone is mighty enough to brave the weather and head out for scrapbooking, but I also have movies and candles if it turns out to just us here at home. :-)
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I ran the dishwasher with an over-stuffed, completely full load at 2pm. I ran it again at 10pm. This is the sign of a turkey dinner, is it not?

Yes, I made a full turkey dinner tonight. And no, it's not Thanksgiving yet. I found a turkey for a good price last week, and it sounded good. We had mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams, green beans and rolls. Oh, and I had sweet tea, of course. I wasn't in the mood to make my own pumpkin pie this afternoon, and the bakery didn't have any. I wasn't up for a frozen pie either, so I just bought a lattice apple pie instead, and I drizzled caramel sauce over warm slices. Yummy! The boys were be-bopping around the house while the turkey roasted, singing, "We're having an early Thanksgiving! Yay, we're having an early Thanksgiving!"

I need to be getting to bed. Tomorrow morning is another meeting of the scrapbook group here at our house, and I always find myself in a flurry, trying to make sure everything is "just so" before the girls arrive. And if I tuck into bed now, I'll get a few more chapters into Deception Point. I started reading it a few days ago, but so far, I've only read a chapter here and there while on the toilet (I'm sorry - was that too much information?). I wonder how much better it is when I'm tucked into bed...?
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Diet Dr Pepper Berries 'n Cream - mmmmmmm.

I used the last of my Pampered Chef® Barbecue Seasoning tonight. This makes me very, very sad. They no longer sell this particular seasoning, and it really is the BEST on the market. I've been using my last bit very sparingly over the past six months or so. I'm sad. However, the BBQ chicken pizza was wonderful as always. :-)

This morning was the first meeting of the scrapbook group from the church. We regulars had decided it would just be best to have it in my home this year: with so few people ever coming last year, it was a pain for me to lug ALL my stuff up to the church and then hardly have anyone show up. And I had to keep bringing my stuff, in case newbies showed up and needed the scrapping tools. So this year, since the regular folks all have children in the M-W-F morning preschool group, they just followed me home and we started working. hetterrific Heather came over as well (she makes at least the first meeting of every year - crazy the way her work schedule just happens to fall that way), and she brought us all breakfast from Panera Bread. Mmmmmmm - a cinnamon crunch bagel was the perfect start to my morning!

I got two pages completed, and I'm happy with them. They are part of a six page fold-out spread that I'm working on. Now I've only got two left to complete.

After picking Jack up at preschool, he asked what was for lunch. I told him we were having sandwiches, to which he replied, "Can I have salad instead?" Sure, I'm not going to argue with that. He's my crazy little salad kid, but I'm grateful for that. I went out in the drizzling rain to pick some fresh veggies, and I cam back with four large tomatoes, eight green peppers and a TON of cherry tomatoes. Jack helped me to put everything on the counter, and he counted it all for me - we had 55 cherry tomatoes! Between our salads at lunch and mine for dinner, plus the numerous tomatoes I've popped every time I walk through the kitchen, we've eaten 39 tomatoes already!

Philip should be home soon, so I'm going to go load the dinner dishes in the dishwasher. We'll probably watch a movie, and I'll probably scrapbook. Wheeee!
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I tried baking more Apple Spice Drops today. I actually checked the current weather forecast before doing so, and I decided to go ahead with it, even with the current humidity at 56%. The cookies still weren't perfect, but they were SO much better than the last time. Enough that I went ahead and made the apple frosting, even.

I've done three loads of laundry today and straightened up a bit. A.J. and Jack have been playing with A.J.'s new birthday toys today. The Lite Brite® seems to be a big hit (I used to love those things when I was younger!). af_cop Philip took A.J. to the BX and to Target to use his gift cards, and he picked out what he wanted. It was nice to have a quiet house while I was baking and folding, too.

A.J.'s party yesterday was wonderful. We had the entire pool for just his party - that was unexpected, but nice. It was only just above 70°, so I'd not taken my suit to swim, but Philip got in with the boys. hetterrific Heather swam as well, and she and Philip both said that the water was great - who knew it would be okay with such a low temperature? The kids had fun, and the cake was devoured - every last piece. A.J. received a bunch of neat toys and gift cards, and he was a very happy guy. Even though the clouds had looked ominous all day, the party turned out just right.

Heather is coming over to scrapbook tonight, and tomorrow begins the second week of school for A.J. He finished his homework on Friday afternoon, but I'm going to have him write out a few thank-you notes before bed tonight.
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After I dropped off A.J. at school this morning, I came home straight back home (I was still in my jammies - *gasp*). I read my email and then got dressed for working in the garden. I went out and trimmed the second zucchini plant, and I found three medium-sized zucchini in the process. I swear they weren't there yesterday when I looked, but then again, the plant was very dense (which is why I was trimming it down), and it was really hard to see into it. As I was bringing the zucchini inside, the phone rang. It was hetterrific Heather, asking if I'd like to run errands with her. I told her that I'd be happy to, but that Jack needed to come along as well, and I needed a shower first. I set the alarm in the kitchen and told Jack to come outside and tell me when it went off, and then I went back out to the garden to trim the Better Boy tomatoes.

I was working hard when he came out to tell me that it had beeped, but I stopped and came indoors. I woke up Philip so he could get to work, and then I hopped into the shower. After I got dressed, I picked out an outfit for Jack (see earlier entry discussing this), and then called Heather to tell her we were ready. She picked us up a few minutes later, and we were off!

We went first to the hospital where Heather works to pick up her work schedul for the next two months. Then we walked to the campus bookstore so she could buy her books for this semester. We walked back to the parking garage, and it was really starting to heat up outside. We decided on burgers for lunch, and then Heather treated me and Jack to Red Robin. I'd never eaten there before, but my burger and fries were fabulous! Jack ordered "Red Robinetti Spaghetti" - he liked it okay, but kept wishing there was a meatball. :-(

We stopped for milkshakes at Sonic, and I called home to make sure that Philip wouldn't forget to pick up A.J. from school. (We were pretty far out in West Omaha, so we would've really been cutting it close to make it back to Bellevue in time.) Since we were already so far out, we stopped in for a visit at Archiver's. That store is worse for me than a candy store for a kid! I walked away having spent less than $20, so I held myself pretty well in check. ;-)

We came home then, Jack bouncing his orange balloon from Red Robin most of the way. Heather had managed to hit every single red light all day, and Jack eventually fell asleep in the car. He woke up as soon as we arrived back home.

It was a good afternoon, but now I'm really wanting to keep up the scrapbooking I've been doing and use all my new goodies!
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It's raining softly now, but we were having a major thunderstorm earlier this morning. I am thankful that I didn't have outdoor plans for today.

I do have plans to clean out the boys' closets once again, getting everything ready for going back to school. Jack has so many, many clothes - new one from Heather, half of last year's stuff that still fits and all of A.J.'s old clothes from this age. A.J. needs a new shirt or two, and I need to move some smaller stuff out of his closet and put it into bins for Jack later on. His backpacks is already packed with all the necessary paperwork for tomorrow, so no worries there.

But I do hope there's a bright spot in the morning for that "first day of school" picture.

I might bake some more zucchini bread this afternoon. A.J. wants to take some to his new teacher, and I've already got some zucchini shredded in the refrigerator, plus six more whole zucchini. Later on this evening, Heather2 and Josie are coming over to bake chocolate chip and gingerbread cookies. She wants to makes some of each to take with her when she deploys in two weeks. I'm sure it will be fun.

hetterrific Heather brought over a yummy dinner of ham steaks and homemade macaroni 'n cheese last night, and I cooked up some carrots from the garden to serve with it. She also brought over a fresh fruit salad, and we had that for dessert with some whipped cream. It was very yummy, but I was so full later! We scrapbooked for a few hours after dinner, doing a re-watch of both The Prince & Me and Hollywood Homicide. After she left, I continued working and also watched The Fast and the Furious. All three of those movies are in our current DVD collection, so I made no progress on my Netflix rentals.

I find that it's easier to scrapbook while watching something that I've already seen, though. I don't have to feel bad about just listening, as I'm looking down at my work to much to be actually watching.

I'd better get moving on today's agenda items. I want to be done with everything and able to scrapbook some more tonight!
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Oh. Ma. Gah.

I'm soooooo in the mood to scrapbook! I've not even downloaded the pictures from our vacation, but I'm DYING to scrapbook already!

*overflows with ideas*
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Last night I stole away to IHOP with hetterrific Heather for some BLT (though I did have a salad - not french fries) and a cocoa. As it turns out, our waitress thought we were finished, and she never came back to our table to we could add on our cocoas. We decided to finish our gabbing at Heather's house, and we watched Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone while scrapbooking and enjoying some of Heather's cocoas. I scrapped one page, and I'm very pleased with it.

This morning, I journaled on the page from last night, and I scrapped two more pages. I chose to work on Easter 2005 last night, and I used the new Parfait Album Kit for these pages. I wanted to have some pages done with this new Parfait/Confections/Toppings collection so that I'll have some things to show at my Memoranza™ event for Creative Memories® later on this month. I love the pale blue, chocolate and petal pink combination - so pretty! I didn't journal on the pages before stopping this morning, as I didn't have my stickers and accessories with me. I might finish that up tonight.

The Kenny Chesney concert is just two days away - wheee! af_cop Philip is pretty excited as well. It's surreal to think that I will have seen Kenny Chesney perform twice in less than one year. I can't wait.

I received a very cute birth announcement in the mail today from my cousin Jenny. Once again, how in the world had no one even told me she was pregnant again? I didn't learn about her first baby, Katie, until she was born, and I didn't hear word of Nicholas until the announcement arrived today... and he'll be one month old tomorrow! He's cute as a button, though. Also, they used those nifty photo stamps on the envelopes - I think those are so cool. I've looked into doing them myself, but yikes! The prices!
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The rain showers that we had this morning have made it much colder today, and I just had to turn the heat up a little to compensate for it. Brrr!

It's pizza night for dinner, and the boys are tumbling on an extra blanket on the floor while they wait for it to cook. Silly boys. The whole family had massive tickling sessions all afternoon while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the umpteenth time. Jack is such a squealer when he's tickled - he sounds like a baby pig. Finally, we all smooshed under one blanket on the couch together, and that was a nice time.

I've going to clean off my desk some while the pizza's cooking, and then finish up after we eat. The error in our tax return will result in some money coming our way in 2-3 months... but only if I ever get this correction form finished and mailed in! (We got our original tax return over 5 weeks ago now, and I still haven't done this part.) Once I'm done with that, I'll scrapbook for a little while as my 'reward.' Maybe even watch a movie...

I watched The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding a couple of nights ago. It was an okay storyline, but it just wasn't the same without Julia Stiles in the lead female role. I figured as much when I put it on my Netflix queue, but I still wanted to give it a try for the eye-candy reason alone: Luke Mably. And it was worth watching for the sake of watching him. ;-) I also watched Must Love Dogs that night, and it was good. I love John Cusack anyway, but I especially love movies where he's the 'Lloyd-Dobler-good-boyfriend' type.


Mar. 10th, 2006 06:16 pm
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I was asleep hard when the alarm went off this morning. HARD. I was not ready to get out of bed, but I did anyway. A girly get-together was planned for breakfast this morning, and I wasn't going to miss that. As I was putting on my shoes, I called lilmissriss Marissa to tell her I'd be there in five minutes to pick her up. Instead, she barely squeaked out a "Hel-fumble-rustle-lo??" I knew she was as asleep as I had been only a few minutes earlier. I told her I'd come by and get her after I dropped off Jack instead, and that's exactly what I did. We were then off to Panera Bread.

Girly breakfast was good and girly. And hot. I imagine that Panera Bread still had their heat running this morning, but they also had bread baking and the fireplace going in the dining area. I was stifling. It felt so good to walk back out into the spring breeze again when we left. I dropped Marissa off and came home for a bit. I started washing all of the boys' bedding, and I loaded the dishwasher. We deep-cleaned all the floors yesterday afternoon, and I wanted fresh bedding to go along with the super-clean feeling. Soon it was time to pick up Jack, and I did just that. Afterwards, he and I went to the commissary to pick up just a handful of things. We also went to the BX and bought a new computer mouse.

We came home, and I made lunches for us both. I rotated loads of laundry, and I washed some grapes and put away the rest of the fruit. I folded and put away all our clean laundry (which I washed last night), and Philip picked A.J. up at school (he had an early dismissal today). We all went outside to play for about two hours. Philip left for work, and then I read the first three chapters of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to A.J. while we sat on the swing together. He thought it was really neat, especially since he feels like he knows what's going to happen, having already seen the movie countless times by now.

After coming inside, I remembered (finally!) to take pictures of the last few scrapbook pages while there was still daylight. I did that, and then I put the pages up over at [ profile] nicole_scraps. :-)

Now it's time to go make dinner, I suppose. The new mouse is spiffy and works great, and so I'll try to get a Field Trip picture or two up later...
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I scrapbooked three pages on the Kenny Chesney concert with ashen_butterfly Gret last April. It was important to get that done, as the next KC "experience" is less than a month away (April 5th!). af_cop Philip and I are going together this time, and the little tickets have been sitting on my desk for almost five weeks now - it's torture!

It would be wonderful if I would remember to take a picture of my completed pages while it's still daylight. I always forget until the nighttime, and then the pictures are flashed out. I have tons of pages that need to go up in [ profile] nicole_scraps... ah, well.

I made my chicken taco, and it was fabulous and filling. Mmmmm.
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It's, um, Sunday. We got up, bathed, went to church and came home. We played, and I got a letter written that I'd been needing to get done for a little while. We drove around for a bit and came back home. We ate dinner.

It's nighttime now. The boys are in bed, and I'm going to scrapbook for a little while, and I'm going to watch whatever it is that Philip is already watching on the TV.
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I babysat minivan_mom Jamie's two children today for a little while when she went to her first OB appointment. They were perfectly behaved, and I made some cookies while they were here. When she came to get them, I got to see the first ultrasound picture of their little bun, and it was so cute!

I think my uterus might have twitched for a moment, but don't worry - the moment passed. ;-)

It was a gorgeous day today, and the boys and I were outside for a long while this afternoon. Jan stopped by for a bit, and Cole played with the boys while Rachel hung out. Rachel will be babysitting for me tomorrow for a little while during lunch. I'm heading to Art Chicks for a get-together, and I'm excited for that. Philip will be at Runza during that time, and the boys just love having Rachel here. We're heading to the commissary early in the morning so they can pick out special lunches for tomorrow.

I got my new Scraps magazine from Creative Memories, and some of the new stuff is so pretty. I find myself just itching to scrapbook so much now! I plan on doing some tomorrow night, too (and watching my dear Apolo Anton Ohno in his final two races, of course!). I finished twelve pages last Saturday during my scrap-a-thon with hetterrific Heather and starrchld Annie, and I'm anxious to keep going.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I spent a little while today writing out thank-you notes for the eight orders I've already received. I'm mailing a box of CM goodies to West Virginia tomorrow morning as well - my mother-in-law Nancy has gotten several orders together with her friends, and I know she's ready to get her hands on all this new stuff!

Well, I'm off to watch a bit more Olympics and fold the load of laundry that I just finished (I've done one load at night for each of the past two nights, and I rather like keeping on top of it that way).


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