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Jack's first game of this indoor soccer league is at 5pm tonight. As soon as the boys arrive home from school, though, we're taking them to the base hospital for the H1N1 vaccine. Last week when we went to the youth center, a gal was handing out fliers at the door, announcing that all students would need the vaccine by 1/29 to be allowed back inside the building.

So, we're cutting it close. ;-) Jack will be fine, but A.J. has a debilitating fear of needles and vaccines. When we got his last set of vaccines in the fall, he must've cried for twenty minutes straight. It was pretty horrible, and I'm not looking forward to a repeat performance. He's known of this afternoon's plans days in advance, and last night's dinner conversation was situated muchly around needles. I hope he pulls through okay, as he really, really, really likes the youth center.

I got a Christmas card last week from [ profile] mostcurious! Thank you, chickie! I really want to get my own out, too. I've got all the supplies sitting here on my desk, but I've not written the newsletter yet. I know they won't arrive until February, but I figure that everyone will cut me some slack since we moved in December. Hee!

I emailed the Runza National office again, as Philip and I have still not received our W-2s. I had originally contacted them two weeks before they were due to come out with our new address, so we wouldn't have to wait on them to forward up here. I was assured then that ours would be mailed on the same day as everyone local. Instead, the locals received theirs in the mail on the 15th, and we've seen nothing yet. :-(
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I have been working, working, working, and working some more lately - craziness! This week, I should pull into overtime again, too.

I've gotten back into the beta'ing bug again for my dear friend [ profile] kataclysmic. Even if just for one story, it's been fun, and I've realized how much I've missed this in the last couple years. Dramione, how I still love you. ♥ ♥ ♥

I bit the fingernails on both of my ring fingers much too short yesterday morning, and they were both SO SORE all day yesterday. Today, they're not as sore, but they do feel awful funky as I click away on this keyboard. My poor left middle finger should be worried, as he's the next to go.

** Yes, I bite my fingernails. I always have. I could care less whether you find that disgusting because I find it to be the best way to cut as very, very, VERY close as possible, and I loathe taking care of my nails, so I prefer to do it the least often possible... meaning it needs to be TO.THE.SKIN.**

I need to begin my Christmas shopping. Last year, I was on top of things. In fact, last year, I was sickeningly jolly in my holidayness. I had all our gifts purchased and/or made, already gift-wrapped and stacked decoratively in a corner, and photographed (for PROOF!) on this day, November 4th. And then I sent it out to most everyone I knew. After all, how can you properly hate me without knowing the full extent of my awesomesauce? ;-)

This year, I've got diddly-squat done so far. Okay, okay - that's not entirely true. A couple gifts have already trekked out to AnnieMcFranniePants ([ profile] the_mommy_in_me), but that's it. There are, however, a few in the later stages of being made, so I suppose that's something. But I desperately need to get out there, get shopping, get back here, get wrapping, and get shipping. QUICK!

We got the boys' school portraits a couple weeks ago. I should probably share those, right? I know, I know... "this post is useless without pictures" is ready and waiting in the wings of the comments, so I'll just cut to the chase and share 'em:

A.J. Jack.

Eh? Love 'em? I'm think they are both good pictures, but I also know that neither of those smiles are genuine for my boys. I guess I'm happiest that they save up their very best true smiles for me! ;-)

(It DOES make you wonder though, doesn't it, if the photographer even CAN center a child for their picture. I mean, GAH.)


Oct. 20th, 2009 06:09 pm
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My hands smell like onion. I actually quite like the smell, and I'm always up for working with them, when possible. But in the last day, yeah... I've peeled, sliced, dipped, and chopped a lot of onions.
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It's college season, and that means that several of our peeps at work are heading off for the year. It's my tradition to make a special dessert for anyone leaving, and last week I took in both Patric and Chad's requests.

Chad wanted cheesecake, and that's easy. It feels like I make those all the time. My springform pan is really starting to fritz though (it won't hinge-lock, therefore it's not a tight seal), and while it was baking, I called up my Pampered Chef® consultant and ordered a new one. I made two cheesecakes, and I gave 1.5 of them away, saving just three pieces for us (Philip doesn't like cheesecake). Chad received half of a cheesecake, and it was a TON on the plate. And even though I cut the cakes into eight pieces, they were still too large and too rich to eat in just one sitting - eep! Chad yummed his cheesecake up with strawberry topping, but I like mine plain, thank you.

Classic Cheesecake.

Patric requested Brownie Cookies, which I'd never heard of before. I feared that he would only enjoy a family recipe - "Gram's Trusty Brownie Cookie" - or something of that ilk, but he promised me that anything I came up with would be wonderful and appreciated. So I set about researching recipes. In the end, I settled on a super-rich recipe: Double Fudge Brownies, and then I added three types of chocolate - Hershey's® Special Dark™ (one of those really large bars), a tin of Godiva® Dark Chocolate Pearls™ (about the size of my palm), and NestlĂ©® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (half a bag). The batter was very thick to work with, and when I scooped out the dough, it looked like I was serving up chocolate ice cream!

Close-up of the scoops.
Close-up of the scoops.

And the final result, which the author suggests pairing with an ice-cold glass of milk:

Brownie Cookies.
Brownie Cookies.

I also made up a batch of Snickers® Apple Salad for Allison. It wasn't her last day, but I have a ton of leftover Snickers bits, and it's so easy to make. I ate a small serving of it, and Philip liked it enough for two bowls' worth, and then I took the rest to work for her to have. I believe she claimed her tastebuds were dancing. ;-)

And now Dan has requested me to make Butterfinger Brownies for him, and also a girl in the National Office has agreed to do a payroll item request for our store, but only IF... and she was very clear on this... I agree to make Peanut Butter Cup Brownies and mail them again!
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Last night, just after 1am, Philip and I headed to the bedroom. Snuggled in my spot on the bed, I found a card and a teddy bear. The card was very sweet, and I was almost to tears (as always happens now with expressions of love from him), but then what he wrote at the very end was so full of cheese that I was laughing out loud. I looked up at him, and saw his beautiful, impish grin - he knew it was cheesy, too - and we both just laughed.

I love laughing with him.

This morning, the boys both gave me cards as well. I still need to give them their gifts, but the morning was so busy: swim lessons at 8, I had a massage at 9:30 (Philip scheduled it for me, not knowing that it was the same time as Jack's game - oops), Jack's soccer, Philip to Runza at 11, then the rest of us to home. I need to run out and grab a few groceries, and the boys will be sledding this afternoon.

I don't know what the rest of the evening holds, so I think I'll just do some tidying up later on. (Something better than candy-sorting, I hope!)
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I have hardly any Thanksgiving decorations.

Runza is having a mandatory employee meeting on Monday night. Afterwards, we're finally getting the sanctioned party we've been hoping for and anticipating for MONTHS. When we weren't originally authorized to have a Runza-sanctioned party, Philip and I had offered up our home for a get-together for all our coworkers anyway (it's against the rules to have sanctioned parties at the home of any employee, you see).

The sanctioned party won't last long - maybe an hour and a half, tops. Afterward, when the SANCTIONED stuff is done, then we are free to invite anyone over to continue celebrating at our house, and we have done so. But I only learned the date of the party yesterday, and it's now only just two days away.

And the hostess in me is so torn. I want the house to be warm and inviting. I feel like my house should be fully engrossed in the impending holiday... only I don't have proper decorations for this one.

I so badly want to decorate for Christmas, so that my home can be beautiful, warm, and glorious for all of my coworkers and friends when they arrive. So that pretty candles can be lit in festive holders, and because I know that we will not have a chance to have a holiday get-together for the Runza peeps later on (staffing issues are HORRID in December).

A selfish part of me also knows that if I decorate now, I'll have nothing but baking to worry about before my annual wrapping party in a few weeks. It'll be easy-peasy to throw everything together for my girlies then. I also know that - because I never got around to decorating for Halloween this year while working an average of 50 hours/week now - that I should seize this energy and desire to decorate while I've got it.


But isn't this so fundamentally WRONG? To decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving has passed? Please, my wise friends, make this decision for me!

I will be cleaning a few things for the next couple hours. I would love to check back and find that, among the comments, my friends here have made my decision and just told me what to do. Then I can just follow the plan.

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It was POURING down the rain when I left Runza and picked up the boys from school. They were drenched!

I got gas today, and it was $2.99/gallon. I haven't seen it that cheap in a long time.

Several of our "regulars" commented nicely on my haircut today. I felt all sorts of good about that. And today marked my two-year anniversary working at Runza - wheee!


Oct. 5th, 2008 04:41 pm
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I'm so busy lately, and I keep meaning to update, but then have no time to do so. As a result, here are some bullets of the going-ons in my life as of late:

  • Runza was burglarized on Friday, the 26th. No one was at the store at the time (it as early morning - about 6am), so we were all safe.

  • But it's an "inside job," as someone used a key and also was able to open the safe to empty the contents (and said safe has a pretty complex code).

  • This is causing me GREAT unease. I clearly don't know someone as well as I thought I did - whether it is one of us four current staff with such access (including myself), or one of the two staff who left in the last couple months (both of whom I consider to be friends).

  • The fingerprint dust from the detectives all over the office caused me to have several freak-outs. Too much of a trigger from the other robberies. *sigh*

  • Because of the burglary, we have been piecing the store back together in the past week. I have worked a lot of hours. A LOT. And this past week contained the "end of month" stuff for my monthly bookkeeping role anyway. It has been a really heavy week.

  • Next week looks to be about the same for the first three days. The four of us are also now required to travel to Lincoln, to the Runza National office, to be interviewed individually by a theft committee.

  • We're still waiting to hear the final word on taking polygraphs. We were told originally that we would need to, we all agreed to do so, and then they decided, "No, not just yet. Let's do the committee meetings first."

  • I received a lovely, super-duper surprise from [ profile] mostcurious! She knitted me my very own, PoA-style Slytherin scarf! I don't have pics to share yet, though. :-/

  • I got my hair cut on Friday night after work. I told the gal to do what she wanted, and it is VERY different! Again, no pics yet.

  • The boys' school pictures came in, and they are both good. A.J.'s pic is PHENOMENAL, in fact. I was very pleased, and I've been working on getting them mailed out.

  • I took family portraits for a friend visiting from Florida on very short notice, and she LOVES them. I'm very happy, and you can see those HERE, if you're interested. I still need to burn her a CD of the images and mail it to her...

  • Today is my little godson's birthday! Only he's not so little anymore - he's now TWO! Happy Birthday, Douglas!

  • It is OCTOBER already. How did that happen?! Seriously, Jack will have been 7 for two months already next week, and A.J.'s been 10 almost as long. That is insane! My little (not so much!) guys haven't yet decided on costumes for this year, though we keep looking...

  • I still need to get Halloween decorations up. Jack has been begging to put them up this year (I didn't decorate last year at all, as October was a difficult time), and I was just too darn busy this week. I'm hoping to get to it before...

  • [ profile] bigbrain61 comes to visit on Wednesday! Dude, I'm so stoked! I've known him online for about 5.5 years now, and we'll finally get to meet in person! He'll be here from Wednesday evening to early Friday afternoon - I can't wait!

  • Speaking of online friends, I passed my 6th LiveJournal anniversary on 09/22. Can you believe that? Craziness! Thanks to all of you who've made this such a great place for so many, many years. *hug*

  • Aaaaannnnnd, in BIGGER news, Philip and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on 9/12. We marked the occasion by renewing our vows, and a handful of very close friends celebrated with us at our church. There were tears, of course, but for the first time in about a year, they were really HAPPY tears! Heather took a few pics for me, but I don't have them up yet, either...

  • Also in the works, Philip and I are headed to Colorado in January for a ski trip! We will be gone for five days, and it will be only the second time we've ever been alone in our entire marriage (the first was for one night last December while we were in West Virginia). We've already paid our deposits, and we're really looking forward to it. Philip will be skiing and snowboarding, and I plan to veg out in the beautiful scenery with my camera, some tatting, and good hot cocoas. We'll spend our evenings in the condo with another couple, making homemade meals and chatting and playing games - I'm so excited!

I'm sure there's so much more I need to update about, but I've got to get moving and push some more laundry through. I've got leaves to rake in the backyard, laundry to put away, dinner to fix, and a mandatory full-staff employee meeting tonight to attend as well. Go, go, go - that's me!


Sep. 30th, 2008 10:57 pm
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I just cut out my own stitches.
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Yeah, it hurt. )

I think it was my new Dr. Scholl's gel inserts that kept me going yesterday, to be honest. I bought them just minutes before work, and I was "gellin' like a felon." :-)
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The boys picked out a card last week sometime for Philip, and they had each spent some time signing it. Jack was particularly proud of writing and addressing the card to Philip ("Dad") on the front of the envelope by himself. He also stuck the Hallmark seal on the back of the envelope. ;-)

Inside the card, I had printed out two emails detailing my gift to him. I purchased him two tickets to see Alan Jackson at the Mid-America Center on August 1st. I knew he would be stoked. I waited all week, pouncing on the mailbox and hoping that the tickets would arrive so I could pack them into the card. When they didn't, I printed my confirmation information instead - ah, well.

Alan Jackson is easily among Philip's top five favorite singers (country or otherwise). He's also his dad's favorite singer (which is partly why he is so close to Philip's heart, I'm sure). While I would like to see him and I do enjoy most of his songs... well, I've kinda grown a bit tired of him lately. Still, it's no fun to see a concert by yourself, so I bought two tickets (though not three, because yikes - it was already $126 for just two!). We won't tell him yet (because he'd end up gloating before August, I'm sure), but I think A.J. will be going to see the concert with him. That will be a fun, fun time, I'm sure, and it's a "win" situation: Philip will get to share one of his and Papa George's favorites with his own son, A.J. will get special one-on-one time with his dad, he knows a BUNCH of the songs that could be sung at the concert, and hey - it'll be one more "A.J." at the "A.J." concert! (Alan Jackson is frequently referred to as "A.J." in country music.)

After we all finished up weeding at Runza, Brett left his shift early, and invited us to his apartment pool. I'd been talking about swimming after weeding earlier (I was ROASTING outside in the sun for hours, and a cool pool sounded perfect), but by the time I finished, we'd have only had an hour to swim before the regular pool closed. His apartment pool stayed open until 9pm, though. We dashed home, changed into swimsuits, and hurried over to Brett's apartment. He had said that the pool was always full whenever he saw it, but we must've timed things just right - there were only two other kids in the pool, and they were about the ages of A.J. and Jack. Amazing! We all had a blast playing and swimming for the next two hours, right up until the pool closed. Then we hung out in the apartment for a bit, drying off more fully and snacking on some popcorn and drinks.

We got home late, and the boys went straight to bed. I took a long shower, scrubbing all the sunscreen, sweat and grime off, as well as all the chlorine. Once I got out, I was able to fully see all 19 of my new bug bites. *shakes head* I hope Runza appreciates my work. ;-)

I didn't get to call my dad today. I could have just now, but it was already almost midnight on the East Coast by the time I got out of my shower. That seemed wrong, so I will try to catch him tomorrow on my day off.
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I had my alarm set this morning, but when it went off, we were smack-dab in the middle of a raging thunder-and-lightning storm. It lasted for a while, and I just went back to sleep instead. My plans to get to Runza early and begin weeding were foiled for the moment anyway, right?

So I got there around 10:20am instead, and it turned out that the morning thunderboomer was a blessing - the ground was soft and wet, and the weeds were coming out much easier than they would have if the ground had been dry. Even so, Runza's landscaping has not been weeded in... a few years, maybe? Of course, the weeds die each winter and such, but there were also many, many "voluntary trees" among the shrubs, and some of them had pretty stout roots!

I worked all day. I had Chris spray me down with my sunscreen when I started, and Brett was kind enough to repeat again at 2pm. I had a lunch break, and I also had a smoothie break in the afternoon (Brett made me a raspberry/vanilla ice cream smoothie - delish!). But it took hours and hours. I wish I'd taken the camera for "before" and "after" shots, but alas. Philip and the boys pulled up at 5:45pm, and I was still working (though I was very close to finished). They helped me to finish up, and then we trudged off to the back parking lot to pull grass from the cracks and spiffy up all the other areas.

Why the fuss? Well, I'd been saying for some time that we really needed to tend to the weeds, but Ryan never wanted it done on the clock. This past week, however, we were notified that our store is to be used this coming week in a recruiting commercial, and they intended to use our store for "outside shots." So, um... oops. Better get on that landscaping clean-up, eh?

I didn't know until I was already there today that Ryan had actually scheduled me to do only the yard stuff tomorrow, Monday. I'll still go in and do the deposit and stuff in the morning, but after that, I've now got the day off!

Heh, I should. I clocked in 8.25 hours today working on weeds!
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Retail therapy FTW! (That's "For the win," by the way. *grin*)

I never shop simply for the sake of shopping. But that's basically what I just did. In fact, I placed THREE separate orders on the same site (because I wanted to ship to three separate places, and the site couldn't handle that in one order).

Fabulous! I can't wait to get my goodies.

Also, Chris worked for me today at Runza. I didn't have to walk all over in my sore state. I officially ♥ him. I'll have to post more about that in a girly post later. (Guys, you'd be so grossed out - trust me.)

Back to my tatting for now. I've got to get these bookmarks finished for the boys' teachers - only three days left of school!
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... or possibly, while not thinking hardly at all, I came up with this gem on Wednesday at work:

Why do we call it "iced tea"? To serve this drink, we fill a cup completely with ice, then pour tea over it. To be more correct, I suggested to Ryan that we should call it "tea'd ice" instead.

There were lots of long, strange looks and *crickets* at my suggestion. Whatever - they know I make sense, and plenty of it!



Apr. 4th, 2008 08:14 pm
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Like I mentioned a few days ago, I usually only work about 15 hours a week at Runza. By the time I clock out tomorrow morning (I'll only be there for twenty minutes or so for the daily deposit), I'll have *almost* 38 hours for the week.


I'm so pumped for that one!
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In training for my promotion, I've been working like insane. Before, a typical work week for me consisted of about 15-16 hours (I only work the 3-hour lunch period each weekday). But by the time I clocked out last night, I'd worked *just* shy of 19 hours... and it was only Tuesday! By the time this week is over, I expect to have about 33 hours total.

Craziness, but I can't wait to see that paycheck. Especially since I received a raise with my promotion (which was actually effected on my last paycheck as well, but this next one will have SO many more hours!). :-D
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And so, it is common knowledge now, though still never expected by my co-workers, that if you are celebrating a promotion of any sort, I will be baking you something special. Also, if I really, really like you (as I do most of my co-workers), I will bake you something for your birthday. And, in the event that you are leaving our store for any reason, I will bake you something on your last day.

I like to bake. *grins*

For Runza, I've made many cheesecakes, a Milk Chocolate Bar cake and a few Key Lime pies. I've taken in Banana Pudding, Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies with Maple Glaze, Peanut Butter Chocolate cookies, regular Chocolate Chip cookies, Strawberry Margarita Squares, Snickerdoodles, Banana Crumb muffins, Black Bottom Banana Cream pies, Apple Blackberry Crumble pies, Peanut Butter Kiss cookies, and Cornflake Candy. I do most of my baking on the weekends, and I take in the desserts on those days which I'm not already working. As such, it's been commented by now that "you're always here, Nicole!" And, well, it's partially true.

I really love Runza.

Two Friday afternoons ago, a gal from Runza National called me and officially offered me a promotion: Certified Store Bookkeeper. Ryan and I had been talking about this for a few weeks, and all my paperwork had been put in order (background checks, etc.) But I received a packet of information at the store on the Thursday afternoon before, and it was a tip-off that the real promotion offer was going to occur soon. Jill called me here at home to offer me the job, and of course, I happily accepted it. It's a raise in pay, and it puts me in charge of all our store's bookkeeping. Since I absolutely adore working with numbers, lists, lists of numbers, filing, and all other things related to organizing, I'm just giddy over the whole thing!

But the special treat came today. I arrived at work at 10am, and Chris came in later, at 11:30. As he passed me on the way to the office, he asked if I'd gotten my surprise yet. I said, "What surprise?" and he said, "Your surprise for your promotion. We made you something!"

"We" in this case means he and Brett. They finally moved out on their own about two weeks ago, and they are now sharing an apartment in Old Bellevue. He told me they had crafted something genius for me, and that Brett would be bringing it in by 2pm, when I got off work.

Only just twenty minutes later, however, Brett arrived, carrying a plate covered in foil. He was dancing back and forth on one foot, saying, "Open it! Open it! I've got to leave, and I want to see you open it!" He and Chris were both grinning from ear-to-ear, as I carefully carried the plate to the back of the store and set it on the counter. Something dripped on me in the process, and I saw red on my hand. "It's bleeding on me!" I yelled in surprise, and they laughed.

I peeled back the foil to reveal a nice plate full of Jell-O. Raspberry Jello-O, to be exact, and it was strangely shaped, wiggling all over the plate and oozing at the edges, falling to the counter beneath. I looked up at the two of them and grinned, thanking them both for my special treat. Brett had to leave then to make it to a test, so I later asked Chris a question. "Is it supposed to be shaped like something, Chris? It kinds has some 'domed' areas to it, so I'm just curious..."

"Well, see... first we made it in a bowl - a tall bowl. But then we decided that there was too much space at the top of the bowl, and it didn't really look good. So we thought we'd flip it over onto a plate and display it all pretty... only it didn't flip very well, and it kinda flopped everywhere. It wasn't quite as solid as we thought, I guess."

I laughed, but inside, I was so very touched. Not only did they make me a surprise, they even put effort into it to try and make it "pretty." Coming from two single guys - one 19, and one 21 - it was just really cute. Later on, Brett swung back by the store, bringing lunch for everyone from Moe's, and he was telling me how he was so glad they had decided to put foil on it. I guess they weren't going to originally, but then decided that covering the plate with foil would make it more of a surprise. "Good thing we did, though, 'cause even with it covered, when I went out to my car, I put the plate on top of it while I loaded things, and it still managed to ooze out the back of the plate and down the window of my car - a nice, red streak. It probably would've been a lot worse if not covered up."

I just giggled. Picturing Brett's red car with a red, raspberry Jell-O streak down the back window was amusing, but it was just still all that more touching.

It felt so nice to have a dessert made for *me* once. :-)
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Today was a new, special event at Runza - "Ring in Spring!"

([ profile] ashen_butterfly is going to cry at this news. *hands her a tissue pre-emptively*)

Today, March 20th, we celebrated the First Day of Spring by giving each customer one free onion ring. Yes, every customer. Yes, even if they already ordered onion rings. Yes, one free onion ring in its very own onion ring sack. And if the situation were such that they were not receiving a regular brown paper sack to-go (say, a salad order, just a drink, or something of that ilk), then this: Yes, one free onion ring in its very own onion ring sack inside its very own brown paper to-go sack.

It's probably not what any of us would call "The Most Fun Day of Working Ever." No, probably not. Probably more like the opposite. It was a PAIN to keep track of all those individual onion rings - it just seemed to wreck the system as we have it.

Oh, but it WAS worth it to see the looks on the customers' faces. Runza had done no marketing, no advertising for this particular campaign (TV or radio commercials), but we did include small flyers in each sack with the onion ring, explaining the significance. And the customers seemed to be impressed, surprised, and grateful. I heard a hearty, "Thank you!" many, many times today.

I suppose that makes it all worthwhile. :-)
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I finished a bookmark this evening. It's sad, really, as this is my first real finished piece of tatting since October or so. I began another pair of booties last week, but I only worked one morning on them, so only the sole of one shoe is complete. For a long, long while there, I just couldn't tat anymore. It feels nice to come back to it.

Philip and I watched Dan in Real Life tonight. It was a good, good movie. We've been watching a lot of movies lately, including the following: The Bucket List, Michael Clayton, Awake, Juno, and Enchanted (the latter two were both seen in the theatre, too). We've got several planned to watch as well: Happy Endings, We Own the Night, Run Fat Boy Run, Margot at the Wedding, The Heartbreak Kid, and Atonement. It feels good to be catching up, so to speak, on all the flicks out there.

I played the drums last night for a good while with Chris and Philip. We played online, and Chris was at his house with his RockBand as well. I averaged in the 80th percentile for most songs (on Easy), but there was one song that absolutely SUCKED. Philip selected the song too quickly, and I was stuck on Medium. I failed out twice, being saved and brought back in by my band members (either Philip or Chris), Philip failed out once, and Chris failed at least twice. Finally, the game just booed us out of the song. It was awful. I had 59% on that one, with only a 36-note streak. We ended on a good note, though: for "Say It Ain't So," I received 98% with a 220-note streak.

Easy, of course. ;-)

I made a blanket for Ryan yesterday, and I finished it up this evening (before I tatted). I chose Husker fabric for one side, and solid black for the other. His birthday is on Thursday, but he took the day off, so I wanted to give him his gift tomorrow. Philip bought him a little car, and I whipped up a special batch of chocolate chip cookies tonight per Ryan's request. I hope we're able to make him smile tomorrow.

I looked at products online for a friend's Tastefully Simple party. I think I've got my order planned out. I've not had their goodies in several years now.


This post is made of *yawn*, I think. Good night. :-)
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After Jack's last soccer game this morning (finishing the 'season' at an even 2-2, by the way), I came home and undecorated the house from Valentine's Day. I put up St. Patrick's Day decorations on the front door and in the entry hallway. I don't have much for the holiday, though, and I still felt guilty about the gypped Easter decorations (six days just isn't enough!). So I put Easter stuff out in the living room. We're are set now for this crazy month.

Including the many impromptu Easter egg hunts we'll be doing around the house in the next few weeks. The boys love to play with the plastic eggs. I used to do the same thing with my sisters when I was younger: hide the empty plastic eggs all over the house, then have a sister hunt for them. Lather, rinse, repeat. It's just a game that never loses glory, no matter the generation of children.

I got called in to work for a bit at lunch at Runza. They were short-manned, and I helped out when Brett called. I was only there for a little over an hour, and I just went in my regular clothes. Meh - no biggie.

It was quiet tonight at church, and I'm sure the low attendance had everything to do with the absolutely GORGEOUS weather we had today. Nice, clear, and about 65° - perfect, especially after so many cold, wintery weeks. The boys wanted to sit in the front row, and this time, we agreed to their request (they ask often). We sat two rows behind them, but they behaved well. Jack was very enthusiastic with his dancing while singing, but he made the members of the band onstage smile and clap even more heartily as they sang. :-)

After church, we drove around for a while before settling on a nice dinner at Lums. We really love that place. It's so cozy, and it's owned by the family of our good friends, Brad and Ann. It's especially nice to be recognized when we walk in, and if Carole is there, she always comes out to chat with Jack (she says that Jack is the only one of Ty's friends she can remember!).

It's quiet now - everyone is asleep. After a late date night last night, Philip was up at 4am for work this morning, and he's crashed very early tonight. I've lit some candles, and I'm thinking of watching a movie and tatting a bit.


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