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We received Jack's preschool graduation pictures today. I was standing there when they were taken, so I already knew they were good. Still, they were even more fabulous than I could have imagined:

Jack's Graduation.

My baby isn't really a baby anymore, is he?
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All teacher gifts are done. This is cause for a *SQUEE* of sorts. :-)

I tried a new pattern yesterday for the last teacher. She's been with us through four years of preschool now (three for Jack, one for A.J.), and I think she deserves something super-special. It is a gorgeous pattern, but it took about three times longer than the other types of bookmarks. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, too.

Now to take a picture of all of them together (minus the one A.J. gave his teacher last Thursday, of course).

Edited to add: Pictures taken!

Click! )

Frumpy mom.

Mar. 9th, 2007 08:34 am
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In the mornings, there is just not quite enough time between dropping A.J. off for school and dropping Jack off for school 45 minutes later for me to really get much done. If I take a shower, there's not time for me to do my hair by the time I dry off, moisturize, powder (I'm talking baby powder here, by the way) and dress myself. At least, not if I also want to eat my bowl of cereal beforehand. And I typically need that cereal quick, as my tummy is rumbling pretty fierce already when the alarm goes off.

So instead I'm usually the frumpy mom who takes her kids to school and preschool in half-jammies and Philip's old sandals. And then I come home and get ready for the day at a nice, leisurely pace. :-)
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Because I am more intelligent than the rest of my family, I was able to feel the queasiness settle in on Tuesday... and I ate accordingly. Or didn't eat, rather. I had a sandwich for lunch that I didn't finish, a cup of Jello (and I hate the stuff, so that's saying something), and a small bit of mashed potatoes for dinner. Even then, I ate very little of those.

I think this bird-like appetite is what saved me yesterday. Though I felt the massive queasiness and had a few "other" digestive issues, I am the only one who didn't toss my cookies in this bout of stomach flu. And I slept most all day yesterday, only waking up for about 2.5 hours throughout the day to sip down a bit more Sprite and some strawberry Jello. In the late afternoon, I tried a few Cheese Nips and felt mostly okay. By 10pm, I was pretty hungry, and I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

And felt fine afterwards. And have continued to feel fine. I had a banana this morning for breakfast with no ill effects. And I am HUNGRY now.

Philip still feels off, but then he insists on eating dumb. He ate big meals all day on Tuesday, and he suffered through them as they came back up. He couldn't eat but a few spoonfuls of soup last night, yet he decided that his first "real" meal today should be hotdogs at lunch. Hotdogs, people. Seriously, I have no pity for him if he sees those again later on.

Jack, after having been fine all day yesterday and last night, threw up twice more this morning. *sigh* I'm so ready to be done with the puking, thanks.

I was REALLY looking forward to this morning's Parents at Home meeting. Dr. Jane was scheduled to speak on "Marriage and Intimacy After Kids," and I love her. She was my therapist after the robbery, and she is a wonderful person. I was excited to see her once again. But I thought it more important to make sure that a third meal stayed well in my tummy before exposing myself to the world again.

Well, without HAVING to, that is. Though Philip and I neither one were able to work at Runza yesterday (and I feel bad about that - I don't know who/how they were cover his closing shift yesterday), I did return to work today. And it was hellaciously busy, too. It would have been pretty bad if there had only been three people working. I felt fine all through my shift, too - even seeing all that food right in front of me. But Philip's not scheduled to work again until tomorrow night, and that's his last shift, too.

So for now, it looks like we're just waiting on Jack to finish this bug. He's been fine since before lunch, but who knows for sure. He's not going to preschool again tomorrow, so he'll have the whole weekend to knock out any residual germs. The windows have been open in my house for FOUR WHOLE DAYS now, and Philip scrubbed and bleached both bathrooms today while I was at work. We've washed bedding, and sprayed down many things with Lysol. Let's hope we're DONE.
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Today was Jack's 1/2-birthday. My little boy is now well and truly five and a half years old!

Though our family celebrates such occasions, the preschool also wanted to commemorate the day. Since Jack's traditional birthday falls outside the school calendar year, they allow him to bring a special treat for his classmates on his special 1/2-birthday. Jack and I had been discussing treat possibilities for some time, and late last week, we finally decided on something new and neat together: Strawberry Snakes!

What is a Strawberry Snake? Well, I had been thinking about how much the boys really enjoyed the Pizza Snakes we've made a few times, but I wanted a fun twist to make it an enjoyable snack for preschoolers. Jack absolutely adores his bagels for breakfast with a smear of strawberry cream cheese, so we worked with that idea. And so the final idea came together: whole-wheat mini bagels cut into fourths and then rearranged to make "snakes," spread with strawberry cream cheese, and decorated with triangular cut-outs of strawberry fruit leather. Each snake had a raisin for an eye, too. (There would have been red vines for tongues, if I'd had more time to make them.)

Picture of the 'Strawberry Snakes.' )

The students seemed very excited to try Jack's treats when I arrived with them. Jack carried them on a baking sheet around to all of his friends, asking each one politely if they'd like to try one. Only three of the 24 students opted not to try a Snake, and I only saw two children leave any of their treat behind afterwards (although many of the children removed the raisin before digging in). I think 4/5 is pretty good for a group of preschool food critics!

The birthday boy during snacktime. )

Also during preschool, Jack's class made a Friendship Snack from different kinds of cereals for the kids to bring home. And they had a pizza party at the end of the day as a reward for having earned all of their stickers. It was a very food-centric morning!

And speaking of food, squeak_a_chu Heather2 had called early this morning to invite me and Jack out for a special lunch at Kobe Steakhouse. Normally, I'd have been working at that time, but Philip was working for me today at Runza so that I could create Jack's snacks. And Philip doesn't like that kind of food, so I'd never been to Kobe before. So her family picked us up after preschool and drove us out to the restaurant in Omaha for a new experience.

It was all so very cool. Jack was scared of the flames when he caught sight of them at another table, and he began crying. When our server was ready to begin cooking at our own table, Heather's husband Andy took Jack to look at the fish pond and fountain so that I could still watch everything as it happened. Once the grill was lit, he brought Jack back to the table. Also, while we were getting our salad/soup courses, Jack ran into a waitress with water glasses, causing a spill all over her and the floor. She was concerned, thinking she'd hit him with her tray, but he was crying only because he felt bad about making her spill. Despite the tears, it was a nice lunch, and we both liked our food very much (and have lots of leftovers, too!).

We picked up Philip after lunch, and when we came back home. A bit later, he picked up A.J. from school. Once the boys were settled into activities, he and I laid down for a nap - welcome relief for my poor ears after the noises of the day. I made hamburger patties, gravy and veggies to go with some leftover mashed potatoes for dinner, and I still need to get the dishes done. The boys had their baths, and then we all played four rounds of Mexican Train Dominoes together before bed.

But now I need to get to those dinner dishes. Philip promised to make me a vanilla milkshake (it sounds so good for my sore throat), and I need to clean up the kitchen so he can do it without maneuvering around my messes from the Snakes and dinner. :-)
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I had just sat down at the computer with a hot cup of cocoa, ready to do my morning routine of checking my email and reading LJ, when the phone rang. I'd dropped off Jack at preschool, and for a brief moment, I wondered if something had happened in the ten minutes since I'd arrived back home.

It hadn't. It was Ryan, and he needed me to come in early today at Runza. So I told him I could be there in twenty minutes, and I downed my cocoa quickly and got ready. I made onion rings and then I worked my usual shift until 2pm. Meanwhile, Philip hosted a playdate between Jack and his friend Lucas after preschool, and then we dropped him off at home after I got off work.

And I've been dreaming about a replacement cup of cocoa ever since. I didn't get to properly enjoy mine this morning, and that's a shame. A cup of Caramel Cream cocoa should be sipped slowly, letting the rich flavors flow over your tongue.

And that's how I intend to have mine tonight. Slowly.

I can't wait. :-)
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As Paul Harvey would say... "and now, the rest of the story."

[ profile] moosiemoose and [ profile] taryns_mom had asked for pictures, and I meant to oblige them two weeks ago. Ah, well - better late than never, right?

Jack hams it up during a group song at the end of the Christmas program.

More pics. )

And that was definitely the cutest Christmas program I've seen yet!
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I took off today at Runza so that I could be in attendance for Jack's Christmas program at preschool. I'm excited to see my little man in his theatrical debut, as he's been telling me for over a week now, "I'm a Wise Guy, Mama!"

A Wise Guy. Not Wise Man, mind you. I'm intrigued to hear if this is a parody of the birth of Jesus (doubtful, I think), or if Jack has made an innocent, yet humorous, mistake in the name of his character.

It should be fun, and the children will be in costumes. Click!
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I'm beat.

The living room was completely unpacked last night. A.J.'s room was done early this evening, and now Jack's room is nearing completion. I'll have to sort through a few more things tomorrow afternoon once I'm home from work, and then I can call his done. It's almost midnight now, and I had to get my sleepy boys into bed!

I'm about to follow, too. Tomorrow morning is 'Christmas Crafts with Mom' at Jack's preschool, and then A.J. has drama practice (actually it's the dress rehearsal for Sunday's performances at the church). I'll be working from 11-2pm, and then I'll be unpacking some more. Tomorrow I hope to work on the kitchen and dining rooms. My real interest is in getting my office back into shape, but I realize that this room is lowest on the priority totem pole in regards to the entire family's best living spaces... so I'm diligently going through the rest of the rooms first.

hetterrific Heather popped by after she got off work early this evening, and she brought us all a yummy dinner from Sonic. We chit-chatted for a while, and she gave me a much-needed break from the afternoon/evening's unpacking. It's hard to believe we'll be turning 55 on Monday. ;-)
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It's a Monday.

My period started this morning. That's fun times when I'm trying to both work and move. I'm so lucky to be a girl, I really am.

Surprisingly, I didn't forget any essentials when trying to bring over things for us to sleep in the new house last night. The night went fine, and I was able to get everyone up and ready this morning with no problems. I got A.J. off to school early, but I had some lag time in between taking him and taking Jack. The preschool had a field trip to Fontanelle Forest this morning from 10:30-12:00, and I have to work at 11:00am. So my pal Jamie was going to take him along with her son Noah on the field trip, and I was at her house right at 10:00 on the dot.

But Noah is sick, and she'd been calling the old house trying to reach me this morning to tell me that (and we only have the cell phone with us at the new one). I asked her to call the preschool quickly for me as I raced Jack back to the school so that he could ride with someone else... but when we pulled in the parking lot at 10:07, everyone was already gone. Jack is so heartbroken, but there's nothing else I can do to get him on that trip. :-(

But we're at the old house for the moment, and he's picking out a few more toys to take with him over to the new house. I'm packing him a lunch so that he can serve himself when he gets hungry, and Philip will be waking up (the alarm is set) at 1:00pm so he'll be ready when the cable guy arrives to hook everything up. I'll be home at 2:00, and I'm sure Jack will be ready to head outside and play by then, plus A.J. will be home in the next hour as well.

By tonight, I should have internet in my new house!
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A.J. had school this morning, but Jack did not. Jack's preschool had taken off today for Labor Day, as well as Monday (when A.J.'s school is also out of session). Since Jack only goes to preschool on M-W-F, it means that he is out from this past Wednesday until the next one. I gotta admit - I'm not really crazy about that.

And speaking of preschool, somehow Jack's first day came and went without my posting a picture. I'm such a bad mom. I had to take the pictures with the old camera, and I think that might have lowered my excitement level right from the beginning. Nevertheless, I do have some shots:

First Day of Preschool. )

I'm trying to get into our banking information online, but each page is having incredibly long loading times. I'm sure it's the website, as everything else is working fine. But still - four minutes to load a page is ridiculous! I need to pay bills though, so I'm waiting it out. *sigh*

There's not a whole lot going on today. It's a beautiful day out, so I'm sure that once A.J. gets out of school, we'll be outside for most of the afternoon. And I can't wait to get my camera back. Canon says it should be back by next week, and I hope so!
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Diet Dr Pepper Berries 'n Cream - mmmmmmm.

I used the last of my Pampered Chef® Barbecue Seasoning tonight. This makes me very, very sad. They no longer sell this particular seasoning, and it really is the BEST on the market. I've been using my last bit very sparingly over the past six months or so. I'm sad. However, the BBQ chicken pizza was wonderful as always. :-)

This morning was the first meeting of the scrapbook group from the church. We regulars had decided it would just be best to have it in my home this year: with so few people ever coming last year, it was a pain for me to lug ALL my stuff up to the church and then hardly have anyone show up. And I had to keep bringing my stuff, in case newbies showed up and needed the scrapping tools. So this year, since the regular folks all have children in the M-W-F morning preschool group, they just followed me home and we started working. hetterrific Heather came over as well (she makes at least the first meeting of every year - crazy the way her work schedule just happens to fall that way), and she brought us all breakfast from Panera Bread. Mmmmmmm - a cinnamon crunch bagel was the perfect start to my morning!

I got two pages completed, and I'm happy with them. They are part of a six page fold-out spread that I'm working on. Now I've only got two left to complete.

After picking Jack up at preschool, he asked what was for lunch. I told him we were having sandwiches, to which he replied, "Can I have salad instead?" Sure, I'm not going to argue with that. He's my crazy little salad kid, but I'm grateful for that. I went out in the drizzling rain to pick some fresh veggies, and I cam back with four large tomatoes, eight green peppers and a TON of cherry tomatoes. Jack helped me to put everything on the counter, and he counted it all for me - we had 55 cherry tomatoes! Between our salads at lunch and mine for dinner, plus the numerous tomatoes I've popped every time I walk through the kitchen, we've eaten 39 tomatoes already!

Philip should be home soon, so I'm going to go load the dinner dishes in the dishwasher. We'll probably watch a movie, and I'll probably scrapbook. Wheeee!
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Did I update yesterday? Oh my gosh - the days and nights are dissolving into blurs of CSS codes!

Seriously, this layout thing is consuming me at the moment. On the way to the commissary yesterday with Philip and the boys, Philip actually had to snap his fingers in front of my face and tell me to "get out of the computer world" and come back to the real one. I hadn't realized that I was sitting perfectly quiet, planning out pixels and different methods to try as soon as we arrived back home. And then I slipped back into "computer world" on the way home!

I sat here at the computer for 50 bazillion hours last night, and I don't have a lot to show for it. I'm so stumped, and I'm c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g my way up. After dropping off Jack at his first day of preschool today (first day!), I worked for two more hours on the coding. After we returned home from preschool, I worked for another hour before stopping to make lunch.

The worst part is that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY CODES! As I'm still fairly new to Cascading Style Sheets (having only cut & pasted with them before, but not really altered too much on my own), I'm sure I'll regret saying that... but there is nothing wrong with my codes! Why the heck is this one step not working?!

After lunch, I didn't return to the wonderful world of computers and CSS. Rather, I set about for a deep clean of the kitchen. Of course, I'm sure you can imagine what I was working on in my mind while I was cleaning - ha! I ended up scrubbing the floors and cleaning the entryway as well, as well as finishing up two loads of laundry. I just couldn't face the computer again until I had a workable solution to present it with (and I still don't have one, for the record).

Besides, I watched minivan_mom Jamie's kids this afternoon from about 1:30 to 5pm, and there wasn't time for anything else while the kids were playing and having a good time. Jack, Bridget and I spent a good bit of time outside while Philip, Noah and A.J. watched Cars inside. At 4:30, it was time to drop off Philip at work (I needed the car later on this evening), so he piled in their carseats and off we went. When we returned home, we all played outside until Jamie and her hubby arrived to pick up the kids. (Okay, the kids played, and I spent a while thinning out the zucchini plants - again.)

After they had gone, the boys and I stayed outside until almost 6:30pm. I continued to work on the zucchini, picked a bit more veggies and did some serious weeding in the marigolds. We came inside at that time so that I could pop in the shower before heading over to squeak_a_chu Heather2's house tonight for some pizza and games. (hetterrific Heather was there as well.) It was a fun evening, and hey - I didn't have to cook! We stayed very late, even though Jack fell asleep on me in the recliner around 10:30 or so. We got home just after midnight, and he went to straight to bed in the shirt he'd been wearing (though I did help him out of his shorts first). Poor kiddo! A.J. also went to bed quickly.

I'm vowing not to look at the coding again right now, if only because I know I'd end up not going to bed for 3-4 more hours if I did. And then I wouldn't be able to get to sleep easily because I'd still be thinking about it. So I'll just face it with a fresh, well-rested mind tomorrow.

(And hopehopehope that I can figure out where the glitch is!)
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I completed everything from my list last night, and today has been fairly relaxing. Jack and I ate lunch at A.J.'s school, and it seemed that the meal was over so quickly!

Picture. )

Afterwards, Jack and I went to Baker's to use the CoinStar machine for both his and A.J.'s piggy bank money. A.J. had $6.09 in change, and Jack had $5.18 (after the small fee, that is). Jack loved working the machine, and he was very careful to hold onto his receipt until he received the cash from the register. I was making copies of the forms I needed for the cell phone rebate, and we were out of there soon.

Jack didn't want to run to the post office with me so I brought him home first. I mailed off my camera this afternoon (*cries*). Hopefully, it will be back on its way to me very soon!

Philip was awake when I returned home after 2pm, and he left to get his hair cut. He picked up A.J. on his way home, too. The boys and I will be taking him to work this evening so that we'll have the van later on. Tonight is the Open House for Jack's preschool class. He is excited to drop off the Play-doh® we bought for his classroom - silly kid!
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The boys had hours away from one another today. I guess it's just practice for next week, as A.J. starts school again on Monday.

For his birthday, hetterrific Heather had given Jack two hand-made cards that told him of a special day he would have with just her. That day was today, and she picked him up around lunchtime. Jack chose a special lunch at Chuck 'E Cheese, and then had shopping trips with her at Barnes & Noble, Old Navy and Toys 'R Us. They stopped for dessert at Chili's on the way home. The two of them entered the house laden with packages, and then I set to work opening all of the many new Thomas the Tank Engine toys he'd picked out. I removed the tags from his new clothing while Heather and I chit-chatted. Jack and I talked Heather into a few rounds of Zingo! as well, and we each won one round.

While Jack had been gone, A.J. and I had dropped Philip off at the base for some firing practice. We picked up a few items at the commissary (muenster cheese!) before coming home. I'd eaten four tomatoes for lunch, but I wanted some deli meat and cheese to make sandwiches with some of the rest of the tomatoes. I set about making the music mix that I posted about earlier, and then it was time to leave again.

A.J.'s school had their 'Meet the Teacher' hour this afternoon. It was from 4-5pm, but we arrived by 3:40 to make sure we had a good parking spot. A.J. brought his birthday party invitations with him to give to his classmates and friends. We checked the class lists and learned that A.J. had gotten Mrs. Janovec as his new third grade teacher. He was thrilled - he'd been hoping for her all summer! I do hope he'll have another wonderful year. He delivered his invitations and talked to a few of his friends. We checked out the gym and library (he wanted to see if there were "lots of new books" this year) before leaving and coming back home.

Shortly after we'd come home, Philip and two of his troops stopped by for a break between firing rounds. He wasn't on his best behavior, and I called him on it. (He was being a jerk to A.J. for something that wasn't his fault.) Heather and Jack came home then, too. After a while, Philip and the guys headed back to work. Meanwhile, I made two loaves of Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread.

I made sandwiches for dinner, and then I worked out in the garden for a while. I pulled six more peppers, a bunch more tomatoes (of all three varieties!), a third crop of carrots and the last of the green beans. I pulled the green bean plants up afterwards and carried them to the yard waste bin. I trimmed the Big Max pumpkin quite a bit, and I weeded the marigolds in several places. I worked until it became too dark to see any longer, and then I came inside. Then I spent an hour or so preparing all the veggies I'd just picked.

I filled out all of A.J.'s paperwork for school on Monday - I know I won't have the motivation to do it later this weekend. Jack's paperwork has long since been completed and turned in to the church, but his first day isn't until August 25th.

I imagine the boys will enjoy a bit of "alone" time once A.J. is back to school. Even if they don't, I'm sure *I* will. We've had a fabulous summer, but even still, the boys do tend to get tired of one another more quickly here at the end of the break. ;-)

Beach Day.

May. 19th, 2006 10:44 am
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Today was 'Beach Day' at Jack's preschool, so he went to school wearing his swimming trunks (no underwear!), an orange tank top, flip-flops and sunglasses. And oh, he'd been so excited about this ALL week!

A couple of moms decided to get together for a picnic lunch afterwards today, and since yesterday was A.J.'s last day of school, he's now out and will be coming with us as well. He's already dressed in his swimming trunks as well. I'm actually not that excited about going back outside (I spent a good while in the garden and watering the grass seed this morning) - it is HOT out there. Ick. And I'm finally all nice and cool again (due to the A/C) from going out earlier. But it'll be so fun for the boys, so I'll suffer through it. ;-)

I'd better go start making some lunches. Or maybe, maybe I should just pick up some sub sandwiches at Subway instead? Yeah - that sounds better!
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When I arrived at the preschool to pick Jack up, there was a line outside of the CUTEST little Mother's Day gifts that I've ever seen! Little concrete masterpieces - so adorable!

When I collected Jack from the Alphabet Carpet (where we're to meet the kids each day), he handed me a poem that he'd signed, and he'd painted a butterfly on the back. Then we found his gift on the sidewalk outside and picked it up. Little cups (that each child picked out) embedded in cement and filled with soil and flowers. On the side of the cup, the kids could put their handprint - though Jack said he hadn't done it because it was "yucky" (I'm not surprised in the slightest!). The kids decorated the cement with colored rocks, too. They are too cute!

Pics! )
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I've got plans for today, but I'm hesitant to post them in case things outside my control wreck them. Ah, well.

I dropped A.J. off at school and then came home. Jack and Daddy had still been asleep when I left, but the little one was awake and in the living room when I returned. I reminded him that today was "Show 'n Tell" at preschool, and he chose our big stuffed dog Broscoe to take. Unknowingly, he picked out a matching shirt to the one A.J. wore to school, so they'll be twins later on today in their shirts and jeans. (I just grin whenever I see that happen.) We had oranges for breakfast, and then I took him to school. I gave a catalog to someone who'd requested it, and now I'm back home.

I've got these photo CDs that I've burned a handful of people, and I really need to remember to take them in when I pick Jack up. I've also got a bag full of Creative Memories stuff that I'm donating to the preschool's raffle, and I need to take that in as well.

The boys are attending Cole's birthday party tonight at the Kids' Body Shop in Papillion. They've been excited about it all week, and they picked out a Nerf gun and Imaginext woolly mammoth for him (and oh, the boys drooled over the mammoth - he's the only one not in their own Imaginext collection as he's brand-new). I wrapped the gifts a few nights ago, so we're all set for the party. I don't have to worry about dinner tonight, either - score!
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I slept with the bedroom window open again last night - so lovely! This morning, a bit of cloud has rolled in, but it is still a beautiful day. The radio says there is severe weather headed this way tomorrow, though: "large hail, heavy rain, likely tornadoes." Err...

I took A.J. to school this morning (in my jammies, of course), and then I came home and got ready to hop in the shower. I started the water and got in the tub (I adjust the water temperature to my feet, you see). Just as I was about to pull up the lever to make the shower spray, the power went out. I stood blinking in the dark for a few seconds, then turned off the water and got out. I was thinking to myself, "At least I only had my feet wet - huzzah for small favors!" I wrapped up in a towel and left the bathroom.

I debated for a few minutes, and then I decided to go ahead and get dressed. Just as I put my undies on, the power came back on. I re-evaluated my time and decided I could still try for a shower. I whipped my clothes off again, and I hopped back in the tub. I shampooed, I conditioned, I started shaving under my arms (while the conditioner 'set') and... POOF! Blackout again. Argh. I finished up in the dark, and the power popped back on just as I started drying off.


As a result of this morning's fiasco, Jack and I made it to school just barely on time. I chatted with niecer1 Janiece for just a few moments and picked up another field trip notice. This 'field trip,' however, will be held in the classroom, and a magician will come to visit the children - they'll love that. I think he came last year as well, and Jack was one of his helpers. The kids also brought home those little fish that curl in your palm, and Jack played with that for days.

On the way home, I could smell a true sign of spring: cut grass. People are already starting to mow their brand-new grass. It's spring! We toyed with the idea of mowing ours this week, but then I decided that I'd rather the grass be a bit long-ish for hiding Easter eggs... and that's not too many days off.

Lastly, af_cop Philip bought milk last night just before leaving for work, but he also came in with a new Dr Pepper Berries 'n Cream for me. I'd heard of it just the day before from ... someone??, but I hadn't really thought about it again. Oh my gosh - sooooo good! It's a "soda fountain classic - raspberry and vanilla soda," and it wonderful. I already really loved the Black Cherry Vanilla version, but this is exquisite as well. Try it - you'll like it.
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A big ol' packet came today from Ft. Crook Elementary school for Jack, inviting us to the Kindergarten Round-Up and including all necessary enrollment forms for next year.



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