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Sometimes I crack myself up. It's great to be able to laugh at, well, me.

Last Thursday's Parents at Home meeting was a good one. I was glad to get with the ladies again, and I was anxious to hear the speaker: Nancy Grear, from Intimá. She is a Certified Bra-Fitter, and she had a wealth of information to share with us about our most delicate clothing. And Juanita led us in a wonderful devotion that was spot-on and hilarious. It was a fabulous morning!

For more information on intimate fittings, check out this website: You can locate a certified bra-fitter near you, and I think it would be a wonderful investment of your time just to speak with one. :-)

Girl talk.

Mar. 1st, 2007 10:18 pm
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I felt the need to chat tonight, and I debated on who to call at 9:30pm. I didn't want to disrupt nighttime stuff for families, so I was unsure. Then I remembered that I needed to ask a question, and I knew that would result in a nice, chatty conversation.

So I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Trish. She is a riot, and she filled my need tonight. :-)
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Because I am more intelligent than the rest of my family, I was able to feel the queasiness settle in on Tuesday... and I ate accordingly. Or didn't eat, rather. I had a sandwich for lunch that I didn't finish, a cup of Jello (and I hate the stuff, so that's saying something), and a small bit of mashed potatoes for dinner. Even then, I ate very little of those.

I think this bird-like appetite is what saved me yesterday. Though I felt the massive queasiness and had a few "other" digestive issues, I am the only one who didn't toss my cookies in this bout of stomach flu. And I slept most all day yesterday, only waking up for about 2.5 hours throughout the day to sip down a bit more Sprite and some strawberry Jello. In the late afternoon, I tried a few Cheese Nips and felt mostly okay. By 10pm, I was pretty hungry, and I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

And felt fine afterwards. And have continued to feel fine. I had a banana this morning for breakfast with no ill effects. And I am HUNGRY now.

Philip still feels off, but then he insists on eating dumb. He ate big meals all day on Tuesday, and he suffered through them as they came back up. He couldn't eat but a few spoonfuls of soup last night, yet he decided that his first "real" meal today should be hotdogs at lunch. Hotdogs, people. Seriously, I have no pity for him if he sees those again later on.

Jack, after having been fine all day yesterday and last night, threw up twice more this morning. *sigh* I'm so ready to be done with the puking, thanks.

I was REALLY looking forward to this morning's Parents at Home meeting. Dr. Jane was scheduled to speak on "Marriage and Intimacy After Kids," and I love her. She was my therapist after the robbery, and she is a wonderful person. I was excited to see her once again. But I thought it more important to make sure that a third meal stayed well in my tummy before exposing myself to the world again.

Well, without HAVING to, that is. Though Philip and I neither one were able to work at Runza yesterday (and I feel bad about that - I don't know who/how they were cover his closing shift yesterday), I did return to work today. And it was hellaciously busy, too. It would have been pretty bad if there had only been three people working. I felt fine all through my shift, too - even seeing all that food right in front of me. But Philip's not scheduled to work again until tomorrow night, and that's his last shift, too.

So for now, it looks like we're just waiting on Jack to finish this bug. He's been fine since before lunch, but who knows for sure. He's not going to preschool again tomorrow, so he'll have the whole weekend to knock out any residual germs. The windows have been open in my house for FOUR WHOLE DAYS now, and Philip scrubbed and bleached both bathrooms today while I was at work. We've washed bedding, and sprayed down many things with Lysol. Let's hope we're DONE.
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So today (yesterday? It's after midnight now...) involved a lot of running around right at the beginning of the day. Philip had a dentist appointment this morning at 7:30, and we had to drop him off at the base hospital so that I'd be able to get A.J. to school at 8 o'clock. In between dropping Philip off and taking A.J., I took a quick shower. Of course, there wasn't even time to dry my hair, so I'm sure I looked like a complete goober driving to A.J.'s school with my hair still wrapped up in a towel turban!

As soon as A.J. was out of the car, we continued on to the hospital to pick up Philip, me still sporting my cool 'do. I traded places with him so he could drive back home, as it was actually a bit difficult to turn my head to see properly without bumping the turban on the roof of the van. He got Jack dressed for the day while I dried my hair, and in just a bit, we were ready for him to drop us both off for my Parents at Home meeting.

And then there was a change in plans.

Some backstory: each week when I attend my Parents at Home meeting, Jack spends time with other children in the church's care program. For the past two years, that has meant being in the nursery. This year, however, the care has been segregated a little bit: separating the older, preschool-aged kids from the toddlers and babies. That was fine and dandy with him for many of the meetings at the beginning of the year. In recent weeks though, there haven't been enough volunteers for the nursery, and so all the kids have needed to be kept together in one spot. And Jack really misses being in just the older group - he's tired of the nursery and the fussiness of the younger kids and babies.

He's asked me a few times if he could come along with me to my "mom's group," but I keep telling him that it would be so boring for him, and that I'm sure he has more fun with the other kids. He doesn't believe me, though. Our Parents at Home group meets in the youth center, and I think he envisions all us moms playing foozball and air hockey (there are a few game tables in the youth room) instead. Last week, he even shed a few tears as soon as we arrived and were told that the older kids would be in the nursery again, and I felt bad - he never cries, and the poor volunteers thought it was because he didn't want to be left; not the real reason at all.

So we were all ready to go, and then Jack started sobbing. He climbed up in my lap and covered my shirt in tears. He absolutely did not want to go to "the baby room," and I felt bad for him. Even though I'd been looking forward to hearing our librarian speaker today for a few weeks, I couldn't make him go. Instantly, we needed a change of plans, but I was starving too (there is usually refreshments/breakfast stuff at the group). So we all decided on breakfast out together, and Jack picked Vidlak's for the place.

And we had a good meal together, just the three of us. We all ate a ton, and we lounged around and giggled some. We got back home in time for me to change into my uniform for work, and then Philip and Jack dropped me off at Runza.

And we were BUSY today. Due to scheduling conflicts, there's only three of us on Thursdays for now, and it is hard to keep up. At one point, I had a piercing headache strike within a minute's time, and it lasted for about ten minutes. When it finally disappeared, it did so just as quickly as the pain had hit. I admit - that worries me just a bit. Then again, I'm just so glad it went away, because it would have been very painful to continue an entire shift with a headache like that. I didn't mention it to anyone else at the time, either.

Philip and I swapped places at 2pm, and then I came home. We received Jack's lamp in the mail today, so he and I set that up in his room. It makes a very cool nightlight, too. Then it was time to pick up A.J. from school, and the boys played a little X-Box 360 afterwards. I worked on a few pictures and then laid down for a short nap.

I do love that my boys are perfectly able to entertain and care for themselves when I take a nap. They are so wonderful sometimes. :-)

I had planned grilled chicken salad for dinner, but Philip finished off the tomatoes without my realizing it. Also, the boys and I arrived to pick him up from Runza at 7pm, but I had been wrong in looking at the schedule, and he didn't actually get off until 7:30. While we waited, my tummy took to rumbling fiercely, and when he finally got in the car, we decided to just grab a quick bite somewhere instead. We also stopped and filled up with gas before coming back home, happy to find that the rate at the Shoppette on base was still only $1.91/gallon (most of the other gas stations around had shot up $.18/gallon overnight).

The boys had a quick shower and then settled in for bed. Philip headed out to Jammer's with the guys, and I snuggled in on the couch to watch The Beach. Lots of eye candy, my friends - lots. Mmmmm, Leo. ;-)

Oh, and we have a date for Philip's departure now...

Now I'm getting pretty tired, and Philip should be home shortly. He called just after midnight to tell me he'd be home about 1am, and I'm thinking I can stay up until then. Oh, but then I'm going to be very ready for bed. :-D

In other news, this is my 3000th post. Watch out for clumpy confetti!

*confetti rocks all around*
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Today's lunch was crazy! Our assistant manager Charlotte needed to leave a day early for her vacation due to weather, so we were down to only three people working today. We usually have four, and Thursdays are probably tied with Saturdays for second busiest lunchtimes (Fridays being the first). It was insane! The time went by quickly, though, because I was busy nonstop.

I have a lot of things to ponder following this morning's Parents at Home meeting. I heard a lot of good verses, and even better, I heard a lot of good ways to apply these verses to my life. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed in a lot of areas, and I need to take some time to myself to figure out exactly what I want, and exactly what is worth pursuing (relationships included).

My friend Ann had Jack for the afternoon while Philip was firing at the base, and then I had to stay later at the store until someone could come in and cover a shift. I'm waiting to hear from Philip even now, as he's not home yet. I should go figure out dinner in the meantime, I think...
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Girly time last night was hard, but it was needed. I think we all know exactly how much we mean to one another, and nothing feels quite so good as knowing that we're not holding back. I really have the best friends.

In addition to girly time, I got to spend several hours rocking, walking, swaying and generally playing with the cutest baby boy I know - Douglas! He gave us some monstrously huge smiles last night, and wanted to talk so much during dinner and playtime. I didn't eat when we all went to La Mesa (I just wasn't hungry, if you can imagine that), so I offered to entertain Douglas while everyone else ate their meals. We had a game going on - we tried to sneak drools while his mom and dad weren't looking, and we succeeded a few times! ;-)

I can't wait to see the new buglet this summer. 26.5 weeks is a loooong time from now!

I've got this mini-adventure rolling around in my brain, and I might take the boys out with me this afternoon for it. The adventure itself is for me, but I would let the boys pick a place for a quick dinner for a reward. Hmmm.

I have to have them fed early tonight anyway. We're heading to a Parents at Home get-together this evening from 5:30-7:30, and the kids will be playing while the parents enjoy "sweet and savory" appetizers and a white elephant gift exchange. It should be a fun time.

Philip made BLTs for lunch, and I'd snuggled in the bed to play with Baby under the comforters, so he brought one back to me, fixed up just the way I like them. I swear, sandwiches taste so much better when they're made by someone else. However, now the house smells of bacon, and it's too cold to open the windows and air it out.

I'm in the mood for a drive. A fast drive with the music blaring. Too bad I don't really drive much.

I think I'll go toss a load of laundry in the washer. I'll thank myself later, I'm sure.
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This morning's Parents at Home meeting was really nice. We had manicures and pedicures (complete with new polish!), hand and back massages, and we made our own bath salts. And the refreshments were outstanding - caramel rolls, blueberry muffins, a fresh fruit tray, and several kinds of chocolate goodies, as well as chocolate candy among all our pampering tables. There was a smaller crowd than usual, but it was so worth it for those of us who attended this morning!

I worked at Runza afterwards, and it was a fun time. Poor Lacey had awful, awful hiccups, and we couldn't stop laughing over it (I know that [ profile] wendywoowho feels her pain, however). And Brett was really off his game today, and it was amusing to see him either mess up or drop nearly everything he touched (but only because it wasn't ME messing up!). It's nice to know he's human, too. Karen stopped in for a surprise visit from Runza National, but everything checked out fine. She also brought us a plate of holiday goodies, and there were even miniature cheesecakes - yum!

We received two big packages containing Christmas presents today, plus nine Christmas cards from family and friends, including ones from [ profile] flyingwolf, [ profile] toddzgrrl02, [ profile] minivan_mom, [ profile] owensboro_hope and a joint card from [ profile] dottey and [ profile] kechara. There was also a super-special registered letter we had to pick up from the post office that turned out to be the handmade, scrapbooked card all the way from [ profile] psychater in Singapore - so neat! Thanks so much, all of you!

I took more pictures of the damaged snowman jars, and then we tossed all the broken bits into a box and sealed it up before putting it in the trash (don't want to cut the poor trash guys next week). Then Philip hung two shelves for me in the dining room, and he helped me to put all the coat and hat hooks up in the boys' rooms. Now I'm going to vacuum the floors and clean the bathrooms once again, and then I think we'll be all set for my parents' visit tomorrow. I can't wait!
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I skipped Parents at Home this morning. I received an email last night that the guest speaker had cancelled due to a scheduling conflict, and today was going to be an impromptu Care Circle day. While I absolutely adore my Care Circle this year, I felt that a little time to just relax and not have to be anywhere for a moment might be nice.

And I didn't get to bed last night until just minutes before 4am. Philip's costume is close to being done, and that's what kept me up so late. I'm not optimistic that my own costume won't take just as long, so I see another late, late night ahead of me.

The stress of everything is getting to me. I found myself close to tears in the shower, and I think a good cry might have actually helped. However, I'm horrible at crying - I show the signs for hours and hours afterwards, and I don't want to be red or puffy-faced at Runza this afternoon.

I don't have to work today until 11:30 (usually I go in at 11am), so I'm going to use these next few minutes to work on Philip's costume a bit more. I'm sure I'll be glad I did... later.
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Yesterday morning (because it's now the wee hours of Friday morn) I had volunteered to work the first hour in the nursery for Parents at Home. Holy Hannah - I'd forgotten how much little ones can scream for their mamas! I held a little girl for a full half hour, trying everything under the sun to calm or soothe her, trying every activity in the room, trying every comfort item from her bag - just everything. The two other ladies in the room tried to comfort her as well, but eventually we had to call her mom to come and get her. We felt bad, but she was disrupting the rest of the children too much. :-( Goodness, I was HOT after she left, having worked so hard to hold her while she was fighting, wipe her nose and tears, etc.

I am SO glad that my boys never went through separation anxiety. Neither of them ever had a problem when we had to leave the with someone else, not even when they were little, and I'm so thankful for that. Having two such miracles is just one more reason why we stopped, as another baby might not have been so easy-going. ;-)

After my hour was up and my replacement had arrived, I dashed off to catch about half an hour of the Bible study discussion in the group before I had to leave early anyway. I picked up Jack, rushed home, got ready for work, and then Philip and I dropped off Jack and both headed to Runza. We hardly get to talk to one another while working, so it's not actually been as "cute" that he's there while I'm training as everyone had thought it would be. It's neat to see him in action, though. He's much more personable that I already knew he could be - no wonder everyone loves him so. :-)


Oct. 4th, 2006 10:51 pm
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I volunteered for refreshments and set-up tomorrow morning at Parents at Home. I'm all set, too. I made three batches of Cranberry-Orange Muffins tonight, and I'm also serving fresh green grapes and apple juice. I have to make the coffee in the morning at church (which is a skeeery thought, seeing as I don't drink the stuff!), but that's it.

*pats self on back*
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So far today:
  • Got up, took A.J. to school

  • Returned home, showered

  • Dressed myself, laid out clothes for Jack

  • Made quick bowl of oatmeal, inhaled it

  • Tied shoes for both me and Jack

  • Dropped off Jack in church childcare

  • Attended Parents at Home meeting

  • Picked Jack up, decided on La Mesa for lunch

  • Lunched, many games of Tic-Tac-Toe

  • Shopped for a few items at commissary, picked out dessert for guests

  • Came home, put away groceries

  • Put mail out, went potty

  • Got online for the first time today, learned of tonight's cancellation

  • Read flist

  • Updated, decided to take nap - now I have time!

At the commissary, Jack and I were discussing how many things had special packaging for Halloween. He was pointing out different items, both the glaringly obvious orange-and-black items, as well as the subtle, corn and/or grain-bedecked things. As we rounded an endcap of an aisle, he picked up a small canister of seasoned salt. He held it up to me proudly and announced, "Look! Ummm... (he paused to study the picture again) ... Halloween dust! Halloween dust, Mama!" I giggled and then looked at the picture closely. Sure enough, the "halloween dust" picture showed a myriad of spices, veggies and grains. And to Jack, grains = autumn decor, and autumn decor = Halloween.

I love him. :-)
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I woke up early this morning (hey, 7am is early for me!) and hopped into the shower. When I got out, I dressed and woke up the boys to get dressed and ready. We left the house at 7:54, and arrived at the school at exactly 8am. I gave A.J. his picture form with money to take to class, and I took Jack to the photographer for the "non-students" picture-taking. We waited in line with a few other kids, and then it was his turn. He did fabulous, got it done in one shot (I could see it on the computer instantly), and we were back out of there by 8:10.

I next went to the hospital for a blood test. I had blood drawn for a pregnancy test before I can continue with the colposcopy. I was able to take someone's cancellation this morning at 10:45, so I'll be having the procedure done then (otherwise it was another 3+ week wait before I could get in). I'm glad that it's earlier and is today - it's better than waiting around nervous for the next month. I mean, once the biopsy is done today, there's nothing else I can do until I hear back, right?

Now Jack and I are off to our Parents at Home meeting. We'll have to cut out half an hour early for me to make it to my appointment, but we both still wanted to go. I'll see ya on the flip side...
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I finished Deception Point last night. It was a very good read, as all Dan Brown novels are, though it did take probably an extra 80 pages or so for me to get "hooked" into this one.

I went to bed last night with chapped lips, forgetting to put any Carmex on. I so wish I hadn't forgotten, as now my lips are really burning. I slathered some on today, but somehow chapstick just doesn't "heal" as well when I'm awake. ([ profile] jakflak, you need to make a 'medicated' version of Spazzstick, one that will help heal already chapped lips.)

Philip took A.J. to school this morning, but then he forgot to reset the alarm for Jack and I to wake up for Parents at Home. Jack woke up and came in our room close to 9:45, and then it was too late to get there for the meeting (it starts at 9am). Jack was sad, telling me, "But today is my favorite day, and now I'm going to miss the picnic!"

Picnic! I'd really forgotten about it! I'd just told Jack yesterday that after the Parents at Home meeting, we were going to head out to the park with a bunch of the other moms and kids for lunch and some playtime. I told him not to worry, that we still had plenty of time to make it to the picnic at 11:30. So we dropped off Philip at Runza at 11am, came home and packed picnic lunches, and then we were off to the park. It was a perfect day (though a bit blustery, which didn't help my lips any), and Jack ran and played until just after 1pm. We had sandwiches, popcorn, juice, apples, cherry tomatoes and marshmallows (Jack picked the dessert). It was a nice afternoon.

It really is a gorgeous day today. Jack wants to fly his kite some, so it looks like we might be doing that after A.J. gets out of school in a bit.
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I need to make some more zucchini bread. [ profile] rafferty, any chance you can swing by for some bread sometime this weekend? If you say yes, that will give me motivation to actually get the bread made. I promise it will be yummy!

It was Planning Day in the Parents at Home group this morning. I woke up with a girly headache, and I knew from the get-go that I was going to either be late or not go to the meeting at all. I popped some ibuprofen after taking A.J. to school, and then I decided to see if a good breakfast and some water would do to lessen the headache. I'd really been wanting to get to this particular meeting, you see. Ann and I had been discussing some of our wishes for the group for the past few months, and she called me at 8:10am this morning to tell me that she wouldn't be able to make it, and she wanted to make sure I was still attending and would voice our opinions. I told her that it looked like I would be late, but that I was going.

So I had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with a banana, and I drank two bottles of water. I could feel the headache lessening by then, and I hopped in the shower at 8:50am. The meeting starts at 9, but Jack and I got there just after 9:30 this morning. I walked him down to the separate area for the older children, and then I hiked across the street to the already-in-progress PaH meeting. I had come laden with zucchini and green peppers (the new Coca-Cola® sling backpack can hold nine medium-to-large courgettes, by the way), and I offered the veggies to all the moms. I was grateful to give it out, as I was running out of room for them all here, with no way to eat them before they started to go bad.

The planning session went well, and I really like my new Care Circle for this year. I think the brainstorming was much more productive this year as well, and that will set us up for another great year. I'm excited about that.

I picked Jack up after the meeting and came home. I called hetterrific Heather then, to see if she was interested in an impromptu lunch. She was, and we decided on Ruby Tuesday. I'd been in the mood for a good burger, but that wasn't quite what I got. Okay, actually the burger was very tasty, but it was also very raw. Even after they took it back and grilled it some more, it was still bright red in the center. The manager came over without us asking, and she knocked my meal off the bill. I thought that was nice of her. Heather bought my drink, so I ended up having a free lunch!

I ran errands at the post office and Wal*Mart before coming home. I almost stopped by niecer1 Janiece's house for a chat, but I felt bad just popping in unannounced. Instead, I came home and called her on the phone, and we ended up talking for about an hour. :-)

Philip may be playing X-Box here soon, and I'm trying to decide what to do with myself this evening. I'm dying to go out and do something, but I don't want to head out by myself, and I don't know what I would want to do. I'd go for a stroll under the beautiful moon, but now I'm all sorts of scared about walking through our practically empty neighborhood (leftover fears from the robbery - I wish they'd leave me, but alas). If nothing else, I might just spend a few minutes on the driveway again - just me and my binoculars and my moon.
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Ann just called me to see if we were heading to the Parents at Home picnic at the park this afternoon. We are. The picnic starts at 1pm and goes until whenever, but we won't be there until after 2pm, as Philip is working at Runza right now.

But oh, I am so drained from yesterday. I felt the beginnings of it coming on late last night, but I feel absolutely exhausted today. It's a combination of being in the heat/sun for about eight hours total yesterday, allergens in the air and also being a typical "Nicole tornado" that I am when parties are happening. Oh, I need a day to just nap and relax so badly, but it will not be today.

It was so hot while Heather and I were taking everything down last night, but we soldiered through and finished it all. The heat and humidity was so much that I would stand in the spray of the Banzai Falls between each task to cool off a bit. After we'd washed and cleaned up the waterslide, I hooked up a sprinkler so I could continue cooling off in the spray. We rolled up the Banzai Falls and attempted to toss it onto the top of the shed (our usual storage spot), but mid-throw, Heather and I both had unvoiced ideas that it wasn't going to work... and we collapsed underneath the Falls in fits of giggles.

I think we were delirious by then. ;-)

After she left, I came inside and stripped off all of my wet clothing right at the washing machine. I took a long, cold shower to cool off, and then I set to work for the next few hours putting together all of Jack's new toys. It took us an hour to build his new lego Pirate Ship, but it is an impressive toy! The last thing we put together was his new planetarium - very neat. We didn't take the time to listen to the audio CD tour while watching it last night (we were too tired - it plays for 45 minutes), but we'll do it soon, I'm sure. The boys had a late supper of leftover pizza and scrambled into bed. Jack was up for a just a few minutes later than A.J., wanting to sit in my lap and scroll through all of the pictures from his party. :-)

Once they were asleep, Philip and I settled in the couch with soup and salad and watched V for Vendetta. It was pretty good, but I was glad when it was over because I was soooo tired. I ended up not having the energy to even put on my pajamas, and I slept in my t-shirt instead. I did remember to put on chapstick, though (I'd chapped my lips by licking them endlessly while in the sun). Once I hit sleep, I was dead to the world last night.

And so I'd really like to just relax and lounge today, but I'm not. I'm going to push myself to the park because I know how much fun the boys will have there. It's only a few hours anyway, as Philip has to be back at work at 5pm (he works a split-shift today). Surely I can handle two hours, right? I love my boys just that much. ;-)

For now, I'll end with just this one picture of Jack from yesterday's festivities. Here's my little pirate under the tree, waiting for all the fun to begin:

Captain Jack.

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Tomorrow is the Parents at Home brunch for the church, so I've just popped a loaf of blueberry bread and some cranberry-orange muffins into the oven. I'll run them by the church before the 8am service, and then we'll head to our usual service at 11am. Their baking smells so good right now, but I can't have any!

Jack must be going through a growth spurt lately, as he's been taking a nap almost every single day for the past week and a half. It's not planned or anything, but he just falls asleep on the couch between 5-6pm if we're inside and not doing much. He usually sleeps for about two hours or so, too. His appetite has increased some as well, but I always notice it first in the boys' sleeping habits, and this happens to both of them every summer.

And speaking of growth spurts, when strangers ask Jack his age, they're surprised to learn that he's only 4.5 years old right now. For the past month or two, people keep telling us that he's too big to be just four, or that he looks older. I don't really see it myself, but in going through their closets last month, I did notice that Jack is currently wearing all of the outfits that A.J. was wearing at 5.5 years old... so I guess he is bigger than A.J. was at this same age. I pulled out pictures to remind myself of A.J. at that time, but it's really tough to say - the biggest difference is that A.J. had a 'younger' face then than Jack does now, but I think that's something that will always hold true for each age.

Wow, I really rambled on for a moment there...
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I love blowing through tissues. Really, I do.


I'm not going to the Parents at Home meeting this morning, and I'm pretty upset about it. It's the last meeting of the year and it's a potluck, but I do not want to go and cough and/or snot all over everyone there.


Edited to add: Oh, lookie. I just blew out both my ears - yay.
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For starters, ER is a new episode tonight. Thank goodness, as otherwise it would have been four weeks since the last new episode, and that's too dang long!

I was so beat today, just as I feared that I would be. I watched Elizabethtown from Netflix last night while making the baptismal letters, and I stopped the movie to take a shower at 1am or so. I finally crawled into bed at 3:16am, and then I got up again at 7:50 to take A.J. to school. The boys were tired too, it seems, as they were both still sound asleep at that time (and they're usually already running around). Jack was still asleep even when I got back from taking A.J., but he did wake up a few minutes later.

He and I ate some breakfast quickly, and then we got ready to leave ourselves. He's always so excited for playtime on Thursdays while I'm at the Parents at Home group. I signed him in, went to the copy room to drop off the baptismal letters, and then I walked across the street to the youth building for our meeting to start. Today's theme was "Wellness Day." We had devotions with music and then tips on walking, and then we finally set out for our walk. We walked all over the Quail Creek area, and most of it was over some really long, really tough hills. I was so sweaty by the time we finally got back to the church an hour later! I picked Jack, and then we came home a bit early so that Philip could make it to Runza by 11am.

I took a short shower as soon as we came inside and redressed in fresh clothing. I had run the dishwasher and thawed some chicken for lunch while we were gone, so I made a quick lunch of chicken tacos for us. Afterwards, Jack snuggled in on the couch, and I laid down for a nap as well. Philip woke me up at 2:40pm, and then Jack and I left to pick A.J. up from school and head straight to their dentist appointments. Both boys were perfectly well-behaved on their own, and I stayed in the waiting room the entire time. Jack has a heriditary, tiny dent in one of his incisors, and he'll go back in June to have it sealed. It's a baby tooth, yes, but it's one he's not due to lose until he's 9-10 years old, and that's pretty far away.

We came home and grabbed our shopping list, and then the boys and I set out again. We ate an early dinner at Ruby Tuesday, and we were done by 6pm. We then went to Sears to replace Jack's jeans. He'd finally worn a hole through them in the knee today. I'd never heard of that before, but when I bought these jeans two months ago, the cashier went on for five full minutes about their clothing guarantee program, and it boils down to this: if the jeans wear out before the child outgrows them - no matter what kind of wear & tear it is - they are replaced free. So we walked in there with torn jeans, and walked back out with brand-new. Pretty cool. After that errand, we went to the commissary to pick up the items on our shopping list. It was 6:40, and I thought that the commissary closed at 7pm, so we really booked it through our short list and were done before then (though I found out that they don't close until 8pm). I put some gas in the car on the way back. We came home, unloaded the groceries, I started a new load of bedding in the washer, and we all went outside to play until just a few minutes ago.

The boys are in the tub now, and I'm going to go make sure everything is ready for bed. I'm sure we'll all sleep well tonight, but I bet I crash before I get fully under the covers myself. ;-)
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Whew, I'm beat! I'm going to be really hurting tomorrow!

We worked for most of the day on cleaning out the closet in the master bedroom yesterday, and we got rid of tons of clothes and stuff - so many clothes, in fact, that we were able to dispose of an entire dresser! I asked starrchld Annie if she'd like to have it, and I also set aside a coffee table, a children's rocking chair, a fan and a maternity shirt for her. af_cop Philip moved the dresser into the entryway for them to pick it up later, and I piled the other stuff on top of it.

I dropped off loads at the church today for the youth group garage sale (several trashbags full of clothes, one bag full of miscellaneous stuff, a big box of phones, a kid's tricycle, crutches, decorative items). I was trying to hurry in taking everything inside the Narthex because I needed to get home and finish up dinner early enough so that I could pack some for Philip to take to work tonight (and he works from 5pm-6am or later, but he leaves the house at 4:30). I rushed back home, finished making the Barbecue Chicken Pizza (which was an adventure in itself), and off he went.

I put away more loads of laundry, and I made our bed (new sheet night!), and then I served the boys and myself an early dinner. We had green beans and fruit with our pizza. While Jack was finishing up, A.J. picked up the few toys in the living room, and I cleaned the dinner dishes. Then I vacuumed the living room, the boys' rooms and our bedroom. I decided to move the recliner out of our bedroom and back into the living room (where it was two years ago or so), and when I moved the chair, I found the burgundy carpet underneath to be practically WHITE with cat fur. I cleaned it all up, and then I took the recliner apart to move it into the living room. I carried the parts down the hall and came to a stand-still when I realized that I couldn't get them around the dresser that Philip had moved to the entryway earlier. I ended up lugging the dresser outside onto the sidewalk by myself, and then coming back inside and continuing to move the recliner pieces to the living room. I left the recliner covered in fur on the living room floor and went outside to play with the boys for a while instead.

Annie and Patrick arrived right about then, and we chatted for a while. They loaded up all the things into their truck, and then we said goodbye because Jack wanted to ride his bike around the block (and I insist on walking around with him). Jack reminded me that I'd planned to bring the hedge clippers with us on our circuit around the block, so A.J. carried those while we walked behind Jack. There is a vacant house on the other side of the neighborhood that has a large rose bush, and the thorny bush was covering a chunk of the sidewalk. I set to work trimming the bush, clipping off every branch that hovered above the sidewalk, and it was tough work! The bush was growing well, and some of those stems were over 3/4" thick! It took me six cuts to get clipped all the way through in some places, and my arms were WORN OUT by the time I finished twenty minutes later. The boys had been helpfully moving every branch I trimmed from the sidewalk to a pile on the lawn of the vacant house (it's actually in the middle of a stretch of about eight vacant houses), and the base grounds maintenance crew will wonder next week who trimmed the bush at a vacant house, but I'm sure they'll figure out why it was done. Finally, Jack hopped back on his bike, and he rode across the now-clear path on the sidewalk, and we all continued around the block until we were home again. We'd been planning to make a few trips around, but I was so worn out from the bush-clipping, and it had taken so much longer than I'd planned, that we stopped for the night.

We came inside, and I ran a bath for the boys. A.J. requested some vapor bath since he'd been coughing today, and I had just a little bit left in the bathroom cupboard. While they were bathing, I put away a few more things in the kitchen, dusted the living room, kitchen and entryway, and I got their rooms ready for bed. They got out, dried off and dressed in pajamas, and then they started playing with their Harry Potter figurines and Knight Bus, all the while singing songs from "Harry and the Potters." (I'm such a proud mama!)

Meanwhile, I pulled out the heavy-duty attachments for our vacuum, and I set to work de-furring the chair. I had to clean off the attachment every ten seconds or so, but I got it all done - probably better than it had every been done before. Since I had all the stuff out anyway, I set to work deep-cleaning the couch and loveseat as well. Altogether, it took me over an HOUR (I stopped after the chair and put the boys to bed), but all the furniture looks so nice again. I moved the endtable out of the living room and back to our room to make room for the recliner, and I moved Pot of Gold™ Basket full of stuffed toys over by the entertainment center. I re-vacuumed the living room to make sure I picked up any stray fluff from cleaning the furniture, and then I vacuumed the kitchen as well.

My arms are killing me from trying so hard to squeeze those clippers on the bush, and I'm all sweaty from today's work. I'm going to dust our bedroom tomorrow, and then I'll rearrange our picture frames and stuff (with one dresser now completely gone, we'll have to slim down what we showcase on the remaining one). Once that is done, I'll be able to finally say that the spring cleaning is complete, and the week-long "Declutter and Give to the Church" mission is done. Nice!

I'm off to do a couple of sets of baptismal banner letters for tomorrow morning, and then I'm going to get in the shower (I have to be clean for New Sheet Night, right?). The shower will help wash a bit of the black ink off my fingers, too. Tomorrow is Wellness Day in the Parents at Home group, and we're going on a walk. In the afternoon, I'm going to make my first calls in the new ministry I've just taken on: Care Coordinator for the Spouses of Deployed Members. I'm excited about that. I'll make calls monthly (or a bit more often) to see if the spouses have any needs while their family member is deployed. This ministry was a blessing to me while Philip was away last year, and it was going to fall through the cracks unless a new person stepped up to take it over, so now it's me. :-)

Oh, and the boys have their dentist check-ups tomorrow afternoon, right after A.J. gets out of school. I swear, it doesn't feel like it's already been six months again, but I remember going in October - yikes! My next check-up is in June, and that's coming up faster than it should be too!
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I love reading my LJ in the morning. It is so relaxing, and it's such a nice way to ease into the day over breakfast (a glass of milk and orange wedges).

*slow, happy sigh*

Today promises to be rather busy for a while. I'm heading off to the Parents at Home group this morning, and Jack will be playing at the church during that time. We're making lunches for the Open Door Mission this morning, so I've got my sack o' supplies ready by the front door now. Speaking of supplies, it's surprising how inexpensive making lunches sounds and yet how much it really does cost. I've got the following for my lunches:
  • loaf of bread

  • jar of peanut butter

  • jar of red raspberry jam

  • mints

  • peach cups

  • plastic spoons

  • sandwich bags

  • napkins

  • lunch sacks

It really begins to add up after a bit. Still, it's a nice thing to do, and I'm sure the Mission really appreciates our support. I'll have to leave the group a bit early this morning to get back home in time to pick up Philip and drop him off at Runza for a few hours. While he's doing that, Jack and I are heading over to Jan's house to watch Cole for about an hour or so. I'll be feeding them lunch at her house, and I really hope I don't have problems getting into their house through the garage - eep.

After that, we'll head back to pick up Philip, and then he'll get ready for work. He's got a meeting at 3:15, so we'll be dropping him off immediately after picking A.J. up at school, and then I'll be heading back to the school at 4pm for A.J.'s spring parent/teacher conference. Hopefully, that will be it for the day, and then we'll be back home.

Whew! It's not a whole lot, but it's enough to keep this mama hopping for the next eight hours!


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