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All my Netflix movies are returned. The boys are in bed (we have to get up freakin' early tomorrow ), and I'm ready to tat for a few hours, but I have nothing to watch.

I suppose I could dust my TV screen, then sit there and watch as itty-bitty particles fling themselves across the living room to latch onto the clean surface... maybe?

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I just finished tatting something utterly adorable for a very lovely person. I can't wait to block it and take pictures!

The boys and I headed out for groceries this afternoon, complete with the sniffles. Though I'm certain A.J. is suffering from Jack's cold, I'm on the fence about myself. I ran out of my prescription allergy medication on Thursday, and I was unable to pick up my refill on Friday due to a "family/Wing down day" at the base pharmacy. Of course, the pharmacy is also closed Saturday-Monday, so I will be in dire straits before I can get the goods on Tuesday morning. My eyeballs are itching so fiercely that I'm tempted to claw them out with the pointy ends of my tatting shuttles.

I took Monday off from Runza because the boys are out of school for the holiday, but I made up for it in hours yesterday. It seems the store was slammed Friday night, and Ryan called me that evening to ask if I could report in on Saturday morning to help with prep work. I did, and once the boys and I arrived (they were armed with games and books to occupy themselves), Lacey asked me if I could stay through lunchtime to cover someone who had called in. I didn't have my uniform, so I worked in jean shorts and sandals! The time passed quickly though, and the boys were content to play. I'm happy for that, and now I won't see a dent in my paycheck next time either. :-)

I watched a pathetic movie last night: Kissing Jessica Stein. It wasn't the material that was so awful - it was the acting. Nothing seemed sincere, the cast didn't seem matched to their characters, etc. It was all I could do not to turn it off in frustration with just eighteen minutes left. I stuck it out, though, and that's an hour and a half of my life I can never get back. Thank goodness I have tatting to show for it. ;-)
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Whew! Yesterday was a long day, but it ended up being even longer than I'd imagined. We returned home from Heather's block party about 10:45pm or so, and we'd barely just walked in the door (we were still pulling things from the car, actually) when the doorbell rang. Our neighbors across the street invited us over for their fireworks, and they were just starting. So I chatted with Jen while Jimmy set off fireworks, and the boys played Tag with Paige and Hide-and-Seek in Jimmy's old truck. It was 12:15am when we came BACK home!

Even though it was so late, we still had to have baths and showers. We were covered in sweat, dirty, grass and bug spray. The boys bathed quickly, put on jammies, and crawled into bed. I kissed them goodnight, and hopped into a shower myself. By the time I was finished, it was after 1am. *zonk*

I hope to vacuum the floors today. And maybe - maybe - get some baking done. We'll see how that goes.

A.J. got the mail just now. My last two Netflix movies went out today, and I'm waiting on two more to arrive tomorrow. For tonight, I'll have to just watch something I already have - the shame! Along with the mail, we had several goodies:

- sample of K-Y® Intrigue&trade lubricant
- two (2!) different 4oz. samples of Blue® Spa Select&trade kitty kibble
- McGruff's Surprise Party comic book
- Sitting By My Laughing Fire, a book of poetry from Ruth Bell Graham (Billy Graham's wife)
- Highlights magazine (the boys have a regular subscription)
- a thank-you note for Jack from one of his teachers

In other words, something for everyone! :-)


Jul. 2nd, 2007 02:09 pm
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I have timed things perfectly. Based on the dates which I returned movies, I now have Driving Lessons shipping to me from Netflix, and it will arrive tomorrow - the same day that the DVD is first released. Driving Lessons, people! Rupert Grint's first non-HP movie!

I. Can't. Wait.

(As an aside, [ profile] auntee_mame, why haven't YOU been talking about this more?! *wink*)
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I just finished watching I'll Be There, and I absolutely adored it. Good, British comedy, and I highly recommend it. :-)

You Netflix-ers - go add it now!
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Truly, I cannot adequately express how cute, how adorable, how deliciously fun and wonderful a movie Scoop really is. I just watched it tonight from Netflix, and it was perfect. I highly recommend you check it out, or if you're a Netflix user, bump it up to the top of your queue. :-)
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The boys seem to really enjoy their new lavender bubble bath. I'll have to get bottles and bottles more of it.

The gumbo was wonderful. We'll be eating it forever, as a 5-qt. crockpot full is a lot for just three people.

The Rainmaker was a good movie. I don't know why it's taken me so many years to watch it, but I finally did. I don't think it's the first Grisham novel-turned-movie that I've seen (isn't A Time to Kill one as well?), but I enjoyed it. It was nice companion to my hermit-y self last night, as I was tucked away back in my room under the blankets.

Primal Fear was pretty good the night before, too. I always love some Richard Gere. And Ed Norton was a-MAZING in his character.

I need to get back to reading Harry Potter each night, or I'm going to get too far behind and be forced to do a massive re-read in July. I don't want that - I want them spaced out fairly evenly. I also need to get the Lord of the Rings trilogy finished and back to Brett...
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Netflix informs me that Blood Diamond is "processing." In translation, it will most likely ship this afternoon and be in my hot little hands tomorrow - the same day it comes out on DVD!

*basks in Leo glory*
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I left the computer last night around 10:30pm, and I headed to my room to watch one of my Netflix movies. I chose The Basketball Diaries.

Wow. The movie was so raw, and the actors portrayed the characters so true. I was blown away. There were many memorable lines, and I found myself wishing I owned the movie, despite the violence and drugs. It was a story that really presented itself as REAL.

As it should, I suppose, since the film is a script adapted from Jim Carroll's autobiographical writings in high school - The Basketball Diaries.
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Philip and I just watched The Departed together while I made more letters for the baptismal banners.

So. Good.

Of course, I already knew much of the storyline, and the title quite gives away the ending, but a very good movie.

Oh, but my hands hurt now from holding those tiny scherenschnitte scissors for 2.5 hours. *throb*


Jan. 19th, 2007 01:48 am
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After having the same four movies at home since November 4th, I finally watched a DVD from Netflix tonight.

Shocking, I know. Three more to watch until we have a full turn-around of new movies!


Oct. 26th, 2006 03:37 am
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Why is Netflix down for maintenance whenever I want to rate movies I just watched? I realize that it is the middle of the night, but it seems like this happens to me a lot.


Sep. 18th, 2006 12:13 am
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I had a headache coming on this evening. I took some ibuprofen and decided to watch a movie from Netflix. Everyone has warned me that Million Dollar Baby is a real tear-jerker, and crying doesn't help impending headaches, so I decided to steer clear of that one for this evening. Instead, I chose to watch A Wedding for Bella.

Oh, my sobbing eyes! It's no better folks, I swear it. A beautiful movie - touching and wonderful, but a real tear-jerker as well. I feel sorry for my headache tomorrow already!

Edited to add: Netflix classifies Bella as a 'comedy.' Comedy - ha! There were lots of smiles, but I wouldn't have called it a comedy. Actually, when I really think on it, I'm not sure how I'd classify it either...


Sep. 17th, 2006 01:57 am
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I didn't like Rent very much. Is it always mediocre, or is it just the movie?

I can't even tell you why I didn't like it. The songs were semi-catchy. The actors were decent to look at. I teared up at the end, so I *was* engaged in the movie. Yet I didn't really like it, and I kept watching the clock, waiting for it to be over.

I can't even explain it to myself.
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It is a pet peeve of mine for Philip to use the cupholders in the van and not push them back in when he's finished. I swear, it seems like I'm constantly pushing them back in when I get in the van to drive.

Who the heck is James Blunt? just sent me an email telling me not to miss him! Ooooo-kay.

As for other things, I've got to learn not to let myself be so disappointed in other people. To achieve this, I think it's best if I just start lowering my expectations. (Easier said than done, I'm afraid.)

And I love how I receive an email the day after I get a movie from Netflix letting me know that it's "on its way!" Ha, half of them I can watch and already return before I've learned they're coming!
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We've been really lax on our Netflix account in the past year or so - since Philip returned home in October, actually. We watched Walk the Line together last week, though. And tonight I watched both Full Frontal (really disliked it, by the way) and War Games (honestly, I could just eat Matthew Broderick up!). I've had Full Frontal at home since 09/29/05, and I've had War Games at home since 03/17/05 - isn't that pathetic?

Ah, well. They're heading back to Netflix tomorrow, and two more movies will be on their way shortly. I believe Wedding Crashers is at the top of my queue...
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The Cutting Edge 2: Going For the Gold.

Oh. My. Gosh. This movie was so awful. Seriously, I'm distraught over the awfulness. That's an hour and a half of my life that I can never get back, and I'm trying to figure out how to stick the remote in my ear and scrub the memory of the movie out of my brain.

Some things just can't be sequel-ed. Should never be sequel-ed. It is a CRIME to sequel. This one tops them all.

Why?! Why won't the remote go in?!

Edited to add: Netflix buddies, if you check it out, you'll see "my $.02" - heehee.


Jan. 10th, 2006 08:46 pm
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Our Netflix account finally received some love. After having the same five movies since the last week of September, I finally watched one of them this afternoon.

Yes, folks. That's over three months now. I hadn't watched ANY Netflix movies since the week before Philip returned home. Talk about a waste of money (I know, I know). I didn't want to cancel the service - we've had it for close to three years now (anniversary is in April), but I just never did have the motivation or time to watch the movies that we had.

Man on Fire, starring Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning. Good, but more gruesome than I'd imagined.

One down, four to go. Somebody at Netflix will probably flip when they get this movie returned in the next day or so, as I'm sure they were about to write us off as having been abducted by aliens.
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Today in the mail, I received from my darling dear Netflix these lovelies:
  • Little Black Book

  • Dear Frankie

  • Hitch

I also have here at home 21 Grams and Mr. 3000. It's time to buckle down and watch some movies! I was very pleased to learn that we now have a Netflix shipping facility right here in Omaha, though. Faster movies = yay!

I watched Miss Congeniality 2 a few nights ago. I bought it a couple of months ago, having not yet seen it, but I was very pleased with it. I think it was as funny as the original, and I'm happy for Ms. Bullock in that respect (remember previous sequel failures of hers? Speed 2, anyone?). I have a few other movies that I need to watch as well:
  • Dr. Doolittle (how sad is it that I've already seen the sequel though?)

  • Club Dread

  • Dawn of the Dead

  • Meet the Fockers

  • The Muppets Take Manhattan

  • Racing Stripes

  • Radio

  • Shark Tale

  • Shrek

  • Shrek 2

  • Super Troopers

These are all movies in our DVD collection that I've not yet seen. Got to get on that soon...
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Oh, and bigbrain61 Bri??

I cried. And HOW.

Holy-sobbing-cow. :-(


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