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Mar. 2nd, 2008 11:17 am
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For Texas, that is. Today is Texas Independence Day, and I never forget to note that. :-) Also, that means it is the birthday of my cool cousin Diana!

*confetti all around*


Jul. 16th, 2007 11:41 pm
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My own HP community is still out there, though I've been extremely lax about remembering it myself.

[livejournal.com profile] 07_21_07 - if you're looking for a place for discussion without overwhelming your flist, that is. :-)

In other news, I remembered a birthday today that I'd been so worried I'd forget (again). Yay, memory!
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*clears throat*

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Zippy (hold that one out for a long time, by the way)
Happy Birthday to you!


Today is hetterrific Heather's birthday! By happy coincidence, it's also my birthday! We're looking good for 55, don't you think? ;-D
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A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one starrchld AnnieMcFranniePants! She turns a magical 25 today!

(Let's hope she doesn't kill me for divulging her age. 25 is still young, right? *wink*)
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In case anyone has been wondering, I decided not to really do my big notices for LJ birthdays for the year of 2006. I do love my friends, and I still wish you the bestest, but when I read back through my journal, it seemed like I was seeing tons and tons of rainbow text (and no, doing it plainly is not really an option I liked either). I did it for a long, long while, and I think I covered just about everyone over that time. If not, I apologize, and I send you virtual cookies (and yes, I already know your favorite flavor). And for one big send-off into the year:


I did make it to the 4:20pm showing of Goblet of Fire. There was only one other man in the theater when I arrived about fifteen minutes before, and we chatted for a bit. It was his first viewing, and he's never read the books - just watches the movies. He politely asked me if I'd seen the movies, and when I admitted that today was my sixth viewing, he gave me the full-on *boggled* stare. Heheh. Eventually, his date arrived, a high school couple came in, and a father with his young sons watched the movie as well. Total = eight people in the theater, and another $48 goes to help Harry Potter on up the charts. :-)

lilmissriss Marissa is in Chicago at this very moment, on her way to her family in Michigan. Today was a blur for her, and I'm sure she'll share details when she can. If not, I'm sure she'll let me, but I'll still let her have a little while. To stop the worrying though, I will tell you that she herself is fine.

Another of Philip's flight is now in the hospital, in the post-op room, to be exact (they just called while I was typing this up with an update). Possible appendicitis, so that guy will definitely not be working tomorrow. Philip's really been feeling the whole "chief" thing this particular break, and he'd rather not, I think (and I don't blame him). He's talked to more hospital staff than non, it seems.

I made fajitas for dinner, and I'm pleasantly stuffed now. I'm going to work on some more pictures and just chill for now, I think.
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Best wishes to you, [livejournal.com profile] fuzzytrouble! :-)

I'm in the middle of making Swirled Surprise Cookies for tomorrow's cookie exchange during our Parents at Home meeting. I've never made these before, and I hadn't planned on making them for this. I'd been planning all week on making Apple Spice Drops, but I changed my mind at the very last second and decided to maybe do both. However, the dough for these first cookies took over twice as long to get cold enough as the recipe said, so I'm running behind now, and I'm not sure I'll get to the second cookies. We'll see.

I'm making excellent headway on the moodtheme today. I've got about half of the moods pinned down now, but I'm still combing through to see if I'm missing something really great for some of the other ones. I can't wait to get this theme up and running!

*timer goes off for cookies*

Ha! I found out what the "surprise" part of the recipe is. I baked this first batch of cookies for 8 minutes, and they are perfect. The recipe calls for 15 minutes. I'd have been SURPRISED with burned cookies if I'd believed the recipe!


Dec. 13th, 2005 10:05 pm
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I am being so lazy today. In fact, I'd be willing to let someone else post for me, even.

However, if someone were to post an entry for me, they'd have to make sure to throw in the birthday wishes, like so:


I hope that you've had a marvelously fantastic day, sweetie!

And they'd have to be sure to make mention of the two new Christmas cards that arrived today, including one from [livejournal.com profile] heartrot (I was most excited to receive that one, having emailed and commented for a new addy, but fearing that the present lack of internet would hinder my efforts).

The poster would most likely shake their head when recalling the "progresses" of mine today; I've got so little to show for it, you see. The person would wonder, maybe rightly so, how I could become so wrapped up in a story that I've failed to dress myself. Or they might muse over the fact that, though I spent about three hours trimming the possibilities this morning, I've still only managed to reduce the quantity from 3000+ pictures to about 1900 - still many, MANY more than the 130 I'll have to pare down to in order to construct my new moodtheme.

Yep, it would be most helpful if someone would post an entry for me today, seeing as how I can't seem to accomplish much of anything for myself this particular Tuesday. ;-)
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Hope you both have fantastical birthdays! :-D

Today has been a fairly lazy day. The tree is up and lighted. Baby has been an absolute angel around the tree so far, but I'm still afraid to start hanging ornaments on it, as then we'll see another side of her, I fear. The decorations are still spread out over the living room floor, and I have practically zero desire to get them finished because the back door - which is the door we use to take the tubs back out to the shed - is jammed shut around the extension cords for our outside lights. Still, it must be done, because I want to scrapbook tonight, and I won't be able to do it with a mess around me. ;-)

Speaking of scrapbooking, I finished two pages yesterday. I think they turned out really well, even if the pictures involved are now bittersweet to look at. I'll put pictures up in my scrapbook journal sometime later.

We received one Christmas card in the mail today, and it was from [livejournal.com profile] desertmommy! Yay! The adorable picture of her two girls is now happily cozying up next to the snowman on the 'Card Wall.' :-)
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Have a wonderful birthday, [livejournal.com profile] ergie!

We have three Christmas cards already! starrchld Annie us one last night, and one came in the mail today from ashen_butterfly Gretchen! Yay! I'm hoping for about 75 cards this year - I love having TONS on my 'Card Wall!' :-D

The house is really quiet right now. We dropped A.J. off at 2pm for a birthday party, and we're supposed to pick him up at 4:30. He picked out a Star Wars Buzz Droid-thingy for his friend, and we also attached a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to his birthday card. He was pretty excited about being dropped off - I think this is the first time I've ever left him at a birthday party by himself. (Edit: I remember now that we dropped him off at a party back at the very end of his kindergarten year. Oops.)

I've been cleaning and decorating. I hope to be done with everything by tonight, but we'll see - the our big tree may not get ornaments on it until tomorrow after church. The boys like helping, and it'll be the last decoration to go up. I'm hoping that with this extra year of maturity, maybe Baby won't be so fascinated with the tree and ornaments this year... but I'm betting that she will be. Remember her determination last year? Yeah.
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I just returned home from my second viewing of Goblet of Fire. The theater probably only had a hundred people in it for the 1:30 showing, but I picked that one because I knew that the 3:20 would be packed with kids just out of school. I was right - I saw them all in lines as I was coming out. :-D

My impressions this time around... )

I'm still going to go back and add more to my Redux post. It'll all be in pieces, I suppose, but it'll be there. :-)


Nov. 17th, 2005 01:11 am
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Have a great day, [livejournal.com profile] kerryblaze! I bet you'll be spending the latter part of it in a line at the theater, yes? ;-)
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(And to your other-self as well, prairie_chica chica! *wink*)

In other news, I am the world's worst mom. While dropping Jack off at preschool this morning, I shut his arm in the van door. He was already out of the van, and he reached back in as I was sliding the door shut (pretty quickly, too) to grab his backpack... which I'd already grabbed for him and was holding in my other arm. He cried for a while (which was to be expected, of course), and we assessed the damage inside the school. He's got a large, already-purpling bruise just above his right elbow. Being that it's an elbow, I'm sure it hurts even worse.


All the parents walking in with their children were worried - they'd never seen Jack cry before, since he's not one of the ones to be clingy and not want to go into the classroom. And I had to explain to each one of them who asked what I had just done to his arm. Mrs. Crosgrove fixed him an ice pack, and she promised to call me if it started swelling or anything. By the time I left, he was raising up his sleeve and showing his injury to some friends at the crafts table.

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I hope you are having a wonderful day, [livejournal.com profile] angelrose! :-)

af_cop Philip and I watched Star Wars last night. Yes, I began watching it in the summer, but I didn't ever get to finish the one movie, even. So I re-watched Episode IV again last night, and the last 25 minutes or so were new to me. I think I'll wait until Philip's next night off to watch Episode V with him as well, and then we'll continue on in that pattern, finishing up the old movies before beginning with the new. He's seen them all many times over, of course, but these are all "first times" for me.

And Han Solo has quite a witty lip on him, doesn't he? ;-)

I scrapbooked this morning at the church, and I began and completed an entire page! That rarely happens, it seems. In fact, the last several weeks, I've been more sorting my photos than doing any real scrapbooking. I began laying out the stuff for my second page while I was there, but I didn't have time to actually glue any of it to the page. I'm excited about it, though - it will only be my second time to use vellum, and I'm scrapbooking our picnic-and-tulip pictures from last spring.
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Yippee! It's a birthday day! Without further ado, here goes:


Today is the day of the birth of hetterrific Heather!
My fellow dorkster! Wheeeeeee!

and, of course...


(Wow, that 'rainbow' effect is less than impressive with only two three
characters. Still, that's buttonmommy1998 me!)

And yep, Heather and I share a birthday! We're the same... except not (pssst, because she's OLDER!). Heeheehee.

I'd like to take a moment now to thank so many of you for your lovely birthday posts. I'm finding a fair few, and I want to keep note of them myself later, so here they are:

I've also spotted comments in a few places, and they make my heart swell!

I really do believe I have the bestest bunch of friends! There's nothing better than waking up to a ton of birthday messages! You are all so great! :-D

*confetti, hugs, shout-outs, kisses and more confetti*
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Wish you were here to REALLY celebrate, chick!

It's been nice and slow around here the past couple of days. We've not done a whole lot, and I've not been into a lot of socializing, really. I think all the planning and the party hubbub gave me a desire for some "me" time this week. I even canceled on the Parents at Home group this morning because I just didn't feel too chatty.

However, I feel like I'm making some real headway in my personal "to do" list in my head. For example, I bought a third tub, and now all of the Halloween decorations are stored safely in the shed for next year, while all the Thanksgiving stuff is now on display. There's quite a bit less for Turkey Day, so the house feels "cleaner" without the extra decorating clutter.

af_cop Philip was off today, so as soon as A.J. got home from school, we all headed out to Haworth Park for a few hours. We had a nice, relaxing time together and didn't leave until it started to get dark. The boys played on the merry-go-round last (I thought it was a first time for both of them, but I found out later that they'd been on one before with hetterrific Heather), and shortly after, we left. Not a good idea - although Jack had seemed perfectly fine for the last 10 minutes or so NOT on the merry-go-round, he must've gotten a touch of motion-sickness anyway. In the car on the way home, he threw up a little bit three times - just enough to make a gaggy mess of his carseat and clothes. Ick. We were stopped on the side of the road, trying to clean him up with dry tissues and to keep A.J. from barfing from the smell as well. Minutes later, of course, he was fine.

Ahhhh, our first real bout of motion-sickness. Something to write in the baby book, no? ;-)

Tonight during ER, they played Harry Nilsson's "Coconut." I love that song! Seriously, I have a CD that a friend made me, and he put that song on 5 times in a row - just for me to play in the bath! It was Jack's very favorite song as a baby, and it was the first thing he ever danced to. His first word was even "Doctor!" because of the lyrics. :-)

I've got more, but it's going to have to be in a separate entry, as I just can't push the thoughts together...
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Oh, I'm so behind... I bet you three are ready to kill me right about now! Sorry!

Here we go - belated, of course!




I'm really sorry, chickies. I'm going to have to blame it on LiveJournal disabling the portal page that I had come to rely on so heavily before making every single post. It reminded me of birthdays to the right of the entry box, and it was ever-so-handy. I'm not near as impressed with the birthdays page, as I have to remember to go there FIRST, and THEN update. And, well... you see how well I do that. :-P
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Three exciting things in this hour just after midnight, and they are:

1) a birthday
2) a Cadbury® egg
3) Pampered Chef

Yep. These are the things that make my heart go pitter-patter at this very moment. :-)


Today is a celebration of the awesome birth of dear [livejournal.com profile] kpnut! Wheeee!

In other news, I was elated to find just moments ago as I was unloading the dishwasher a miniature Cadbury® cream egg left over from Easter this year. And it was still good! (And how!) Mmmmmm. :-)

Lastly, my Pampered Chef party has now gone over and above the $400 mark, and I'm very pleased with that. I'd previously written out a list of anything and everything that I'd like out of the catalog (though I really did already have most of the catalog - I've been buying for several years now), and as it turns out, I have enough hostess rewards to get it ALL! Yay! My selections:

- Chef's Tongs
- Barbecue Tool Bag (we already have all the tools)
- Season's Best Recipe Collection (I buy one every new catalog)
- Cranberry Bar Board/Knife Set
- Butternut Bar Board/Knife Set
- Kitchen Shears
- Prep Bowl Set
- Medium Bar Pan
- Stripe & Leaf Towel Set

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Have a great day, [livejournal.com profile] sunnycowgirl (and your alter-ego, too)! :-D
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You two chicas ([livejournal.com profile] purrrplekitty and [livejournal.com profile] xellegirlx) share a super-special day: a birthday with the wonderful Hermione Granger! :-D

Today was the kick-off for this year's scrapbooking group... finally! Jack and I arrived very early to make sure that tables were set up and ready, and he helped me bring in all of my stuff in three trips. We still had almost 20 minutes until time for his preschool, and we realized about then that he'd forgotten his backpack with snack at home. We ran back home to get it, and then I decided to stop at the mini-mart across from the church to get a fountain drink. We still made it back to the preschool with about 8 minutes to spare, and I was ready to scrapbook promptly at 9am. :-)

There were five of us scrapbooking this morning. Per tradition, hetterrific Heather made it to the year's first meeting, but she probably won't be able to make it to any more (they are held during the time she works). niecer1 Janiece was there, as was Ann, and we had a newcomer - Jacquie. I delivered the devotional, and I flubbed right at the beginning, accidentally reading "Little Nove Lotes" aloud instead of the actual title, "Little Love Notes." Once I finished reading, Janiece gave our opening prayer and we set to work.

I went in having really no idea what I would be scrapbooking. I took two lunch sacks full of fairly recent pictures, and I wasn't at all sure what I would pick to do. The last time I scrapbooked I finished up my sister's wedding layouts, and it was fun to start something new entirely this time. With the exception of the journaling, I completed a two-page spread, and I was very happy with it. Not bad for me for having less than 2 hours to work with! (I'm usually a pretty slow scrapbooker.)

Heather, Jack and I then went to Earl's for lunch. It had been probably a year or so since I'd last been there, and everything was just as good as I remembered. We'd actually been on our way to Ruby Tuesday when I called her cell phone and we abruptly changed destinations. ;-)

A.J. wrote out all of his thank-you notes this evening. I need to mail two of them out but he'll be taking the rest to school. He has a field trip to the zoo on Friday this week, and he's getting really excited about that. I swear, it's amazing how much better this year has already been than last year's school year.

It's mildly time-consuming to type one-handed while eating a french bread pizza. ;-)

I talked to af_cop Philip's mom a couple of times today. She had bought the fabric and pattern and was planning to make me a pleated skirt for my Slytherin costume, but instead she found the perfect skirt at Target. She bought it for me, and I called Heather to tell her about it so that her Ravenclaw costume would match. She ran right out and got her skirt and also her white button-down shirt. I'll probably get my shirt sometime tomorrow, and I'm also going to look at bobby socks/knee highs for both of us. Heather's just about done with my robe, and I already have a Slytherin tie to borrow, so we're practically done - I'm getting so excited! I'm excited for the Halloween party, stoked about the Goblet of Fire premiere line party and downright ferret-y (you know, BOUNCY!) for our HP birthday bash! We'll be wearing our full costumes for all three events, and it's so hard waiting! Heather's mom is flying in for Halloween, and she's going to dress up as Professor Minerva McGonagall - so cute! Janiece is coming as Professor Sibyll Trelawney, and she's already been checking out all the crazy wigs and floofy shawls - yep, she's been sucked in BIG time! ;-)


Sep. 18th, 2005 10:38 pm
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I'm so sorry I didn't get this out in a post yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] dottey! I remembered it all day, but I just wasn't up for making a post last night after work. I do hope it was a great day for you, and I really enjoyed seeing the baby pics. ;-)



Happy bee-day to my dear [livejournal.com profile] welfy! I sincerely hope that there are 1000 new pictures to show from today's celebration of another year. :-)

and, last but not least...


Today af_cop my sweetie turned 26 years old! (I know, I know -- he's practically "robbin' the cradle now" - heehee.) We'll have to celebrate properly when he gets home, but it may just be a party for two! *naughty wink*

Whew. That was a lot of birthdays for one post. I'm not finished yet with the birthday-ness from today, but I'll save the rest for a new post. :-)


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