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Anyone here still think of me as "buttonmommy" (with or without the "1998" part, haha) in their head? It's been so long, but I remember back when I first changed it (March 2006!) that so many swore I would always be "buttonmommy." :-D
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So I'm guessing that LiveJournal didn't finish all their scheduled maintenance a day or so ago, as I read above me that there is another blackout scheduled later today now.

By the way, I immediately amused that LiveJournal's auto-spelling correction doesn't find "LiveJournal" to be a word. Hehehe.

I have been so, so, so busy. Gosh, I swear that "busy" just doesn't even feel like it can cover it. I've been here and there, running all the time. I'm so behind on so many things, and I've even now returned to regular day planners. Even though I had 900 other things I should have done today, I spent my first "break day" off in a long while combing through my email and correspondence, answering many, many folks on things that should've been done days/weeks ago. I also filed tons of paperwork, as well as shredded two tons more. I'm catching up, and I feel better about facing the rest of the impending holiday schedule at this point.

I've gotten a few invitations recently that are super-exciting, but I need to wait to share the news. In addition, I'm sitting on the cusp of something HUGE, but again, I can't share just yet. These things have been consuming lots of my time, but they are wonderful, positive things.

Sometimes it's hard to get back to my usual day-to-day ramblings, and I miss that. I feel like everything I really need to post lately is a big thing. Even moreso, I feel that my journal has turned a bit more inward than before. For years, this journal has been about me, but even moreso about my family and my boys. Recently, it's been almost entirely about me, and there are so many, many things about the boys I want to share. However, those are always the things which involve tons of not-yet processed pictures, so then those posts go on the back burners. Still, I suppose it stands to reason that, as the boys become older and more independent, I am finding a life of my own in those "free" hours, right? And that new life is what is being chronicled here now.

Still on me, I went to the OB/GYN this week for the follow-up from last week's urology visit. I have no more answers, just lots more things to watch at this point. Hopefully, we'll know more after the bladder biopsy this coming Thursday. My friends are kindly nagging me, making sure I get the surgery scheduled in a timely fashion, but... there are so many cookies to make before Christmas! I promise, though, it will be done soonly.

I'm going to get my North Dakota driver's license tomorrow. Philip and I went on Wednesday, but I didn't think to take a certified copy of my birth certificate with me, so I need to go back. Mine expires on Saturday, but I did learn that I have a full year's grace period before I would need to take another written/driving test for a new license. Still, I want to get it taken care of tomorrow, so that's my plan.
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On Thursday, I received an interesting cookie order possibility, and I set my mind to Creative Mode. I took a clipboard, paper, and a pen, and I sat on my front stoop outside for an hour or so while I sketched some designs. That same night, I refreshed my friends' list, only to have my jaw hit the floor! THAT was a fiasco late last week, for sure.

If you're not on Facebook with me, you probably don't know the story. A gal who had been on my friends' list for just over a month "created" some cookies using my designs. She posted them to her personal journal [which, of course, I see on my flist], and then cross-posted to several communities [which also popped up on my flist]. She gave no credit whatsoever for the design ideas, despite my pointing out another post of hers earlier in the week where she was copying another baker! THEN, when confronted on it, she "apologized" and claimed she didn't know they were my cookies, and that she had just found them through Google or Flickr. Riiiiiiigghht. [This is while she was an active reader/commenter of my journal through the previous month - the same period both of the original designs had been posted.] My friends stepped up in my defense, and she finally deleted all posts. However, she then began screening cookie-related posts in her own journal, rather than just unfriend me. I'm sure it best served her purpose to continue stealing ideas, though. I refused to play that game, so I just deleted her that evening.

She also added, "I'm sorry I found your photos online and thought they were worthy of my efforts." The real truth, however, is that she practically butchered my designs. For comparison, if you are interested:

my frog & boy (designed specifically for [ profile] _stacy)

my trains (quickies for my neighbor's 2-year-old)

Those are definitely HER pictures, by the way. (And they're locked to friends-only in my LJ.) I don't want anyone to think I'm denying her credit. *wink*

And that's the story. If you're not on my Facebook, however, go ahead and add me!

So, I baked some this weekend. I made a couple batches of cookies for two different orders, but I hesitate to show them off here again. Will they be straight-up copied without credit again? *sigh*

I'll keep my stuff public because it has really helped as far as getting a cookie business going. Plus, I like things public just like the other 99% of my journal. Since I can't stop the "Sally Stealers" of the world (thanks, [ profile] posthaste), I'll just have to take the advice of a good friend: "Always be the innovator and stay one step ahead in the game. Then they just look like a cheap knock off."

Now I just need for the folks I mailed cookies to today to receive them so I can post! :-)
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Happy Birthday to my LiveJournal! *throws confetti*

My LJ is now fully eight years old. I can't even believe it. My goodness, so much has happened and changed in that length of time. When I think of all the stories in here, I become nostalgic and misty-eyed.

When I started this journal, my boys looked like this:

This entry was from the 25th (three more days), but it mentions the playing outside in the yard that is pictured above. It also mentions my meeting Heather! It's insane sometimes to remember that there was a time she wasn't part of my life - it feels like she's always been around.

In addition, I noticed that I mentioned decorating for Halloween in that entry. Too funny, since I just did that yesterday! Here's a picture from that year's trip to the pumpkin patch:

For those that have been around for years and years, Jack has almost completely "grown up" on LiveJournal. He was just 13.5 months old when I began writing, and A.J. was just over 4 years old. Now, however, the years have flown by, and the boys looked like this just yesterday:

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Several of you may have already seen this, but for those that have not, it's my pleasure to point you to the new information:

So... after 10,000 comments (with a resounding NO!), they have listened. There. Go forth and feel safe once again. :-)
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You know what is important to me? Writing in my LiveJournal. It's cathartic and healing, nostalgic and nurturing. I feel better after each update, and I miss the days when I don't make time for journaling. After almost eight years, it's become second nature to me. In fact, I was a paper journaler and letter-writer long before LJ, and I think that getting things "out" is essential for my well-being.

I've been thinking about this for a few days. I've been so busy since summer vacation hit, and things have gotten more crazy as I begin to prepare for visitors and vacations. At the end of each day, I consider writing an entry, but instead, I fall exhausted into bed or I play a few mindless games online before crashing into my pillow.

But what is it that I will miss, years from now? I hardly believe that I will wish I had played more online games of MahJonng or Minesweeper. I will not long for the days of blog-hopping to look for pretty pictures or recipes. No, it's the loss of my journaling I will mourn, the untold stories of our lives. The tidbits and snippets, mementos and musings. I will wish that I had taken the time to write more details of the life we lived. It's a great resource to have, to look back on, and I can't number the times I've used it to recall certain details.

I miss the LJ community that has drifted elsewhere online, and I've been at fault in that as well. But this is where my heart is, and it's home to me.
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Why are so many V-gifts showing right now? Usually my profile just shows the ones that are current, but I noticed yesterday that it's now showing several older gifts as well. At first, I thought it must've changed to show all gifts, but there are 10 showing, and I've received 21 altogether. I don't recall a setting window popping up and asking me anything, so I'm thoroughly confused as to the change...?

I laughed at the recent gift of 'Squirrel Love' from [ profile] 1grl_revolution. Crystal, were you thinking of my squirrel porn, perhaps? *wink*
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I write the best entries in my head after I lay down to sleep. They're clever and witty, long and detailed. If there were awards for blogging, they'd be on the bestsellers list!

Sadly, I never remember them the next day. The handiest thing I can dream up would be a mind-to-journal application. Who's with me? :-)
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So, LJ had a security breach last night. I was among the affected journals, and I had noticed it last night, but attributed it to something else entirely.

I have fixed the maliciousness this morning, but I urge all of you to check out your own journals as well.


Apr. 12th, 2009 07:39 pm
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I just checked my "Messages" here on the site, and I've got a bunch of missed comments and actual messages. I don't know why they're not being sent to me right now. Also, I have checked around in a few journals and found that some of you have replied to me in your own posts, but I didn't know that either.

I'm sorry if we're having a conversation and I'm not aware of it! I beg amnesty. *bats eyes*

Also, [ profile] dottey and [ profile] kechara? !!! Yes, OMG, let's find a way to get together! I just "found" your comment (argh, AGAIN), and I would love to meet up! I figure it's best to post it here, rather than to rely on you getting your comments, either. Email me if you want to have a better convo. ;-)


Apr. 6th, 2009 04:22 pm
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I don't exactly know what to say/put here.I know that I appreciate knowing when a flist cut is happening, so I figure many of you are the same.

I've just done a cut. I've not done one in a long, long while now, and my flist had already grown past "manageable" for me. I wasn't giving proper time and attention to so many friends, and I would skim entries. Then I would feel really bad for skimming entries, and then I'd feel bad about feeling bad in my own journal... *sigh*

My journal was locked for a time, but it has been mostly public for a while again now. I really hope there are no hard feelings, but please understand: this is something I'm doing for me. I'm pulling back in a bit, so that I can fully focus on forming relationships again - and not on "keeping up."

I wish everyone well, and I'll still be around here. I'm also on FaceBook frequently, and I don't plan to change anything over there. :-)
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I have... *checks* ... 970 comments that I need to reply to in my own journal. That's "nevermind"-ing all those that need responding else where all over the LJ world.

Just in my.own.journal.

*waves white flag*
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I passed my sixth LJ anniversary in September, but it was such a busy, busy month. I only just now - months later - realized that I hadn't done comment stats in a looooooong time.

But before we get to that, here are some other fun statistics:

Account Type: Permanent Account
Date created: 2002-09-22 14:59:42
Date updated: 2009-01-11 16:01:32, (now)
Journal entries: 3803
Support points: 31
Comments: Posted: 31,475 - Received: 42,212

And onto the goods: comment stat results [up-to-date, as of this minute] )


Oct. 5th, 2008 04:41 pm
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I'm so busy lately, and I keep meaning to update, but then have no time to do so. As a result, here are some bullets of the going-ons in my life as of late:

  • Runza was burglarized on Friday, the 26th. No one was at the store at the time (it as early morning - about 6am), so we were all safe.

  • But it's an "inside job," as someone used a key and also was able to open the safe to empty the contents (and said safe has a pretty complex code).

  • This is causing me GREAT unease. I clearly don't know someone as well as I thought I did - whether it is one of us four current staff with such access (including myself), or one of the two staff who left in the last couple months (both of whom I consider to be friends).

  • The fingerprint dust from the detectives all over the office caused me to have several freak-outs. Too much of a trigger from the other robberies. *sigh*

  • Because of the burglary, we have been piecing the store back together in the past week. I have worked a lot of hours. A LOT. And this past week contained the "end of month" stuff for my monthly bookkeeping role anyway. It has been a really heavy week.

  • Next week looks to be about the same for the first three days. The four of us are also now required to travel to Lincoln, to the Runza National office, to be interviewed individually by a theft committee.

  • We're still waiting to hear the final word on taking polygraphs. We were told originally that we would need to, we all agreed to do so, and then they decided, "No, not just yet. Let's do the committee meetings first."

  • I received a lovely, super-duper surprise from [ profile] mostcurious! She knitted me my very own, PoA-style Slytherin scarf! I don't have pics to share yet, though. :-/

  • I got my hair cut on Friday night after work. I told the gal to do what she wanted, and it is VERY different! Again, no pics yet.

  • The boys' school pictures came in, and they are both good. A.J.'s pic is PHENOMENAL, in fact. I was very pleased, and I've been working on getting them mailed out.

  • I took family portraits for a friend visiting from Florida on very short notice, and she LOVES them. I'm very happy, and you can see those HERE, if you're interested. I still need to burn her a CD of the images and mail it to her...

  • Today is my little godson's birthday! Only he's not so little anymore - he's now TWO! Happy Birthday, Douglas!

  • It is OCTOBER already. How did that happen?! Seriously, Jack will have been 7 for two months already next week, and A.J.'s been 10 almost as long. That is insane! My little (not so much!) guys haven't yet decided on costumes for this year, though we keep looking...

  • I still need to get Halloween decorations up. Jack has been begging to put them up this year (I didn't decorate last year at all, as October was a difficult time), and I was just too darn busy this week. I'm hoping to get to it before...

  • [ profile] bigbrain61 comes to visit on Wednesday! Dude, I'm so stoked! I've known him online for about 5.5 years now, and we'll finally get to meet in person! He'll be here from Wednesday evening to early Friday afternoon - I can't wait!

  • Speaking of online friends, I passed my 6th LiveJournal anniversary on 09/22. Can you believe that? Craziness! Thanks to all of you who've made this such a great place for so many, many years. *hug*

  • Aaaaannnnnd, in BIGGER news, Philip and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on 9/12. We marked the occasion by renewing our vows, and a handful of very close friends celebrated with us at our church. There were tears, of course, but for the first time in about a year, they were really HAPPY tears! Heather took a few pics for me, but I don't have them up yet, either...

  • Also in the works, Philip and I are headed to Colorado in January for a ski trip! We will be gone for five days, and it will be only the second time we've ever been alone in our entire marriage (the first was for one night last December while we were in West Virginia). We've already paid our deposits, and we're really looking forward to it. Philip will be skiing and snowboarding, and I plan to veg out in the beautiful scenery with my camera, some tatting, and good hot cocoas. We'll spend our evenings in the condo with another couple, making homemade meals and chatting and playing games - I'm so excited!

I'm sure there's so much more I need to update about, but I've got to get moving and push some more laundry through. I've got leaves to rake in the backyard, laundry to put away, dinner to fix, and a mandatory full-staff employee meeting tonight to attend as well. Go, go, go - that's me!
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For over a year, the title of my journal was "The Real Thing." I chose this title back when I implemented my own Coca-Cola themed layout, and it was a perfect fit. Eventually, I switched over to a new layout (back this fall, I think?), but I never changed the title.

Until last night. Just before bed, I renamed my journal, "A mess of a dreamer." It's fitting in so many ways, just as "The Real Thing" was so perfect for so long.


Jan. 25th, 2008 11:45 pm
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Wow. Since I last looked, there are a TON of new LiveJournal V-Gifts. And some of them are so frickin' cute! Go here to see all of 'em.

I also think it's neat that they've organized the gifts into categories, and that they now offer all of the gifts all year long. Who says you only want to send a leprechaun to a pal in March? Pffft!
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LiveJournal is running at 1/100th the speed that it was even just 45 minutes ago. I'm sure this actually has everything to do with the announcement of Heath Ledger's death. We're all wanting to get the word out, and we're all absolutely shocked at the news.

So young. So beautiful. So much life left ahead for him and his young daughter.

So very, very sad.

I've been surprised to see about a dozen people on my flist now post the news using the same link I supplied earlier. I'll bet we're all refreshing that link often, too.
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if LiveJournal is ever going to send me my comments again? This is freakin' ridiculous.
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I feel guilty and horrible, yet stuck. I can't devote the time I need for everyone, and I have to pull the reins back in somewhere. I'm turning into a shell, and that's not fair to anyone.

My journal will remain most entirely public - feel free to read if you like. I can't keep up, however, and I beg for amnesty as I tell you honestly here: I need to cut back. Thank you for what you've allowed me to be a part of, and for what you have given to me.

If you've wanted to drop me for a while, now is the time to do so. I promise I won't be upset. We've just grown apart, or we never knew each other well - it doesn't matter.

Please understand. None of this is about you - it is about me.

'Fess up.

Aug. 17th, 2007 11:19 pm
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Alright. Who wrote the longest entry on your flist today? Was it me?

Sorry 'bout that, but I get very word-y sometimes. Especially when I am trying to get the details in. At least I put most of it behind a cut, right?

For the record, the Ministry supports brevity. "Stick it to da Man!" - that's what I say, and why I write like I do.



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