Jul. 15th, 2008 02:47 pm
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Do you know anyone currently deployed? We've got a phone card here with 200+ minutes on it, but it will expire in about five months or so. We have unlimited long distance, so we don't need it.
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1. "Aren't you afraid that he'll be killed?"
(This one ranks in at number one on the "duh" list. Of course we're afraid. We're terrified. The thought always lingers at the backs of our minds - but thanks, Brilliant, you just brought it back to the front. Maybe next you can go ask someone with cancer if they're scared of dying.)

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It's been a few days now, but Philip is indeed home. :-)

He didn't arrive as anticipated on Saturday, and even in coming on Sunday, things went awry. Online, his flight showed to be arriving a bit early, at 12:42pm (for a 1pm arrival), but as things turned out, we waited forever at the gates. Finally I went to check the screen again, and his flight had been delayed until about 2pm. Since his group had been re-routed from the original flight on Saturday night, they all flew into Omaha at different times on Sunday, and Philip was the only one on that particular flight.

He's coming at us, walking up the gate ramps, and I say to the boys, "There he is! Go get him!" They look for a tiny bit and say, "Where?" "Right there, guys!" "Where, Mom?" "Behind that man in a blue shirt. He's wearing his uniform." They both searched the floor and ceiling intently, somehow missing the ONLY person in uniform walking straight toward them until the last second, when, "Oh! THERE he is!"

And then we were all group-hugging. We were still hugging him when an elderly lady cut into our hug to pat him on the arm and say, "Good man." She was very nice, and Philip nodded his head at her words, but that is exactly the kind of attention that he doesn't like to draw. He'd been pretty upset when his commander had ordered the team to fly back in uniform, rather than "blend" in civilian clothes.

Oh, but he looked awful SEXY coming off that plane. ;-)

And since the time he arrived home, we've just been enjoying our time. He's had to do some things at the squadron, of course, and his leave should start today (yes, Wednesday, as strange as that is). I don't know yet how many days of leave he will have, either. But we kept the boys out of school on Monday so that we could spend another day together (having only had less than half a day on Sunday), and it was a laid-back, rainy sort of day. We went out to a park later in the afternoon one day, and we've just taken things in stride.

I do have pictures, but I've barely been on the computer. I'm not sure when they might surface online. *shrugs*

Edited to add: As it turns out, I put up a few pictures just now. :-)

Gathering up Daddy's luggage.

More pictures. )

I'm not sure what today holds, but it is an important day. September 12th is our wedding anniversary, and Philip and I have now been married for nine years. We decided to celebrate with a movie and dinner on Friday evening, rather than today, to make things a bit easier for our baby-sitter. And we both want to see several movies playing right now, so we haven't yet decided which one we're viewing, but I'm pretty sure that all of them are popular enough that we won't be left as the only couple in the theater this time. ;-)
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New Sheet Night just isn't any fun all by yourself.

And I wanted to drown my sorrows in pie. IHOP was all out of pie - every single kind. I almost cried. (Again.)

I haven't yet heard new travel plans for tomorrow. In fact, I've not yet heard from Philip, and I'm afraid he may have just crashed from exhaustion before reaching me.

I'm so bummed.
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He's not going to make it today/tonight. His flight *just* arrived in Baltimore from London (over an hour and a half delayed), and he won't make his flight to Minneapolis after the group gets through Customs (leaves in 30 minutes). And without that flight to MN, he won't make it here tonight.

They're already booking hotel rooms, so it's a done deal. Not until sometime tomorrow now.


I know it's only one more day. I know this. And really, when it's been 193 days already, what's one more? But I'm so, so, so sad right now. I feel really pitiful for crying, but I can't make myself stop.

Thank God I didn't tell the boys yet. Philip was going to tell them when he called after he arrived in Baltimore, but since he just called with different news, he wanted me to wait until tomorrow when they wake up.

So I'm sad all alone, too. I don't want the boys upset, but it's hard to hide tears, and it's even harder to hide tears when I can't explain to them why I'm upset.


Not. On.

Sep. 7th, 2007 03:58 pm
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Not. On.

I just paper cut my primary tatting finger while opening the mail (which was a package containing a new tatting book, as the Gods of Irony poured out laughter upon me). I now have it all bandaged up, and I'm hoping the Neosporin works wonders in the next few hours.

Philip is coming home tomorrow, and I'm excited beyond belief! Even though all that excitement is very much happy, my stomach still ties up in jittery knots.

How can I tat away my knots (HO-HO, *KNEE SLAP*) of stress if my tatting finger is cut?!

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Thoughts of Philip's homecoming are completely consuming me right now. I keep thinking about how he'll be here in just a few more days. Just five more sleeps!

It's hard to concentrate fully on anything else right now, as my thoughts just keep straying. My honey is coming home!

One week!

Sep. 1st, 2007 09:05 pm
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At this time in just one week, the boys and I will be jumping up and down with glee, ready to welcome Philip home in just a few more hours!



Edited to add: In other, more unfortunate news, the boys are both down with nasty summer colds. Jack brought the cold home from his kindergarten class (his teacher said practically everyone had caught it), and he "shared" it with A.J. Now I've had the sniffles for hours, and it is really not a good time to be getting sick!
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My mind is going a million miles a minute lately, and what am I doing? Trying my hardest to get through the backlog of Parenting and Reader's Digest magazines collected in a basket atop my toilet. Why? Because I don't want Philip to know that I never read anything while he was gone.


A-yup. That's the stupidity of my being. And were he to find out, would he even care about such a silly thing?

Heck no.

But it's bugging me that he *might* think it, and therefore each of my potty breaks is now turning into a "30-minute-let's-recreate-the-bulls-eye-on-my-butt-with-a-bright-red-ring" event. However, I *am* making progress. In the last three days, I've read through and now tossed two Digests and two Parentings. Only one and seven more to go, respectively.

If you need me, you'll find me on the throne.


Aug. 18th, 2007 12:49 am
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*locked for REALLY GOOD REASON - please keep it to yourself, but...*

23:22 - 08 Sep 2007

*cries happy*

Fo' realz.

Jul. 3rd, 2007 10:38 pm
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I don't know what I want here, but I know that I *need* something from this page!
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I know I was complaining yesterday about the lack of hotter weather in June (and yes, I'm sure I'll be eating those words at some point this summer). Even so, I really have no right to complain at all.

It's not even the hottest part of summer yet, but here's a glimpse at the local forecast where Philip is stationed:

(** Red indicates the forecasted HIGH temperature for the day, while Blue indicates the LOW temperature for the evening. All temps are in Fahrenheit degrees.)

Monday, June 25: 113° / 85° - CLEAR
Tuesday, June 26: 112° / 84° - CLEAR
Wednesday, June 27: 111° / 86° - CLEAR
Thursday, June 28: 113° / 86° - CLEAR
Friday, June 29: 115° / 85° - CLEAR
Saturday, June 30: 115° / 86° - CLEAR
Sunday, July 1: 117° / 90° - CLEAR
Monday, July 2: 106° / no data - CLEAR

Philip says there are some days where haze is forecasted, but there's not any in his upcoming week. That's about the extent of change he sees - there's never any rain. He said the last rainfall they had was some sprinkles the first week of May, and even that was highly unusual. When he was in Iraq in 2005, the last rainfall he saw was in March.

Screencap of last week's weather he sent me. )

I can't even fathom.
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The boys each made special gifts for Philip in summer school this year. That was a neat thing in itself, as they always make some kind of gift for me for Mother's Day, but school is already out of session by the time Dad's Day rolls around.

And both of them were very gung-ho about mailing Dad his gifts, but since they only brought the presents home on Friday, I knew they wouldn't make it in time. Plus, Jack's gift is breakable, and how would Philip get that back home in one piece?

So we decided to take pictures of the gifts and email them to Dad instead. And he'll get to see them in person when he returns home, and it will be a belated-but-still-very-joyful Father's Day moment then. :-)

Pictures of the gifts. )
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Well... kinda. In a way, I guess.

Philip has sent me some pictures, and he doesn't mind if I share. :-)

A Shift. (He's second from the right, in case you weren't sure.)

Eight more. )

Philip was quick to explain to me on the phone that none of the guys were firing too seriously, and you can tell by checking out their stances. They were messing around, done with the "real" firing stuff already.

Um, hi? I'd rather not be around extra bullets just for fun, mmkay? Thanks.
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Though just a smidge over halfway, at best. We still don't know a date, but we're hoping for good things.

But Philip has been gone 106 days now. I'm having a rough week, I think, as I've teared up repeatedly over the most stupid things in the past couple of days. Nothing big - just... well, stupid stuff.

There are some who think I'm heartless because I don't spend all my days, every day, crying my eyes out and moping around. Truly, those same people have never been a military wife. Had they been, the realization would come that it takes days of having a hard "outer shell" just to get by.

Even so, the best shells can still start to crack.

Though it's probably true that I'm heartless, too. Honestly, my heart is across the ocean, in a war zone and in harm's way. There's no more 'less' than that I could be right now.

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My lawn service is the bombdiggity. They are all the nicest guys ever, always ready with friendly smiles and funny jokes. And they do a fantastic job on the grass, too. :-)

A snippet.

Apr. 26th, 2007 10:41 pm
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Here's a taste of what it can be like on my end. For, you know, posterity and the like.

After not having a phone call from Philip in 3-4 days, I emailed him that I really hoped he'd be able to call sometime tonight. We email at least once a day, yes, but after a few days, it's nice just to hear his real voice again.

So the following conversation ensues through email:

Me: (10:02pm, my time) er is over (meaning that it's a perfect time to call now)
Him: (7:03am, his time) Ok well I am in the middle of an attack right now so I'll call when it is over
Me: (10:07pm) attack?! what does that mean? are you ok?!
Him: (7:13am) I am fine don't worry. A rocket entered the base and we are dipatching patrols to find it. Again don't worry

In case it's not clear, there were six minutes of near-hysteria in there. I add the "near" because I was able to rationalize with myself that if it were really something bad, he wouldn't have been able to send me the message in the first place. But still. Attack? Not a word I like to hear from my hubby. And the explanation later? "A rocket entered the base"?

Not much better!

But I talked to him for about two minutes a bit ago, and he assured me that things were fine... until he abruptly had to go because something was starting to happen once again. And now I sit here and wait for him to call back.


He's okay - I'm sure of that. (Or at least, I keep telling myself that I'm sure of that. I can't argue the semantics, or I'll go nuts.) So I just wait.
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I'm feeling overwhelmed.

There's car stuff. I'll be back at the service center for the third Saturday in a row tomorrow morning (the wait was 3+ hours two weeks ago, and then another 5 hours last week). And the stuff from last week already broke again.

There's Easter stuff, and I've done nothing to prepare for it yet. (Literally. I've not even gotten the Easter decorations and eggs out of the shed yet - yikes!)

I finally remembered to pull the turkey out to thaw this evening. Luckily, it's a very small breast (for just the three of us), so it should be fine by Sunday to cook.

I need to hardboil eggs so that we can color them. That's on the agenda for tomorrow afternoon (the coloring, that is).

I don't know exactly when we're hunting eggs on Sunday. And the boys' Easter outfits are not appropriate for this stupid cold snap weather we're having again. They're going to be chilly, or they're going to be completely covered up, with none of their Easter outfits showing.

I don't even know what *I* am wearing. I'd not thought about it until just this very second.

I'm tatting something that's probably much too hard for me. That's how I do things, though: always taking on something that's too difficult. But now I've got to see it through, though I've been scratching my head a lot in the process. I do feel like I'm learning it well in the process, and I suppose that's something.

And Philip and I are not getting to talk much anymore. He was switched to a day shift over there, and the change makes it nearly impossible for him to call us while we're awake now. I shouldn't complain, actually, as the communication this time around is still vastly improved from the last time, but... still. It bites the big one.

On a positive note, all the envelopes are stuffed and address, ready to go. Well, except for one, but I'm waiting on the address for that last one. (Edited to add: Nevermind. Yahoo! People Search to the rescue. I got skillz. *flex*)
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It stinks that when I have a really bad headache (stupid fast-changing weather - grrr), I can't just roll over and nicely beg Philip to take A.J. to school instead. I have to drag my sorry self out of the warm bed anyway, pop some ibuprofen, wrap Jack in a warm blanket and head off to A.J.'s school. Luckily, A.J. had already dressed, eaten breakfast and fed the kitties before the rest of us woke up.

And though this isn't news to anyone who knows me, I don't like driving. I will really choose not to drive, if given the choice. I've not taken any long trips yet since Philip's gone (just two drives to the car dealership, and that's longer than my usual round-the-town driving), but I'm feeling DONE with driving. I just don't like it. I want to just hermit up in my house. If any of us really need to go somewhere, I'm thinking it would be more enjoyable to strap onto a people-launcher in the backyard, point in the right direction and fling.


Thirty-four days and counting.
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Good: Daily emails from Philip - sometimes a couple each day.
Sad: Philip's been gone for one month today.

Good: Jack's pinkeye seems to be much better.
Bad: A.J.'s got it now.

Good: Exciting HP news released today.
Bad: Still having to wait 114 days until the book is in my hands.

Good: I have everything I need to make tonight's dinner (gravy patties n' fixin's)
Bad: I want chicken tacos instead.

Good: I've finished two more bookmarks.
Bad: I don't have the appropriate cotton to start the project I *really* want to.


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