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Wanna see my Halloween lanterns? You do, I know. :-)

Halloween Lanterns.

I got the idea from last month's issue of Country Living, and I saved the page. Over the summer, my parents brought us a ton of their home-canned green beans and tomatoes, and I'd been dutifully saving the jars with no purpose in mind (but they don't recycle here, and I couldn't bring myself to toss them in the trash). Eureka!

I contacted my fave crafty queen [ profile] katielovesmatt and asked what she uses for decoupage in her creations. She tipped me to Modge Podge®, and that's what I used on the jars, along with several colors of tissue paper, some ribbon and hot glue, and decorations that I cut from construction paper.

I had the supplies spread over my dining room table one night when my neighbor Valeen stopped by. She asked what the mess was for (only more politely!), and I explained the craft I was about to attempt, offering her some jars to make her own. She stayed, and we worked for a few hours, watching Case 39 while we crafted. The results were so fun!

Two more pictures. )

Halloween Lanterns.
My Frankenstein and Candy Corn lanterns.
(I used a one of Philip's foam ear plugs for gun firings for Frank's bolts,
as well as a small strip of curling ribbon for his scar.)

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Friday was a whirlwind of school, running errands, and then A.J.'s parade in town for marching band. I already posted about that, but I have so much to post from the rest of the weekend!

Saturday was crazy-busy cleaning day. We all cleaned together, each of us doing certain chores. We rewarded ourselves with a lovely, planned playdate that afternoon with friends and a very special snack: Banana Crunch Muffins, Peanut Butter Banana Bites, and Harry Potter's Butterbeer!

*geeks out*

Oh, it was all so, SO good. The kids were smacking their lips, and we were all on a sugar high - fantastic! The kids continued to play together for a few hours, and then A.J. received an impromptu birthday sleepover invitation for another friend. He left for that, while Philip and Jack went shooting with one of Philip's buddies from work. Jack came home with some shells and the things he'd blown up, and there were tales of the evening. I had made a yummy roast, and we had a cozy dinner with Philip's friend staying for supper.

On Sunday, we woke bright and early and drove down to Bismarck to visit the pumpkin patch. There's a couple small patches more local, but this one was rumored to be the largest around the west side of North Dakota. We were not disappointed! It was super-cheap to get in, and we all had a good time. Even after Jack "broke his butt," we kept on having fun. (That's a story in itself!) We played in the autumn spectacles, had lunch, played some more, had a snack of cookies and cocoa, then picked our pumpkins and headed home. That night, we had a warm beef stew waiting for us from Saturday night's delicious roast - yum!

Yesterday practically continued the weekend, I swear. With the exception of the boys heading to school, it still felt like it to me! Since we had already visited the pumpkin patch, I was in the mood to get full-on decorated for fall. Philip brought in all the bins from the storage room in the garage, and I busied myself putting up my fall pretties while waiting on the maintenance man to come fix my oven. It was such a treat to unpack everything - it had been two years since I last decorated for fall and Halloween (last year, we were moving, so we didn't decorate in that last month). I baked up a batch of cookies for a special order, and by 10:30am, I was STARVING. I think I inhaled my BLT for lunch while Philip played his new birthday video game. Heehee!

When the boys came home, they were amazed to see the transformation inside and outside the house. I had hung lights and put decorations in the yard - it was all complete. It was so fun to turn on my Halloween lights last night and feel really festive. Since it wasn't a "soccer night," I took the boys into town to a beautiful park and took some fall portraits of them. I'll work on them soon. :-)

Today, I finished up the pictures from that sweet, newborn baby boy I photographed last week. His mama was overjoyed with all of them, and I couldn't be happier! I burned a Raspberry-Vanilla three-wick candle on the table most of the day, and I watched Ginny (the cat) nearly try to light herself on fire when she tried to make sense of the dancing flame! I made fried chicken for dinner, and then after the boys went to bed, I settled in and watched the season premiere of GLEE. I saved this week's episode of Parenthood to watch while Philip is off these next two nights.

We're having dinner guests tomorrow night, and I think the day will be fairly busy, too. I need to head to the commissary, as well as prep something for dessert for them. My friend Valeen's husband is deploying to Guam for six months, and we wanted to have a farewell dinner with them before he leaves. Wednesday was the best bet since Jack has another soccer game on Thursday. He's in charge of snacks this week too, so I'll finish those up tomorrow as well.

I have literally TONS of pictures that need to be posted from this weekend. I'll never catch up!


Apr. 2nd, 2010 02:17 am
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Sheesh, but I was really behind this fall, wasn't I?! I mean, yes, I was preparing for a big move and all, but... still!

I swear that brownies aren't the only thing I made this autumn. It just somehow seems that I failed on posting any pictures of them. *shrugs*

But aren't these just the CUTEST brownies ever?!

Ghost Brownies.

My older sister had sent me some nifty ghost-shaped liners eons ago, and I always "re-found" them in my baking cupboards conveniently after Halloween. Not so this year! This time I was on the ball, yo! (Well, except for that whole posting side of the ball, but we'll pretend that there are instead two different balls to be on, right?)

... Um, that sounded a bit naughty. But you know what I meant! :-P


What happens when brownies kiss? )
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For the first time ever, my little guys are trick-or-treating without me. Such big boys now! (Don't worry, Philip is following closely behind them on the sidewalk, though.)

I've got to head into work in about an hour. Part of being the bookkeeper is certified end-of-month stuff, and unfortunately, that means today... even though it is Halloween. Ah, well. I know that mine are now old enough to get through the scares and giggles, and that they'll have a great time. I took pics to send them off, though (they'll probably never be too old for me to stop doing that!).

Tricksters 2008

A few more. )

Hope all of you are having a fun and spooky Halloween. I can't wait to read all about it and see your pictures! :-)
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The new Panic CD is very Beatles-esque. I have plans to attend a concert next weekend in Lincoln. It's at the Pershing Center, and it is the "RockBand Live Tour," featuring Panic! At the Disco, Dashboard Confessional, Plain White T's, and The Cab. I'm stoked!

Today is Jack's last soccer game of the fall season. It is also the last time he will play in this league. Go Jade Green Dragons! It's still kinda bittersweet, though. We will be attending the picnic after his game this afternoon for all the teams. There is a trophy presentation, and I need to bring a dessert on behalf of our team.

Philip and I went on a date night to Scary Acres last night. I don't remember if I ever wrote about it last year (and I'm too lazy to check!), but it was a great time. In fact, though we went on a busier night (Saturday vs. Friday), the weather was so much more wonderful. Last year, we were FREEZING, and this year, the weather was just perfect in a t-shirt and jeans. Oh, and Philip even jumped in the last part of the last event - a guy with a chainsaw came running at him inside the 'House on the Hill,' and that tickled me greatly. He NEVER gets scared when stuff jumps out at him!

I took crappy cell phone pics, but who knows if they'll ever show up here. Also, Philip bought me a Sierra Mist® Cranberry Splash™ and a Snickers® (too warm for hot chocolate, really), and it was yummy. :-)

I still haven't decorated for Halloween. FAIL.

I'm really wanting to make popcorn balls. This need has been brewing for a couple weeks, but I'm gonna have to do it soon. I *need* a popcorn ball. Also, I bought a chocolate cookie haunted house kit for the boys and I to make together some afternoon. I've never made one of those house kits before, but it should be fun, right?


Oct. 5th, 2008 04:41 pm
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I'm so busy lately, and I keep meaning to update, but then have no time to do so. As a result, here are some bullets of the going-ons in my life as of late:

  • Runza was burglarized on Friday, the 26th. No one was at the store at the time (it as early morning - about 6am), so we were all safe.

  • But it's an "inside job," as someone used a key and also was able to open the safe to empty the contents (and said safe has a pretty complex code).

  • This is causing me GREAT unease. I clearly don't know someone as well as I thought I did - whether it is one of us four current staff with such access (including myself), or one of the two staff who left in the last couple months (both of whom I consider to be friends).

  • The fingerprint dust from the detectives all over the office caused me to have several freak-outs. Too much of a trigger from the other robberies. *sigh*

  • Because of the burglary, we have been piecing the store back together in the past week. I have worked a lot of hours. A LOT. And this past week contained the "end of month" stuff for my monthly bookkeeping role anyway. It has been a really heavy week.

  • Next week looks to be about the same for the first three days. The four of us are also now required to travel to Lincoln, to the Runza National office, to be interviewed individually by a theft committee.

  • We're still waiting to hear the final word on taking polygraphs. We were told originally that we would need to, we all agreed to do so, and then they decided, "No, not just yet. Let's do the committee meetings first."

  • I received a lovely, super-duper surprise from [ profile] mostcurious! She knitted me my very own, PoA-style Slytherin scarf! I don't have pics to share yet, though. :-/

  • I got my hair cut on Friday night after work. I told the gal to do what she wanted, and it is VERY different! Again, no pics yet.

  • The boys' school pictures came in, and they are both good. A.J.'s pic is PHENOMENAL, in fact. I was very pleased, and I've been working on getting them mailed out.

  • I took family portraits for a friend visiting from Florida on very short notice, and she LOVES them. I'm very happy, and you can see those HERE, if you're interested. I still need to burn her a CD of the images and mail it to her...

  • Today is my little godson's birthday! Only he's not so little anymore - he's now TWO! Happy Birthday, Douglas!

  • It is OCTOBER already. How did that happen?! Seriously, Jack will have been 7 for two months already next week, and A.J.'s been 10 almost as long. That is insane! My little (not so much!) guys haven't yet decided on costumes for this year, though we keep looking...

  • I still need to get Halloween decorations up. Jack has been begging to put them up this year (I didn't decorate last year at all, as October was a difficult time), and I was just too darn busy this week. I'm hoping to get to it before...

  • [ profile] bigbrain61 comes to visit on Wednesday! Dude, I'm so stoked! I've known him online for about 5.5 years now, and we'll finally get to meet in person! He'll be here from Wednesday evening to early Friday afternoon - I can't wait!

  • Speaking of online friends, I passed my 6th LiveJournal anniversary on 09/22. Can you believe that? Craziness! Thanks to all of you who've made this such a great place for so many, many years. *hug*

  • Aaaaannnnnd, in BIGGER news, Philip and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on 9/12. We marked the occasion by renewing our vows, and a handful of very close friends celebrated with us at our church. There were tears, of course, but for the first time in about a year, they were really HAPPY tears! Heather took a few pics for me, but I don't have them up yet, either...

  • Also in the works, Philip and I are headed to Colorado in January for a ski trip! We will be gone for five days, and it will be only the second time we've ever been alone in our entire marriage (the first was for one night last December while we were in West Virginia). We've already paid our deposits, and we're really looking forward to it. Philip will be skiing and snowboarding, and I plan to veg out in the beautiful scenery with my camera, some tatting, and good hot cocoas. We'll spend our evenings in the condo with another couple, making homemade meals and chatting and playing games - I'm so excited!

I'm sure there's so much more I need to update about, but I've got to get moving and push some more laundry through. I've got leaves to rake in the backyard, laundry to put away, dinner to fix, and a mandatory full-staff employee meeting tonight to attend as well. Go, go, go - that's me!
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And lastly, here are a few pictures of my boys during trick-or-treat time. :-)

Calvin & Hobbes
Calvin & Hobbes.

A few more. )

And that's how we ended one more Cleghorn Halloween. :-)
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These pictures don't need a lot of explanation, really, but they are sooooo cute!

Flower Heather and Ladybug Catherine
Heather was a Flower, and Catherine was a Ladybug.

And her husband Shane was a... )
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Well, it's not really Halloween, but I never got around to posting about the fun day back this fall. So I'm catching up now. *grins*

I worked on Halloween at Runza, and then I basically flew from the store to the boys' school for their afternoon parties at 2pm. (I also get off work at 2pm.) I got there at 2:03, but I had to park about three blocks down the street and then run. I finally arrived in Jack's classroom just as his teacher was lining them up for the parade, and I was breathless.

The boys' costumes went hand-in-hand this year, and A.J. came up with the idea: Calvin & Hobbes. He's an avid reader of C&H, having read all of my old collection and then voraciously adding to his own collection. He reads them all the time, and sometimes we'll find him reading them aloud to Jack, even. When we were discussing different costumes ideas, I said only that I didn't want either of the boys to wear a costume that was mask-dependent (I don't like not being able to see their faces!) So A.J.'s suggestion sounded perfect! Not only that, but Grammy (Philip's mom) was willing to sew A.J. a special tiger costume (because Hobbes' tail hangs a bit lower than the average tiger), and Jack is six years old - just like Calvin! (Nevermind the fact that he's also just as high-strung, rambunctious, and lively, right?)

Jack's costume seemed fairly simple. Calvin always wears a red-and-black striped shirt and black shorts or slacks (we opted for slacks, since it was cool outside already). Jack didn't want to wear a wig, so we decided to spray his hair a vivid yellow, and we bought the brightest shade we could find. We let his hair grow out for six weeks, hoping that it would be long enough to make a few spikes, but we weren't real hopeful (Jack's hair is fine and stays cleanly down without any effort). His hair is dark brown, however, and on the morning of the big day, I sprayed him down in the garage before school. Unfortunately, the effect was more green than yellow, but there wasn't time to improvise, and Jack was still happy as a lark (we'd never spray-painted hair before, so it was a BIG deal to him).

A.J.'s costume was fabulous. Grammy and Papa George had brought it in their suitcase when they visited in October, and it was a perfect fit. A long, lean Hobbes suit, and she made a hood with ears, white paw-mittens, and striped booties to go over his shoes (which, unfortunately, wouldn't stretch over ANY shoe he owned, though). He was thrilled, and his costume was also nice and warm. And so both boys traipsed off to school with the pieces of their costumes in their backpacks.

When I arrived, each of them was already dressed and, as I said, lining up for the parade. Mrs. Mutzenberger (Jack's kindergarten teacher) told me that her students had gone around the room in a sort of "show-and-tell" fashion, each explaining their costume. Jack couldn't be spoiled, even though I'm not sure any of his classmates knew who Calvin & Hobbes were. He was still chuffed and ready to go. :-)

Jack as 'Calvin'
Jack as 'Calvin.'

AJ as 'Hobbes'
A.J. as 'Hobbes.'

Read more, with a bunch more pictures. )
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Happy Halloween! :-D
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There are no solid red sweatpants to be found in the greater Bellevue/Papillion area. To say I am frustrated by this would be an understatement of severe proportions.

Costumes for each of us include the following:
  • Sweatshirt

  • Sweatpants

  • Hat

  • Gloves

  • Hothands™

  • Flashlight

  • Actual decoration

Philip's costume - *check*
A.J.'s costume - *check*
Jack's costume - *check*
My costume - ... missing pants!

I looked at Wal*Mart (where all the others' costume items were purchased), Target, the BX, Shopko, Michael's, Gordmans and the brand-new Wal*Mart in Papillion - NOTHING! There's not even stupid Husker crap that is sweatpants. All of their stuff is jersey-type pants or windbreaker stuff. I want to match everyone else, darnit!

I finally just settled on the matching sweatshirt as the rest of my family, plus a pair of red plaid sleep pants with a stupid-yet-small Husker logo on them. I hate that I had to buy them, but nothing else was closer to what I needed, and I was running out of time.


Why can't the Huskers be blue and white? Or orange and white? Something other than red? If they were, I bet red sweatpants wouldn't be such a hot commodity. Not only that, I shudder to think that maybe a percentage of my purchase went to the Huskers. I'd rather support sweatshop labor.* And speaking of sweatshops, if there are really so many of them out there in the world, why aren't they making more red sweatpants?!

Seriously, children should work more. I'd pay for that.

I'm going to look stupid tomorrow, and it's all due to the Huskers and not enough sweatshops. Where's the Halloween spirit, people?

* Disclaimer: Truly, I do not support sweatshops in any way, shape or form. I think it's disgusting. For the purposes of my rant here, however, they made a perfect scapegoat. Forgive me for my callous tongue. :-)
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Though I am hopeful that I'll get a chance to post pictures of Halloween and trick-or-treating tomorrow night, I'm not certain. Wednesday morning we're supposed to take keys to our new house, and things will become very hectic afterwards. To be safe (rather than being potentially really late!), I'm posting pictures of a few things now.

Notice: If you don't want to be spoiled on what our costumes are, don't click through this link. You won't see all of us, but you will see a sneak preview of the boys' costumes.

Jack's jack-o'lantern.

More carving, more finished jack-o'lanterns, sneak previews of costumes, and at least one pair of pants falling down! )
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I just wasted two hours not working on my costume. Well, maybe "wasted" is a strong word... I was working on something, after all. Pictures from today, to be exact.

But still. This costume ain't gonna get done if I don't do it. :-/
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I began A.J.'s costume this evening, and I finished it as well. Three down, only one left to go!

Thanks to [ profile] rafferty for keeping me company for many hours while I worked on it. ;-)
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I did finish Philip's costume last night/this morning, and it looks okay. It took FOREVER, so I'm really not optimistic about my own. However, A.J.'s should take a considerable less amount of time, and I started his this morning and will continue to work on it tonight.

It's gorgeous outside right now (despite the dreary-looking start this morning), so I need to get outside and take advantage of the cool, clear weather to dig up more mulch from the garden. I think Jack's going to come outside with me, and we'll probably be working still when A.J. gets home.

Speaking of, hetterrific Heather picked up A.J. from school this afternoon, and she was taking his somewhere to do something before she brings him home. She asked me if she could have him earlier in the week, and I didn't mind, of course. I don't know what they're up to, but I'm sure he'll be home before too terribly long.

We should be taking keys to the new house next Wednesday, November 1st. I'm excited, and I'm ready to get in there and start painting. The movers will be here to pack our things the following week (Nov. 8th), and they'll be unloading us at the new house on the 9th. We could have had them come on the 1st as well, but I want some time to paint without household goods in the way. I just think it will be easier that way. There's a TON of stuff to do between now and then - one of which, of course, is getting the mulch out of the garden... so I should get going! ;-)
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I skipped Parents at Home this morning. I received an email last night that the guest speaker had cancelled due to a scheduling conflict, and today was going to be an impromptu Care Circle day. While I absolutely adore my Care Circle this year, I felt that a little time to just relax and not have to be anywhere for a moment might be nice.

And I didn't get to bed last night until just minutes before 4am. Philip's costume is close to being done, and that's what kept me up so late. I'm not optimistic that my own costume won't take just as long, so I see another late, late night ahead of me.

The stress of everything is getting to me. I found myself close to tears in the shower, and I think a good cry might have actually helped. However, I'm horrible at crying - I show the signs for hours and hours afterwards, and I don't want to be red or puffy-faced at Runza this afternoon.

I don't have to work today until 11:30 (usually I go in at 11am), so I'm going to use these next few minutes to work on Philip's costume a bit more. I'm sure I'll be glad I did... later.
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I finished Jack's costume last night, and I'm very pleased with it. A.J.'s won't take nearly as long to make, so I'm optimistic about that one. Mine and Philip's, however, will take a lifetime.


There's so much stuff going on in these next couple of weeks. When I start thinking about it all, my head starts to swim. It's crazy, and I really feel like there's just no way I'll get everything done in time. I don't think I've ever felt quite so hopeless for things to turn out the way I'd like them to, but then again, I'm not sure I've ever had quite so much on my plate at one time. Darn Halloween coming at the same time that I need to worry about moving.

(Even though this is exactly what I'd hoped for, really. I can only blame this on myself, as I had wanted this all along.)

My kitties are sensing my stress. They've been right next to me for a few days now, constantly wanting to help snuggle me or purr away my worries. I'd really love to just forget everything and do nothing but scritch my furry friends, but there's just so much to do.

So. Much!

The crazy ward is starting to look a bit too inviting...


Oct. 24th, 2006 09:35 pm
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Honestly. How did I ever think our costumes were a good idea? They are taking me for-freakin'-ever to make!
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This is how we roll. Halloween-style, that is. :-)

Ghosts in the 'hood. )

I mentioned making the ghosts before, and I took those pictures on the same day. Man, I'm really slacking at getting things up in a timely manner now. Still, I'm loving the boo-tiful faces (or lack thereof, actually) each time we go outside to play.
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I'm baking more oatmeal cookies right now, and they're not quite as good as the last batch. They taste just as good, but they don't look perfect this time. I should have known, though. It looks beautiful outside right now, but it was thundering last night, and there's a chance of rain tonight. Stupid humidity tortures my baking again!

Andy and Joseaphine are coming over in a bit to play. We might try to get the kites up - it's nice and windy this afternoon. Later on, I'm going to go visit starrchld Annie and little Douglas, and I can't wait to see him again! I'm baking these cookies just so Annie will have some milk-boostin' oatmeal goodness. I also need to remember to take her a few waterproof pads and such that we never use anymore.

I work my first lunch shift at Runza tomorrow, and I'm a bit nervous. I'm sure it will be fine, but I always get nervous before something new. I'm excited, though, and I know it will be fun. I've known these folks for over two years now, and it seems like someone from Runza is always at our house. They're a fun group, and I'm sure that will make the hours fly. I'm only working lunch each day, and three hours is practically nothing. :-)

I need to start some planning and decide whether or not we're going to have a Fall Party this year. We've always done a big shebang on Halloween or the night before, but I'm thinking a simple kids' party after school this year would be just the ticket. "Simple" is the key word, though - I have the hardest time keeping anything simple!


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