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I did finish Philip's costume last night/this morning, and it looks okay. It took FOREVER, so I'm really not optimistic about my own. However, A.J.'s should take a considerable less amount of time, and I started his this morning and will continue to work on it tonight.

It's gorgeous outside right now (despite the dreary-looking start this morning), so I need to get outside and take advantage of the cool, clear weather to dig up more mulch from the garden. I think Jack's going to come outside with me, and we'll probably be working still when A.J. gets home.

Speaking of, hetterrific Heather picked up A.J. from school this afternoon, and she was taking his somewhere to do something before she brings him home. She asked me if she could have him earlier in the week, and I didn't mind, of course. I don't know what they're up to, but I'm sure he'll be home before too terribly long.

We should be taking keys to the new house next Wednesday, November 1st. I'm excited, and I'm ready to get in there and start painting. The movers will be here to pack our things the following week (Nov. 8th), and they'll be unloading us at the new house on the 9th. We could have had them come on the 1st as well, but I want some time to paint without household goods in the way. I just think it will be easier that way. There's a TON of stuff to do between now and then - one of which, of course, is getting the mulch out of the garden... so I should get going! ;-)
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I spent about three hours this afternoon digging up mulch from the garden. I'm nowhere near finished; rather, I think it will take me 3-4 more days to get it all done at this rate. Hopefully, however, Philip will be able to help me sometime in the next few days, and maybe that will shave off a day or two that it would take me by myself.

We've got to get all the mulch up and lay grass seed where the garden was this summer. I expected as much, and I'd planned on taking all our mulch over to the new house, for the side and back garden beds there. I changed my mind this afternoon though, and I decided to just really fill in the side bed and area around the bushes at this house. I won't have to weed the bit of grass in there, and they'll never be able to see the difference. And I won't have to take possibly-squash-bug-egg-laden mulch over to the new house, either. Win!

As for the new house, we did some appointments this afternoon before I picked up A.J. from school, and we've got some dates now. We'll be taking keys to the new house on November 1st, and then we'll start painting right away. The movers are coming to pack up this house on the 8th, and they'll deliver our household goods at the new house on the 9th.

I already have too many things on my plate up until Halloween, wishing that I had more hours in the day - on the 30th, especially. What this means now, of course, is that I will be a tornado Nicole from here on out until at least the 10th. I'll be lucky if I remember to eat! (Incidentally, I forgot and didn't have time to eat today until dinner tonight. OH. MY. The heartburn that ensued from too many hours with nothing in my tummy! Thank goodness for hetterrific Heather - she stopped by on her way home and gave me a few of her chewable Rolaids, in exchange for some of my ibuprofen.)
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Last night we dipped below freezing temperatures. It's supposed to happen again tonight, and it was finally time to "put the garden to bed." After playing in the leaves yesterday afternoon, I spent about two hours taking the tomato and pepper plants down for the year. I harvested the last of the green peppers, making over three dozen in my fridge to finish chopping up and freezing for later use, and I pulled all the green tomatoes for ripening inside over the next week or so.

On Monday, I had taken a picture of the cherry tomato plants. As you can see, my little tomatoes had NO clue that it was October. However, they were going to die in this freeze, so I had to bring them all inside. And it was a LOT of tomatoes, especially between the cherry tomatoes and the Better Boy tomatoes, as pictured here.

I still need to get the fence down, and the six dozen marigolds are still big and beautiful (most are 2-3' feet in diameter, still in full bloom), so you can still see where the garden was, even if there are no veggies actually left in the space.

It's kinda sad, actually. I don't know if I'll be able to have a garden once we move, so it's sad saying goodbye to this one. *sniff*
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While checking out the garden today, I decided to pull several pretty green tomatoes and try a recipe I've heard talked about for years. My friend [ profile] greencow (appropriately named for this topic, don't you think?) had found me a few recipes for Fried Green Tomatoes, and I pulled up the link and tried one tonight.

The verdict? I think they turned out well. They looked exactly as they do in the movie of the same name, and I was glad for that. However, I think that fried green tomatoes might be one of those recipes that are better if you were raised on them. I thought they were okay, but I wasn't "wowed" by them. The boys ate their servings (one fried slice each), but they didn't ask for more. I doubt Philip will enjoy them tomorrow, for two reasons: 1) they'll be leftover, and leftover fried foods are never as good, and 2) he doesn't like trying new things.

But hey - now I can say that we've tried them, right? That's something. I do wonder what most people eat with fried green tomatoes, though. I didn't know, but I figured that since I was already using hot grease, I might as well make fried chicken. I did, and we also had barbecued beans and peaches. It was a nice meal.

Now... if someone else would just come and do the dishes...
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First off, a little excitement:


Ahem. As I mentioned yesterday, we harvested the first batch of ripe pumpkins. And of course, I took pictures. I'm sharing them now. :-)

First pumpkin harvest - Sep. 14, 2006.

More angles and more beautiful pumpkins - yay! )

Aren't they GORGEOUS? I love my pumpkins! I think I might be seeing a pumpkin icon in my future...

Wash me.

Sep. 14th, 2006 11:10 pm
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Someone push me into the shower.

I spent over two hours of quality time with my tomatoes tonight, pruning them back in the hopes that they would not topple into the zucchini. And speaking of zucchini, we found a herd (pack? gaggle? bunch?) of baby squash bugs in the front zucchini this afternoon, and it was disgusting. Philip took care of that before he left for work, and I was ever-so-grateful.

After coming inside for almost an hour, I had a strange desire to stroll out and look at my pumpkins again. I'm so glad I did, for I found another disgusting group of squash bugs ALL over one ripe pumpkin and the surrounding leaves. Ewwww! I tried to get at them wearing my gloves, but I was utterly grossed out - it was like a moving wall of bugs, almost as if a spider sac of babies had burst forth! I ran into the house to get the DustBuster (I figured it would be the quickest way to round them up), and I called over squeak_a_chu Heather2's husband Andy to see if he would come help me with the squicky bugs. He and Josie came right over, and he helped me to toss the many, many bugs into a cupful of vinegar to kill them.

It was awful. *shudders* But I'm so glad he came to help.

Afterwards, I decided to just cut the ripe pumpkins and get them out of the garden. I cut all the ripe Jack o' Lantern pumpkins, and he helped me to pull off the ripe Jack Be Littles. As I was pulling off one of those on the bottom of the bush, I felt my glove become sickly damp, and I pulled my hand out to find that the entire bottom of that one little pumpkin had rotted and was wide open, orange-yellow goo. It smelled soooo nasty, and it was all I could do not to barf right there. I threw away the glove, grabbed another, and we continued pulling the Jack Be Littles. Thankfully, we didn't find anymore rotten pumpkins.


It was dark by the time I finished loading the picked pumpkins onto the picnic table, so I'll take a picture of them tomorrow. There will still be many more to come, but in case these don't last until Halloween, I want to have a photo of them all.

But yeah, I need a shower... and HOW. I'm totally unmotivated though, so I need someone to push me into the shower.
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I took my barking camera outside to take pictures of our pumpkin patch in-progress. We have some of each size imaginable, and they are all just so cute!

I was especially ecstatic last night to find twin babies on the Big Max variety. For the last six weeks, we'd resigned ourselves to having just the one huge pumpkin, as it looked like no other female flowers would bloom. Finally - finally! - there are new babies! They are right next to one another, so if I want either of them to get big, I'm probably going to have to kill the other one... but we'll see.

Lotsa pumpkin pictures! )

Pretty neat, I think. I'm in love with our pumpkins. We've probably got enough for everyone we know!

Edited to add: Okay, so maybe Philip doesn't love the pumpkins as much as I do. He just mowed over a vine by accident (Heather, it was the same one that you stepped on earlier), so now I don't know what will happen to the left pumpkin in this picture (because, yes, they are on different vines), or this one. *sigh*
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I need to make some more zucchini bread. [ profile] rafferty, any chance you can swing by for some bread sometime this weekend? If you say yes, that will give me motivation to actually get the bread made. I promise it will be yummy!

It was Planning Day in the Parents at Home group this morning. I woke up with a girly headache, and I knew from the get-go that I was going to either be late or not go to the meeting at all. I popped some ibuprofen after taking A.J. to school, and then I decided to see if a good breakfast and some water would do to lessen the headache. I'd really been wanting to get to this particular meeting, you see. Ann and I had been discussing some of our wishes for the group for the past few months, and she called me at 8:10am this morning to tell me that she wouldn't be able to make it, and she wanted to make sure I was still attending and would voice our opinions. I told her that it looked like I would be late, but that I was going.

So I had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with a banana, and I drank two bottles of water. I could feel the headache lessening by then, and I hopped in the shower at 8:50am. The meeting starts at 9, but Jack and I got there just after 9:30 this morning. I walked him down to the separate area for the older children, and then I hiked across the street to the already-in-progress PaH meeting. I had come laden with zucchini and green peppers (the new Coca-Cola® sling backpack can hold nine medium-to-large courgettes, by the way), and I offered the veggies to all the moms. I was grateful to give it out, as I was running out of room for them all here, with no way to eat them before they started to go bad.

The planning session went well, and I really like my new Care Circle for this year. I think the brainstorming was much more productive this year as well, and that will set us up for another great year. I'm excited about that.

I picked Jack up after the meeting and came home. I called hetterrific Heather then, to see if she was interested in an impromptu lunch. She was, and we decided on Ruby Tuesday. I'd been in the mood for a good burger, but that wasn't quite what I got. Okay, actually the burger was very tasty, but it was also very raw. Even after they took it back and grilled it some more, it was still bright red in the center. The manager came over without us asking, and she knocked my meal off the bill. I thought that was nice of her. Heather bought my drink, so I ended up having a free lunch!

I ran errands at the post office and Wal*Mart before coming home. I almost stopped by niecer1 Janiece's house for a chat, but I felt bad just popping in unannounced. Instead, I came home and called her on the phone, and we ended up talking for about an hour. :-)

Philip may be playing X-Box here soon, and I'm trying to decide what to do with myself this evening. I'm dying to go out and do something, but I don't want to head out by myself, and I don't know what I would want to do. I'd go for a stroll under the beautiful moon, but now I'm all sorts of scared about walking through our practically empty neighborhood (leftover fears from the robbery - I wish they'd leave me, but alas). If nothing else, I might just spend a few minutes on the driveway again - just me and my binoculars and my moon.
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I made up my own recipe tonight from a few different ones I found online: Zucchini & Turkey Quiche. It turned out very tasty, but the turkey left a little liquid in the center of the quiche (even though I'd tested it with a cake tester before taking it out). The top was very golden brown though, so I'm sure it was ready. It was extremely cheesy, and we all liked it pretty well. I'm betting that the leftovers tomorrow will be even better. We ate it tonight with sliced tomatoes as a side dish.

My friend minivan_mom Jamie is at the hospital at this very moment having her baby. Hopefully we'll know the identity of her little bundle soon! She's been so super-secretive about the gender, and I can't wait to finally find out what she's having. :-)

Philip helped me to rip out all but one of the cornstalks in the garden. They're done now, but this last stalk still has one little ear that we're waiting on. I pulled all the lima beans up two days ago, and the green beans have been gone for about a month now. All varieties of our tomatoes are still growing at an insane pace, and the zucchini and green peppers are still producing massive amounts of veggies, too. We still have just the one Big Max pumpkin, but I counted fifteen Jack o'Lantern pumpkins tonight, plus about twenty more babies. There are too many Jack Be Little pumpkins to count, and they're all various shades of yellow and gold, with just a few already ripening to an orange shade. I'm excited about the pumpkin possibilities this year!

I'm going to go scrapbook some more, I think. We'll probably turn in early tonight as well - we're all tired from this morning's very early start.
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Diet Dr Pepper Berries 'n Cream - mmmmmmm.

I used the last of my Pampered Chef® Barbecue Seasoning tonight. This makes me very, very sad. They no longer sell this particular seasoning, and it really is the BEST on the market. I've been using my last bit very sparingly over the past six months or so. I'm sad. However, the BBQ chicken pizza was wonderful as always. :-)

This morning was the first meeting of the scrapbook group from the church. We regulars had decided it would just be best to have it in my home this year: with so few people ever coming last year, it was a pain for me to lug ALL my stuff up to the church and then hardly have anyone show up. And I had to keep bringing my stuff, in case newbies showed up and needed the scrapping tools. So this year, since the regular folks all have children in the M-W-F morning preschool group, they just followed me home and we started working. hetterrific Heather came over as well (she makes at least the first meeting of every year - crazy the way her work schedule just happens to fall that way), and she brought us all breakfast from Panera Bread. Mmmmmmm - a cinnamon crunch bagel was the perfect start to my morning!

I got two pages completed, and I'm happy with them. They are part of a six page fold-out spread that I'm working on. Now I've only got two left to complete.

After picking Jack up at preschool, he asked what was for lunch. I told him we were having sandwiches, to which he replied, "Can I have salad instead?" Sure, I'm not going to argue with that. He's my crazy little salad kid, but I'm grateful for that. I went out in the drizzling rain to pick some fresh veggies, and I cam back with four large tomatoes, eight green peppers and a TON of cherry tomatoes. Jack helped me to put everything on the counter, and he counted it all for me - we had 55 cherry tomatoes! Between our salads at lunch and mine for dinner, plus the numerous tomatoes I've popped every time I walk through the kitchen, we've eaten 39 tomatoes already!

Philip should be home soon, so I'm going to go load the dinner dishes in the dishwasher. We'll probably watch a movie, and I'll probably scrapbook. Wheeee!
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Did I update yesterday? Oh my gosh - the days and nights are dissolving into blurs of CSS codes!

Seriously, this layout thing is consuming me at the moment. On the way to the commissary yesterday with Philip and the boys, Philip actually had to snap his fingers in front of my face and tell me to "get out of the computer world" and come back to the real one. I hadn't realized that I was sitting perfectly quiet, planning out pixels and different methods to try as soon as we arrived back home. And then I slipped back into "computer world" on the way home!

I sat here at the computer for 50 bazillion hours last night, and I don't have a lot to show for it. I'm so stumped, and I'm c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g my way up. After dropping off Jack at his first day of preschool today (first day!), I worked for two more hours on the coding. After we returned home from preschool, I worked for another hour before stopping to make lunch.

The worst part is that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY CODES! As I'm still fairly new to Cascading Style Sheets (having only cut & pasted with them before, but not really altered too much on my own), I'm sure I'll regret saying that... but there is nothing wrong with my codes! Why the heck is this one step not working?!

After lunch, I didn't return to the wonderful world of computers and CSS. Rather, I set about for a deep clean of the kitchen. Of course, I'm sure you can imagine what I was working on in my mind while I was cleaning - ha! I ended up scrubbing the floors and cleaning the entryway as well, as well as finishing up two loads of laundry. I just couldn't face the computer again until I had a workable solution to present it with (and I still don't have one, for the record).

Besides, I watched minivan_mom Jamie's kids this afternoon from about 1:30 to 5pm, and there wasn't time for anything else while the kids were playing and having a good time. Jack, Bridget and I spent a good bit of time outside while Philip, Noah and A.J. watched Cars inside. At 4:30, it was time to drop off Philip at work (I needed the car later on this evening), so he piled in their carseats and off we went. When we returned home, we all played outside until Jamie and her hubby arrived to pick up the kids. (Okay, the kids played, and I spent a while thinning out the zucchini plants - again.)

After they had gone, the boys and I stayed outside until almost 6:30pm. I continued to work on the zucchini, picked a bit more veggies and did some serious weeding in the marigolds. We came inside at that time so that I could pop in the shower before heading over to squeak_a_chu Heather2's house tonight for some pizza and games. (hetterrific Heather was there as well.) It was a fun evening, and hey - I didn't have to cook! We stayed very late, even though Jack fell asleep on me in the recliner around 10:30 or so. We got home just after midnight, and he went to straight to bed in the shirt he'd been wearing (though I did help him out of his shorts first). Poor kiddo! A.J. also went to bed quickly.

I'm vowing not to look at the coding again right now, if only because I know I'd end up not going to bed for 3-4 more hours if I did. And then I wouldn't be able to get to sleep easily because I'd still be thinking about it. So I'll just face it with a fresh, well-rested mind tomorrow.

(And hopehopehope that I can figure out where the glitch is!)
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I just grated three GALLONS of zucchini. These gallon-size zip-lock bags are completely full. That's how much zucchini I had in my fridge - crazy!

I've got spaghetti simmering on the stove, and hetterrific Heather is stopping by for dinner. She's picking up breadsticks from Fazoli's on the way - yummy!

I've got nothing to do in the meantime, so I'm going to vacuum my floors, I think. Wooo - can you just stand the excitement on a Friday night?!


Aug. 14th, 2006 11:37 pm
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It occurs to me now that I've not yet eaten dinner. My tummy is rumbling pretty fierce now.

I think the tomatoes are calling to me...

Picture of what the majority of my meals have been this past week. )
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We had a fairly low-key day today. I cleaned most of the afternoon, and then I read scrapbooking magazines outside on the picnic table while the boys played in the Slip 'n Slide. We've still got three of them from last summer (I don't know if they are all intact or not, though), but today is the first time this year that they played on one. They had a decent time playing, but really - after the Banzai Falls waterslide all summer, a regular Slip 'n Slide is a bit tame.

I picked about two dozen cherry tomatoes from the garden, but I left the four or five ripe Better Boy tomatoes out on the vine. I'm eating them as fast as I can, but I still can't keep up! I had a lunch of two large tomatoes today - it made for my fourth meal in a row of just fresh tomatoes! I'll pull those few tomorrow, I'm sure.

While we were outside, hetterrific Heather called and invited me and the boys out to eat. We showered and dressed, and then she picked us up. We headed to La Mesa, of course, and it was pretty packed, even for a Friday night. She also surprised me with a very perfect card and even more perfect gift on the way - it is too much fun being us. :-D

Seriously, everyone needs a Heather. A Heather-type of best friend, at least. No matter where you are in your life, you need a really good, close friend. I've had them everywhere I've lived, even if they come and go once we're apart (though it's hard to see that happening with Heather). I see no point in pushing away relationships locally for the sake of a faraway friend, and I certainly won't spend my life wishing I were back "home" for friends. I make them where I'm at, and I make where I'm at my "home."

We chatted in the garden for a while, and Heather2 and Josie stopped by as well. Jack came out to play with Josie until it became too dark to see, and then we said our goodbyes and came in. A.J. wanted to watch a cartoon movie tonight, and he's enjoying his last night to stay up late (we'll have to push up the earlier bedtimes these next two nights to get ready for school starting again).

The Wedding Crashers and The 40-Year-Old Virgin both arrived in the mail today from Netflix, and I think I'm going to do my best to watch one, if not both, of them tonight.
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The boys had hours away from one another today. I guess it's just practice for next week, as A.J. starts school again on Monday.

For his birthday, hetterrific Heather had given Jack two hand-made cards that told him of a special day he would have with just her. That day was today, and she picked him up around lunchtime. Jack chose a special lunch at Chuck 'E Cheese, and then had shopping trips with her at Barnes & Noble, Old Navy and Toys 'R Us. They stopped for dessert at Chili's on the way home. The two of them entered the house laden with packages, and then I set to work opening all of the many new Thomas the Tank Engine toys he'd picked out. I removed the tags from his new clothing while Heather and I chit-chatted. Jack and I talked Heather into a few rounds of Zingo! as well, and we each won one round.

While Jack had been gone, A.J. and I had dropped Philip off at the base for some firing practice. We picked up a few items at the commissary (muenster cheese!) before coming home. I'd eaten four tomatoes for lunch, but I wanted some deli meat and cheese to make sandwiches with some of the rest of the tomatoes. I set about making the music mix that I posted about earlier, and then it was time to leave again.

A.J.'s school had their 'Meet the Teacher' hour this afternoon. It was from 4-5pm, but we arrived by 3:40 to make sure we had a good parking spot. A.J. brought his birthday party invitations with him to give to his classmates and friends. We checked the class lists and learned that A.J. had gotten Mrs. Janovec as his new third grade teacher. He was thrilled - he'd been hoping for her all summer! I do hope he'll have another wonderful year. He delivered his invitations and talked to a few of his friends. We checked out the gym and library (he wanted to see if there were "lots of new books" this year) before leaving and coming back home.

Shortly after we'd come home, Philip and two of his troops stopped by for a break between firing rounds. He wasn't on his best behavior, and I called him on it. (He was being a jerk to A.J. for something that wasn't his fault.) Heather and Jack came home then, too. After a while, Philip and the guys headed back to work. Meanwhile, I made two loaves of Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread.

I made sandwiches for dinner, and then I worked out in the garden for a while. I pulled six more peppers, a bunch more tomatoes (of all three varieties!), a third crop of carrots and the last of the green beans. I pulled the green bean plants up afterwards and carried them to the yard waste bin. I trimmed the Big Max pumpkin quite a bit, and I weeded the marigolds in several places. I worked until it became too dark to see any longer, and then I came inside. Then I spent an hour or so preparing all the veggies I'd just picked.

I filled out all of A.J.'s paperwork for school on Monday - I know I won't have the motivation to do it later this weekend. Jack's paperwork has long since been completed and turned in to the church, but his first day isn't until August 25th.

I imagine the boys will enjoy a bit of "alone" time once A.J. is back to school. Even if they don't, I'm sure *I* will. We've had a fabulous summer, but even still, the boys do tend to get tired of one another more quickly here at the end of the break. ;-)
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Jack says it looks like "a tomato patch" around here today. He may be right - we certain have a large amount of lovely tomatoes fresh from the garden on our counter!

Photographic evidence of our 'Tomato Patch.' )

We ate a bunch for lunch. Jack literally had just a cut-up tomato with a bit of shredded cheese on top. I ate one tomato in slices, and I had another 1.5 broiled with cheese and spices from the oven (thanks, [ profile] welfy for the tip!). Philip ate two tomatoes, sliced, as well.

We are lycopene fiends.
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We just came inside a little bit ago, and a late supper is in the oven right now. I did some massive weeding in the pumpkins tonight, and they look fabulous again now. I trimmed lots of dead leaves off the vines as well and rid the areas of other debris. Underneath all those leaves, I learned that Jack's pumpkins - the Jack Be Littles - have twelve babies in there, and about six of them have already ripened to a deep yellow. It won't be long before some start orange-ing up.

A.J.'s pumpkins - the Jack o' Lanterns - are turning from orange to deep-orange right now. There are four of them at this stage, two more at the medium-size, green-striped stage, and several more babies on the vines. As for my Big Max pumpkins, there's still just the one huge fruit. There are about five healthy vines, so I'm hoping we'll get one more before Halloween.

I swear, pumpkins are my pride and joy. :-)
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I got my hair cut yesterday afternoon. I was just tired of it, and I had no better explanation. All the swimming and sunshine this summer seemed to be drying out the ends into bits of straw, so I had them all cut off. I lost quite a few inches, and I had long layers put in. It's much lighter now, and I'm happy with it.

I ordered Jack's cake two days ago, but I forgot to place his balloon order. I'm going to do that this afternoon once Philip returns home from Runza. I'm paying for everything in advance so I don't have to think about it on Saturday. I'm making the jello today as well, and I'll probably cut the jigglers out tomorrow. Jack and I will also begin making his treat bags up tomorrow.

'Captain Jack' is getting very excited!

I'm making a few batches of zucchini bread today. I've been giving away lots of zucchini to the church (over twenty now!), so I've only got two large ones in my fridge at this very moment. That's a manageable amount, though I'm sure there's one or two more ready in the garden today that I'll pick later. I'm taking zucchini bread to the Parents at Home picnic on Sunday, as well as some sort of vegetable dish (I've not decided what yet - maybe scalloped potatoes?). I also want to mail some zucchini bread to my mom and grandpa. I've got small packages that need to be sent to both of them, but I was holding their stuff until I could send in the zucchini love as well.

I harvested a bunch of carrots yesterday, another green pepper (that makes 25 now!), more lima beans, about two dozen more cherry tomatoes and a few more green beans. I think the green bean plants are just about finished this summer. We got about 12 quarts of beans out of them, so I think that's pretty good. I pulled out a few plants yesterday, but I'm leaving the rest for a bit longer. We've got our first Better Boy tomato ready to pick today, and it looks delicious!

There is a lot going on this week, but I'm really beginning to feel like I'm on top of stuff. It's a good feeling, and I hope it doesn't spiral out of control by tomorrow. ;-)
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The thunderstorms last night and this morning brought a lot of wind. Under the force of that wind, our VERY heavy, VERY full tomato plants tipped over to lean against the perimeter fence - stakes and all. Even the heavy-duty 24" tomato stakes for the Better Boy tomatoes (the big ones). I was amazed!

We picked tons of ripe cherry tomatoes this evening, and Philip and I did our best to right the stands once again. I trimmed quite a few rogue branches off each of the Better Boys, and that made them fit their stands better. They each have about 40 tomatoes on them, so taking off a few branches with no babies on them can't hurt anything. I trimmed the cherry tomato plants as well, and Philip manipulated the stake on one of them to keep it in the ground. Another one had no other option than to be tied to a post across the garden to keep it upright. We'll see how they all look tomorrow.

More roma tomatoes were eaten and laying on the ground. It's a nightly occurrence, and while we do see a tiny bit of damage to a cherry tomato or two each morning, most of the intent seems to be focused on the romas. I guess everyone thinks they are tastier - even ground squirrels.

To round out this tomato-flavored post, I'm tossing a big, fat one at all your computer monitors - SPLAT!
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Because I'm either insane or stupid or BOTH, I just set foot outside. It is an inferno today, and I voluntarily went outside for about 15 minutes. I picked a ton of lima beans, over a dozen cherry tomatoes, two green peppers and two ears of corn. Because I had only gone out to "check" on the garden, I was without my picking bucket, and I carried these items back to the house in a "pocket" I made with the bottom of my shirt.

I'm sure I looked a bit like an old marm from "Little House on the Prairie" (the TV show, not the books).

But it is definitely hot. I don't plan on setting foot outside again until later. Philip had plans to mow the yard this afternoon, but with projected temps of 105°, I'm making him wait until after 7:30pm to mow. It should still be hot then, but it's BOUND to be better, right?


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