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I can't wait for the next 40 minutes or so to pass! One of our favorite shows, White Collar returns to television tonight. In addition, we'll also be recording Parenthood on another channel. I'm ready for some Matt Bomer, though. :-D

I forgot to mention an exciting find on Sunday when I ran to the commissary for this meal plan. As Jack and I were picking onions, I noticed there were TONS of the dry skins all over the bin. We grabbed an extra plastic veggie bag and loaded up! This way, I won't have to buy nearly so many onions just for the skins as we get closer to Easter. I had to keep buying them in bulk last year, and then Philip would dice/freeze the actual onions. I had them for months and months that way. It's all for the natural-dyed eggs, though - so worth it!

I paid bills today, and Philip and I ran to the commissary again for the handful of items they were out of at closing time on Sunday. I didn't do a whole lot else, as my tummy still feels really weak and sore. I can't even fully explain what happened last night, but oh, it hurt so bad. I felt like my intestines were swelling and pushing against my skin. Truly, my skin was tight as a Braxton-Hicks contraction, and it lasted for hours. I think all the lingering pain today comes from that long period of intense contracting. It was so awful. I couldn't bend at the waist, I couldn't lay on my side, and I had to breathe very shallow to keep the stabs at a manageable level.

I haven't the foggiest clue what caused it. It began almost an hour after eating dinner, but I never even felt that overstuffed, FULL feeling beforehand. I sure hope to never feel that way again, though.
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Super bad belly right now. I'm heading to bed early.
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I was fine all week. I was fine all Friday. I was fine for most of Friday night.

And then the Allergy Monster found me. :-/

I had taken the boys to their school's carnival on Friday evening. It was from 5-8pm, and we were there right on the dot. We ate pizza, hot dogs, and nachos, and then we got underway with all the games. Their games were different and so creative! Our old school always held carnivals in the fall, so it was a nice twist of fate for the new school to have theirs in the spring - the boys got two carnivals out of this whole moving deal this year!

At about 7:15, we'd done everything there was to do. Well, almost everything, that is. There was one hallway with three games left on it, but a little boy threw up in the middle of the hallway, and I made the executive decision that we were not venturing further past the smell and ick on the floor. We returned to the entrance of the school to do the very last item: a giant bounce house.

When we walked back outside, we noticed that the sky had turned a dark grey over the past couple hours (it had been clear and bright when we'd entered the school). The boys got in line, and I returned my camera to my car, having parked right near the bounce house. When I joined them in line, it was like someone flicked a giant switch: an intense breeze began blowing, and the air starting whoooooooo-irrrrrring loudly. I turned to the far end of the parking lot to see - literally - a wall of sand from the playgrounds lift from the ground and began barreling our direction, spiraling and turning end over end. I yelled to the boys to, "Face the house, and cover your eyes!" We felt the sandy wind hit our backs and necks, and for the next few moments, we marveled at how quickly the storm had come.

The crowd jumped to action. The bounce house was immediately shut down in the fierce gales, and I directed the boys to the car. Jack wanted to go back inside the school, but with only twenty minutes left of the carnival, plus having already done everything else, I explained that we were trying to beat the impending storm. "It wouldn't be fun to run through rain and lightning to the car later, would it?" We looked straight down at our feet, shielding our eyes from the dirt as we headed to the car. (It never did actually rain, by the way.)

Once home, we bathed and relaxed until bedtime. Once the boys were safely tucked in, I plopped down on the couch to begin labeling photos. Within moments, my nose began feeling... drippy. I added a box of tissues to my couch party and continued on. In another hour's time, I realized I'd been through a substantial number of tissues and that I was currently breathing through my mouth. A bit later, I was also using tissues for my leaky, watery eyes. By the time I went to bed, I was testing my voice out over the running of the bathroom water.


It's very weird to have a such a vividly clear mental picture of "the allergies attacking me." And, of course, I don't know if I might've developed the symptoms later that night anyhow. Regardless, I will forever blame this allergy attack on the rolling debris I saw lift to life and come straight for us.

It should also be noted that A.J. woke up in the same state I did the very next morning: sore, red throat, terrible voice, leaky eyes, and snotting through innumerable tissues. In years past, we've been the only ones to suffer from seasonal allergies in our family, so this only furthers my theory. I think the Allergy Monster didn't feel like waiting in line for the bounce house. *wink*
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Well, I have gotten dressed today. I'm still hacking up a storm, but that is more progress than I've made since Tuesday. I'm going to push through laundry today (though I won't be putting it away), and I'm going to pay bills. Lofty goals, I tell you.

We'll see how this goes...
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I just coughed until I puked. I've been on the verge of doing it for days, but tonight it's finally happened. I've got a strong feeling it's not the last time this evening, either...

My coughing has intensified SO MUCH today. I've not eaten a thing all day, in fact, because it seems that I can't stop coughing long enough to even *think* about making something. There's no soup in the house, and Philip is already at work (nightshift).

I've been making cups of tea in the microwave, and I've had two of them today, plus a swallow of water this morning for some headache meds (headaches which are caused, I'm sure, by violent hacking, as they pound more profusely during that time than any other). I know it's not enough, but I keep coughing out the few drops I've tried to suck on, so I'm sure food wouldn't have a good chance either.


I'm ready to fast-forward to next week. I'm sure I'll be fine by then, and I just wanna get there.


Sep. 16th, 2009 10:19 pm
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There's been a heckuva a lot of snivelling, snotting, hacking, coughing, fevering, sweating, and aching around here the past 48 hours.

And it's all been me.

Hello, flu. How nice to see you again. What's it been... 19 months? My, how you haven't changed.

I pulled my shoulder out this morning in a coughing spasm. One of those sudden, 'I'm-sleeping-*choke*-oh-look!-now-I'm-fighting-for-my-life' coughing jags that happen from time-to-time.

I am bone-weary. Though I'd already logged 22 hours for the week by Tuesday, I was off work today. And tomorrow, a meeting has been cancelled due to my absence, and Philip will work my 3-hour lunch shift. I'll find a high schooler to replace me for Friday (they're out of school that day for inservice), and I'm off on Saturday anyway. So I have until Sunday night for my body to recover.


Philip is out right now, helping a friend move some furniture. On his way home, he's picking up The Lost Symbol for me, the brand-new novel from Dan Brown. I hope I have enough energy between near-constant naps to really get into it...
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This morning, Philip took the boys to school on his way to work. I wasn't scheduled until 11am, so it was my one chance to sleep in. I took it.

Until 10am, that is. Then my cell phone rang, and it was the store, needing help with the daily bookwork. *sigh* So I got up, got ready, and popped in early to straighten things out.

It was a mild lunch. We had stormy weather for a bit of it, and the rushes are always down in those conditions.

Once getting home, I changed into jammies again. I'm just feeling... off, somehow. Philip was already home by that point, and I lounged in the recliner chair in the living room. He picked the boys up, and then we all watched the Disney channel for a bit. I dozed a while, then finally moved to the bedroom for a more proper nap.

Philip woke me at 7:30, wondering what to make for dinner. *sigh* By the time I had gotten up to pee and wandered to the kitchen, he was making fish sticks and fillets. If I'd left things alone, that probably would've been it, too (balanced meal?), but I jumped in, adding cut-up tomatoes, lima beans, corn, and broccoli cheddar pasta to the plates.

Now it's bedtime for the boys, and I'm still kinda tired. And that, my friends, is my exciting day for today.
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I haven't pooped in over four days now. I'm feeling extremely "backed up," and I don't like it. Yesterday afternoon, I took a dose of laxative - my first time ever doing so. The package says it should work in 12-72 hours.

72 hours?! Gah. I thought these things were supposed to work overnight (hazy memories of old Correctol commercials, I guess). Though I'll happily take it whenever it comes, I'd rather it not happen while I'm at work, so I purposely took the dose right after school yesterday, giving me 18-ish hours before I next had to be at work.

But, alas. Nothing yet. I head to work in minutes, and I'm planning to take another dose when I return home this afternoon now. Then I don't have any more laxative to take, actually, as these two doses are only here because I received them as freebies in the mail.

I've tried lots of water, as well as apple juice and even a glass of orange juice. I've eaten bananas (usually a sure-fire thing for me) every day for months. I've had some applesauce. I'm trying things, but they're just not working.

I just want to poop!

(This warning is late, but yeah: This entire entry is made of Too Much Information.)

Head off.

Mar. 3rd, 2008 03:43 pm
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I have a killer headache, and I'm not really sure why. If I had to guess, I would think it's probably from excessive, very rough coughing today.

Which, of course, isn't something I can easily fix. I'm taking meds, using cough syrup, and sucking down cough drops like it's my job - there's not much else I can do.

But owwie. :-(

*iz ded*

Feb. 25th, 2008 02:49 pm
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I'm beat. Really, I can't believe I lasted all four hours of my shift at Runza today. I'm sooooo tired now. As soon as I pick up the boys from school, I'm laying down for a nap. I'd told Philip that he'd likely be making dinner once he got home, and then he could wake me when it was time to eat. However, I just read that Heather has been making her homemade-with-love chickie soup for me tonight!

This is such good news. You really have no idea. Philip has done an awesome job this last week, calling around various restaurants each day to find those that were dishing up Chicken Noodle as their "Soup of the Day," then going to get it for me. On Saturday I even had Chicken with Rice. But Heather's chickie soup is by far the bestest.

For now? Zzzzzz...
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I'm still just so wiped.

I cough, and then I just feel like I can't support my head and neck any longer. It is the strangest, most instantaneous exhausted feeling I can ever remember having.

This flu has been killer. That, or I'm a real pansy.

Tomorrow I go back to work, and I'd be lying to say I'm not already worried about it. Four hours in a fast-paced environment, and I'm likely to come home in the afternoon and DIE. I mean, I feel tired just from taking a shower still. Still, it will have been eight days since I went to the doctor by then - I gotta go back eventually.

I got a care package in the mail yesterday. It was from [ profile] kristchan, and she sent me a hilarious get-well card, along with an assortment of teas: mango passionfruit tea, Moroccan Mint Green tea, rainforest treasure tea, a box of jasmine tea, and organic Echinacea. She also included a Snickerdoodle cocoa, and some jelly eggs and tattoos for the boys. (The boys were so excited because the jelly eggs came in their favorite colors: a green bag for A.J., and an orange back for Jack.) She's too good to me. :-)
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Last night, about 9:15-ish, we learned there would be no school today. Why? Because the temperature is to be so low - with windchill advisory - and it is unsafe for kids that wait for buses. Hey, that works for me, as we were already finagling a way for Philip to go to work at 5am, then come home and take the boys at 8, then go back to work (so I wouldn't have to drive at all).

Extreme cold kicks my asthma into high gear. Wind makes it bad too, even when the temps aren't so frigid. But the forecast was calling for -25°, and it didn't sound lung-friendly at ALL.

Philip wanted to watch Rush Hour 3 together, and he put it in. My coughing had gotten so bad that not a full minute passed without a new attack, and after thirty minutes, I finally had to leave the room. I told him to finish it without me, and I shut myself in the humid bathroom and sucked down one more cough drop. :-(

Speaking of, I only have two cough drops left. That worries me. We also have only about 1" of milk left in the gallon... which would have been fine if it were just me home today (the only milk I planned on needing was a splash in my oatmeal), but now that the boys are home with me all day, I don't know how we'll manage. They love their milk.

I'm really going to miss Philip today. He has been wonderful this weekend and these past two days, taking care of my needs before I even fully anticipated them. He's brought me soup from all over, he's picked up my meds, bought more tissues, and he even surprised me with more Cadbury bunnies. (Like sweet tea, chocolate feels sooooo soothing on my throat.) He's taken the boys with him anytime he's run errands, and when we're all at home, he's kept both of them quiet so I could rest. He's done a couple loads of laundry, fed the kitties, and he even cleaned the litter for me ("well, I know how the litter dust makes your asthma act up, so...")

I'm gonna miss him. :-(

I'm also going to spend the day wearing my mask, I'm sure. I wore it for a large chunk of yesterday, and the house will feel even drier today. The humidistat is set as "wet" as it can be, and I don't like boiling pots of water on the stove (it leaves a ring in my cookware). So I just walk around in my pseudo-Vader mask, breathing in the sweet relief that comes from looking utterly stupid.

I was lamenting last night that I really, really didn't want to miss church tonight - especially the Lenten service. And the dinner at church was to be Sloppy Joes - a favorite. But I'm thinking that we won't actually miss church now, as the church follows the Bellevue Public Schools: when the schools shut down, the church is closed as well. I suppose that's a silver lining, right?

This entry is rambly and all over the place. Chalk that up to a middle-of-the-night coughing/sweating fit that tore me from my bed. :-/
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If nothing else, being sick means sitting here and finishing posts that are long overdue.

I'm confining my germs to the bedroom and the office. I'd love to watch a movie or something, but I'm leaving the living room "germ-free" for the boys. *sigh*

Going in.

Feb. 18th, 2008 07:18 pm
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If Philip calls home from Runza to ask me if I'd like anything, I'm going to tell him I'd like to die.

I'm that sick.


Yesterday morning, shortly after I gave up on sleeping, I took a bath. I wanted to warm up (I was in one of my 'freezing cold' moments), and I wanted to inhale some of the boys' soothing vapor bath. Well, I poured a generous amount of vapor stuff into the water, but I couldn't smell even the tiniest whiff of it myself. I stayed in the bath for a very, very long time, and I shaved my legs. I did a bunch of thinking about my sickness while I was in there, too. Finally, I forced myself to get out.

Leaving the bathroom was painful. The air inside the bathroom had been delightfully moist and soothing to my nasal passages. Even though the humidistat in the house is set for as "wet" as it can possibly be, the air feels extremely dry. My ears were throbbing and aching as I walked, the air feeling as though it were whooshing by, so put on a pair of earmuffs. It helped with the ache a little, at least keeping the air a constant and warm temperature.

I really, truly thought I just had a bad cold. However, I've been known to have colds turn into sinus or ear infections before (granted, it usually takes a few days longer to do so), and I figured that might be what was happening. Because I know that a cold has to work itself out, I didn't want to go in to see the doctor. But because I also know that sinus/ear infections need antibiotics, I did. See the dilemma?


So I began getting dressed. I started the car to let it warm up, and I woke Philip. I bumped into a few things as he followed me down the hall (my balance seemed to be getting worse the more my ears hurt), and he offered to drive me. I shook my head no, and I got in the car. When I arrived at the Urgent Care clinic, I filled out the necessary paperwork and then waited. I took a bit of tatting, but I was too exhausted to concentrate on it. I wore earmuffs the entire time, and I'm sure I looked insane to the other folks in the waiting room. No matter - it felt better, and it helped to stifle a bit of the painful noise from the televsision. After an hour, the nurse called me back.

He took all my vitals and listed all of my symptoms. I was running a temp of 102.3°, and I told him that my fever had been running like clockwork. I had been taking ibuprofen every four hours, and it would only work for about an hour and a half before the fever would spike back up again. I told him how the coughing had become so frequent and so bad that I was now crying each time I coughed, and the tears only added to the mucous and throat pain. I explained to him the pain in my ears, but I told him I was baffled by the mucous. If I had a sinus infection, it was unlike any I'd ever had before, as my snot was clear as could be. He left, promising me that the doctor would be in soon.

While I waited, my throat began to hurt even more. The air inside the room was so. dry. I thought I tasted blood, and I put my thumb inside my mouth to check. Sure enough, my throat was so dry that it had begun bleeding, as well as the roof of my mouth. After twenty minutes, I couldn't take it anymore, and I went out into the hallway to ask if I could use the restroom. The nursing staff let me back into the waiting room, and I ducked into a bathroom. Ahhh, the bathroom seemed to have so much more humidity. Really, I thought that I could sit on the toilet forever, just to breathe in the nicer, wetter air. I was sad to leave the restroom and go back to waiting. On my way back to the examination room, I asked the nursing staff for a mask, and they fished one up for me. My throat experienced instant bliss as soon as I slipped it over my face - hot, steamy air!

When the doctor entered, I'm sure I was a sight: wearing my coat (I was freezing again), donned in earmuffs, and my face virtually covered by a mask. She gave me a sympathetic smile and began examining me and asking questions. I was in absolute disbelief when she told me that my ears were completely clear... then why did they hurt SO MUCH?! She explained that they were seeing so many cases like mine, and that she could run a culture, but it would take one week to come back (and that wouldn't really help me any). She was pretty sure I had the flu.

I shook my head, as that didn't seem right. I told her, "But I don't feel achy and tired." (I'd always heard people say they felt achy with the flu.) She assured me, "It's coming." Great. She said if it was just a cold, I wouldn't be running such a high, regular fever. And if it were an ear infection or a sinus infection, she'd be able to see the evidence of either. She apologized, saying she wished she could give me better news, but instead, she went on, "But you're going to feel worse and worse for the next five days or so."

So she told me that I needed to stay home for the next week. I started to tear up, knowing that my absence from Runza this week would put them in a TIGHT spot (we're short-staffed already, with one person on vacation). I told her I could maybe take Tuesday off (I was already not on the schedule for Monday), and she interrupted me, shaking her head. "No. No, you have to take off AT LEAST until Thursday. You will not get better otherwise; in fact, you will only get worse." And she wrote a note that said the same.

Because I was still in the 24-48 hour window of "onset of symptoms," she prescribed me Tamiflu. She also gave me a prescription for Tessalon Perles, and I breathed a sigh or relief. I'd had those once before, and they were wonderful: perfect, little muscle relaxers for the throat. I couldn't wait to have one when I got home. Then she sent me on my way.

I guess I've never had the flu before, for I certainly never would have guessed that was what was wrong. I've had the stomach flu many, many times, but never just THE FLU. Oh, but this sucks. Everything hurts so bad, more than I could ever imagine. I came home, and gave Philip both my note and my prescriptions. He ran out to Target to pick up my meds, more tissues, and some Tylenol (giving me something to alternate with the ibuprofen for the fevers). He took the boys with him, and I tried laying down again. I slept with my mask on (the clinic let me bring it home), and he woke me to take a Perle when he came home. Then they went back out to run some other errands.

I woke again at 6pm, and I was burning up. I was running over 103° then, and I took some Tylenol, my first dose of Tamiflu, and ate a little soup. This continued throughout the night, only I soaked through my pajama, all three of my pillows (each at a different time, as I was switching them out), a handtowel under my head, and my fleece blanket. I was miserable, and I felt disgusting from sweat.

And so I've not been back to sleep again today. Philip keeps telling me to lay down, but he just doesn't understand how NOT restful it is to sleep like that, to soak through everything you own. Somehow, no matter how exhausted I am, at least if I stay awake, I can stay dry. (Hot, yes, but not as hot as I get while sleeping and staying in just one position.) Even now, bedtime is probably only a few hours away, and I am absolutely DREADING it.

I've gone through two boxes of tissues, and at any point in time, I can swab blood from the roof of my mouth. I took a shower earlier, and the steam felt wonderful for that brief time. I also sat on the floor of the bathroom while Philip took a shower, just to benefit from his steam as well. Any other time, and you'll find me wearing my hospital mask. (Which, Philip remarks, is impossible not to smile at, even though he knows how miserable I am.)

This is awful. I've never been this sick in my life. Now I know why people get flu shots (something else I've never had either).
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I give up on sleeping. I went to bed at 12:45, but I was back up again for almost an hour at 5am. It's not even 8am yet, and I'm just hacking, coughing, snotting, and wheezing, and there's no way the Sleep Fairy is coming near me. Not only that, but I'm burning up one minute, then freezing cold twenty minutes later, and because I can't find a happy medium, I can't stay still long enough to fall asleep anyway.


So... good morning. :-)


Feb. 17th, 2008 12:13 am
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Remember when I was hardly posting anymore? Yeah, I bet you all miss that now. *wink*

I feel like death, but I'm either so miserably hot or so freakin' cold that I can't go to sleep. I laid down last night at 6:15am, and I was up at 8:30 in time to shower and get Jack to soccer. I thought I'd take a nap or something later today, but then I never did. I've been wondering why sleep isn't coming, and I just figured it out.

The tea.

Here I've been basically caffeine-free for months and months, and now I've had 1.25 gallons of caffeinated tea in about 24 hours. No wonder I can't settle down!


I'm headed to bed now, and I'm going to toss and turn until sleep finally finds me. I hope it's a decent sleep, but I'm sure I'll be up every other hour, either freezing or burning up. *sigh*


Feb. 16th, 2008 09:45 pm
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I just made a new gallon of sweet tea. It is the ONLY thing that feels soothing as it goes down my throat, and I hate that, for I don't even want to know how many calories are in it. (Especially when I've been the water queen.) :-/

I also cut up two gorgeous, giant red peppers for snacking, as well as a flat of strawberries, and a full pineapple. In fact, I sliced my left ring finger open at an inside bend-y spot slicing that pineapple. Then I had to bleed it out for a while before I could get back to the pineapple, and I was careful not to get juice in it (acid = burn, I'm sure).

So between all of that and the metric ton of cubed cheese that Philip picked up yesterday, I should be set for snacking for the next couple of days.
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I feel like death. I was fine yesterday and the rest of the week, but then my asthma started acting up last night. I've not used my inhaler in many, many months, so my asthma recurring was a surprise. My breathing got worse as the night darkened, and when I woke this morning, the center of my chest ached deeply (I assume I was breathing poorly throughout the night, though I never did wake coughing or anything).

And today I have gotten progressively worse. Philip instructed me to lie down for a nap a few hours ago, but I woke up feeling achey, hot, and raspy. I dreamt that he brought me chicken noodle soup, biscuits, and a new inhaler (mine is long expired). He is out at the moment, in fact, picking up chicken noodle soup and biscuits from IHOP (the only place open with biscuits at this hour, and, to my luck, Chicken Noodle is their 'Soup of the Day').

I just took my temp, and it is 100.6°, but I feel like I'm freezing. And though I don't really drink anything but water anymore, I've now got a pot of sweet tea steeping on the stove. It's the only thing that I know will ease my raw throat and help my lungs feel a bit of relief, and the cure of sweet tea may be minimal, but it is surefire. We'll see how long I can stomach it, though, as I just don't drink sweet stuff anymore...
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My tummy feels... off. I reheated fajita leftovers from two nights ago for lunch, and I was only able to eat half of the bowl. Truth be told, I wasn't all that crazy about eating even before I heated the food, but I hadn't eaten anything all day, either. I knew I should eat.

Now? I'm kinda regretting that decision. I'm going to lay low for the next few hours and hope that my tummy settles. We've got church this evening, followed by gift-shopping, and then I'm taking Jack to a birthday party tomorrow afternoon.

Ehhhhh. I feel so queasy...


Jun. 25th, 2007 07:51 pm
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My head is bursting, or so it feels. It was pounding when I woke, and it hasn't let up. In the chance that it might be dehydration, I've been forcing water all day. I've had over 120oz. now - when will it "kick" in? I've peed a million times too, so I'm not just holding it all back.


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