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I cut my nose? cheek? last night while I was sleeping. I must've reached up and wiped the side of my nose for some reason (likely, a kitty "fluff" drifted by from the ceiling fan), and I cut the side of my nose with my fingernail.

I even remember working it into my dream. I was speaking to someone, and I said, "Excuse me, but I think the side of my nose is bleeding, and I'm afraid I just cut it with my fingernail..." And then I proceeded to sleep & dream on.

And when I woke this morning, that was the first thought I had, to check & see if it had indeed happened. I reached up, and much like sleep "crusties" for the eyes, I had red/pink "crusties" on the side of my nose. And it hurts. It almost stings like a papercut, actually. Even worse, the scab it forms is constantly being re-opened by my facial movements as I talk or eat.

And my fingernail isn't even long!


Jan. 21st, 2008 08:33 pm
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I had a dream about [ profile] syven the other day. This is significant because I really know her very little, but she was fully in my dream. She is on my flist, but she is not a prolific poster, so I've yet to get to know her well.

Just wanted to make note of that before I forget.
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I went to bed early last night, and I slept like the dead. I got up and took the boys to school, but then decided to lie down for another nap before work.

I wish I hadn't.

I had the worst dream. In my dream, I still knew it was a dream, and I was wishing I would wake up. I was begging for the dream to stop, for what was happening to stop, but it wouldn't, and I was crying so much. I was bawling when I woke up, and my pillow was all wet. It was the kind of dream that seemed so real, and I was left feeling very edgy all the way through my shower before work.

I should've just gone to get groceries during that time, as I had originally planned to do. The boys and I just returned from getting them now, listening to thunder from inside the commissary the whole time. Now I'm just waiting for the "Put Away Fairy" to show up...
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It was snowing this morning when I took both boys to school. Absolutely crazy, and so WRONG. It's April, for crying out loud.

Jack had a fun playdate at Caleb's house this afternoon while I was at work. He's got playdates scheduled for these two weeks while his regular caregiver is away on vacation. It's nice that folks are willing to help us out like this, too.

I need to call someone about the lawn. I intended to do that yesterday afternoon, but it was raining all day long (a nice, soft rain, but still - all day long), and it drained me of my motivation. And then the snow today. Who knows what the ground/grass is really going to be like after all this?

I had a very vivid, strange-but-good dream about [ profile] posthaste and her baby Soph today. I was repeating the dream to myself while I took a shower this morning so that I wouldn't forget the details. I'll have to tell Jess about it - hopefully she'll get a kick out of my REMs. ;-)

I'm hungry. Oh, and it's time to go pick up A.J. from school soon. Afterwards, I'm taking both boys to the base clinic to update their immunizations. Jack is already in tears of the prospect of new shots, but it's an evil that must be done. :-/
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I had a fabulous dream last night starring my good buddy [ profile] bigbrain61. Wow.

(It was totally unexpected, too. What the heck did I eat last night?!)
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Today was the first day of the 2005-06 Sunday School year! I was just as excited as the boys were to drop them off in their Sunday School classrooms - finally I'd have quiet again during my own church service! ;-)

I found a spot on the very end of a row. Throughout the opening songs and announcements, I noticed two girls sitting across the aisle and two rows up from me. What made me notice them first was that their sporting the same hairdo - tight buns held at the nape of the neck with claws, and sparkly clips stuck over the rest. Then I noticed that they were wearing matching jeans and tank tops, even though the tops were different colors. They looked to be high school-age, and they had the same build. I wondered if they were twins for a moment, but when I caught their faces during the greeting session, I decided they were probably just best friends or something.

The service started with a cute drama. My friend Cindy's husband, Bob, acted in this drama, and he's always so good. Another friend, Kelly Duerk, held the caption cards for the drama, and she had adorable facial expressions throughout the drama. Finally, they ended the drama by dancing away down the aisles - Kelly is such a free-spirit, and she was so fun to watch. :-)

Pastor David's sermon concerned Week 4 in our 7-part series, "In Search of an Extreme Makeover!" During the offertory music, the two girls I'd noticed before went on to the stage and worshipped God through a beautiful ballet. It was truly breathtaking, and I then I understood why they had looked so much alike. ;-)

I was happy to get a moment to hug my chick Chris for a bit, too. I had a terrible, awful dream about her last night, and it was relieving to see her in the flesh and okay. I missed her last week at the Parents at Home group, and I was thinking about her last night as I got into bed, and I'm sure that transferred over to my dream world. Still, it was truly an awful dream. *shudders*

Tomorrow is the kick-off to the 2005-06 year of "The Cutting Edge" - our scrapbooking group at church. I'm a bit nervous about it, as I had to fill out some paperwork this year to have it sanctioned by the church and to allow us to have childcare during it. We have to have weekly devotionals this year too, and I'm preparing one for tomorrow. Although I'm usually a very talkative, very chatty person, if you know me well, you know that I get VERY nervous when it comes to speaking in front of groups. And if you are one of a select few, you know I get downright SCARED at the thought of praying aloud in front of others... so this is a big step for me. I'm certainly willing to step up, though - this is a great group, a great tool in which to encourage more people to attend our church, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep it going.


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