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I've been jazzing myself up lately with all the fresh scents of spring. I've got tons of wallflowers from Bath & Body Works® going all over the house, and as they run out this week, I've been refilling them with spring scents instead of warm, homey ones. My fave right now is the 'Island Margarita' scent - so airy!

I've also been switching lotions and body creams up. My skin is so dry, and I've almost finished an entire large tube of 'Winter Candy Apple' already, in addition to my all-time favorites of 'Moonlight Path' and 'Mandarin Orange.' Now, though, I can't get enough of 'Wild Honeysuckle,' and it's so invigorating. I love putting it on my legs after shaving because then every time I go to the potty, I get a quick "re-burst" of scent when I shuck my jeans!

I've been burning up my last 3-wicks in the fall scents, too. I'm ready to get out my 'Strawberry Fields' one from Partylite® that I've had saved a year now. My votives and tealights only last two days around here anyway, so those are easy to switch out. I'm dying to get to the retired 'Blueberry Swirl' scent that my Zippy gifted me with last fall - that was both of our favorite scent back in the days it was available.

Even if there's still some snow on the ground (though there is a LOT of grass showing), if definitely feels like spring here in my house!
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The snow is lightly falling and has been for a few hours. It's soft, and pretty. I have lit every candle in the house (18!), and the lighting is warm and cozy. Jack's still sledding outside with friends, A.J. is practicing his clarinet in his room, and Philip is napping. I'm grooving to the Glee soundtrack while I tidy the office (yeah, it's been playing for days straight!). We have an easy dinner planned tonight, and then Philip and I will knock out some movies later.

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I mentioned it earlier, but 95% of my candle show has arrived, and I had fun playing with all the new scents and pretties tonight. And, per my tradition, I took peektures. :-)

And many more! )

And now, of course, it smells SO super yummy in here! :-)
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Man! To think yesterday was windy was crazy. In comparison to today, yesterday was only a light breeze!

It is INSANE out there! Every year, I forget how fierce the Nebraska winds can become. It is howling and whistling and swirling out there, and the rains haven't even started. Yikes!

I'm fixin' to light all my candles now, in case the power goes out this evening. Oh, and speaking of candles, my PartyLite® show has arrived... with the exception of one box, containing an incense set for [ profile] beanpop. I hope to take pictures of everything tomorrow, and then I'll begin packing up the boxes to ship out. I won't mail anything until next week though, after Philip and I have returned from our weekend away. :-)
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I have to close my candle show now, and if you have not yet paid me and intend to do so by Paypal, I need it sent ASAP. It will take a couple days for the transfer from PayPal to my own bank account, and the consultant will be running my card for all those PP'd transactions. My PayPal address is this: sncleghorn at cox dot net. If you intend to supply your CC # for PartyLite to run directly, I need that info emailed to me, too.

Thanks to all of you for helping me out on this show. I'm excited to pick out a few hostess goodies. :-)


Feb. 13th, 2009 06:27 pm
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Remember my candle show? I'm hoping to close it in the next week or so, and if there's anything that you're still wanting to order, I would love your help!

Feel free to email me with any questions! :-)
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It's been a whole year since I last ordered any candles, and I'm out of so many things! Can you believe that I haven't had a 3-wick in over nine months?!

I'm doing a book/catalog show again, and I need your help! I know that some of you have expressed an interests in ordering more candles, and I also remember that a few of you were sad that you couldn't order last time but wanted me to be sure and let you know the next time. So, that's now. :-)

My PartyLite consultant is [ profile] happysmiles01, and she is a dream to work with - a happy, cheerful, bubbly dream - and I know you will all love her and her efforts. If you are interested in ordering for my book show, please let me know.

Also, in all my years of ordering from PartyLite, I should add that I've never seen such a huge sale as they are running right now. It's insane! There are a ton of $10 gifts, and I'm crazy about deals. You also earn a 1/2-price item when you spend $40 - that's cool, 'cuz usually that deal is reserved only for hostesses. :-)

Check it all out here:
Sale items and offers
Browse the catalog
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By now, I trust that each of you that ordered on my PartyLite® show have now received your candles. I think I've heard from all of you, in some form of communication or another, but I didn't actually keep track (bad Nicole, I know). The bulk of packages were mailed on Sunday, March 16th, but I mailed one to [ profile] the_fishery on Monday, the 17th as well. If you haven't yet received a package from me and you're expecting to, please let me know.

But I did take pictures of all of the candles on the 14th, and I "played" with them for over an hour before packing them all away into their boxes again. I sorted through everything on the 15th and then packed them into boxes to ship all over the country and Canada. I'm very late in posting these pictures now, but I know that at least [ profile] sdaisyk is still interested in seeing them. ;-)

Candle goodness.

Many more! )
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I love this picture. Taken straight off the cam with absolutely no tweaking whatsoever. In fact, I never even opened the image in my photo programs. I'm just sharing it "as is."

I was headed to bed three nights ago, and I had lit a tealight in my room hours before (Herbal Mint, for the curious). As I passed the candle on our dresser, I noticed it was an amazing moment in the candle's lifetime: those last few seconds before the candle is completely spent and fully extinguished. This beautiful spot of time made the wick appear lit with no wax whatsoever, and the excessive light bounced on the patterns and bumps of the Clarity tealight holder in magnificent ways. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Clearly spent

The flame went out in the short time it took me to finish my ablutions in the bathroom and crawl into bed. Even so, I drifted off with a smile on my face. I'd been witness to a beautiful sight. :-)
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Well, my table might've been clear yesterday, but it surely isn't right now!

The candles have arrived!

The candles arrived this morning before I left for work. In fact, UPS delivered the boxes on top of my bushes outside (doh!), and I moved them quickly when I found them. Then I headed to work, so I didn't open the boxes until later this afternoon.

I put all the candle boxes on the table, but I've not opened any of them yet. I'm saving the opening and "true" candle porn for tomorrow. It gives me something to really look forward to in the afternoon. :-) Even so, the house already smells amazing, even with all the boxes still tightly closed!

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This morning, I was pleased to find an email from PartyLite in my inbox - the candles have shipped! For all who may be interested, here is the info as the candles head here to my house:

Box 1 - 40 pounds (the link gives you an option to track the related packages, too)
Box 2 - 25 pounds
Box 3 - 29 pounds

That's 94 pounds of yummy-smelling candles on their way! In fact, the tracking for the first box shows that it arrived in Omaha tonight, and it only left PartyLite yesterday! C'mon, candles!
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You guys are AMAZING! I just closed out and submitted my candle show to Rachelle, and the party totaled at $587.45! That is just phenomenal!

I've had three PartyLite® shows in my home, and even those home parties have never reached that amount. I'm just astounded that my online-only, book show soared to such a height! Wow!

The PartyLite rewards are fantastic, too. It seemed like I just had one hostess benefit coming to me after another. $225 in hostess dollars, two half-price items, and then I picked two of the fabulous hostess specials (there were three available, but I was only crazy about two of them!). I'm so jazzed to see all these goodies arrive at my door!

My hostess bounty! )

I only went over my hostess dollars by 49 cents. Isn't that list of stuff INSANE?! And it's all just for me! I'm so giddy! I cannot wait until everything is here so that I can take even more candle pictures!


Thanks so much for all of your help! :-D
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Does anyone else want to place an order on my PartyLite® book show? I don't want to miss anyone with interest, and every order helps!

I have to close my show in the next couple days, but February is Guest Appreciation month. The freebie offers:

- a free dozen tealights in your choice of fragrance with a $25 order, or
- a free dozen tealights AND one dozen votives with a $50 order

You can shop the catalog online HERE. There are so, so, so many yummy new scents to choose from!

Also, I plan on taking pictures of all the candles when they arrive (as per my usual routine). If for some reason you'd rather I left your candles alone, just let me know. ;-)
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A week ago or so, [ profile] rafferty stopped by with some holiday gifts for us. It was the first time he'd been able to catch us since before Christmas, and he was spreading some of Santa's cheer. He gave the boys a cool new set of walkie-talkies, and he gifted Philip and me with an iTunes gift card and a set of seven apple-cinnamon candles. (*squeee*)

So I decided to put different types of red candles in all of my holders for Valentine's Day, and I waited until the big night to finally light them. I had a mixture of all brands and scents, and it was beautiful!


Eight more. )


Jan. 30th, 2008 04:25 pm
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I badly want to have a catalog show for PartyLite right now. A home show would be nice, but my consultant lives in another state, and I'm not sure I'm ready for entertaining in my home just yet (I still don't feel altogether very 'chatty' lately). I usually place a candle order of my own in February, but this year I'm not using any of the tax refund for myself. Even so, the candles still beckon me, and PartyLite has their new spring scents out. I've got such a craving for some of the new flavors.

I figure it can't hurt to ask, so I'm gonna do it: would any of you be interested in ordering a candle or two if I have a catalog show in February? I'd appreciate any orders - be they small or large. :-)
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I am so blessed. Can I just tell you how blessed I am?

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... the new LeAnn Rimes CD
On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... a stainless steel, 1.5-quart pot with glass lid that strains itself.
On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... Titanic on DVD.

I've been looking and looking for another small pot. I wanted one like the smallest one I had, for there are lots of times when I just need something little to heat up a single can of veggies. I've not had luck finding just that size, however; usually the perfect small pot only comes in a set with eleventy billion other pots and sizes. What a surprise for Philip to gift me with such a spiffy small pot today! And he went ahead and gave me tomorrow's gift as well, since he was afraid he might not be able to get out for shopping tomorrow - sweet. We've had Titanic on VHS for years (we bought it the night it came out, in fact!), but the tapes are old and worn (um... I've played them a LOT!). It is so nice to replace them with DVDs. And I *love* LeAnn Rimes and have most of her stuff. I swear, I sing "Nothing Better to Do" all the time lately!

And I forgot to include it before, but he also gifted me with two big, juicy pomegranates on one of the other days. Mmmmm!

While opening the packages of Christmas gifts from his parents to put under the tree, we found an unwrapped pair of snazzy Santa socks. I'm sure they're for me - socks!

And then this morning, a box was delivered while I was making pie. It came directly from PartyLite®, and it contained a selection of yummy candles:

- one dozen tealights in Cinnamon & Bayberry
- one dozen tealights in Holiday Spices
- one box of ScentPlus™ Square votives in French Vanilla
- Aroma Melts™/Tealight sampler, including six different scents (one melt and four tealights each)

We dumped out all the packing peanuts but found no note or slip in the box anywhere. Nothing was on the front tag, either. I've got an idea that [ profile] happysmiles01 might be my secret Santa in this one... *wink*

We also received four Christmas cards today, including ones from [ profile] 1grl_revolution, [ profile] devi_pavarti, and [ profile] posthaste. Thank you all!
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Philip thought he was helping this morning, despite his doing quite the opposite. He mailed a stack of things on the table that weren't really ready for the post yet, and I'm not sure what will become of a few of the items. One was a card to hetterrific Heather's mom, but it had an old 37c stamp on it. I intended to purchase the extra 2c postage when I took it to the post office. Two items were postcards to [ profile] flyingwolf and [ profile] adiasplat, but again, I intended to purchase the postcard stamps in that same trip. There's no return address on either of those, so I don't know if they'll be destroyed or sent 'postage due' to my friends.


At least the belated birthday cards and the Netflix movie were truly ready. That's three going out correctly among the three not quite as lucky.

Oh, and [ profile] mostcurious wanted to see some of the candles in action, so I obliged her and took a few pics.

Which are all behind here. )
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I was so, so, so happy to see boxes waiting for me when I got home from work. UPS has done me good today. :-)

And it must be noted first and foremost: Ginger Lemon Meringue Pie™ is to die for. Mmmmmmmm!

Lovely, lovely PartyLite® candles.

Candles warm my heart, they do. )
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I made a very late lunch of chicken pockets, black-eyed peas and peaches today. I picked out the smallest pocket for A.J. and gave him a tiny amount of peas and only a few slices of peaches. He's starving - poor kid - but I'm making him wait until 5:30pm before he can have anything else (about an hour and a half after eating). He's practically counting the minutes now, so I hope it's a good thing, and that his large appetite means he is over the barfing part.

The UPS website shows that my PartyLite candles arrived here in Omaha last night around 7pm. I don't know why they're not being delivered today, but it still shows that they are on schedule for Monday. *sigh* I suppose I can wait a few more days, seeing as how all the Gold Canyon stuff arrived yesterday anyway.

I cleaned and organized the fridge, throwing away some old food and such. I also rearranged and reorganized the spice cabinet. I'm still getting used to the different sizes and shapes of cabinets in this house, I think.

Since last night, we've done seven loads of laundry. That's a lot for us, as I usually try to do a load or two every other day, but I'd not done laundry since last Saturday. It evens out, I guess.

I'm thinking about dusting, but I'm also thinking about beginning to sort out which pictures/poses are going to certain folks. I want to make a trip to the post office on Tuesday, and it would be nice to have a substantial amount of pictures ready to mail out with the three boxes that I already have going out.

Heheh. It's 5:30 on the dot now (as I'm making my post), and A.J. just came in to ask me if he could eat another chicken pocket yet. He's so hungry, and I'm glad. :-)
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PartyLite says my candles have finally shipped! I can't wait to get them - 50 pounds of candles heading for my door. :-)

I haven't heard anything yet about the candles in my neighbor's Gold Canyon show. I hope those come soon. Meanwhile, I've been pushing through the last few candles that I have, but it stinks having no more tealights or 3-wicks!

C'mon, UPS man!


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