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So there's this movie that came out this weekend. I've even heard it's based on a book or three. "The Starvation Activities," I think... right? (Synonyms provided by my boys, by the way.)


Nah, it's The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games Logo Cookie.

Actually, I did read the books, after hearing about them for so long. And once I did, then I campaigned all of my closest friends to read them as well. Only some of them did, and the rest I'm "unfriending" shortly. ;-)

Soooooo, that meant that I needed to share these cookies with the world, where I could find even more "Hunger Games Diehards" like myself! And like my "Breaking Dawn" cookies, I wanted to share them with the fans at the movie theatre, too!

74th Annual Hunger Games Cookie.

I had tickets to the midnight premiere on Thursday evening/Friday morning, and it was such a great time! I love the midnight premieres for big "fandom" movies. The crowd is usually super-quiet, as every is a big fan & wants to hear every word. They laugh at all the right moments, and they cry right along with me in the sad parts, too. In my opinion, midnight shows are a MUST!

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I've been reading a lot more this year, having joined up with a book group with several lovely ladies from our church in Nebraska. I've been posting over in the group (which is not LJ-based), but not also over here.

But I have to take a moment and sing praises in my journal for a certain book: Belong to Me, written by Marisa de los Santos. This book was one of those great finds from the clearance section at Barnes & Noble (isn't that always the way?), and I have deeply loved every minute in this story.

From the very first chapter, I felt like I was talking with a brand-new best friend. The primary narrating character lays out her quirks and her fears, and I loved her for it. The descriptions of other characters are so clear I felt they were in the room. The tense moments kept me reading long after I should've gone to sleep (I was already *in* bed, you see), and I laughed out loud several times. The mystery threw me at the end (and I hadn't considered it to be a mystery to begin with), but the resolution suited me. All told, it was a beautiful book.

Mine's a hardcover copy, but I'd like to send it on to a friend - it's too good not to share. I recently gifted another friend with a couple books I had just finished, and by the time I'd hit the halfway point of this one, I knew I wanted to pass it on as well. For starters, I've got my eye on you, [ profile] traceylalala, for this one... are you interested?
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The Corned Beef and Cabbage verdict:

Me - eh, not so much
A.J. - edible, but loved the brisket

I don't think I did anything wrong, I just wasn't really in the mood for it after smelling it cook all day long. Since I'd never made it before, I didn't know how that might affect me. In addition, I haven't had a good appetite all week either, and that might have been part of it.

The rolls and the mint chocolate cheesecake were phenomenal. Even the cheesecake, though, I only ate three bites of and put the rest of the slice in the fridge for later. My tummy's just not quite right. I do have pics, but they'll be posted some other time.

I fell asleep while A.J. was in the shower tonight, and then again the second Jack was done with his bath and had given me a kiss goodnight. I napped for almost two hours on the couch before I woke up. Then I was all, "ACK! I have to do the dishes and start that load of laundry!" *zing!*

Now it's time for a chapter or two of my book (The Last Song) and bed for reals.
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How much yeast is in a "packet," I wonder? See, I use enough yeast that I buy it in little brown-glass bottles, but I'm going to have to figure this out before tomorrow. I'm making Refrigerator Rolls, and the recipe calls for 2 packets. ETA: 2-1/4 tsp. = 1 packet. Thank you, Google.

I made the prettiest cookies today. Well, I actually made the sugar cookies yesterday, but I iced them this afternoon. My cutter was a bit larger than I realized it to be, so I didn't get as many cookies as I'd imagined (and I made two batches of dough to start with). I'm toying with the idea of making another batch early tomorrow, but we'll see. I already do have a lovely dessert planned for Wednesday anyway.

Also, my neighbor and friend asked if I'd be willing to make either a cake or cupcakes for her baby shower this weekend. I'm waiting on one gift in the mail, but I have the others ready and have the perfect wrapping papers to match. I'd already RSVP'ed and was very excited for her shower... to now be asked to craft some goodies is just, well, icing on the cake! (Forgive the intended pun, as it is rather late.)

I received a cute package in the mail yesterday from [ profile] sdaisyk. She sent me a handful of Coke caps, but she included TONS of little goodies, too. Everything is so sweet and thoughtful - thank you, Sarah!

The boys were out of school this past Thursday and Friday for a break, and it has thrown me all off schedule. It just seemed like yesterday should really have been Monday, you know? As we were passing the base theatre last night, I saw the marquee and read, The Toothfairy, getting all excited. On our way back, I told the boys to try and read for the showtime, but right as we passed it, I realized that it the showing was for Saturday night... and it *was* Saturday night. (The base theatre only shows each movie once.) Gah. In my head, it had felt like Friday all day. Bummer, too, as that's one I had really wanted to see in the theatres.

Speaking of theatres, Philip took the boys last weekend to see Percy Jackson & The Olympians, and they all really enjoyed it. A.J. had received the first two books of the series for Christmas, so when he mentioned wanting to see the movie, I told him he needed to read his book first. He then read it in two days, and then he read the second book in three days. We'll have to look for the other books for him to finish, and now Jack wants to read them, too. I wanted to read the book before seeing the film, and I hadn't gotten a chance, so I told Philip to take them instead. I'll catch it on DVD later. :-)

And then Diary of a Wimpy Kid comes out this coming Friday, and both boys have been stoked about that one for a few months. They both love the book series, and I'm sure the movie will be fun. I can get behind that heartily, especially as I'm hoping it will direct their interest completely away from Alice in Wonderland. Jack wants to see it, but I think it just looks... off? I love most of J. Depp's movies, but I have no desire to see this one (though I've previewed the soundtrack, and it is lovely). In this case, Jack's just going to have to "keep wanting," and that's as close as he'll get. *wink*

The boys used their monies a few weeks ago to reserve copies of the two new Pokemon games at GameStop, and they've been reminding us for the past several days that today was the pick-up date. I thought that was odd; don't games usually come out on Tuesdays, like music and movies? At any rate, we got an automated reminder call yesterday even, and I took them to the BX GameStop today to pay for the rest and pick-up their games. One bought the silver, and one bought the gold (that's as far as this Mom goes into the "geek-speak," heh!), and they both received little boxes with commemorative figurines, too. It was hard for them to buckle up seatbelts a few minutes later, due to how over-the-moon they were feeling. Ha!

It's been hours, and I am still SO stuffed from dinner. I made Pineapple Veggie Chicken (a favorite of ours for years), but I tossed in tons of extra amounts of veggies. I only put in half as much chicken as usual, so we gorged ourselves on mushrooms, snow peas, red and green peppers, and onions. Afterward, the boys made tonight's dessert: Tutti-Frutti Smoothies, and those were full of strawberries, bananas, and orange juice. Jack drained his large glass in seconds, I swear. I feel like I'm going to float away on fruits and veggies in my dreams!
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I truly could get lost all day long in cookbooks and cooking blogs. Watching Julie & Julia for the second time last night has done nothing to help with this; rather, I could only do it longer now.

I love that movie.

I'm currently reading a book on chocolate. I say 'reading' because it is less recipes, but more tips and tricks for working with chocolates. I've gotten lots of great ideas, but there are still so many techniques that are just either too tedious or too time-consuming I know I won't be likely to try myself anytime soon.
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Two nights ago, I puttered around in the office, knocking out a couple of chick flicks while Philip was at work. I watched The Women and The Prince & Me 3: The Royal Honeymoon (I *know*. It went direct to DVD, I think, if that's any indication. Still, I'm a sucker for that movie series, and it was total fluff.)

The next night, Tuesday, the boys and I worked non-stop for HOURS on their valentine boxes for school. When they arrived off the bus, I took them straight to the BX to pick out supplies. From there, we rushed to Jack's soccer practice, and then back to the BX for the actual valentines (how did we forget those the first time? Honestly!) We came home, and got down to business. Between coats of paint, they wrote out all their valentines, then bagged them up with candy. We'd not been able to find treat bags of any sort, so they used sandwich baggies that they decorated with valentine stickers. Seriously, they went to bed sooooo late that night, and even then, the boxes were only 1/3 finished, but no more could be done until the paint dried more. Later, I felt more tired, and I headed to bed at the early time of 1am, taking with me my new book. Hang on - I haven't written about that here...

Marissa and I first saw the trailer for Dear John several months back, while at the midnight premiere of New Moon. We saw it before subsequent viewings too, and each time, we remarked on how good it looked. She read the book a while back. The weekend before last, we were talking about it again over the phone, and she asked me if I read the book. I told her I still hadn't, and she asked me if I'd like her to mail me her copy. "Sure!" I replied. The next afternoon, she called to let me know that the book would be here Saturday or Monday.

On Monday, I received a package from I'd been expecting one myself for some things I'd ordered, so I didn't open it until much, much later in the evening. When I finally did, I was thinking, "I don't think this is a big enough mailer..." But it was! It was because it was my own brand-new copy of Dear John, and Marissa had ordered it and had Amazon send it straight to me! Such a sneaky gal, she was!

So... since I was felt more tired, I decided to curl up in bed and read just a chapter or two to "wet my whistle" for reading it the next day. Wrong-O! At 5:30am, I closed the book, having finished it in its entirety instead. It was a good read, and I've got some thoughts swirling on it. I think I'll probably put those down in my paper journal, though.

So I slept for a bit, then got the boys off to school, and then I went back to bed. I got up for the day around 12:45, intending to head to the commissary for our bi-weekly grocery shopping (Philip had gotten home after PT around 9am, crawling straight into bed). While I was in the bathroom, the doorbell rang. (I didn't hear it, as the bathroom heater runs too loudly.) Philip did, and he threw on clothes and answered the door. It was a neighbor woman that I'd not met when delivering treats to the block a few weeks back, as only her husband had answered the door (he'd told me they were all down with the flu, and after I handed him the baked goodies, I came home and scrubbed LAYERS of skin off my hands, just to be safe!). I had told her husband to have her come by sometime when she felt better to chat, and that's exactly what she was doing. Philip ran upstairs to let me know, and I hurriedly dressed in the bathroom and came down.

It was an awkward start, and she saw my house in a state of disarray. There were painted objects all across the table, wire bits littering around them, and the entire "craft bin" was open and picked through on the bench in the dining room (we'd used markers, pens, wire cutters, paper, paintbrushes, tape, staples, etc). In the living room, both of the fluffy blankets we use for cuddling on the couches to stay warm were still out, having not been folded and put in the end table at the close of the evening. I had dishes in the sink - oh, it was just awful! Despite that, she and her 14-month-old were very, very kind, and we chatted for about three hours in the living room - even a little past the time that the boys arrived home on the school bus! Her little one conked out for a nap on the couch for a few hours of that, just so sweet. I was SO glad she stopped by, too. I mean, you tell people to drop by anytime, but it seems like they hardly ever do, you know? Especially when you've not yet met them!

I love how great the response has been since the boys and I delivered all those goodies. I baked for four days straight (I called it my "delayed holiday baking," since it was in January), and then the boys and I spent an entire afternoon delivering big trays of goodies to every single inhabited house on our block (eleven total). It was very, very cold and windy, and we had to come back after every third house to grab more trays, but it was so fun. Included with each tray, I had written our names, address, and telephone numbers on a card, and I let each family know to call if they ever needed anything. Everyone was so welcoming, and we were invited into so many homes for a bit of chatting. The boys took off their shoes in each house and immediately disappeared with the kids of that family. I'd been nervous about it being a Saturday afternoon, but since it was so very cold, every single family was home - amazing! I also learned that our entire block is new, as the earliest family here only just moved in at the end of October. We're all newbies, so we ALL needed welcoming. :-)

Once the boys were settled from school, we dug straight back into our crafting. We finished more "steps" yesterday, as there wasn't so much painting to do. Still, it's not a crafting afternoon until I have to clean wet, red paint (A.J.) off my wooden dining room floors, right? We worked for hours, stopping only to head into town to try a new Chinese restaurant for dinner (we were missing fresh lettuce and tomato for the planned meal, and the commissary had already closed). The food was great, and we were all stuffed when we returned home, going back to work.

I took pictures of the finished boxes this morning, and then I drove the boys to school. We didn't want to risk anything being crushed on the bus, and now they're good for tomorrow's valentine parties. :-)

Meanwhile, I ended up not grocery-shopping yesterday, so I'm headed to the commissary in a little bit. Philip is testing today, and then he may have weapons firing later this afternoon. Jack's got another game tonight, and it's his day to bring refreshments. I'm going to be so ready to curl up for a movie tonight with Philip - I need to relax! We watched The Taking of Pelham 123 (the newer one) a few nights ago, but tonight, I'm feeling more like a rom-com. :-)
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I just returned home from the 'Pastries for Parents' breakfast event at the boys' school. Once again, the turnout was extremely low, but Philip and I were both there (he had gotten it approved to be half an hour late to work today). We ate our muffins and drank our juice, and then we began browsing the book fair.

I love books. :-)

We're all excited for the boys' conferences this afternoon. After school, while we're waiting for their conference time, we'll shop the book fair. After conferences, we're headed out to Borders to pick up A.J.'s reserved copy of the fourth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He's been waiting for weeks and is excited to get it.

Should be a very book-ish day!


Sep. 16th, 2009 10:19 pm
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There's been a heckuva a lot of snivelling, snotting, hacking, coughing, fevering, sweating, and aching around here the past 48 hours.

And it's all been me.

Hello, flu. How nice to see you again. What's it been... 19 months? My, how you haven't changed.

I pulled my shoulder out this morning in a coughing spasm. One of those sudden, 'I'm-sleeping-*choke*-oh-look!-now-I'm-fighting-for-my-life' coughing jags that happen from time-to-time.

I am bone-weary. Though I'd already logged 22 hours for the week by Tuesday, I was off work today. And tomorrow, a meeting has been cancelled due to my absence, and Philip will work my 3-hour lunch shift. I'll find a high schooler to replace me for Friday (they're out of school that day for inservice), and I'm off on Saturday anyway. So I have until Sunday night for my body to recover.


Philip is out right now, helping a friend move some furniture. On his way home, he's picking up The Lost Symbol for me, the brand-new novel from Dan Brown. I hope I have enough energy between near-constant naps to really get into it...
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Philip and I had a meeting scheduled for this afternoon, but it was canceled earlier this morning. Due to that, I was able to alter my afternoon plans.

Yesterday, I spent about four hours in A.J.'s room, decluttering, organizing, sorting and cleaning. FOUR HOURS. He was with me the entire time, and to be honest, it really didn't seem like that long. We culled two bags of toys out of his room to give away, sorted his bookshelves to pass along younger titles to Jack, sorted his closet and clothes and passed on outgrown items to Jack as well, and filled TWO trash bags with junk, broken pieces, old school papers, and other miscellaneous stuff to throw away. We reorganized his book-and-toy shelves, his games, his dresser, and his nightstand. His nightstand is currently the proud home of his motorized K'Nex ferris wheel (a video of him), and it looks great. I dusted the room, and Philip remade his bed (pulled all bedding/sheets off, pulled the bed from the wall, found a few missing small items, etc).

It looks AMAZING in there!

My plan this afternoon was to snag old toys from Jack's bedroom (he and I did his closet and clothing items before, over the holiday break). However, the winter storm caused us all to "cozy up" our plans. A.J. spent some time finishing homework, and he was doing that, Jack read three large books to me in his bedroom. We stopped for a break, and I made hot cocoa for all (the boys ate large marshmallows for snack - instead of wanting tiny ones *in* their cups!). Now both of them are in Jack's room, putting together an Indiana Jones LEGO set that Jack purchased with his holiday gift cards. Since they're having such fun, I've cleaned the kitchen, started a load of dishes through the wash cycle, and lit a few candles.

To make things even better, I just got an email from the PTA saying that the 'Fog Night Skating Party' is canceled tonight because of the snowy weather. Yay - we don't have to go back out! Oooh, and we have plenty of leftover fried chicken and schtuffs for dinner, too!

Cozy - that's the name of the game. I think I'm going to go light some more candles, though... to make it even better!
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I'm so excited for the midnight showing of Twilight - just 24 more hours to wait! I'll probably get to the theatre in about 22 more hours, in fact...



Jan. 22nd, 2008 08:59 pm
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I read Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs to Jack last night at bedtime. It was a fun, quirky read with wonderfully written metaphors, and we both enjoyed it.

Tonight, I read Sophie's Masterpiece to him, and oh. Oh, my - it was a touching and tragic, yet so sweet, book. I cried as I read the last page, and Jack hugged me. We talked about Sophie's kindness and how we should all try to be like her every day.

I was still sobbing, and he kissed the salty tears on my cheeks as we bid one another goodnight. I was still crying as I walked into the living room, and Philip was instantly alarmed. I explained that it was just a really wonderful book, and then he calmed.

I highly recommend both. If you have time for only one, go for Sophie.
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My mind is going a million miles a minute lately, and what am I doing? Trying my hardest to get through the backlog of Parenting and Reader's Digest magazines collected in a basket atop my toilet. Why? Because I don't want Philip to know that I never read anything while he was gone.


A-yup. That's the stupidity of my being. And were he to find out, would he even care about such a silly thing?

Heck no.

But it's bugging me that he *might* think it, and therefore each of my potty breaks is now turning into a "30-minute-let's-recreate-the-bulls-eye-on-my-butt-with-a-bright-red-ring" event. However, I *am* making progress. In the last three days, I've read through and now tossed two Digests and two Parentings. Only one and seven more to go, respectively.

If you need me, you'll find me on the throne.
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Remember when we were the ONLY two users interested in The Forever King? (You had a different username back then, but I still know it.) It was that way for well over a year a loooooong while back, and it's how we became good friends.

Now there's nine people. :-)

Memories, Chris. Memories. *contented sigh*

Too much?

Jan. 12th, 2007 11:10 pm
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I am addicted to book clubs for children. It's been this way for eight years now, and I don't see this addiction going away any time soon.

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I think it's time to tuck in with a book and my bed.


Jan. 10th, 2007 09:42 pm
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Dinner was good, and now everyone's gone. The boys went to bed before Andy and Josie left - it's a school night, of course. I've got my hair down, and I'm thinking seriously about turning in early. Or maybe just reading some Lord of the Rings for a while in bed... and THEN turning in early.

After going to bed at about 3:40am this morning, my eyes will be heavy before too long, I'm sure.

I need to download pics off the camera, too...
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Plain Cheerios are just not good. They really aren't. I put sugar on them, but they're still not great. Give me Honey Nut Cheerios any day!

I've got five Coke caps here on the desk that need to be entered into My Coke Rewards. Philip brought them home from work this morning.

My monstrous headache from last night is gone. Finally. I'm glad to have turned that corner, and it will make today much easier.

I'm enjoying the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I borrowed the books from Brett (very, VERY well-loved copies, I should point out), and I'm getting pulled in. I wanted to read the books before seeing the movies, so I've started them finally. If all goes well, I suppose I'll have another fandom... like I need one. Ha!

Thanks to some wonderful new pieces lately, I've become immersed in fanfiction again. Wooo, Dramione - how I'd missed you!
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I finished Deception Point last night. It was a very good read, as all Dan Brown novels are, though it did take probably an extra 80 pages or so for me to get "hooked" into this one.

I went to bed last night with chapped lips, forgetting to put any Carmex on. I so wish I hadn't forgotten, as now my lips are really burning. I slathered some on today, but somehow chapstick just doesn't "heal" as well when I'm awake. ([ profile] jakflak, you need to make a 'medicated' version of Spazzstick, one that will help heal already chapped lips.)

Philip took A.J. to school this morning, but then he forgot to reset the alarm for Jack and I to wake up for Parents at Home. Jack woke up and came in our room close to 9:45, and then it was too late to get there for the meeting (it starts at 9am). Jack was sad, telling me, "But today is my favorite day, and now I'm going to miss the picnic!"

Picnic! I'd really forgotten about it! I'd just told Jack yesterday that after the Parents at Home meeting, we were going to head out to the park with a bunch of the other moms and kids for lunch and some playtime. I told him not to worry, that we still had plenty of time to make it to the picnic at 11:30. So we dropped off Philip at Runza at 11am, came home and packed picnic lunches, and then we were off to the park. It was a perfect day (though a bit blustery, which didn't help my lips any), and Jack ran and played until just after 1pm. We had sandwiches, popcorn, juice, apples, cherry tomatoes and marshmallows (Jack picked the dessert). It was a nice afternoon.

It really is a gorgeous day today. Jack wants to fly his kite some, so it looks like we might be doing that after A.J. gets out of school in a bit.
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I ran the dishwasher with an over-stuffed, completely full load at 2pm. I ran it again at 10pm. This is the sign of a turkey dinner, is it not?

Yes, I made a full turkey dinner tonight. And no, it's not Thanksgiving yet. I found a turkey for a good price last week, and it sounded good. We had mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams, green beans and rolls. Oh, and I had sweet tea, of course. I wasn't in the mood to make my own pumpkin pie this afternoon, and the bakery didn't have any. I wasn't up for a frozen pie either, so I just bought a lattice apple pie instead, and I drizzled caramel sauce over warm slices. Yummy! The boys were be-bopping around the house while the turkey roasted, singing, "We're having an early Thanksgiving! Yay, we're having an early Thanksgiving!"

I need to be getting to bed. Tomorrow morning is another meeting of the scrapbook group here at our house, and I always find myself in a flurry, trying to make sure everything is "just so" before the girls arrive. And if I tuck into bed now, I'll get a few more chapters into Deception Point. I started reading it a few days ago, but so far, I've only read a chapter here and there while on the toilet (I'm sorry - was that too much information?). I wonder how much better it is when I'm tucked into bed...?
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Another marvel from Dan Brown, I just finished reading Digital Fortress. And just like his other books that I've read (Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code), it was utterly unputdownable.

New word, but it's very fitting. I'll say it again: unputdownable.

I love fast-paced thrillers.

Edited to add: I should also mention that reading this particular novel, one that was written before the religiously intricate novels of A&D and DaVinci, it is even easier to stand back from the scope of things and to truly appreciate what you are reading is a work of FICTION. Dan Brown is a mastermind at weaving fiction to read like truth, but his novels are definitely still works of fiction. And they should be enjoyed as such.


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