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When Amy contacted me at the end of spring, asking for ideas for her baby's 1st birthday, all she knew was that she wanted something "hot pink and orange!" We tossed ideas back and forth for a few months, and she finally settled on a theme: "Modern Girly Circus."

Now you tell me - is this not the cutest, most original thing you've ever seen?!

Modern Girly Circus Cookies.

Okay, maybe not THE cutest, as that award probably has to go to little Miss Ainsley herself. Look at this sweet picture her mama sent me so that I would know the special baby I was creating cookies for!

Miss A.
Little Miss Ainsley.

When the time came to make and decorate the cookies, Amy had modified her color choices to include "light pink" as well. I incorporated her three colors as much as possible, also including a bit of white here and there for distinction. She also wanted a few special lions and elephants, and I suggested some popcorn boxes to round out the collection.

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I swear that one day, my journal won't be almost entirely about cookies. However, I've made so many cookies in the past couple weeks, and I have so many pictures to share!

Baby Rattles on display.

These were part of an order for cookies for a baby shower. My cousin's baby shower, to be exact, and they are having a little boy. How cute!

Many more pictures behind here. )

I made eight of each item: baby carriages, bottles, onesies, rattles, and ducks. With exception to the ducks and the bottles, each cookie was decorated differently. I think they turned out so cute and fun!

My very favorite rattle, if I had to pick just one. *grins*

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Man, I love me some babies. :-)

I got over to my neighbor's yesterday for some newborn pictures for her. Wouldn't you know, little Emma wanted no part of sleeping for the few HOURS I was there. At just ten days old, she stayed awake the entire time!

Oh, but she's just such a cutie that you have to forgive her. You really do. She's got these little heart-shaped lips, and the roundest little ears. She's just so precious!


(Note: I put copyrights on these to keep them from popping up all over FaceBook. It's the first time I've ever done that. I have to admit, it adds a certain bit of spiffiness for me!)

Four more. )

And if you're even more curious, you can see the rest of the set by slideshow HERE. :-)
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My neighbor has been expecting a sweet baby girl, and I've been excited for them to have their first baby. They are a darling young couple, and her husband is in Security Forces as well. From the moment they knew they were having a girl, they had the name settled, and the nursery was completed weeks ago. It's been so fun to welcome a sweet bundle into her spunky, lime-and-pink new life!

Tanya had a baby shower about a month ago, and I was so excited to be able to pick out a "fun" gift. You see, she'd already had two showers down in Georgia (where she's from), so she had the basics and necessities covered. As such, I had this necklace custom-designed for her to match her nursery, and she loved it. The details were perfect, and everything was in a perfect green-and-pink theme. I'd offered to help in any way possible, and she took me up on it: she asked me to make the cake or cupcakes.

Well. That was too easy, and I can't leave "well enough" alone, of course. So I began a separate project, too. Philip actually was a big piece of this surprise, as he called me one day (this was while he was in West Virginia visiting his father and family) to tell me that he'd gone to a craft store and picked up some baby cookie-cutters, knowing I didn't have any...

And then I made these:

Ducky cookies.
Ducky Cookies.

Other cookies. )

Lastly, I did also make two dozen of the originally requested cupcakes, tinting the frosting to match her colors:

Swirled Cupcakes.
Vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.

I spent a lot of extra time cooking last week, and I made them enough meals for their freezer to last them about ten days or so. I also mixed up a bunch of oatmeal "lactation" cookies and froze the dough in bites for Tanya to bake up whenever she needed. I think their freezer is fairly well-stocked for now!

Now, little Miss Emma was born late Tuesday night. She is just a doll, but she had an infection and originally wouldn't be allowed to go home until Friday. As of today, however, the situation has changed, and she is now not set to be discharged until Monday. Her mama, though, was "kicked out" of the hospital today. She had a terrible, horrible labor, and now her heart is just broken into pieces, having to leave her sweet girl behind at the hospital. If you would offer up any good thoughts or prayers for this precious family, it would be appreciated. :-)
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How much yeast is in a "packet," I wonder? See, I use enough yeast that I buy it in little brown-glass bottles, but I'm going to have to figure this out before tomorrow. I'm making Refrigerator Rolls, and the recipe calls for 2 packets. ETA: 2-1/4 tsp. = 1 packet. Thank you, Google.

I made the prettiest cookies today. Well, I actually made the sugar cookies yesterday, but I iced them this afternoon. My cutter was a bit larger than I realized it to be, so I didn't get as many cookies as I'd imagined (and I made two batches of dough to start with). I'm toying with the idea of making another batch early tomorrow, but we'll see. I already do have a lovely dessert planned for Wednesday anyway.

Also, my neighbor and friend asked if I'd be willing to make either a cake or cupcakes for her baby shower this weekend. I'm waiting on one gift in the mail, but I have the others ready and have the perfect wrapping papers to match. I'd already RSVP'ed and was very excited for her shower... to now be asked to craft some goodies is just, well, icing on the cake! (Forgive the intended pun, as it is rather late.)

I received a cute package in the mail yesterday from [ profile] sdaisyk. She sent me a handful of Coke caps, but she included TONS of little goodies, too. Everything is so sweet and thoughtful - thank you, Sarah!

The boys were out of school this past Thursday and Friday for a break, and it has thrown me all off schedule. It just seemed like yesterday should really have been Monday, you know? As we were passing the base theatre last night, I saw the marquee and read, The Toothfairy, getting all excited. On our way back, I told the boys to try and read for the showtime, but right as we passed it, I realized that it the showing was for Saturday night... and it *was* Saturday night. (The base theatre only shows each movie once.) Gah. In my head, it had felt like Friday all day. Bummer, too, as that's one I had really wanted to see in the theatres.

Speaking of theatres, Philip took the boys last weekend to see Percy Jackson & The Olympians, and they all really enjoyed it. A.J. had received the first two books of the series for Christmas, so when he mentioned wanting to see the movie, I told him he needed to read his book first. He then read it in two days, and then he read the second book in three days. We'll have to look for the other books for him to finish, and now Jack wants to read them, too. I wanted to read the book before seeing the film, and I hadn't gotten a chance, so I told Philip to take them instead. I'll catch it on DVD later. :-)

And then Diary of a Wimpy Kid comes out this coming Friday, and both boys have been stoked about that one for a few months. They both love the book series, and I'm sure the movie will be fun. I can get behind that heartily, especially as I'm hoping it will direct their interest completely away from Alice in Wonderland. Jack wants to see it, but I think it just looks... off? I love most of J. Depp's movies, but I have no desire to see this one (though I've previewed the soundtrack, and it is lovely). In this case, Jack's just going to have to "keep wanting," and that's as close as he'll get. *wink*

The boys used their monies a few weeks ago to reserve copies of the two new Pokemon games at GameStop, and they've been reminding us for the past several days that today was the pick-up date. I thought that was odd; don't games usually come out on Tuesdays, like music and movies? At any rate, we got an automated reminder call yesterday even, and I took them to the BX GameStop today to pay for the rest and pick-up their games. One bought the silver, and one bought the gold (that's as far as this Mom goes into the "geek-speak," heh!), and they both received little boxes with commemorative figurines, too. It was hard for them to buckle up seatbelts a few minutes later, due to how over-the-moon they were feeling. Ha!

It's been hours, and I am still SO stuffed from dinner. I made Pineapple Veggie Chicken (a favorite of ours for years), but I tossed in tons of extra amounts of veggies. I only put in half as much chicken as usual, so we gorged ourselves on mushrooms, snow peas, red and green peppers, and onions. Afterward, the boys made tonight's dessert: Tutti-Frutti Smoothies, and those were full of strawberries, bananas, and orange juice. Jack drained his large glass in seconds, I swear. I feel like I'm going to float away on fruits and veggies in my dreams!


Oct. 24th, 2008 10:14 pm
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I've seen the baby! Twice! Oh, and I have pics!


But you'll all just have to wait until Heather posts first. *evil*
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Today is Jack's actual birthday! Yes, his party was almost a month ago, but his real birthday is today! He is fully SEVEN YEARS OLD now!

*throws confetti*

And, to share this special day with him, Heather2 gave birth to her new little boy just after lunch today! Little Shane has arrived, and now Josie is a big sister!

Jack was grinning from ear-to-ear when I told him he had a new "birthday buddy," and he's been spouting off the math ever since ("I'm seven years old, and baby Shane is zero years old. When I'm eight years old, baby Shane will be one years old," etc.) He wanted to go with me to the hospital, and he patiently sat in the waiting area while I visited the new baby. When I came out to get him, I learned that children are allowed in the maternity area of that particular hospital, so then I took Jack back for a quick peek. When we go back to visit again tomorrow sometime, Jack will be able to see him for a bit longer. :-)

And yes, if you are readers of [ profile] hetterrific's journal, then things have probably gotten quite confusing. Now, not only is there a 'Heather2,' but there is a 'Shane2' - yikes! At least this Shane is a wee babe, and hopefully that is enough distinction. ;-)


I have pics from our visit. I'm also aware that I still need to post birthday party pics. I'm so behind!
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I've mentioned my friend Ann before in my journal, and I'm pretty sure I even mentioned when she had her new baby back in August. This baby is the very one that I tatted my first pair of baby booties for, and Ann seemed to truly appreciate the gift. I was happy that the booties went to a loving home. :-)

Fast-forward several weeks, and Ann emailed me to let me know the date of Gia's baptism. It was to be at the Saturday night service at our church, and she hoped that we could attend. I was excited to go, and the boys and I planned to attend our first night service (Philip had to work at Runza that night). I forgot to respond back to Ann's email, however, and at 2pm on the day of the service, I had a message on my machine from her, reminding me again of the baptism and hoping we could make it. She also invited us back to their house afterwards for foodstuffs and chatting.

There wasn't time to call her back by the time I got her message, as I needed to hop in the shower and get ready for church. The boys bathed, and I curled my hair, dressed up and put on make-up. I felt that Gia was special enough to deserve my best (not that she'd probably care). We got to church early because I didn't know how quickly the sanctuary filled up on Saturday nights.

We picked seats in the third row, as the first two rows were blocked off 'reserved.' I knew that was for the family. I took a few pictures of Gia's baptismal hanging, feeling especially happy because I had helped to create it (you might remember the times I've mentioned making letters for the baptismal banners). While the boys saved our seats, I decided to walk out into the lobby, hoping I could catch Ann and her family coming in and offer to take a picture or two for them (it was just getting dusky, and I knew it would be dark before the service was over). I didn't see them, but I did happen upon Ann's niece Amber, and she looked a bit lost in the Narthex. She waved happily as soon as she saw me (we've met and chatted several times before at get-togethers and such), and I walked her into the sanctuary to the reserved seats. Slowly, more family started trickling in, as well as more congregation.

True to her crazy self, Ann and family were the last to make it. They scooted in just barely before the 5:30pm service started. Their family had filled three and a half pews in the church, and the boys and I were smack in the middle of them. Her older two children, Rudi and Ty, actually came back to sit with my boys during the service. I only had to remind everyone to keep quiet during prayers a few times. ;-) I was very touched as I looked around, realizing we were the only non-related folks that were there specifically for Gia.

It was a nice baptism at the end of the service. Everyone looked very happy. Gia was beautiful in the special christening gown - a gown that had been passed down through all of the family from Brad's (Ann's husband) great-great-grandfather. The gown is 114 years old! It was dainty and edged in family crochet - just breathtaking. I took pictures from where I sat (and stood, as one part of the baptism involves the congregation standing for a bit). Afterwards, I asked Ann if she would like me to take pictures of ALL of them with their camera - three rows of family is a LOT of people! I took a few more pictures of my own, too. While I was doing so, I noticed a special little ribboned box next to the baby's carseat. I knew that box - it was the one I gave her when I presented her with the booties. Excitedly, I pulled Ann aside and asked giddily, "Oh! I see the box! Is she wearing the booties tonight then?!"

And Ann showed me that she was! Gia wore the little booties I made for her in her baptism, paired along with a gown of such amazing significance. I was so touched!

Of course, then I took some pictures of her feet. ;-)

After church, the boys and I changed clothes. Then we picked Philip up at Runza at the end of his shift, and we all headed out to Brad & Ann's house. Once again, we were surrounded by just family, but they all welcome us so easily and warmly each time - we love it there. :-)

And I have pics to share, of course.

Gia's baptism. )
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Sooooo tired.

I'd really like to shave my legs, but I don't think I'm going to make it too much longer tonight. How sad is that? It's only just after 8:30pm!

I stayed up late the past two nights, and I'm dog-tired tonight because of it. In my defense, I planned to go to bed early last night, but I had unexpected company - six people that needed a bed/pallet/floor to sleep on, and I was up really late because of it. But I'm glad I could help out.

And I wanted a nap this afternoon so badly, but Jack asked ever-so-sweetly if I would help him build his new LEGO pirate ship (The Black Pearl), and since I spent all yesterday afternoon cleaning out and decluttering his room to make a space for said ship, it made sense to actually open the box today. That took almost two hours, but now he has two gigantic pirate ships, as well as the Isla Cruces playset on his train table. And then he and A.J. played quietly for an hour or so in his room while I tossed in some laundry and tatted a bit.

Speaking of tatting (and aren't I always?), I've been busting my tail completing pieces. I finished my mom's birthday present, plus my sister's, and I just finished up my sister-in-law's piece tonight during swim lessons. I need to take pictures of all of them. I finally wrote out a "to tat for" list, as the increasing number of requested projects was beginning to spin in my little brain. I split one skein or floss two nights ago (none of you showed up to help, by the way), and that took me very close to two hours. I've got two more skeins to split, and then I'll be using those three split skeins to make six certain projects.

And I'm dying to make another pair of baby booties. Seriously, now that the booties are completed, given away, loved and worn by the baby, I just want to make oodles and oodles more of them! Some people have baby fever or baby lust. I have baby bootie fever.

I've been folding Moravian stars in my "free" time after dinner and such at night, and I even took the strips of paper with me to swim lessons last week one night. I suppose it's clear that I can't just SIT there at swim lessons, isn't it? I really can't. I must be doing *something* all the time.

Me = Spazzy.

I'm going grocery shopping in the morning tomorrow after I drop the boys off at school. I had originally planned to go today, but there wasn't quite enough time after my guests left this morning. We had everything we needed for dinner tonight anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. Besides, when I go tomorrow, I'll be well-rested.

Mmmmmmm. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
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It took me about eight nights' worth of tatting to complete these booties. They weren't particularly difficult to tat, but the pattern gave me a bit of trouble, as it relied heavily on diagrams - something I've not yet learned to read nearly so well as long-hand pattern. Plus I tatted most of it while chatting with Grammy while she was here. :-)

These booties were to be a very special gift for a dear friend of mine IF she had a baby girl. Ann wanted a third surprise baby, but I just really couldn't see these booties belonging to a baby boy - they're just too floral-y and dainty, I think. I dropped off another baby gift for her last Tuesday, and I knew she was headed to the hospital on Thursday morning. I was *so* glad to hear the news of her new baby girl on Friday! "Yay!" I thought, "The booties can really be hers!"

And so I laced a tiny, pale pink ribbon through the cuff of the both booties, and now they're ready to be gifted. I can't wait to see Ann's face, as she got a bit teary at the other baby gift I gave her, and that wasn't the "true" gift!

And because I fear that any post on a weekend falls into an LJ black hole where no one reads, I'm putting the first pic out of a cut. :-D

The finished pair.

More, plus some progress pictures. )
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Both booties are finished. However, my spray starch wouldn't work last night - the bottle absolutely refused to spray. I worked for over an hour, poking a needle through and rinsing all the pieces in warm water. No luck. I have no clue what the problem is, but the bottle is 7/8 full still, and I'm really ticked about it.

So I need to somehow get those starched today. And Ann is at the hospital now, having the baby, so I gotta hurry!
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Girly time last night was hard, but it was needed. I think we all know exactly how much we mean to one another, and nothing feels quite so good as knowing that we're not holding back. I really have the best friends.

In addition to girly time, I got to spend several hours rocking, walking, swaying and generally playing with the cutest baby boy I know - Douglas! He gave us some monstrously huge smiles last night, and wanted to talk so much during dinner and playtime. I didn't eat when we all went to La Mesa (I just wasn't hungry, if you can imagine that), so I offered to entertain Douglas while everyone else ate their meals. We had a game going on - we tried to sneak drools while his mom and dad weren't looking, and we succeeded a few times! ;-)

I can't wait to see the new buglet this summer. 26.5 weeks is a loooong time from now!

I've got this mini-adventure rolling around in my brain, and I might take the boys out with me this afternoon for it. The adventure itself is for me, but I would let the boys pick a place for a quick dinner for a reward. Hmmm.

I have to have them fed early tonight anyway. We're heading to a Parents at Home get-together this evening from 5:30-7:30, and the kids will be playing while the parents enjoy "sweet and savory" appetizers and a white elephant gift exchange. It should be a fun time.

Philip made BLTs for lunch, and I'd snuggled in the bed to play with Baby under the comforters, so he brought one back to me, fixed up just the way I like them. I swear, sandwiches taste so much better when they're made by someone else. However, now the house smells of bacon, and it's too cold to open the windows and air it out.

I'm in the mood for a drive. A fast drive with the music blaring. Too bad I don't really drive much.

I think I'll go toss a load of laundry in the washer. I'll thank myself later, I'm sure.
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I worked today, of course, but while I was at work, Philip and Jack came in to give me the cell phone (we'd left it at home when he'd dropped me off). Just as they came in, my friend Ann and her son Ty entered the restaurant to eat lunch, so Philip and Jack had an impromptu lunch date with the two of them, and the boys were quite happy with that arrangement. As soon as I saw Ann, I came around the corner to give her big hugs - she'd announced to us last Friday that she is expecting her third baby now, and I'm too excited for her!

But to make things even BETTER, hetterrific Heather stopped in for lunch as well, and she had first ultrasound pictures of 'my' little cutie! It was painful for me, as I was so busy with customers for a while that I couldn't get over to her to see the pictures and chat, and then even when I did, I couldn't really start the fountain of happy tears that I wanted to let loose with. Oh, but I'm so happy, and the little buglet was waving and kicking in the pictures - such an adorable fetus! Go over to her journal to see a few pics. ;-)

And then I had my first employee evaluation with Ryan. It went well, and ended with lots of smile and "Good job"s. I'm very pleased, and it wasn't stressful (as evaluations sometimes can be). I really do love working here at Runza, and I really love the folks I work with - what more could I ask for?

And when I got home, I was greeted with fabulous mail. A notice from USAA of a $30.28 credit to our car insurance, a special Christmas package with two presents for the boys from [ profile] mostcurious and thirteen Christmas cards! The haul of greetings included ones from [ profile] thatpatti, [ profile] shellseeker and [ profile] sdaisyk, as well as a surprise gift from [ profile] cateyes25 and a neat card/ornament that's designed to look like a snowglobe! Thanks so much, all of you - you have really made my day!

There are 53 gorgeous cards on my 'Card Wall' - yay!
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Some things:

1. We just got the keys to the new house, and I've signed the paperwork. The boys and I are going to head back over there and begin masking off for painting, but we had to come home to get toilet paper, the DustBustr®, a radio and a few toys.

2. No babies born today. Our manager at Runza - Ryan - and his wife are expecting twins, and we'd had to both rush off to work this morning to cover for what turned out to be a false alarm for the labor.

3. starrchld Annie is in the hospital. Her tests came back showing an even larger decrease in liver function, and she was called back in urgently this morning and has been admitted. She'll be there overnight, at least, and they will do more procedures/tests tomorrow. I'm not sure when she'll know more just yet. Keep her in your prayers, as Douglas just turned four weeks old yesterday, and they won't allow him to up there with her just yet, so she's pumping and sending milk home for him at the moment, but I'm sure she's missing him fiercely. :-(
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I had to make a new icon. :-)

When I visited with starrchld Annie and Patrick today, I swapped memory cards with them so that I could begin processing all the photos they had taken so far. They had some really cute shots, and I couldn't resist making an icon out of one picture in particular:

I love it!

Additionally, there are lots more new pictures up in this post over at Annie's journal. I didn't take any of these - they were all taken in the first few hours after Douglas was born, long before I was there to visit. He's just such a cutie!

They were still working on the gallons of sweet tea I brought in yesterday, but today I brought in grapes and oatmeal cookies for them to snack on. I also printed all the pictures I'd taken yesterday (although my printer is not really a "photo printer"), and I had made a small stack of photo stationery for them to have with some of my greeting card stuff. They seemed very happy to have hard copies of Douglas photos, even if my printer isn't the best - that made me happy as well. :-)
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When I was visiting the hospital last night, I learned that there had been a mistake in the time of birth for Douglas. Instead of 4:38am, he was born at 4:28am - ten minutes earlier. I'm not sure where the miscommunication came, but it happened before starrchld Annie had told me 4:38am, and that's what they thought for a while.

It changes things slightly, meaning that I didn't call quite as closely to his birth as I thought I had. I did, however, call earlier than I thought I did, her cell phone showing my call at 4:36am. So I was still in sync, just not perfectly. ;-)

Also, Douglas is longer than 20 inches. Patrick would guess him to be closer to 23 inches, but it's so tough to tell for sure. Again, the miscommunication happened early on (they probably couldn't get the baby to stretch out fully for measuring), and they're not sure of the true length. So it's just easier to stick to 20 inches for now.
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I visited starrchld Annie tonight in the hospital, staying for an hour. I took her and Patrick two gallons of sweet tea that I made in the wee hours of the morning, as well as some Halloween cups for drinking. She and Patrick looked good, having gotten some decent rest this afternoon (finally!), and little Douglas was ADORABLE!

I picked him up right away, and he was opening his eyes and rooting around on my shoulder. He worked his hands free from his long sleeves and the blanket, and he was just going at them. He made so many adorable faces, and he yawned a lot. He suckled my finger for a bit before I finally gave him over to Annie to nurse. He's just too cute!

And of course, I took pictures. I know folks are dying to see, so I'll stop babbling for now and get to the good stuff. ;-)

Douglas Michelangelo.

A few more pictures. )
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Craziness! I woke up suddenly in bed, and when I looked at the clock, I could NOT believe that I'd not heard something yet from starrchld Annie or her crew. I was so worried. I'd taken the phone to bed and slept with it 2 inches from my head, so I knew I hadn't slept through a phone call either.

I called Annie's cell phone, and it rang and then went to voicemail. The time was 4:40am. I got out of bed to pee and get a drink, and then I climbed back into bed and got snuggled in the covers again.

At 4:46am, the phone rang. I jumped to life, grabbed it, and it was Annie. She was laughing, and she was saying, "We *just* got through! You called right as we were getting through!"

So little Douglas is here now! Well, except that he's not so little, actually! She pushed for three solid hours, and then the doctors ended up having to use the vacuum to get him out. Poor Annie! She was getting stitched up even as she was talking to me. And here are his stats:

Douglas Michelangelo Sorensen-Starr
9 lbs. 1 oz.
20 inches long
4:38 am
October 5, 2006

She apologized to me for the date, and we laughed. I told her I'd forgive her... THIS time. ;-) But he's here now. Let the confetti-throwing begin!

*throws first handful*
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hetterrific Heather just called with good news! The baby has turned, and now starrchld Annie is between 6-7cm dilated, fully effaced. Yay!

That's GREAT progress in just two hours - let's hope it keeps up! Heather said Annie's doing well, breathing great through her contractions and finding her zone. She's on the pitocin drip, but she's not had any epidural or anything. Hopefully things will keep moving smoothly, and little Douglas will be here tonight!
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I just spoke with starrchld Annie's mom at the hospital. Poor Annie is still dilated to only 3cm, not yet fully effaced either. She's not changed since 2-3pm. The baby is facing up towards her belly (rather than towards her back, the ideal position), and this is causing the pain to be more intense for her and for things to stall.

Her mom said they had to give Annie some pain meds - put her on a drip - and that Annie's still pretty upset about that. She shouldn't be upset, of course, but it's not what she'd wanted to do. And I'm sure the hours with no change are not helping her emotions either. :-(

At the moment, they are trying to get the baby to change position, and Annie was suspended on her hands and knees in an effort to do this. hetterrific Heather has been off work for an hour now, and she is actually helping both Annie and the nurses right now. She'll probably be there for a good while, but I'm hoping to talk to her at some point, too.

So think good thoughts for Annie, and think position-changing thoughts for little Douglas. I'll update again when I know more.


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