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Nothing says 'Happy 1st Birthday' quite like a timeless icon:

Mickey Mouse Shorts Cookies for a 1st Birthday.


Did that help you out?! They're Mickey Mouse shorts! (I know, I know - at a first glance, they almost look like something from 'Dora,' don't they... maybe in the wrong color?)

You see, a very special little boy was celebrating his 1st birthday with a darling little girl who was also celebrating her 1st birthday, and the two mommy friends teamed to come up with a most adorable theme for their party: Mickey & Minnie! I thought it was just SUCH a clever idea, and I couldn't wait to get started on their cookies!

Mickey Mouse Shorts Cookies.

I didn't have exactly the right shape for Mickey's shorts, but it was decided between the mother and I that, rather than hand-cut them, I would just use this swim trunks cutter instead. She also ordered half of the cookies to be in chocolate dough. I made favors as well as bite-sized cookies for snacking during the party.

Mickey Mouse Bites.

And, of course, it's not a true birthday without a couple of special cakes just for the birthday boy and girl, right? :-)

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cakes.

Now, as darling as Mickey's shorts were (in my opinion), I think Minnie Mouse took top stride. Her little hairbows stole the event!

Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies for a 1st Birthday.

Originally, I had planned to squeeze and squish a dog bone cutter to use for the bow, but I just couldn't modify it in a way I liked, so I hand-cut these instead. I think they were worth the extra effort!

Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies.

And Minnie demanded that she have matching bite-sized cookies for platters as well. I'm certainly not one to argue with Ms. Mouse!

Minnie Bites.

Lastly, I made a few coordinating Thank-You cookies for the birthday moms, too:

Minnie Mouse Thank-You cookies.

(I actually *goofed* on this part, having meant to make a Minnie-themed 'Molly' cake and Thank-You, as well as a Mickey-themed 'David' cake and Thank-You. I got carried away with David's cookie, and I made Molly's in the same red icing before I realized my mistake. In fact, I didn't realize it until I set out to make the Thank-You cakes - oops!)

My friend Kelley tells me that the cookies were a smashing success at the party, and my dear friend Jennie testified to their taste, as she was a guest as well. I don't make chocolate cookies often, but every time I do, I hear such wonderful praise, and I'm so glad! :-)
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